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Penelope nodded along to what Ben was saying, her eyes affixed to a vague shape in the distance.

"Y-yeah," she began, absentmindedly. "I'd take Kingman over this any day."

The vague shape grew closer to the group, taking form as a person that Penelope couldn't quite recognize from this distance.

She stood back up to try to get a better view, ignoring her aching legs. A new person could easily wind up being a new friend with just a few kind words and a hug, and every new friend brought her plan one step closer to completion. Unfortunately, a new person could also be easily scared off if she didn't act quickly to establish friendly relations. "Hey uh... guys I'm... I'm going to see who that is. W-wait here, if you don't mind."

Despite her exhausted leg muscles protesting against her movements, Penelope stood up and began jogging slowly towards the new arrival, waving her hand in the air as a demonstration of peace.

"Hey!" She shouted, while quickening her pace. "Wait up!"

The World's an Ugly Place, but I'm Still Afraid to Die
((Isabel Ramirez continued from The Virgin Sea))

Isabel sighed, her joints aching and her wounds crying out in pain.

They had run for quite a while, only slowing down to a jog once they had gotten a significant distant from the shoreline, and only slowing down to a walking pace once they could see the asylum in the distance.

Exhausted, the two of them had entered the asylum and searched for a place to rest for a while. Enough time had passed between Asha's death and the present moment that Isabel wasn't worried about running into Asha's potentially murderous companions now that they had returned to the area.

Lily had been silent as usual, but Isabel hadn't actually bothered to start a conversation with her, partly due to her own exhaustion and partly because Lily could barely stand once they stopped running.

But now the two of them were relatively well, no longer breathing heavily and, in Lily's case, struggling to take another step. The two of them were in a relatively safe place once again, and Isabel could interrogate her friend over why she lied.

"So..." Isabel began, in her usual awkward manner of starting conversations with Lily. "About what Eliza said... I didn't realize you were a part of the Luz family..."

She let her words sink in for a bit, enjoying the potential fear that Lily would no doubt be experiencing.

"So I suppose that explains why you wanted to kill me so badly..." Isabel paused, considering exactly what she wanted to say. "It makes sense in hindsight, I guess. And if it makes you feel better, I'm sorry that Tina's death hurt you so much."

Isabel shrugged, her voice growing artificially melancholy. "But that's just the way this place is. Kill or be killed and all that. If you had wound up killing some of my friends, for instance, I wouldn't have had any hard feelings towards you. Heck, I've killed a few of my friends myself."

She coughed into her fist, her throat's ragged state catching up to her. "It's... it's really awful what this game does to people huh?" She began again, as they approached the entrance to the art therapy room. "Important to remember that the people who put us here are the bad guys, not any of us."

Persy and Naft's Excellent Critique Adventure
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We miss you, Persy.

Come back.
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*sad scree*

((Penelope Fitzgerald continued from Hemochromatosis))

Penelope sat down near the fence lining the northwest cliffs, her friends not far behind her.

Actually getting to the warehouse had been difficult, due to the placement of the nearby danger zone. Their circuitous route to reach it had brought them to the cliffs, and Penelope's legs had gotten awfully tired.

She sat down on the cool grass, with the sounds of waves crashing against the cliffs below and the smell of the sea relaxing her. It reminded her of the few times that her family had gone on vacation to the coasts of California.

What she would give to be home with them again...

Penelope turned back to her companions, who had finally caught up with her, and spoke. "I think... I think we should rest here for a little bit."

"Yeah, I think so, " Penelope began, her voice still quiet. "We might want to rest a little more when we get there but... otherwise I'm okay."

Walking around would probably do her some good after that relatively traumatic nightmare. Taking her mind away from the monsters from the id that were slowly gnawing away at her psyche could only be a good thing.

She stood herself up off of Raina, taking a moment to dust her skirt off before helping her sleep deprived friend to her feet. She looked at Ben after scooping up her bag, before giving him a warm, knowing smile and patting him on the shoulder.

