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The Sweetest Things
Penelope tapped her chin and wiggled her lips back and forth for a few seconds, considering.

She sat up and called over to Sam. "I'll take a Dr. Pepper! Need those 23 flavors, all over my tongue yo!"

Penelope laid back down on the couch and started thinking. The dance was soon, and it was girls ask boys. Sam probably wanted to go to the dance with her, what with the romantic atmosphere and all the expression of affection. Penelope herself didn't care much for dances and formal occasions, she found them super arbitrary. Real love was the long car rides where both parties are having a blast just being together, even if it's just them exchanging jokes and talking in a car. True love was being able to be together in any situation and enjoy yourself. Fake love was going out for passionate, "special" moments but ultimately not really being able to enjoy time with your partner outside of that. Penelope liked to think that the love between her and Sam was the real kind of love, they didn't need some dance to enjoy each other's company.

But Sam would probably want to go to the dance with Penelope anyway, in spite of all that, and she still understood that sentiment. Even if you did have that real kind of love, sometimes you might want to do those special things anyway, just to make the love even more passionately involved and enjoyable year to year. Penelope considered for a second what she should do. Being forward about things was never something she had a problem with, so it won't be hard for her to just ask Sam to the dance. She would probably ask him if he wants to go after the cookies get done and they start enjoying them.


Introduction Thread
Heya, Dannyrulx! Welcome to SOTF! Normally new members introduce themselves in this thread, so I moved your intro post into here (you're not in trouble or anything, don't worry). Now that that's out of the way, if you haven't already, you should take a look at the Mini, the chat, and the New Handler's Guide. If you have any questions, you should feel free to PM me or any of the other staff members (we have purple names). We hope you have a great time here! :)