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Haunted Reality
Penelope curled up into an even tighter ball, the new boy that came up distracting her only company.

She was okay with that though, she didn't want Ben getting too attached to her. It would only cause more unnecessary suffering when she died, soon enough. She considered just standing and leaving, to get away from them. Prevent any more harm from being done. Make her way over to the bridge and jump off, like she did in her dream.

Penelope shook as she considered the endless oblivion of death. Not believing in any sort of afterlife had its downsides. She didn't want to stop existing, not now, not when she was so young. Not when she had so many people who cared about her. Not when she had so much she had left to do. Not that she would even be capable of caring after she died, but she just wished that the terrorists had killed her directly.

Her shaking stopped as she considered that line of reasoning. If she did something fragrantly against their rules, she could get them to just blow her up and kill her quickly, without a fuss. She could show them that she wasn't okay with doing what they wanted her to do, and that she didn't have to rely on anyone else.

Penelope raised her head slightly to look at the boys, before laying her head back down. She could just get up and go to a camera away from them and break it. She just needed to get up.

She did not move.

Introduction Thread
Haldo, Dark! We already spoke a bit in chat, but welcome to SOTF!

If you didn't already glance at the OP and check out all the stuff there, you should take a look at the Mini, the discord, and the New Handler's Guide if you haven't already. If you have any questions, you should feel free to PM any staffer (staff members have purple names, like me!).

We hope you enjoy it here~

Violence Is Usually The Answer
((Isabel Ramirez continued from TFW you'll never find out what's in the basement))

Isabel felt at home as she sat in the dank and musty shower room behind the water treatment room.

Her back was pressed against the wall as she slowly slid a damp rag along the length of her sword, her sickle and flashlight sitting on the ground next to her, the flashilight illuminating the corner of the room she sat in. The blood that had coated her sword had begun to stink, and Isabel didn't want any chance of someone detecting her in case she needed to hide. The blood that had coated her sweater didn't stink, fortunately enough, perhaps because it had been absorbed into fabric rather than coating a non-porous metal.

Isabel eye's flitted over to the airlock-like doors separating the showers from the main room. There had been several bodies in there, all murdered fairly brutally, the handiwork of another student no doubt. Whoever did it was obviously long gone after a bit of careful examination of the room, and clear signs of who murdered who had begun to rot in the damp air. If Isabel had to guess, it was probably that Nancy girl, knowing the details she remembered from the announcements. Idiots fought her head on when they could have just turned tail and run, or maybe engaged her with a surprise attack.

Isabel rubbed the cloth on the end of the sword, getting off the last bits of Danny's blood. The stench from the corpses had been awful when she had entered, but thankfully the doors in the back seemed to keep the worst of it out of the showers, and Isabel got the security she needed to clean her sword and take a breather after all the events of the day.

Isabel smiled as she wiped away the last of the blood on the tip of her sword and examined her work. All nice and polished, ready for anyone that dare try to stop her from winning... or anyone else, for that matter.

She scooted herself and her stuff over into one of the few showers with a still standing curtain, her halberd's handle awkwardly scraping against the floor before she shut the curtain behind her and flipped off her flashlight. She was safe in here, she could wait out the rest of the day, and if anyone came in... well, it seemed that this area was already proven to be a fairly good defensive stronghold.

Now to just sit, relax... and listen.

Haunted Reality
"Only for a certain definition of alive." Penelope said, her voice low.

Penelope turned her head slightly, looking more directly at Ben, but still averting her eyes out of habit. "Like... If you're asking if I'm still ambulatory, still respirating, and still metabolizing, sure I guess I'm alive."

Her head sunk back down to a complete resting position. "But part of me has already died here with my boyfriend and all my friends that have already died, let alone yet to die..." Penelope choked back sobs. None of this will ever be okay. "...and I'll never, ever get that part of me back."

"Plus," she continued, "I'm going to die anyway. That's for certain. We have virtually no chance of escape without them just blowing us all up, and there's no way that I'd survive all the way to the end. I wouldn't be able to kill anyone, and I'd rather die than be the person that everyone else I knew and loved died for. I just..." Penelope bit her lip hard. "I just..." A small, warm trickle of blood started running down her chin. She tried hard to ignore it. "I just wouldn't be able to live with the survivor's guilt."

