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Maddie checked each of the other rooms on the floor, checking the various containers and giving the rooms each a cursory glance. Unfortunately, she didn't find anything of note, just random junk like paper clips and hairpins. Once she got through the last room she sighed, opened up one of her water bottles, took as sip, and walked back down the stairs into the living room with RJ. He said he found a rusty knife. She became puzzled for a moment, and shook her head a bit. How could she have missed something like that? He said that they should stretch their legs and check the other houses. She nodded to that, although she wasn't particularly hoping to get even more exercise, she had gotten enough already from just running around.

The two of them walked out of the house they were originally in and into a nearby house. There were voices coming from part of the house. They weren't alone. RJ signaled to her to stay quiet. She nodded to him and crept alongside him as they made their way towards the noise. The last time they had investigated a noise hadn't turned out so well, but perhaps this time won't turn into a life or death situation. They arrived at the source of the noise, two boys, one standing over the other, one injured. She tensed, something had gone down that she didn't really want to be a part of.

But, one of the boys, the one standing over the other, noticed them and immediately bolted. She looked at the other boy, he was very obviously in pain, hadn't moved much since they arrived on the scene. She approached him, concerned. She wanted to help him, despite her instincts telling her to avoid the boy, she couldn't just simply ignore and leave him. "Do you want help?" She said, trying her best to convey it in a non-confrontational tone. She kneeled close, but not right next to, the boy. "I know some basic first aid, if you are willing to accept my help."

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
Feb 20 2014, 02:20 PM
My thanks for those who responded to me. But there's a reason why I'm asking all of this. I want everyone who is able to answer to do so. By tomorrow I will present a list of people for possible floaters. We will compare that to the list of reads and we can start fishing for the last couple of mafia.

To repeat, answer all of these questions as honestly as you can.
  • Hypothetically, if Cake's role claim were a mafia gambit, why do you believe he outted Dom and Deamon? Why hasn't the real cop come out to counterclaim him?
  • What is your opinion of Grim, now that it turns out he's on the level?
  • What is your opinion on Renard's claim, considering he came out as a role that reads as Anti-Town?
  • What is your opinion of Vyse's claim, considering he has a role that all power roles would never, ever touch?
  • What is your opinion of Doc's behavior the previous day, before and after Cake's positive read on him?
  • What is your opinion of Imehal and her reaction?
  • What is your opinion of MK?
  • What is your opinion of me?
  • Between all the confirmed Pro-Town players, who would you gamble to be a Godfather?
  • How many mafia members do you think there are in play right now?
  • Do you believe there is a Mafia-Aligned Roleblocker? Do you have any possible evidence to support this?
  • What other power roles do you think are in play right now?

Handy dandy list of people yet to answer fully.
Hey! I need to get home from school before I can answer things.


Hypothetically, if Cake's role claim were a mafia gambit, why do you believe he outted Dom and Deamon? Why hasn't the real cop come out to counterclaim him?

If it were a mafia gambit then he's really dumb for killing two of his allies (one being the hitman). The real cop hasn't come out to counterclaim because there either is no cop or he is the real cop, plain and simple.

What is your opinion of Grim, now that it turns out he's on the level?

I thought Grim was super scummy last phase and with his death I don't really have any other strong scum reads/don't have much to say about his flip.

What is your opinion on Renard's claim, considering he came out as a role that reads as Anti-Town?

I buy it. No other person came out to counterclaim him and a miller being in a game with a cop is decently standard practice so the cop role isn't overpowering.

What is your opinion of Vyse's claim, considering he has a role that all power roles would never, ever touch?

I still am of the opinion that we should policy lynch him because PGO/BP fall under the category of "this is mechanically a really safe claim." I'm not actually scum-reading Vyse since he's been very helpful to the town and (understandably) calling me out on my inactivity.

What is your opinion of Doc's behavior the previous day, before and after Cake's positive read on him?

