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Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
People who just voted RC to lynch Espi (3rd/voted RC during Vyse lynch), Deamon (7th/didn't vote during Vyse lynch), dmboogie (8th/voted RC during Vyse lynch)

Good eye, Sunny.

Guys, I think this is where we should be looking for people to lynch. Not voting for the godfather and being a flimsy vote on the tail end of a lynch on a towny screams scum.

Out of Espi and Boogie? Both of them seem super scummy to me. But... in this case...

VOTE: Espi

Espi has had low activity (so has Boogie, but he's always lurking), flimsy justifications on his actions, low content for what he has posted...

In general he seems to be opportunistically speaking without really contributing, hiding under a guise of activity. I don't like it.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Feb 24 2015, 05:58 PM
I don't think we can rule out third parties yet. Role blocks resolve before kills, so if scum had a killing role locked down, they would still be blocked last night.
Hrm hrm!

Fair point. I find it unlikely that there is a third party role in play but I suppose that's valid.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Feb 24 2015, 05:38 PM
I find it really sketchy that they'd opt to use a 2x kill on Siege and Cake. What about them suggested urgency?

It was a theory based on the fact that there were no kills night one and the fact that giving scum two faction kills would be horribly scum sided.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Honestly? That looks like a good night phase to me. Only vanilla townies were lost and scum got hit by the vig.

This does present an interesting problem: Does the Mafia have two kills? I'm assuming here that a third party would not be the red associated with mafia, but I could be wrong. My speculation, however, would be that Han as a smuggler might be a good fit for a Mafia Thief, which would help explain why there were no deaths in the last phase. Maf steals one kill, another is blocked.

I doubt that mafia has two kills every night. If anything I'd guess that they have a limited number of extra kills they can do, like maybe a 2x or 1x hitman along with the regular faction kill.

In any case with two scum dead we can probably start probing Vyse and Deamon's posts for patterns and start making headway on the other scum in the game.

Also at this point I think we can probably say that there's no serial killer in the game given the lack of a third party kill each night.

Also! Just as some musings: given how we have 20 people and no SK, that likely means a scum team of five to put scum at firmly 25% of the players. Which means there are three left, most likely.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
RC is town because his claim completely lines up with his reads re: me from the very start of this phase.

If you noticed in my first post, I pointed out some shaky logic he used to try and read me as town in his fourth post of the phase, which was his first post of real substance this phase.

He continued to read me as town for the entire rest of the phase, in spite of that.

I doubt he planned doing this. I really doubt RC would be that much of a mastermind to plan a way to forestall his lynch from the very beginning of the phase. If anything? I completely buy that he was the doc and protected me night one, saw that there was no kill, and assumed scum targeted me.

If I'm wrong, I've been had, and RC did a damn fine job of doing it.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread


But I know how to feel about that.

Guys, I'm pretty sure RC is town. (Also, scum, you targeted me night one? I'm honored ;D)

Why do I say that? Well, hold on. Post coming up since I wanted to take RC out of hammer range right now.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Feb 21 2015, 01:11 PM
Alright. Let's dig into this.

RC is still our best lynch, in my opinion. We're going to get more information, and a bigger chance of hitting scum. At the start of the day, I'll admit, I was pretty sure Persy and RC were close to even, and that either would be a good lynch. As I've been going back over the last two phases, though, I honestly think Persy is town.

Here's something important to remember in reflection: Vyse needed to derail his train yesterday. RC's train was almost equal with his, and nobody was fighting to defend him. Yet instead of pushing pressure towards RC, he pushed Persy. The only person pushing the Persy train at the time was Ime. There was no reason to believe a Persy train would be better for saving him than an RC train, and Vyse is a smart player. The most logical conclusion, to me, is that Persy is a scum-leaning townie that they thought they could bus, and RC is fellow scum. This is far from a 100% guarantee, but I think it's at least probable.

This is consistent with RC's play. RC never joined the Vyse train, Persy did. RC wasn't aware that the Rebels were Mafia and the Empire was Town, Persy was. RC, like Vyse, is still playing very defensively, while Persy is playing more aggressively. The one slip here is that RC isn't pushing Persy, which is a bit odd to me and worth looking into, but I still favor RC.

Let's say RC flips town, though: What do we learn? Espi, Bowser, and Persy would all need a pretty close look in my opinion. Slam as well. There will probably be some more to sort through in the aftermath, though I'm not collected enough to find every lead right now. I think since our time is running out though, RC remains our best decision.
I'll bite.


VOTE: RemoteControl

RC is at this point: acting as if he's only interested in himself, blatantly disregarding what others have said, and in general generating a lot of fluff that makes him a good policy lynch candidate outside of his anti-town behavior. Admittedly I didn't really think RC was that scummy at the start of this phase, but in light of going over the first phase and this phase again, I've since changed that opinion. Additionally, since we're getting down to the wire and lynching a potential scum target that has had a lot of discussion over the first two phases is better than not lynching anyone at all, I'm going for this.

That said I'm still not 100% convinced he's mafia. He seems to me to be a third party of some kind given how he seems to really not want to be lynched or killed above all else. If anything I'm betting that he's a Survivor/Serial Killer. SKs are obviously anti-town, and Survivors, despite not seeming to be anti-town at a glance, are still anti-town, as the potential for a Survivor to survive to lylo and then immediately vote a townie to give themselves and mafia the win is not something to be ignored.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
I hope I can get back to you all as soon as I can, but for now - reasons.