"There were only two reasons I'm still alive in the first place. One was some... stupid plan that never would have worked even if someone with ten times my charisma tried to implement it. And even if that plan worked we would all die anyway. The other was... I just... wanted one more night with Sam. That's all I wanted. But he's dead now."

Penelope lay there, repeating those last few words over and over for several seconds, her voice only barely audible as she squeezed herself into a tight ball.


She relaxed her arms and returned to the fetal position, still averting her gaze from Ben's face. "Sorry..."

"Anyway..." She began again, "Before you came here I was getting ready to get up and go to the bridge and... jump off. I don't see any reason to continue living. Not in these circumstances. Not without my friends and the love of my life."

Not much time could pass after she stopped talking before a new person arrived at the scene, apparently being familiar with Ben.

"Go... talk to whoever that is. Don't worry about me."

She paused only long enough to give Ben some basic eye contact before averting her gaze to the floor yet again.

"I've got a lot of thinking to do anyway."

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Dec 19 2016, 07:23 PM
Most of you who cared knew this already, but Pokemon Sun/Moon is like, really good you guys.
Damn right

TFW you will never find out what's in the basement
Isabel ripped the halberd out of the boy's skull, a trickle of blood making way to a full flow, gush after gush leading to more chunks of brain and bloody pieces of bone and flesh sloughing onto the ground next to the corpse.

Whatever movement the boy had demonstrated after slashing his throat stopped shortly after impact, the only motion left being some mild twitching of the fingers and thighs. He was gone.

Isabel took ragged breaths as she stared down at the corpse, the metallic stench of a violent death filling the air. Any and all feelings of power that she had gotten out of this had gone away in an instant. He defied her. He demonstrated that in the end, he was the one that was really in control of his destiny. Not her.

After spending a few minutes regaining her breath and her composure, she screamed in frustration.

Isabel let her legs give out from underneath her and she fell to her knees, only to get to work on the boy's bag. Her own duffel bag was stuffed full of the supplies she had pillaged from those she had killed, but she could fit a few more bottles and some more food, if she tried hard enough, she could probably get the medical kit in there too.

Isabel wrapped her hand around the sickle the boy had used to slash his throat. A decent weapon that would likely compliment her current fighting style well, given that she had been swinging her sword around mostly one handed up to this point.

Isabel fished her makeshift flail out of her pocket and dumped the padlock and rock out of it, before putting the sock back on the foot she had pilfered it from. She had no need for her flail anymore, and she needed the space in her pockets to stick the sickle's handle. With some careful positioning she could keep it nice and steady without it poking her or cutting into her flesh, provided she didn't attempt to run with it like that.

And, well, she was probably never going to have any need to run in any situation where having an extra weapon in her hand is a bad thing.

Swinging her now chock full bag over her shoulder and re-fastening the halberd to the bag and her bag, Isabel set off for a new place, one that hopefully didn't smell of death.

((Isabel Ramirez continued in Violence Is Usually The Answer))

Haunted Reality
Penelope stared at the ground, mouth slightly ajar, thinking of how to word her response.

"No I... didn't kill anyone. I couldn't do that. There's no way. There's no way..."

Penelope looked at the base of the wall nearby, the grimy padding giving away the building's age.

"My..." Penelope started to choke on her own words, a knot forming in her throat. "My... my boyfriend..." She couldn't stop the tears from flowing, as drained as her tear ducts already were. "My boyfriend... he... he..."

Penelope bit the side of her thumb, wanting to make everything go away, wanting to wake up and find out that this horrible nightmare was just a dream all along. "He's..." Penelope paused briefly to hold in her sobs. She needed to be coherent. "He's dead."

She slowly slid down the padded wall back down onto the floor, remaining in fetal position. Neither of them said anything for a moment. The tension and awkwardness in the air was almost palpable, it choked her under its weight.

There was nothing really more for her to say. Nothing to think about, nothing to do. Just this empty, unceasing moment that she was trapped in.

One last thing that she could say popped into her head. Breaking the silence, she spoke again, "My name's Penelope, by the way..."

TFW you will never find out what's in the basement
Isabel almost couldn't believe what had just happened.

The boy had managed to slash his own throat with his sickle. With a hole in his stomach and two broken legs.

Isabel let out a rage filled scream as the blood started gushing out of the boy's throat. He was trying to deny her the kill, give the terrorists a chance to make his death out as a suicide in order to mess with her. Deny her the glory and the chance to be even more formidable than she already was to the rest of the student population.

