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Turtle Draws Things
Oh hey that's five. Will have everyone's characters done soon enough (hopefully not two weeks this time but no guarantees).

Turtle Draws Things

Unpy's RJ

Pippin's Amy

Sansa's Bella

Doc's Garrett

DM's Alice

Ignore that everyone but Alice is doing the same pose. >~>

Reopening the queue to accept another five characters and stuffs, handlers that have already applied can do so again if they so please.

Every Success Involves Insanity
((Minor GM'ing of RJ approved))

Maddie finished up the rest of her power bar as RJ searched through his bag for something. She still hated the taste of them, but the hunger and malnutrition from being on this island made her not care about taste so much as simply eating. She sat there for a moment before hearing someone loudly exclaim obscenities from outside. She turned her head to the source of the noise as RJ looked outside. Check on that. Should they? She wasn't sure, whoever that was probably wasn't very even tempered given the random shouting. She pulled out her gun-knife. It still had some of Nina's blood on it, having dried on the blade since the incident.

She stood up from her sitting position. "I suppose we can check on it, but if that person's dangerous then I'm not taking any chances. If you have a weapon you should bring it too." She looked at the gun-knife in her hands. Did she want to be a murderer for a second time? No, she didn't. She was hoping the thought of confronting two known killers with weapons would potentially scare off whoever that was. But if it didn't she wasn't afraid to defend herself. As much as she felt like she needed retribution for killing Nina, she still wanted to survive, at least somewhat. She walked over to the door of the restaurant and opened it up as RJ hoisted his bag over his shoulders. "Let's go, I suppose."

As she stepped outside she had a thought that made her wince, a thought that she really shouldn't be thinking. Maybe the second time will be easier.

Prepare to be Boarded
Sara heard Sean stutter as she sat there. He was just as shocked as she was, no doubt about it. He said it was a hazard of the sea. They weren't at sea right now. He said he hoped that she doesn't blame him for it. Did she? She wasn't sure. Sean's voice suggested it was an accident, like he didn't mean anything, but she couldn't shake the feeling that this was the start of something she didn't want to be a part of. And no time? They had plenty of time. Every day on this island felt like weeks.

Sara stood up slowly. She couldn't show her weakness, her apprehension now. If this really was the start of something dark for Sean, she needed to show strength and loyalty. She needed him to think that she was a strong asset to him, rather than a weak liability. She spoke softly and stuttered a bit, unable to hide the fact that she was still shaken from Aria's death, despite her best attempts. "I-I don't blame you for it. D-Do you think we should go back to the freighter, captain?"

Aria was perhaps right when he said that the tower they were in was a better place to stay, but the freighter was significantly more imposing than the tower, and there were more places to hide inside of the broken hull of the ship than in the tower. She looked over at Aria's bag, full of supplies that they could make use of. "A-And what do you think we should do with Aria's things? A-As much as I hate saying it, it would be a waste to leave all of those supplies behind."

Every Success Involves Insanity
Maddie looked up after getting through half of her power bar. RJ looked like he was taking something hard too. Perhaps a friend of his was on the announcements. Perhaps it was the fact that he killed someone. She didn't know, and she didn't need to know. She sat up a bit and went over to her companion. She didn't know exactly what she could do to console him, she wasn't ever the greatest at helping people with their problems. She decided to give it a shot regardless.

She sat down next to him on the bench while RJ had his face pressed into his arms. "The island taking a toll on you too?" She hesitated. "I can't say I'm in a good mental state after all I have been through already." She looked down at RJ. "I was alone for most of my stay on the island so far, going it alone takes a lot of strength. Not sure if it has been the same for you." She looked down. "Needless to say it was... unpleasant. Having no one there to share in your hardships makes everything so much more difficult..." She hesitated again. "What I guess I'm trying to say is, I don't know why you're feeling bad now, but you're not alone, even if it feels like you are. I'm here, and while you may not be fully comfortable with my presence given the knowledge that I murdered someone, I'm still someone."