Ah I'm sorry Ime. I'll leave you be for now.


I'll bite with D/N's justification and Goose and Slam make good points regarding the last few people voting being suspicious.

As for who I'm going to target now: I really, really do not like how Yugi has been acting. He has 26 posts and basically none of them have any actual analysis or content to them. This screams "scum trying to hide under the guise of being active" to me, and again, I really, really do not like it.

VOTE: Yugikun

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Hmm I didn't have several pages to go through. Good. I can respond better that way.

Guys I don't think we should be pushing the RC train as hard as we are this early in the phase. RC is definitely scummy, but he's scummy in a way that's so overt and so easy to spot that we can just ignore him while we push other leads.

That said, what other leads could we push? Similar to what NAFT pointed out, the people who primarily defended Vyse (D/N, Imehal) are good for starters and the people who only voted at the end of the phase to hammer Vyse are good to look at next.

So, out of D/N and Imehal, who defended Vyse the most? D/N came off as a legitimate town-side defense of Vyse in that he wanted us to not tunnel vision as hard. Imehal spent nearly every post soft-defending Vyse and tried to counter push at several points to seemingly take heat off of Vyse.

With that, I want to hear Ime's justification for doing so.

VOTE: Imehal

As for the people who voted at the end of the phase, I find Fenris and Bowser to be the most suspicious of them, and incidentally those two were literally the last two to vote. More to come later re: that, though. I want to hear what Ime has to say first.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread

Downgrade RC to a scum read given his badgering of Persy and seemingly trying to twist his words.

Persy I'm not so sure on now re: town status, admittedly but I can't put my finger on why.

That's all for now. Be back in a few hours when there's another seven pages to sort through.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread

Oh god I got ninja'd with a tunnel fight. Brb reading that. :\

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
I want to preface this by apologizing for not being more active but I've been dealing with pretty severe emotional issues over the last week.

I also want to say that the fact that there were no kills basically just means scum got blocked and everyone else held their shots. Nothing else can really be gotten out of it.


@Turtle - C'mon, you'll get lots of bussing credit if you lynch us. Nobody will ever suspect you. :P

This quote also pretty much confirms TT as town.

RC, I like how you're trying to dissect what Vyse said last phase, but his joke barely says anything re: my status as town. Even if his joke about getting a scum role turned out to be correct the rest of his jokes in the RVS portion of the first day could mean any number of things that basically amount to WIFOM any way that you spin it.

That said, I don't really find RC as scummy as everyone else is finding him. In the same vein I didn't understand why everyone was targeting him on day one. Consider me neutral on that front.

At the moment the rest of my reads are cold save Doc, Slam, and Persy. I want to see more reactions before I judge for this phase.

Slam and Doc have good town reads from me, Slam mostly on gut from his posts this phase but Doc especially since I find the idea of him trying to bus Vyse of all people day one to be a tad bit ridiculous. He could easily still be a third party but he's been helpful to town either way so I don't mind.

Persy I've got a leaning town read from mostly because he's trying to start discussion really early in the phase. Good on you friend.

Otherwise that's all I have to say for now. I'll put more in later if anyone has any questions or something happens that makes me really want to go OBJECTION!

I am best full aggro Blitz NA

Proof that Lee Sin support (a gold Lee Sin even) is bad and if you want a good full aggro support you should just play Blitz.

Fear my power.

(Also <3 you Rattle.)

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Ime being an SK in that game makes my former townread meaningless, please disregard.

Regardless, I really, really don't like how Vyse is trying to further take control like he did in the last game where he was scum, and also how he's disregarded Doc's points regarding him, so for now:


VOTE: VysePresident

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread

Forgot to mention everyone else is a relatively cold read for me.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Alrighty, after sorting through a mess of pages for this, I've got some reads.

Vyse I think is coming off as town from first glance, but he always comes off as town. Moreoever I'm getting a scum vibe from him partially from him seemingly trying to buddy with me and also the reasons that Doc went over.

Naft I've got a town read on but as I've learned from previous mafias that means nothing. I will be watching him like a hawk. o-o

Doc I'm reading town. Despite being a massive snake I'm getting good vibes off of him.

Massive scum reads off of RC but that might be his normal perpetual newbieness leaking through.

Minor scum reads off of Decoy due to sheeping and Yugi due to being obstructive but I'm not entirely sure of those.

Ime I've got the hardest town read on due to general helpfulness, especially given her track record.

Unpy I've got a slight scum read on but given how I'm scum reading Vyse and how Vyse is targeting him I'll buy that he's town for now.

On the subject of lynching, I firmly believe that we should end D1 with a lynch because lynches give a lot of information not only via the flip but also via who was on the lynch train and their reasoning for it. Fast lynching however is incredibly obstructive and we really shouldn't be rushing towards one.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Feb 7 2015, 11:23 PM
jontron six

I'm not gonna change votes because I hate Jontron.

But I do hate Jontron.

(In all seriousness like what you like and all that jazz. Be back with real content after I go to bed and this thread blows up more.)

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Feb 7 2015, 09:20 PM
Dangit, Murder. I said to give me a Town PM. :(

VOTE: Murder
...Is this a joke? I hope it is.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread


VOTE: DuckyB

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Role received!

VOTE: DuckyB

For not abiding by the rules of my blackmail in the OotS mafia. >:c