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TFW you will never find out what's in the basement

Isabel lightly waved her sword around in the air while innocently tapping her bottom lip.

Those were an interesting choice of words from someone staring death in the face. Isabel was expecting more begging and grovelling. Still, at least it gave her an opportunity for her own witty comeback. "I guess you could say I am here to help..."

Isabel directed the sword towards the boy's face, the point just out of his reach. "...myself."

Isabel lowered the sword slightly. Nobody else was in sight, there was no reason she couldn't savor the moment as much as possible. She spoke up, her tone condescending and devious. "Can't move an inch? Well, that makes this situation a whole lot more interesting."

Isabel was more than aware that she was acting like a villain that one would see in a cheesy action movie, but that was intentional. It would make her stand out from the growing crowd of killers, give her a chance to rise above the pack. And more importantly, it would mean all the more fear she could squeeze out of her latest victim.

Isabel loomed over the boy, her figure menacing in the light of the morning sun. She chuckled, unable to contain her growing excitement. "You wanna know something?" Isabel set her sword on the ground outside of the boy's reach before fumbling around for the halberd as she spoke. "Your life... doesn't mean anything. Your life doesn't matter. The most important moment of your life is this one right here." Isabel slowly drew her halberd out from behind her back. "And the only reason this moment is important? Because you get the honor of having your life ended by me."

Isabel got into position next to the boy's broken legs, halberd at the ready. "So, where do you want me to start? Or actually, let me rephrase that... which organ is your least favorite? Don't worry, I know where they all are, I had to do a lot of studying for anatomy class to get those good grades that I got."

She smiled.

"I won't miss."

Haunted Reality
((Penelope Fitzgerald continued from Desolate Dreams))

Penelope curled her knees up to her chest and clutched them tight.

The lighting had changed in the hallways of solitary confinement. A few hours had passed. She had presumably passed out from hyperventilating and stayed asleep, only to turn the wrong way and begin suffocating on her bag.

Her knees shook as she clung tighter to them. She wished the dream she'd had was real. Nothing could make this better. She had already lost friends, and now she had lost the person that mattered to her more than anyone. Any words that anyone could say would fall on deaf ears. She just wanted to be dead. She felt completely empty, and nothing would possibly fill the void that had just opened up inside her.

The only way this could be made okay is if she did what she saw in her dream. All she had to do was get up and walk to the bridge, no need to bother with stealth. If she got killed on the way there then it would be the same ends for her. She just wanted to stop being able to think. Being able to think was what allowed her to suffer in the first place. She would would be better off never being able to think or feel anything again. All she had to do was get up.

She didn't move.

Desolate Dreams
((Penelope Fitzgerald continued from Quickdraw))

Penelope sat inside one of the cells in the solitary confinement wards, the dusty and dimly lit halls only shown to her through a crack in the door left mostly closed.

The light peering into the cell told Penelope all she needed to know, the sun had risen. The announcements were soon.

Penelope hadn't bothered to seek any more people out after her encounter with Astrid, instead she had elected to sneak through the deserted halls of the asylum until she found a place she could hide to gather her thoughts. She had decided not to leave.

After all, Astid had been Penelope's friend. And her friend had tried to murder her.

A blistering ringing played on repeat in Penelope's ears. If one of her own friends was so broken and so easily convinced to kill by the situation they were put in, what did that say about everyone else? How could she seriously expect to gather allies that would agree with her plan to have everyone die in protest of the game? The only person she was sure she could convince was Sam. He loved her and knew her better than anyone else. He would understand.

And maybe, with extra help, Penelope could gather a large enough group that her plan would become feasible. A group united against the very ideas of killing others solely for their own survival and accepting their fate as victims of a terrorist attack.

Penelope jumped as the announcements blared over the PA system, nearly knocking her bag out of her lap. More deaths, and more killers that needed to come to their senses and repent. She hoped more than anything that Astrid hadn't become one of them after she left. She listened, gulping and suppressing the urge to start crying with every name that rolled off of Danya's tongue. Even if she didn't know these kids that died, they were like her, with their own friends and family that would miss them and their own hopes and dreams and little quirks and flaws that have been wiped from the world because of the decision of a terrorist group that nobody even truly understood the motivations of. Penelope bit into one of the calorie bars she had been provided, hands shaking. Some of the killers were names she had already heard before, she wondered if it were even possible to get them to cha-



Penelope eyes widened as she let her calorie bar drop into her bag, her hand tremors becoming too violent to be contained.