"Let's go!" She chirped, before moving over to the stairwell leading down to the ground, doing her best to ignore the nearby charred body. She turned to face her friends, waiting for them to grab their belongings and join her while keeping a smile plastered on her face. She was doing her best to and keep spirits as high as they could realistically be kept in a situation like this, but she wasn't sure if her true feelings were shining through her positive facade.

Once they were all ready, Penelope began carefully stepping down the aged stairs. It was time to move on and accomplish as much as they could with the remaining daylight, in spite of the id that wants her to give up in her quest.

((Penelope Fitzgerald continued in Haemolacria))

The Virgin Sea
Isabel wasn't exactly surprised that Lily could barely even hurt Eliza, she actually wasn't even expecting her to try.

She was still, however, pleased with the fact that Lily had done something at all. The intent behind it was what mattered, so now if Lily wanted to hold Tina's death over Isabel's head, Isabel could just remind her that she harmed one of her own family members, so she isn't any better.

"Nice try, sugar lumps. Not really going to be a lethal wound, at least compared to that stomach injury..." She stomped on Eliza again, watching another miniature geyser of blood erupt from her belly. "But, you know, you can always try again. And hell, you can even think about how slicing her neck open will make her encroaching death all the quicker, if it helps you sleep at night."

Isabel cracked her neck. "So like I said... try aga-"

The sound of screaming coming from the distance jostled Isabel out of her thoughts. A girl was running at them, holding a gun, screaming at them to stop.

Seeing a gun come into play was the only incentive Isabel needed to get the hell out of dodge.

Grabbing Lily's hand, she barked at her to run, yanking her along with as the two of them sprinted away from Eliza. No time to think, now was the time to run as fast as the two of them could manage.

((Isabel Ramirez continued in The World's an Ugly Place, but I'm Still Afraid to Die))

V6 Ninth Rolls
16 hours left for unextended deaths!

The Virgin Sea
Isabel ignored Lily's feeble attempt at holding her back, yanking her arm out of Lily's grip and hearing the girl fall to the ground.

She had a lot of things she wanted to say to Lily, but they would have to wait until the situation that was in front of her was taken care of.

Isabel crept ever closer to Eliza, continuing to respond to her despite the fact that her words were meaningless. "I deserve to live because I worked hard in my life to get where I am, unlike you lot. The only other person I could say that for is dead now, so I'm the next logical choice to be the sole survivor."

Isabel cracked her neck again as she stood just a few meters away from Eliza. "The only other person I would be okay with surviving is the girl that just fell on her ass behind me, hence why I'm protecting her. Nobody else deserves it."

She was lying through her teeth, but she needed to keep up appearances. So long as it looked like she cared about Lily despite not knowing her, that made her look better.

She felt Lily grab her arm from behind again, and stopped briefly. She turned her head towards her for a moment, before violently yanking her arm away, throwing Lily to the ground from the force.

"But like I said," she began again, as she loomed over the freshly fallen Eliza. "I have another reason for killing."

Using her sword to keep herself steady, Isabel quickly knelt down to Eliza's level, hissing quietly into Eliza's ear, her next statement barely audible even to herself.

"It's because I think it's fucking fun."

The end of the sword was quickly brought down into Eliza's torso, a sickening squelching noise being heard as bits of Eliza's organs were liquefied and her blood leaked out of the newly created wound. Standing up and pushing the sword deeper into Eliza, Isabel paused briefly, savoring the pain she had just inflicted, before ripping the bloody blade from the broken girl's flesh.

The newly inflicted wound wasn't one that would be survivable. Isabel could savor the pain more if she just let Eliza bleed to death as she watched.

Or, she could use this as an opportunity.

She had heard what Eliza said. Lily was related to the Luz family. Not something she expected, given that Lily seemed to have a fairly level head on her shoulders, but it certainly explained why Lily had wanted to kill her. All of that just for the sake of avenging Tina. And now she had yet another family member of Lily's under her heel. Isabel didn't need this kill, she already had enough to her name to be threatening. No, instead she could use this. She could make Lily finish her cousin off, all under the guise of wanting to get her ally the kill she would need to go home. Push Lily to be even further under her control, so she won't get any dangerous ideas in the future.

