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Not So Quiet Time in the Lunch Room
((Sara Corlett continued from A Recursive Process))

Sara sat down at one of the empty tables with her lunch. She usually brought her lunch to school instead of getting lunch from the line, as the food here was almost always mediocre at best. She glanced around the crowded room. Not many kids actually ate here in the lunch room, most left to eat elsewhere, so she was usually able to find an empty table, despite the fact that the lunch room was usually crowded anyway. She opened her lunch box and pulled out the sandwich that she had made that morning.

She bit into her sandwich, enjoying the flavor of the tomatoes and lettuce she had put on it. She placed the sandwich back down temporarily and took her book out of her backpack. She flipped to where she had left off last and began to read. She took small bites of her sandwich as she read, focusing mostly on the words in her book. The noise from all the talking in the room would normally make it hard for her to read, but it all blended together after a few moments, essentially becoming white noise in the process.

As she read, she began to get a little thirsty; so she pulled her water bottle out of her lunchbox, took a few small sips, and placed it back down. She enjoyed these not-so-quiet-times in the lunch room. She got to read and eat a little bit, and all was well and calm. She leaned forward a bit on the table, continuing to nibble on her sandwich and take small sips of her water as her eyes took in page after page.

Le Garcon Avec Les Cheveux Blancs
Alex explained to Maddie why he liked linguistics, explaining to her how he knew french and how languages amazed him. "Oh alright. That makes sense." Maddie could never quite get into language, and foreign language classes were the only classes that were genuinely a challenge to her. However, even though she didn't like linguistics herself, the explanation he gave was quite sound and she could easily understand why it would appeal to Alex.

Alex then proceeded to explain why he liked physics, saying he planned on becoming a physicist, and that the reason he liked astronomy was because space was cool. "Oh! You want to be a physicist? I was going to pursue a degree in physics, probably even become one myself later." She laughed. "And yeah, space is pretty cool."

Alex then noted that her dad is pretty late. "Oh yeah he is really late. I thought he would call too, but maybe his phone is dead or he is too busy." She looked off in the distance and saw a familiar car driving up to the school. "Speak of the devil." She said quietly. "Actually, that car coming up looks like my dad's car. Guess it is time for me to go." She put her things into her backpack and stood up. "It was nice meeting you!" She said, happily. "Perhaps we can talk again later." She waved goodbye to Alex and walked in the direction of her dad's car.

Today was a good day. She thought to herself.

Welcome to New Staff
Congrats to you two! Hope you enjoy your positions!

Le Garcon Avec Les Cheveux Blancs
Alex responded to her question, saying that his favorite field of science was physics, but he also liked astronomy and linguistics. Interesting. She was a little curious as to why he liked linguistics, it isn't as popular a field of science as most, and she doesn't know many who enjoy foreign language classes. Of course, not many enjoy physics class either, due to all of the math involved.

She turned and looked off a bit in the distance. No sign of dad yet. She frowned. She was starting to get a bit frustrated. Whatever he is doing better be really urgent.

She was jolted her out of her thoughts when Alex asked her why physics and chemistry were her favorite fields of science. "Oh. Uh. Well... I find those fields to be really interesting. Just knowing how everything ticks fills me with awe at the wonder of the universe." She paused. "Plus, they both have so many practical applications; all of our advancements are because of the developments in either the fields of physics, chemistry, or biology." She made a little motion with her hands. "I could ask you the same thing, at least concerning linguistics. Specifically, why linguistics? I don't know many people who enjoy that field of science, especially people our age."

The Alignment thread V5: Welcome to the Hive
Madeline Wilcox: Maddie is Neutral Good. She is very kind to her friends, and at the very least polite to everyone, even those people she doesn't quite know. She doesn't have a strong preference for following rules or not following rules, she usually just does whatever would be the better option at the time (which means following the rules most of the time).

Sara Corlett: Sara is True Neutral. She isn't selfish or malicious, but she isn't super nice either. At the same time, she doesn't have a particularly preference for following rules or not following them, which has gotten her in trouble before (letting her grades slip).

JillSandwich's Music Type Things
<3 your remixes/demixes Jill

'Tis lovely :3

Introduction Thread
Hiya LordB! I am not a mod, but here are some resources for getting started here on SOTF.