Sam was dead.

Sam was dead.

Penelope brought her hands up to ears, drowning out the rest of what the announcer was saying. This wasn't real. This couldn't be real. Sam was gone.

Sam was gone.

An ethereal ticking noise seemed to echo through the chamber Penelope was trapped in, drowning out the ringing in her ears. Her boyfriend was dead. The light of her life had been extinguished and been replaced with an unceasing, unflinching darkness that would not go away.

Penelope soon found herself putting all of her weight on her right side, only to come toppling to the ground, supplies scattering themselves across the floor. They had spent so many nights together, cuddling, talking, enjoying themselves. She thought they were going to be together forever. When Penelope was with Sam, she felt like she couldn't be stopped. That there was no way that anything could faze her. She could go through anything so long as Sam was there, if not physically then at least in spirit.

Sam was no longer here.

If there was any hope that she had left that she could make her classmates do the right thing, it had died along with Sam. There was no way she could change the minds of people who would willingly kill someone as harmless and sweet as Sam and not even feel a modicum of regret about it afterwards.

It didn't take long for the tears to start flowing, an ugly wail escaping Penelope's lips and echoing down the forgotten and blood soaked halls of the asylum. The island had never felt more desolate. There was nothing left. Nothing left for someone as pathetic and hopelessly outclassed as Penelope was. There was no way she could get everyone together with her and agree to a peaceful protest. There was no way she had any chance of surviving the events that had yet to take place. There was no way she would even want to survive them. She didn't want everyone else to die just for her sake. She would never be able to live like that. A shell of a life wasn't worth living, especially without the light that had illuminated the darkness for her.

She closed her eyes. She didn't want to be here anymore, she didn't want to be alive anymore. The hurting had just started, but she already just wanted it to end.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

Penelope clutched her bag in front of her, hugging it tight in a vain attempt to feel like Sam was next to her again. She needed to go, she needed to be somewhere else.

She knew what she had to do.

Penelope sat on the edge of the connecting bridge, her legs hanging off the side. There was no point in continuing.

Penelope looked down at the water below her, before glancing back at the bridge, her bag containing all the stuff she had been given sitting in the middle of the road. She hoped someone else got some use out of them. She didn't need them anymore. Nobody needed her anymore. She just needed to die so someone else could live.

Penelope scooted closer to the bridge's edge, her skirt slightly caught on a rusty bolt before she yanked it loose. The sky was the deepest blue she had ever seen in her life, the water below looking unnaturally inviting.


Her instincts screamed at her to back away from the edge, to seek another option, but there was nothing left for her. She would not violate her principles. She would not kill. She would not stoop to the same level as Astrid. She would die here, and it was time for her to take her own way out.


She just wanted the pain to stop.


Make the pain stop.


Penelope inched closer to the edge, the wind blowing her hair gently against her face. It was now or never.



She closed her eyes. It would be easier if she didn't look. She just needed to lean forward and let go.

Lean forward.


And let go.

The air rushed past her as her body left the bridge.





Penelope gasped for air as she jolted awake, the ringing in her ears returning as the smells of the sea faded from her mind, only to be replaced with the metallic and musty scents of the solitary confinement wards.

((Penelope Fitzgerald continued in Haunted Reality))

Penelope let out a small shriek and flinched backwards as Astrid pulled the trigger, only to look like a complete fool when all that came out of the gun was a small white flag.

Penelope shook from the adrenaline running through her veins. Astrid thought the gun was real too, as one could easily tell from that little show she made and the dumb look on her face when the flag popped out. Penelope couldn't believe that her friend had honest to god tried to murder her. She legitimately thought that Astrid was better than that, that she was just making a mistake out of fear. This was well beyond fear.

"You... you..." Penelope stumbled over her words. The shock from the fact that her friend legitimately tried to murder her made it difficult to speak. "You... tried... you tried to kill me. You legitimately... legitimately tried to kill a friend. Tried to kill someone that... was not even... not even a threat to you."