After a pause she stood up from the table and bench. "Food for thought, I suppose."

Maddie sat back down on the floor and began munching on her power bar again. She hoped that she managed to make him feel somewhat better, it was the least she could do. Her thoughts wandered to that of Nina yet again.

The least she could do...

Prepare to be Boarded
Sara screamed.

Sean had just stabbed Aria.

There had been a push, and just as Sara stood up to break up the potential conflict, there was a push back. And that push had haphazardly skewered Aria.

She moved to try and help Aria but it was too late. Just as she got to him he was on the ground and muttering something before he stopped moving. She sat crouched over Aria's body for several moments with Sean nearby. Aria was dead, just like that. Certainly it was an accident. Right?

Sara couldn't move, it was almost like she was rooted to the spot. Aria was here and gone in what seemed like a blink of an eye. "What... just... happened?" She said, meekly, to no one in particular. Sara had to put all of her effort into not panicking. Someone just died in front of her, and there was nothing she could do about it.

It was an accident. She told herself, to keep from panicking. It was an accident, and they all needed to just calm down and figure out what just happened. Aria's death was just an accident and they should mourn his loss. But she couldn't bring herself to do anything, she just kept sitting there.

She kept sitting there, for what seemed like an eternity.

Every Success Involves Insanity
((Madeline Wilcox continued from Nowhere to Go))

Maddie was fast asleep.

She and RJ had decided to settle in a Chinese style restaurant after wandering around for a few hours. She remembered that this place, the abandoned harbor, was the place that she had originally betrayed Nina, but she let herself forget that, at least for a bit. She heard RJ's voice, something faint. She heard the speakers activate and something being said, also faint. Then she heard her collar beep. She awoke with a start, panicking for several moments, thinking she had slept through the announcements and that the area they were in was a danger zone. Then she heard the man who was speaking elaborate. It was a joke. Some sort of sick joke.

She relaxed and slumped against the wall. She looked up at RJ. "Thanks for waking me up." She said, quietly. She sat, opening up her bag and getting out one of the power bars she had. She chewed on the bar as she listened to the announcements. She stopped chewing when she heard the name of someone she really recognized. Yaz was dead.

She didn't know how to react. Someone she was close friends with had died. She was dazed. She barely noticed when she heard both RJ's name and her own on the announcements. She brought her knees up to her chest. Not only did she feel scared and more hopeless and alone than ever, but she also felt like she didn't feel enough. Maybe it was the fact that she found a girl's mangled corpse. Maybe it was because she witnessed a murder. Maybe it was the day in and day out of finding out how more and more people have died. Maybe it was because she murdered someone herself.

Whatever the reason, one of her good friends had died, and she barely felt anything besides fear and loneliness.

She buried her face into her arms as they sat on top of her knees and cried. Not for the death of her friend, but instead because the island had already taken such a toll on her.

She knew that RJ was still there, likely not sure as to why she was suddenly in such a state. It didn't matter to her, and it didn't matter how many times she had cried already, she needed to cry. Her friends were all going to die. She was going to die. Maybe she deserved it now, but a part of her still didn't actually want to die.

She sat there crying for an indeterminate amount of time. It could have just been a few minutes, or an hour. She didn't know and didn't care. Once she finally stopped though, she resumed quietly eating her power bar, her legs still drawn to her chest, without saying a word.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Aw well. :P

I thought such a bizarre claim would work out, but evidently not.

Good luck with the rest of the game everyone.~

Turtle Draws Things
...and I somehow have a full queue.

You guys warm my heart. ;~;

Will have everyone's characters soon.~

Turtle Draws Things
So I got a really good scanner the other day and I can actually share the stuff that I draw now. Even though my drawing isn't that good...

So uh... I can draw people's V5 characters. If you want...