"Hey, Lily..." Isabel said, turning her attention back towards the small girl. "I have an idea. You haven't gotten your first kill yet, right? Well..." Isabel stomped on Eliza to keep her held still, a miniature geyser of blood erupting from Eliza's wound as the girl cried out in pain. "I was thinking," she continued, "that maybe you could get this kill. This is supposed to be a partnership, right? How can this partnership be complete if you have no chance of getting to go home yet?"

Isabel cocked a slight smirk. "Just pick up the sickle, and slit her throat. It'll be easy, trust me."

V6 Ninth Rolls
A bit under two days left for deaths!

The Virgin Sea
"How can I justify myself?" Isabel sneered, unable to keep her utter disdain held in.

She started giggling, it was just too hilarious to her. A girl that had willingly run up to the most dangerous single person on the entire island and decided to verbally lay into her was calling her stupid. Isabel's giggling turned to outright laughter before it turned into a fit of coughing. Isabel wheezed as she clutched her side where Asha had stabbed her, grimacing.

Shaking her head, Isabel looked back up at Eliza, her head now tilted to the side. Despite the fact that Eliza was so stupid as to almost be entirely unbelievable, she still wasn't about to let any of those insults go unpunished. Isabel cracked her neck, returning her head to a normal resting position, focusing intently on the other girl. "Look," she began, her voice openly sinister. "Let me explain this to you slowly, since you're obviously special."

She dropped her sickle down onto the sandy turf below her, pulling her knife out of her pocket and twirling it once in her hand before gripping it firmly. "You have a problem with me killing?" She looked at Eliza with pure contempt and began slowly walking towards her. "You know the rules. If nobody kills anyone else for the entire day, the terrorists that put us here would just blown all of us up. You apparently hate me so much, yet I'm the only reason your sorry ass is still wasting precious oxygen."

Isabel held her blades facing outwards, her arms relaxed. She spoke slightly more quietly, as her soon-to-be victim backed up away from her. "But besides that... why would I kill? To keep myself alive, plain and simple. The more I kill, the closer I am to being the survivor. Although, I guess there is one other reason, but it's a secret..."

She looked the girl dead in the eyes, her pace still moving her slowly towards her.

"...Why don't you let me whisper it into your ear..."

The Virgin Sea
((Isabel Ramirez continued from End of the Line))

Isabel realized that the shore wasn't really less boring than just sitting in the darkness of the gym locker rooms.

Still, the movement helped her feel less stiff, and at least she had something to look at out here. The sea was peaceful and serene, the air fresh and clean. The sounds of waves washing up against the shore soothed her, and that was worth it by itself.

She still didn't have anyone to talk to, though. Lily had only paltry responses at best, like usual, but looking out at the sea made Isabel feel the need to speak anyway. "This place is so nice," she began, her voice quieter than usual. "Glad there aren't any bodies around to ruin the vie-"

Someone shouted at her. Her head twisted around to the source of the noise, a brief "huh?" escaping her lips.

It was Eliza, running up towards the two of them. Yet another member of the inbred, idiotic, pain-in-her-ass Luz clan trying to interfere in her business despite her being obviously armed to the teeth. Part of Isabel almost couldn't believe how stupid her classmates apparently were. Every single one of them might as well be lemmings jumping off of cliffs.

She glared at Eliza for a moment before speaking, her voice dripping with contempt. "How could I what? Kill Tina? She was there, I didn't like her, I needed a kill, I killed her. Plain and simple."

Isabel looked Eliza up and down, not seeing any visible weapons on her person. Eliza wasn't a threat in the slightest, Isabel could presumably walk right up to her and stab her a couple of times and be done with it. For once, though, she didn't feel like killing yet another one of her idiotic classmates. She was exhausted, and still somewhat shaken by the circumstances of Astrid's death. She didn't want to deal with this right now.