Handling this kind of information was not something Penelope thought she'd ever have to do. Astrid was obviously bothered by what she was thinking about doing, but still so unrepentant in her goal of surviving that she would do anything to complete it. "Was... was everything you said a lie?" Penelope's face contorted to show nothing but a horrifying sense of betrayal. "Don't... don't try to pretend like you knew the gun was fake. Your face... your face gave it away." Penelope shook not only from her nerves but a sense of disgust so strong that she could barely contain it. "You said you would only kill another killer or in self defense but... you just tried to kill me. I'm not a killer. I'm not a threat. You can't... you can't justify that Astrid. No matter how much you want to survive. Killing an innocent person for your own survival is sickening. Think of their family. Think of their friends. What makes you so much better than them? When they've done nothing wrong except exist in the general vicinity you happen to occupy?"

Penelope gulped, trying to weaken the grip of the knot in her throat. She still couldn't believe that had that gun been real, she would probably be dead by now, and Astrid probably wouldn't have felt a thing. "It's... it's obvious to me that... that you're beyond help. There's nothing I can say to change your mind... and yet I feel the need to try anyway. Because you're my friend... or, maybe, were my friend. Whatever we had before... we don't have now. Not after that."

Penelope brought her hand up to her face to calm herself, her words slightly muffled by her hand. "If you still think you're a good person after attempting murder... I really don't know what to say. I guess... I guess I'll just say this: It's not too late for you. Not yet at least, you're more lucky than I am that your gun was fake. There's still time for you to see the error of your ways."

"I hope you find Jesus or... something." Penelope gently bit her hand before releasing it. "Because if you don't... you won't survive out there. Not against the real monsters. You'll face down people that have killed a dozen others and you'll be nothing but another victim to them."

"If you change your mind, if you finally understand what I've been trying to tell you this whole time... come find me. I've got a plan that I think will show the terrorists that they can't just do this and expect it to work. And if you don't change your mind... you'll probably look like a huge idiot."

Penelope leaned down and picked up her flashlight, before shining it around the room again to get her bearings on how to leave. Then, she left, only briefly turning back to Astrid for a moment, to tell her one last thing:

"May you find peace, Astrid, whatever path you choose."

((Penelope Fitzgerald continued in Desolate Dreams))

"Tsk. And you say I'm the dumb one."

After Astrid's sudden display of aggression, Penelope's tear ducts had run dry and her distraught mood had been replaced by one of pure contempt. Astrid was just trying to use any means she could to justify the decision she made a long time ago solely out of fear. No matter how little logical sense it made.

"You think I haven't already done things with my life, and you think I don't want to be back home myself?" Penelope grabbed her hair with her left hand to keep herself calm. "I already have over 1200 followers on Tumblr because of how many people like the art I draw and the games I make, I've already done a lot in these sixteen short years I've been on Earth." Penelope looked down at the gun clutched in Astrid's hand, contemplating. "...And I'd like nothing more to be back home right now, drawing, coding, messaging friends, cuddling with Sam... but I'm not, and I know that being able to go back to any of that is nothing but a fantasy. It will never be the same, no matter how hard I would try to make it go back to the way it was."

Penelope shook her head, the flashlight barely illuminating her movements. "I'm not going to compromise my morals for a chance of having a shell of a life." Penelope turned her back to Astrid briefly, throwing her arms up in a pseudo shrug. "But I guess you really have no morals to speak of, huh?" She turned back towards Astrid and clutched her hair again, her tone growing somber. "You have to face reality that a good person doesn't hurt other people for their own gain, a good person doesn't negotiate the deaths of a hundred other people just to save their own skin. No matter how afraid they are."

Penelope closed her eyes for a moment, considering what she was going to do, what she was going to say. This was now or never. "But if you don't care about being a good person? If you don't care about the other people you'll hurt just because you're afraid and you want to show the world that it can't stop you? Then fine, go ahead, kill everyone you want. But... I don't think you have the guts. I know Astrid Tate, and Astrid Tate deep down doesn't want to do this. And if I'm wrong? If you really do want to do this?"