Doc struck me as he usually does: scummy but with a method behind the madness. Can't say anything about how he normally acts and how that should factor into a read considering he was either mafia or the serial killer in the last three games, but he hasn't come off particularly strong as scum and with Keaka's positive read I'm fairly sure he's not mafia, even with a potential godfather.

What is your opinion of Imehal and her reaction?

I think it sounded like a reasonable reaction and I don't really think too much of it, seems standard for this game.

What is your opinion of MK?

I'm almost certain that Ricky is scum given Keaka's negative read, but given the (however unlikely) possibility of a framer in play that possibility shouldn't be ignored. He's defo lynch priority number one if town doesn't reach a different consensus.

What is your opinion of me?

I've been town-reading you since the beginning of the game, Ciel, and that hasn't really changed any given all that has happened.

Between all the confirmed Pro-Town players, who would you gamble to be a Godfather?

Proooooooooobably Doc. Despite what I said above out of the confirmed town players he's the most scummy. Still don't think any of the currently confirmed pro-town players are the godfather though.

Do you believe there is a Mafia-Aligned Roleblocker? Do you have any possible evidence to support this?

Probably! You yourself mentioned getting roleblocked even after Decoy was dead so that was probably a mafia roleblocker in play (or a town aligned jailer maybe).

What other power roles do you think are in play right now?

No idea! I just know that with these games things tend to go extremely unexpectedly so I guess we'll end up seeing.

Maddie turned to see RJ behind her, having entered from another room. She gave him a small smile, knowing she had a friend still made her feel a happy warmth, even after it's already been a while. Just knowing she didn't have to be alone and she had someone who would help her, someone that she could trust, made the crushing situation of the game just a tiny bit easier to deal with. She spoke. "I managed to find a tin of crackers in one of the pantries." She ruffled through her bag and pulled out the tin, shaking it around. "I think there might be some other stuff that we can find around the house if we looked."

She turned a bit to her side and gestured. "I'm going to go upstairs and check the area up there since I've already gone over most of the rooms down here. Go ahead and give everything a once over to see if I missed anything and come upstairs once you are done with that." After making one final gesture she moved out of the living room and up the nearby stairs. She arrived in the hallway upstairs and glanced around. When they initially arrived she had given the house a once over to check if anyone else was in it before they settled down. She hadn't actually looked at the rooms in detail, and now she was finally doing so.

She turned into the bedroom closest to the stairs and began looking around, opening wardrobes and dresser drawers. She stopped when she finally found a drawer that wasn't empty. There was a brush in it. She took it out and looked at it. It was an old brush, and from the looks of it it hadn't been used in a while. The brush made her think about how she hadn't legitimately brushed her hair in several days since she hadn't had anything to really brush it with. She didn't have the foresight to bring a brush with her on the trip. She hadn't even taken her hair out of her ponytail since she got on the island. Her hair was probably heavily tangled and matted. The thought made her wince. Now, she supposed, would be a good a time as ever to giver her hair a good brushing.

She put her hat down on the dresser, keeping the silver pill box still sitting inside of it, and undid her hair in front of the mirror. She pulled the brush through her hair, bit by bit, wincing as it pulled through each tangle. Despite the tugs on her hair from the brush, she found that it felt oddly relaxing to brush her hair like this, in front of a mirror. Maybe it was because it reminded her of being home back in Seattle. Oh how she wished she really was back in Seattle, that she had decided to skip the trip and avoid all of this. She sighed. However she thought about it, hindsight wasn't going to help her present situation.

She finished combing her hair and redid her ponytail. She slipped the comb into her bag and placed her hat back on her head as she walked back out into the hallway.

V5 Ninth Rolls
And from that point on Sara Corlett did not feel anything ever again.

Tell No Tales
Sara wasn't expecting the impact that came. The barrel of Ami's gun hit her in the face, and with a sickening crack, it broke Sara's jaw and brought her to the ground.