Too bad for him that it takes some time to die from slashing your throat. Isabel knew that from experience.

Still, she wasn't about to let this act of defiance pass without action being taken.

"You... you!" Isabel spat out as she lifted the axe end of the halberd up above her head. "You're not taking this away from me!"

The halberd slammed down with a sickening crack, embedding itself in the boy's head.

V6 Fifth Rolls
Just as a reminder, only about four more days to get deaths done. Hop to it!

TFW you will never find out what's in the basement
Isabel chuckled noiselessly at the boy's continued defiance.

It was cute, almost. He thought that he could make her mad, make her do anything other than savor this kill with meer words alone. The only things that would make her kill him fast were someone else showing up, or him actually trying to attack her. Given the second possibility wasn't a concern...

"Well, I guess since you wouldn't pick for yourself, I'll just have to pick for you." Isabel waved the pointed end of the halberd in the air just out of the boy's reach, tauntingly changing angles and positions based on the various organs that she could puncture. "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe..."

The halberd's wicked spear aimed itself at the boy's stomach. "...catch a tiger by his toe..."

The cruel javelin pointed itself at the boy's left lung. "...if he hollers let him go..."

The vicious pike itched to embed itself in the boy's heart. "...my mother told me to pick the very best one..."

"And... you.... are..... it......"

With all the force that Isabel's arm could manage, she forced the halberd down into the boy's pancreas. The hard resistance of the boy's body, his screams of pain, the brutal spectacle, the metallic stench of blood welling up in her nostrils... all combined together gave Isabel a taste of true power. It was all she needed, this feeling of control, this rush from the kill, this symphony of agony. It was all she wanted.

Isabel twisted the halberd in the boy's body, viscera oozing from the wound. Isabel laughed, unable to contain the energy channeled through her.

"Anything funny to say now?" She said, her voice oozing malice, and a wicked grin plastered on her face. "Because it doesn't matter, all that matters is that you don't die yet. We've got more fun ahead of us after all..."

Haunted Reality
Penelope was stirred out of her thoughts by the door to her cell opening.

She stole a glance at the face of the boy who opened it before he spoke. He looked young, barely taller than her. Stood up very straight, dressed generically. Probably one of the nicer sporty types from the senior class. She knew pretty much everyone in her year, and she knew how the various cliques presented themselves. He obviously wasn't a threat, given his concern for her well being.

Penelope slowly hoisted herself up off the floor, before returning to the fetal position with her arms wrapped around her knees, back against the wall. She answered simply. "No."

Silence echoed through the corridors of the solitary confinement ward as the two of them parsed what to say. Penelope reached down into her bag and pulled out the small makeup mirror she had brought with her on the trip, left behind by the terrorists. The extra light coming in from the open door let her easily see herself in it. Her mascara was entirely ruined at this point from all the crying she had done, marking her face with wide tear stains running all the way down her cheeks. A fitting look, given her current mood and desires.

Penelope halfheartedly dropped the mirror back into her bag before looking back up at the boy that was standing in the doorway. "So..."

"Are you here to kill me?" She asked. "Or are you about to tell me you killed someone? Or intend to? Or..." She stopped, catching herself from going on.

She didn't know this boy, and the fact that he hadn't attacked her when she was vulnerable was at least a sign that even if he had killed someone he's probably not intent on doing it again.

"I'm... sorry. I've gone through a lot just in the last two days." Her voice wavered. If she had the ability to cry any more than she already had, she would be crying right now too.

"I-If you don't mind me asking... what's... what's your name?"

V6 Fifth Rolls
Guess what time it is?

It's roll time!

This time we did four, and the rolled folks are as follows:

#1. Min-Jae Parker (backslash) - Henry Spencer (Espi, Hero card used)
#2. Nate Turner (Slam) - Steve Dobson (Rattlesnake, Hero card used)
#3. Jasper Bustamante (leAloha)
#4. Cass Prince (dmboogie) - Wayne Cox (Iceblock, Hero card used)

As always, three days for cards...

Posted Image

...and a further seven for deaths.

Posted Image

Please remember that, while you may get extensions beyond this deadline, failure to meet it may get you disqualified from BKA/BDA, as that will occur shortly after deadline.

Also, remember all the rules regarding death PMs, as well as to not gloat about not getting rolled.