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Madeline Wilcox
Oh wow. After a month and a half this finally got a reply (didn't see that coming). Yeah, I was a bit afraid people would assume that the gender confusion and being bullied would be all she was based on, which was (and is) decidedly not the case. Anyway, thank you for taking your time to read and give me a critique, I will take your advice into account :)

Night of Gloom
Maddie sat in her lit bedroom, sitting at her desk and glumly staring out her window to the streets below.

Prom night. She thought.

She shut her jade curtains and swiveled her chair around to glance around the room.

They say it is a night of magic, a night of love. She thought. It isn't one for me.

She looked at the computer monitor sitting on her desk, the dark surface reflecting her solemn face. Maddie had no-one to go with to prom in the first place.

I can't really date anyone anyway. Boys or girls. She sadly thought to herself. That would require coming out to them.

Perhaps they would take it well. Perhaps they would dump her instantly. She didn't really know, she was too shy to ask anyone out or accept anyone's dating proposals, and far, far too afraid to come out to them afterwards.

"Dating is hard. It is hard and no-one understands." She whispered to herself.

She got up from her chair and went over to her closet. She slid the door open and glanced at her assortment of clothes. She didn't have anything to wear either. No dresses, dad still won't let me get anything he thinks is "too girly." She thought with apprehension. Get over yourself dad.

She slid her closet door closed. She walked over and flopped down on her bed. This night only served to remind her how, despite her wanting to be in a relationship with someone, she was too shy and too afraid to get into one.

She needed to get her mind off of things. She rolled over and looked over at her computer. I guess I could play some TF2. She thought.

She got out of her bed and pressed the button to turn her computer on. She opened her steam games library and loaded up Team Fortress 2. The title screen appeared and she quickly joined one of her favorite servers.


The domination tune played as she dominated another player.


She smiled.


She guessed this night might not have to be so bad after all.

V5 is looking to be small...
(Fun facts you learn about V3: Everyone had a bajillion characters :P)

Joking aside, I do agree that a smaller game would be better for the site's overall health. I just found it surprising that it is probably going to be smaller than V3, as I was expecting ever since the V5 final apps opening that it was going to be "bigger than V3 but smaller than V4."

V5 is looking to be small...
This has been bugging me for a little while.

I began to notice that, despite V5 looming just over the next hill, not too many characters have been approved or are even in the queue. I decided to do a little math, and I added up all the characters in The Living sub-forum, the Approved Characters, and the actual queue itself.

The Living: 28 characters

Approved Characters: 26 characters

Queue: 37 characters (as of date posted)

28 + 26 + 37 = 91

V1 had 123 students, V2 had 118 students, V3 had 200 students, and V4 had 276 students (not sure if those numbers are correct, I counted them from the rosters).

Now I understand that the third set of applications has not been opened yet, but from these numbers, it is looking like V5 is going to be smaller than V3 at least. Is anyone else getting this sort of feeling? Because to me it looks like it is going to be that way. Not sure what one would get out this, I just kinda wanted to point this out.

The Face Maker Thingy-Bobber
That is perfect Laur! You are very awesome for doing this for me. I am going to put it in my sig with all credits going to you :3 Thanks so much!

The Face Maker Thingy-Bobber
Laurels, did I mention how awesome you are :3

I hate being so picky when you are being so nice (I hope this isn't a bother to you) but there is one last thing. I like the face shape that Kimberly Nguyen has here a bit more than that one. That should be my final nit-pick though. Thank you again for being so amazing Laur :D

The Face Maker Thingy-Bobber
Oh wow that was fast. Laurels you are amazing! The face looks awesome except for one thing. The eyes + open mouth looks a bit weird to me (I thought it looked nice in the DA one because the eyes were looking towards the camera, sorta like a "Hey I am happy to see you!" sorta thing), since it looks like there aren't any eyes that look towards the camera from what I see of the faces on the wiki, perhaps you can just change the mouth to a slight smile (the one that Kaitlin Anderheim has here on the wiki would work quite nicely).

But thanks again for being so awesome!

Seems some people Ninja'd in some links while I was posting, I will check them out, thanks guys!

The Face Maker Thingy-Bobber
Heeeeeeeeey everyone! I have had a bit of trouble finding the face maker that the wiki (and various handlers like Laurels) use. Despite my searching on this site, Google, and even the wiki itself, I can't seem to find a link to that specific face-maker. The only one I did find was the similar but inferior copy that is on Deviant Art (which I did use, the results of which are in my signature). It would be of great assistance if someone could point me in the right direction (aka, a link would be nice) because I would love to put a face of my character on the wiki, but I don't want to use the inferior quality of the DA face-maker.