She tried to get up, but she couldn't, the pain in her jaw was too intense. All she could focus on was the pain.

Then, another blow came. This time to her rib cage. She felt an intense burning sensation in her chest, and she started having trouble breathing.

Then, another blow. And another. And another.

All Sara could feel was the pain of hit after hit. Her chest burned, her jaw ached. She looked up at her assailant, unable to make out details through the tears in her eyes. She knew it was too late, that she was going to die, but she needed to try to do something, to say something. She didn't want to die, above all else, in this moment, she simply did not want to die. She tried to speak, to gurgle out the word "please" but all that came was a faint, unintelligible sound.

Another blow. She tasted a metallic tang in her mouth.

Another blow, she couldn't feel her lower body.

A pause, had it stopped? Had the attack ended?

Then, one last final blow came, this time to her head.

And from that point on Sara Corlett did not feel anything ever again.

G030: Sara Corlett: DECEASED

Tell No Tales
Sara woke up to the sounds of the announcements. More news about more people killing, dying. She was barely listening, not making out words. She didn't want to listen, she was tired of it, tired of hearing about all the bloodshed.

She took out one of her last water bottle and drank the last of it before putting it away. She needed to get more water, probably today. Sighing, she turned around to see Ruby and Sean behind her. She smiled, as long as she had someone else to suffer with, someone she considered to be a friend, suffering wasn't as hard. But the smile went away when she saw Ruby pull a gun out on Sean. Her eyes widened and her whole body petrified. She needed to do something. She needed to do something, anything, to keep this from turning into more bloodshed. But she couldn't move, only being able to focus on one thing, the end of the barrel of Ruby's gun.

Then, Sean lunged. The scene in front of her moved slowly, almost like a dream. A fight. Then Ami came in. She looked angry. She screamed out something, something that Sara didn't hear, and then, with a sickening thwack she whacked Sean away from Ruby, and he fell to the ground a foot or two away.

Finally, she found the ability to move again. As quick as she could muster she got to her feet and put herself between the two girls and Sean, arms outstretched, facing them. "There's no need for this!" She yelled. "There's no need for more violence! There's been enough already!" She started crying, sniffling. "N-Nobody... n-needs... to get hurt..."

The house was quiet. The only noise that Maddie heard was the faint running of water from the shower RJ was taking. Her eyelids felt heavy, she hadn't gotten a peaceful night of sleep since she arrived on the island, and now, with the quiet house and the comfortable couch, now felt like a good time to get some rest. Could she potentially put herself in danger by sleeping right now? Of course, but she could say that at any time. She just wanted some sleep, some nice sleep that didn't result in her waking up in a cold sweat or getting interrupted in the middle of it. She closed her eyes and curled up tightly on the couch, letting the darkness and comfort of sleep take her.

Maddie awoke with a start, and a quiet scream. Another nightmare. They were getting worse. She shook. She didn't want to think any further about what the nightmare included. From her position on the couch, she noticed the light had changed, that was expected. By the looks of it she had been asleep for about two hours, maybe longer. She rolled over onto her back and sat up on the couch. She looked around at her surroundings, in an attempt to notice if there were any changes. Everything was still located where it was located when she went to sleep, evidently nothing much had changed. Was RJ out of the shower by now? She didn't hear the sound of running water anymore, so he must be somewhere else in the house. Perhaps she could get him to help her find things; the two of them both searching for anything useful might return more findings.

She stood, looking around again, before calling out. "RJ? Are you there?"

V5 Ninth Rolls
Requesting a two day extension.

Apologies for this being so late, I thought I would be able to get the death done by today and I might still be able to, but I'd rather not take any chances at this point.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
I'd also like to hear something from TurtleTyrant

TurtleTyrant needs to talk, too.

Okay. I've been busy the last week. Mafia being low priority combined with my lack of ability to add anything meaningful to the discussion leads to silence.