To give people an idea of how I draw:

thar be a tortle

I drew myself in my usual frumpy clothes

So yeah that's a thing. If anyone wants me to draw their characters go ahead and post and stuff. I'll take five people at a time if anyone's actually interested.

oh god so nervous

1. Mephistopheles's Aurora Abdallah
2. Espi's Gwen O'Connor
3. DocBalance's Gabriel Munez
4. SansaSaver's Marcus Redder
5. NotAFlyingToy's Hansel Willaims

Ignore that it took me forever to remember to edit the queue.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Grim Wolf
Dec 11 2013, 06:05 PM
Acting as a flavor cop wouldn't necessarily prove you were a Survivor, though, just like Rugga's roleblocking wouldn't necessarily prove town. It's just an ability.
I know!

If you guys want, I still have one shot of flavor cop and I can use it on a yet un-revealed person to prove that bit of my role, at least.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Okay, back from school. Elaboration time.

...this seems really incongruent. A survivor's role is to, well, survive. And if you ever revealed these results, like you just have, you'd become an instant mafia target, since you kind of break the whole safe-claim thing that appeared to be confirmed with Flare. I could see a survivor being put in the game. I could see a flavor cop being put in the game. I can't see them being put on the same person. This is just...bizarre.

It's bizarre, yeah. I found it rather odd, and honestly I don't have an explanation for it beyond that it fits Willy in flavor (More on that in a moment). I think the intention was for me to find out information using my power and then use that information to my own benefit, and only reveal it if I had to. As for the point that if I revealed these results I'd be an instant mafia target, yeah, I considered that already. The original plan was to try to keep the info to myself for as long I could and then reveal it when it looked like the coast was clear (which is what I meant by the "I reveal that to town" bit), but my hand was forced by the fact that Toben watched Deamon.

Willy seems like a good safe-claim if you want to go with flavor cop, but I don't see why he'd be labeled a survivor based on pure flavor. This and your earlier evasiveness, as well as your beyond minimal commitment when you do stop lurking, leads me to believe your claim is false. Survivor's really shouldn't jump on anyone like you did me. It draws waaaaaaay too much attention.

You missed something then.

"I treat you vamps good. I don't hassle you. You don't hassle me. We all enjoy the patronage of this establishment. Everybody's happy."

As far as I can tell he's very neutral in flavor. As for how I jumped on you, I came into the game with the mindset that I should play the game like a townie that needs to survive, and I've been trying (and failing) to keep my activity up, so I'm sorta acting how I did in PR Mafia (in which I jumped on people all the time trying to make the ~big plays~). You might remember that I was in a lovers duo with Rocky in that game, so surviving was pertinent for me in that game too (or so I thought for pretty much all of it because I didn't know we were actually masons and not actual lovers). Honestly most of my actions stem from me trying too hard to seem like a townie and survive, and everything I've done so far has blown up in my face. In hindsight I should have not used one of my shots on Deamon and kept as quiet as possible, but hindsight's a bitch.

If you guys want, I still have one shot of flavor cop and I can use it on a yet un-revealed person to prove that bit of my role, at least. Otherwise I don't really know what to say.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Okay I finished up what I was doing. I'm a bit tired so apologies if this lacks coherency on occasion.

You guys were correct in the assumption that I am not town, because, well, I'm not. I'm third party.

I am Willy the Snitch: Survivor with the caveat that I get two shots of flavor cop, which I found sorta odd originally since the mafiascum wiki said that survivors normally don't receive anything to help them survive, but from what I've read on the Buffy wiki Willy is apparently somebody people go to for information with decent frequency (not complaining though >_> being a survivor is hard). I used my first shot on Deamon last night in an effort to verify if he was actually Kendra and not someone else who could potentially be the SK/a mafia member (because if he was lying and I found that out, I reveal that to town and then there's one less person to murderize me, yes?). Just to share the result: Deamon is indeed Kendra.

I'm too tired to elaborate further, but if there's anything anyone wants to ask me I can answer those questions once I get home from school.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
I figured this would happen when Toben revealed he watched Deamon. :'(

I will have a claim up in a bit, I need to finish up the work I need to do for today for school (and after today I should be done, hopefully).

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Dec 10 2013, 06:40 AM
Let's get this show on the road.