"Look," Isabel began, her voice blunt, "I'm in a bit of pain..." Isabel gestured to the bandages wrapped around the various parts of her body. "...and I'm generally in a pretty good mood right now. I really don't feel like getting my hands dirty again today. Back the fuck up and leave me the hell alone, and maybe you'll get to keep the blood inside your body for a few more days. Capiche?"

"Y-yeah..." Penelope said, her voice slightly shaken. "I'd... rather not talk about it."

Penelope shook her head, as a symbolic attempt at shaking off her worry. "Really, I'm fine." She pressed her head against Raina, nuzzling her slightly. "Honest."

She stayed briefly quiet, considering what she wanted to say before she spoke. "I guess..." She began, her voice calmer and slightly more alert. "Since I got some time to rest, we could go get Johnny, right?" She tightened her hug around her friend, not quite wanting yet to let go. Being in close proximity to Raina was too comforting for her to really want to stop, even if the two of them would remain together afterwards. She nuzzled her head against Raina again before continuing, her voice quiet. "If you want to wait a little longer though, I wouldn't mind."

End of the Line
"Oho! I guess we're not so different after all, huh?"

Isabel could tell easily that Lily was lying, or at the very least that she wasn't telling the whole truth. If she only wanted to kill her because she viewed her as a threat, then why would she still be holding so much animosity towards her? Certainly once Isabel had demonstrated that she wasn't a threat, Lily wouldn't have felt the need to be cold and distant. There was something else going on with LIly, but Isabel decided against pressing the issue, at least for a while. Still, Isabel could take the opportunity to twist the metaphorical knife a bit. Lily wasn't about to get away with her insults.

"Although if that's the case, I'm not sure how you could possibly take the moral high ground off of that." Isabel wiggled her fingers in front of her own face. "Murder is murder after all, even if you're killing someone who quote, deserves it, unquote."

Isabel suddenly hissed as pain flared up from where the bolt had embedded itself in her arm the day before. The exertion of killing Astrid had presumably torn open a few blood vessels, as her blood was starting to soak through the bandages. Ignoring Lily for the moment, Isabel ripped open her bag and quickly cut away the bandages from around her arm, wrapping it back up more snugly with fresh bandages and taking a few ibuprofen pills for good measure.

Downing a bit of the dry, tasteless food that she had available to her along with some water, Isabel turned her head back to Lily to see that she was silent, and covering her face. Not in the mood to respond, obviously. For once Isabel was alright with that, it let her get the last laugh in knocking Lily down a few pegs.

She leaned her head back against the wall once she was done, staring at the ceiling as light scattered off of the dust particles floating in front of the flashlight.


After some time had passed, Isabel decided that she was done with being bored, even if it was safer to stay where they were.

She grunted as she picked her bag off from the ground and slung it over her shoulder, taking hold of her weapons once again and slipping her knife into her pocket. Turning to Lily, Isabel told her that they were leaving before flicking off Astrid's flashlight and walking out of the locker rooms. She stood, carefully keeping her gaze facing away from Astrid's corpse splayed out on the ground, waiting just outside for Lily to move herself. She didn't want to think about how that corpse could easily be herself in the future.

Once Lily actually came out looking as tired and fed up as ever, they left the gym for somewhere else.

((Isabel Ramirez continued in The Virgin Sea))

Penelope rolled her head back to look up at Raina.

"Uh, well..." She said, before sitting up and rubbing her eyes. "I guess I dozed off for a bit there... I'm okay, don't worry."

She looked down at the ground, noticing that her skirt was slightly messed up and brushing it back down into position. She turned her head back towards Raina, before speaking. "R-really, I'm fine. H-honest."

She slowly fell into her friend, wrapping her arms around her once again. "Just a bad dream, is all..."

Her eyes once again drifted to the ground, unable to hold a solid gaze. She didn't want to acknowledge the deeper feelings that she had been repressing, only brought to the forefront by the dream. She needed to stay calm, for everyone. She was supposed to be the leader, even if she wasn't all that capable at it. She had to remain strong, and focused.