-Psyche still being alive means it is almost certain that town has another protective role (ie a backup doctor or mayhaps a JOAT) or another roleblocker that had the killer blocked, as it would make no sense for no one to shoot him. The lack of a third kill suggests this further.
-Zab flipping town is no surprise. Despite his rudeness he never came off as scum to me (although the people coming off as scum to me has basically dropped down to a grand total of one: Grim).
-I agree entirely with Doc that the person we really need to press is Grim. He has been behaving oddly this entire time and his actions (trying to direct both investigations and vig shots) suggest either malice or simply being dumb. Regardless of which he's a good candidate for scum, at least in my opinion. So, VOTE: Grim Wolf.

That's pretty much it, I dunno what else to say.

Tell No Tales
((GM'ing of the other characters approved by their respective handlers))

Sara was taken aback when one of the two people suddenly broke down right in front of her. She stood awkwardly a few feet as he sobbed, not entirely sure what to do or say. Perhaps seeing all of the bodies was too much for him to bear? Perhaps the boy knew some, or maybe even all, of the people who died? That seemed likely to her. Whatever it was, he was extremely upset. Sara didn't want to see anyone like this, but she wasn't sure what she could possibly do to help. She slowly backed off from the bodies and the two people and turned around. Sara moved towards the freighter where the others were, not looking back at the two and trying to not think about all the misery that the game has already wrought upon its victims.

By the time that Sara reached the ship and climbed through the hole in the hull, the rest of the group had already set up and appeared to be getting ready to sleep in one of the dryer spots in the ship. She joined them, silently pulling out her extra clothes and setting up a makeshift bedroll just like she did the last time she was in the freighter. She lied down and rested her head on her bag, in a vain attempt to sleep. She couldn't sleep though, the images of Aria, the bodies, and the boy crying over them was too much for her to handle. Like it or not, her or someone close to her was going to suffer just like that boy was over someone's death, only to then die themselves. Maybe it would be her suffering over Sean's death.

Maybe it would be Sean suffering over her death.

Sara stayed up for another hour or so, lying on her makeshift bed, listening to the sounds of the others going to sleep and thinking about her imminent future before slowly drifting off to sleep herself.

((Madeline Wilcox continued from Every Success Involves Insanity))

Maddie looked around the house that she and RJ were in for anything useful that she could find. RJ was taking a shower, and despite her own desires to do so and clean herself up, she was too pragmatic to let the opportunity of anything useful pass by her. She checked the shelves and cabinets around the house, looking for anything that could prove of even moderate use. To her surprise, after a bit of searching she managed to find a small tin of crackers in the back of a pantry. She had no idea whether or not they were stale, or even edible for that matter, but it was something she managed to find and she was happy about that. She stuck it in her bag and sat next to the wall, thinking for a bit.

The most recent announcements served as an ever present reminder that more people were snapping from the pressure and more people were dying. She wished that she felt more when she heard the names of everyone who died, and those who killed them, but she didn't. She hated not feeling much of anything when she heard that her classmates were dying far more than the actual deaths of her classmates. She leaned a bit more of her weight against the wall. For the first time in a while she really considered her own mortality. Only one person was getting off of the island alive, why would, or should, it be her over anyone else? She didn't want to die, but there are a lot of people who didn't want to die, who wanted to live just as badly as she did. And they all had to die if she were to live. She couldn't imagine herself being the sole survivor of the game. She was almost certainly going to die, she would make a mistake at some point, she had made a lot of mistakes already, and that would end up killing her. No matter how many times she thought those exact thoughts, it scared her just as much now as it did on the first day here.

After a bit, she stood and walked into the living room of the house and began to lie on the sofa. She just needed to calm down and not have to worry about anything for a while, she had been worrying about a lot of things since she got here, so she greatly appreciated an opportunity to simply relax.

She stared at the ceiling while she lied there, and began to think about what was to come.