Let's hear some explanation.
On what? This post couldn't be any vaguer than BRO's LYNCH IT WITH FIRE post.

I'd like to hear from Turtle and Goose, and to hear more from bik and Decoy.

Can do Toben. :)

If you guys want my opinion on the proceedings, I think that AMF is our best bet for scum, because unless Deamon was roleblocked there's really no explanation for how he survived the night kill (there's no way NAFT protected him, quite honestly). As for the suspicion regarding myself, I'm not really sure how people are getting on about that beyond that I used poor logic (and if that's the case why don't we look at the OTHER people who have used poor logic this very phase too...).

Anyway, that's all I can really post at the moment because IB is mean and doesn't like letting the people who are enrolled in it have lives for the last two weeks of a semester.

Dec 5 2013, 04:58 PM
Dec 5 2013, 04:49 PM
Dec 5 2013, 04:14 PM
Turtle: Kha Zix

Turtle: Posted Image
That instinctively made me go "DAMMIT TURTLE"

Turtle: Kha Zix


Turtle: Amumu

I swear there's some kind of personality correlation to be found in those.



Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Dec 2 2013, 08:24 PM

O_O Fire hurts. :'(

You're not feeling a wagon on BROseidon as much as a cleared name?

What are you feeling, if neither of these two lynches are warming your gandry? Of the available targets to lynch, who is your preference at this point? This feels like a hedge post.

Perhaps I didn't explain quite enough. The main reason I was so sure of BRO being scum earlier was that he claimed miller and then I thought Deamon counterclaimed him (but was in fact sarcasm on his part, which is something I have trouble getting quite often). Without that I am not one hundred percent sure on the lynch. However when I said "I'm not feeling it quite as much" I meant I went from "damn sure he's scum" to "moderately sure but there is room for doubt." Given a few things though I can completely see how a BRO lynch would be entirely reasonable:

1. He claimed miller all of a sudden after a ton of heat was thrown his way, miller claims are often best claimed on day one and, as Toben said, BRO set the precedent for doing that.

2. After the reveal by Toben at the start of the dayphase, the way BRO has been acting has been quite different from the way he normally acts, seemingly like he's panicking in a desperate attempt not to get lynched. All of his posts come off as subterfuge in an attempt to derail the phase, even if they appear helpful on the surface.

3. Town can afford a mislynch in the event that BRO doesn't flip scum. However, given what we already know and have presented as evidence, I find that unlikely.

ANYWAY besides the BRO train, I wanted to address Grim's suspicions of AMF. I'm in full agreement. I decided to look at his post count out of curiosity, and he actually has a higher post count than many others in the low activity bunch (including myself >.>) but his posts tend to be completely lacking in any sort of actual content. Feels like smokescreening in order to hide his actual lack of activity.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread

Forgot to do that earlier, as far as I'm concerned Doc has cleared his name, but I still want to keep my eye on him.

As for the BRO wagon, without what I thought was a counterclaim by Deamon (which I took the wrong way) I'm not feeling it quite as much. I find it entirely possible that being miller could block a mason recruit, because being confirm town would defeat the point of being miller.

However, I still agree with what Toben says here:

We are not at a point where we lose by mislynching. BRO has claimed miller to avoid suspicion. He's pinged town. He's fed excuses/options in contrast to all prior play (in fact, he has completely abandoned his usual style). If he's town, that sucks, but at this point I see only one way to be sure.

And this...

That could be the case, honestly. At this point, though, the evidence stacks up to suggest that's not the case. The miller claim doesn't make sense in light of that, and honestly doesn't make sense given that you popularized Day One miller claims on SOTF. More than that, losing a miller sucks, but a lot less than the worst case scenario if you're scum and we ignore it. I'd be treading more carefully if we were a mislynch-and-lose, but I don't see any way the math stacks up to put us there.

Ultimately, it comes down to the flip. We can afford a mislynch if it turns out badly.

So in light of everything that's happened VOTE: BROseidon.