"...Were you guys okay while I was out?"

End of the Line
"I'm glad we've reached an understanding."

Isabel let go of Lily, taking a moment afterwards to clean the knife of Astrid's blood with her increasingly blood soaked sweater before sighing and leaning her back against the wall. Killing yet another person and then accosting her "friend" had left her feeling drained. She could have really used a moment to legitimately relax, but knowing the lemmings that were somehow considered her competition, they would all come running one by one until the massive pile of bodies lying out front actually got the message across to them.

She looked back over at Lily, who seemed to have retreated even further into herself. Unsurprising, but still annoying, because Isabel was still bored. She wished she had a book to read, or perhaps a Sudoku puzzle to fill out. She could probably make a puzzle of her own if she had some pen and paper, but even something as basic as that was hard to come by in this place. Lily obviously wasn't going to talk in her current state, so trying to generate conversation was out.

All she had was her thoughts, for right now.


Some amount of time had passed, Isabel didn't know how much time exactly, but it had felt like an hour or two.

She looked over at Lily, still balled up, although this time lying on her side. Isabel knew that talking to her would be futile, but she decided to speak anyway. "So... I don't know about you, but I'm still pretty damn bored. Wanna talk about... shoes or something? Anything at this point, really."


She wasn't up for it. Figures that she would only give a bare bones response.

"Well, guess I can't say I'm surprised." Isabel paused for a moment, blowing a lock of her hair out of her face. "You know..." She began, the gears in her head spinning. "I've been wondering. Why exactly did you want to kill me so badly anyway?"

"Don't think I've forgotten about that..." She said, while twirling the knife. "You seem like a good kid. I must have done something that really hurt you to make you want to kill me even in spite of that." She looked at Lily, examining her movements intently. "It's hard to trust you if you won't even give me a chance to make amends for whatever happened."

Isabel tapped her finger against the bench. "Well, go on. Speak up."

V6 Ninth Rolls
Just a bit over 15 hours left for cards!

V6 Ninth Rolls
A bit over a day and a half left for cards!

I updated the join link. Hopefully that fixes issues.

EDIT: Additionally, I also added a direct link to the in-browser Discord app in the SOTF Discord post, which should always work for anyone who is already a member on the server.

Penelope quietly nodded at Raina's comment about the helicopter while motioning for her friend to sit down completely alongside her.

Her head soon found it resting on Raina's shoulder, her arms tucked around her body. It was chilly, with a breeze gently blowing over the top of the helipad, but for the first time since she got here she felt true warmth. She was here, with her friend. The person she had wanted most to find after her boyfriend. They were together again, even if it was only for fleeting moments in the grand scheme of things. In this moment, it was like they were back home. This was all that mattered, it was all that needed to matter.

Her eyes closed. The world around her slowly grew distant, her mind slipping away from this wretched place, its denizens, her troubles, and the best laid plans of mice and men.

She soon found herself lost in a wild, beautiful ocean of thought, her boat of consciousness sailing onward through it, with no true destination in mind. The sun glowed over the horizon as the warm, shimmering waters of knowledge rippled and hummed in response to the winds of perception catching her sails. Her chest of memory sat idly in her boat, waiting eagerly to gain new passengers.

Part of her had forgotten how much she missed these chances to simply think to herself. To let anything come to mind. Some of her best game ideas came during these moments of true clarity.

A small bottle with a note inside floated towards her boat. Picking it up out of the water, Penelope unfurled the message contained within.


Her eyelids twitched.

The boat rocked back and forth, as the waters grew slightly rougher, almost as if in response to the message. She didn't quite know what the message was talking about, or why she had found it. A second bottle was slowly approaching the side of her boat, waiting to be picked up. Placing the first bottle into her chest of memory, Penelope reached down and pulled the new bottle out of the water before glancing once again at the horizon. Small, wispy clouds could be seen over the horizon. She quickly unfurled the note, an uneasy discomfort starting to take over her thoughts.