The Rules

The V5 Rule Changes

The New Handler's Guide to SOTF

You should probably also check out the chat and the mini. Hope you have a good time on SOTF!

(Also, nice Durandal Avatar :3)

Le Garcon Avec Les Cheveux Blancs
The boy introduced himself as Alexander de Gaulle. Oh, so THAT'S why he mentioned a person named Eric de Gaulle getting into Popular Science, he's Alex's father! Quite an impressive feat, getting into Popular Science. Alex must be quite proud of his dad.

Alex offered to give her a ride home in case her dad didn't get here soon. She wasn't one to refuse someone's kind gesture. "Oh, that is very kind of you. I would be happy to take you up on that offer." She figured that this was a good way as any to get to know Alex, even if her dad did show up soon.

Speaking of dad... She wondered where he was still. She looked at the time on her phone. He was very, very late. She sighed. He must still be at the hospital, doing whatever it is that he does. She was definitely going to have to take up Alex on his offer.

She turned to him. "So... what fields of science do you like? My personal favorites are Physics and Chemistry."

The General SOTF Discussion Thread

And this ties into a fourth wish, but one that's not numbered since it's not really tied to the lower handler cap. I hope V5 contains less shitty passive-aggression and that the site's culture becomes actually conducive to constructive criticism. Things like the Read-a-Thon are doing a great job of this, but in general there's been an arc I've seen so many fucking times on this site wherein a character gets a lot of public praise before it comes out, some months later, that everyone hated that character and thought they were shit from the get-go. None of that is helpful. If the character was shitty, that already happened, and concerns about a shitty character voiced while they're still alive and being written are far more useful from a "if this needs salvaging, can this be salvaged?" perspective than sneaky private mentions of it that only become public once the handler in question has left the site or once the character is long-dead.

Again, I don't except myself from this. A fun fact about me in V4 is that I encouraged someone to write a post whose entire purpose was mocking another handler's style. That post actually got made, and I thought it was funny as shit at the time. But I also tried, at other points, to offer polite and reasoned attempts to help handlers improve their writing, and this is something I and every other vet should be trying to do way more, for newbies as well as for each other, in V5. We need a culture that doesn't stigmatize the idea of PMing someone and saying "Hey, I have some concerns about your character and an idea or two on how they could be improved, do you mind if I talk a bit about them?" Of course, everyone should take no for an answer, and a handler reserves the right to refuse both accepting a given piece of criticism (sometimes it is actually not helpful) or even hearing it in the first place.

Yes. This.

I tend to see a lot of bashing when certain characters are mentioned in chat. It is one thing to dislike a character and kindly point out what is wrong with them. It is another thing to take pot-shots at the character and the handler who wrote them. I don't think any of us would want pot-shots leveled at us or our characters (I would probably start crying due to my horrid self esteem), but I am fairly sure ALL of us would be open to some nice, constructive criticism (I know for certain I like any constructive criticism I can get). Overall, like Jonny says, we should all try and help each other improve rather than bash "Handler A" when "Handler A" isn't in chat.

So yeah, same as Jonny, if you think my writing is objectively shit or I have made some sort of unfortunate implication, feel free to PM me about it. I would much rather have something brought up directly to me rather than talked about behind my back. I will also try to do everything in my power to point stuff out that I found to need improvement to you guys, but you don't have to listen to my rants on the symbolism of bananas if you don't want to. ^_^

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
Activity is a big one.

I noticed that when reading through the V4 archives, I would always check the date posted compared to the previous post to see if Handler Y took 11-13 days to post after handler X, and if they did, I would facepalm for a few moments and audibly say "you're doing it wrong" (this happened way too frequently).

As Toben pointed out in that thread he linked, the minimum number of posts to get through V4 without inciting the wrath of SOTF_Help was 30 posts. As he also pointed out, 30 posts is NOT a lot at all.

If you are simply biding your time and putting off posting as long as possible, you can expect that people are going to dislike roleplaying with your character because your lack of inactivity is holding up their own character's development, due to post order rules. You can also expect that when your minimum post count character gets rolled, absolutely no one is going to want to hero them, even if the few posts you have are absolutely amazing, simply because your character is so annoying to roleplay with.