A wave rolled underneath her boat, jostling it slightly and requiring her to hold onto its rails. Her head suddenly felt painful. She looked again at the horizon, the clouds having seemingly grown larger. The sun was slowly sinking below the edge of her ocean of thought.

Penelope reached down for another note, wanting to put these strangely uncomfortable, cryptic messages out of her mind. The new bottle was cracked, the note soggy as she pulled it out.


Her fingers curled more tightly around something that she was holding onto.

The waters grew fierce as black, billowing clouds took over the horizon. The sun was no longer shining, the waters were no longer inviting.

Notes in bottles seemingly swarmed her small vessel as lightning lit the void of her mind moment to moment.

She pulled bottle after bottle out of the waters, hoping to find something that would calm the increasingly violent sea.







The next note she pulled out was devoid of words, covered in only what seemed to be mindless scribbles.

Every note thereafter was similarly garbled and impossible to read. The storm grew closer to her boat as the ocean grew even more wild and dangerous.

Finally, a seemingly unique bottle was pulled from the now icy, vicious waters. It was cracked, and filled with waterlogged black sand, the note was as slimy as the sand mixture viscous, and Penelope spent several moments cleaning it of debris before she was able to read it.


A wave crashed over Penelope's boat, knocking over her chest of memory, spilling thousands of bottles out of the seemingly bottomless box. As she sorted through these bottles trying to get them back inside, as the clouds twisted themselves into images of a small girl and her mother.

The clouds spoke in echoed, garbled tongues that were nonetheless intelligible.

"Mommy, where do people go after they die?"

The images of the mother contorted, becoming wild, twisting, spiral-like shapes.

'Well... sweetheart... I guess you can say that you don't go anywhere after you die.'

"But... how can someone not be anywhere? I thought... I thought everyone would always have to be somewhere."

The spirals twisted less violently, its swirls becoming gentle, possibly even thoughtful.

'Well... You weren't anywhere before you were born, right? Being dead is like that. Like... sleeping for a long time, with no dreams. Doesn't that make it sound nicer?'

"No... mommy that sounds scary."

The clouds began repeating the last few words that they echoed out, repeating over and over again only to become a deafening chorus.

Was it trying to tell her something? She understood that she was going to die soon. Raina's escape plan would never have a chance of succeeding, even if Penelope helped as much as she could manage. The end was nigh, no matter what the two of them did. Penelope was okay with th-

Waves crashed over the side of her boat as rain pounded her sails, the winds growing malevolent and tearing holes in it.

Another wave hit the boat, washing a bottle onto it and directly in front of Penelope. She picked it up and pulled out the crumpled, damp paper inside.


Penelope twitched where she was, blatantly disturbed in her thoughts.

The voice of the clouds spoke up again, in a veritable symphony of vocal octaves of all kinds.


It was shouting at her, angry. It wanted answers. It wanted blood.

She called out into the darkness, doing her best to make the storm cease. "I just want to make the best of a bad situation! I can't leave here, I'd never be able to live with myself!"


Penelope curled up into a ball, her clothes getting soaked. She hid her face away from the dire clouds. She was okay with dying. She was okay with dying. Death wasn't scary, if anything it was just-

"ADMIT IT!" The clouds screamed at her, somehow even louder than before.

Tears rolled down her face, becoming one with the waters sinking her boat. "Fine... I'm scared... I don't... I don't want... I don't want to die. I want to live."

"I just... I just want to be back home." She said, her hands covering her face. "I want to see my sisters and my mom and my dad and I want to be able to spend time with Sam and I want to edit together silly meme images with Raina again and I want to message Emilia about my games and art again and..."

The clouds swirled down towards her, ominously enveloping her ship.

"I just want to go home."

Penelope opened her eyes with a start, her breathing heavy. She was lying down, her head resting on Raina's lap and being gently stroked by her friend's hand. Her own hand was clutched to Raina's leg, holding on fairly tightly.

She felt the urge to speak.

She stayed silent.

Introduction Thread
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