Penelope leaned forward and grabbed the barrel of Astrid's gun, trigger still clutched in her hand, and pointed it at her own stomach. "If you really want to do this, I want my blood directly on your hands." She gulped, mentally steeling herself. It was hard to suppress her instinctual fear, no matter how sure she was that Astrid wasn't going to pull the trigger. There was always that gnawing doubt that she was wrong, that she had made a huge mistake. "If you're going to win, and everyone else is going to die for you, you deserve nothing less than to know that every single death, including mine, is all on you. Not the terrorists. Not the other killers. Just you."

Penelope's breathing was heavy and fast as she attempted to stare stone faced at Astrid. There was no going back now. It was time for Astrid to choose.

"Well, Ms. Winner, you want to win?" Penelope asked, as her voice trembled slightly. "Then do it. Prove to me and yourself once and for all you're really winner material."

"Do. It."

Life Itself
Thursday, March 6th, 2014


[1:14:45 PM] IcyBunny: Penelope! Penelope!
[1:16:31 PM] PixelTurtle: eh wot
[1:16:39 PM] PixelTurtle: you know I'm in class right 3:<
[1:16:58 PM] PixelTurtle: (it's cool, what's up~)
[1:17:11 PM] IcyBunny: Ack! I'm sorry, I was just excited and forgot to wait for you to get home. My girlfriend is here with me! She just got off her plane and I am just... so happy right now.
[1:18:39 PM] PixelTurtle: :O
[1:18:46 PM] PixelTurtle: awesome!!
[1:18:55 PM] PixelTurtle: I'm happy for you :3
[1:19:12 PM] PixelTurtle: a weird coincidence too!
[1:19:19 PM] PixelTurtle: because like...
[1:19:26 PM] PixelTurtle: I actually just managed to snag a relationship last night, myself!
[1:19:54 PM] IcyBunny: Oh my gosh that's great! Especially because of how often you've been talking about how lonely you are, I was worried about you! If you don't mind me asking, what's his name? Also, what's he like?
[1:21:10 PM] PixelTurtle: aw man I didn't want to worry you
[1:21:26 PM] PixelTurtle: and his name is Samuel
[1:21:37 PM] PixelTurtle: buuuuuuuuut I just call him Sam :3
[1:21:49 PM] PixelTurtle: and he's great
[1:21:52 PM] PixelTurtle: just
[1:21:54 PM] PixelTurtle: the best
[1:22:00 PM] PixelTurtle: he's a sweetheart like you wouldn't believe
[1:22:48 PM] IcyBunny: I'm glad, I hope things work out for you!
[1:23:00 PM] IcyBunny: Oh, and also... remember how you told me you wanted a picture of me and my girlfriend together way back in December?
[1:23:09 PM] IcyBunny: Uploaded hey_there_Penelope.jpg
[1:24:44 PM] PixelTurtle: :OOOOOOOOOOOOOO
[1:24:55 PM] PixelTurtle: you guys are so cuuuuute!
[1:25:04 PM] PixelTurtle: even cuter than I imagined :3
[1:25:14 PM] PixelTurtle: man now I wish I was over there in Scotland with you guys
[1:25:22 PM] PixelTurtle: with Sam too!
[1:25:39 PM] PixelTurtle: we could go on a double date or something, it'd be awesome!
[1:26:14 PM] IcyBunny: That would be lovely. Alas, the Atlantic Ocean foils attempts at direct contact once again.
[1:27:17 PM] PixelTurtle: eugh, I know right
[1:27:28 PM] PixelTurtle: also, I think the teacher might be onto me using my phone
[1:27:35 PM] PixelTurtle: gotta go, message you again when I get home!
[1:28:37 PM] IcyBunny: See you later.
[1:28:46 PM] IcyBunny: I'll have more pictures of the two of us when you get back. :)


TFW you will never find out what's in the basement
Isabel smirked as the kid fumbled through the air only to hit the ground below hard. That was that.

Now she just needed to head down and grab his stuff, maybe even keep his bag as an extra supply carrier. Her bag was almost packed full at this point from all the pillaging she had done.

Isabel looked back down at the kid's broken frame, his legs having twisted in awkward directions after they broke from the fall. An image of a job well done... except... was he moving? His head was turning to look around. He was still alive.

"Eugh," Isabel vocalized. The smirk she had on her face from yet another show of power and dominance faded, only to be replaced by an angry glare, teeth clenched in frustration. Now she had to go down there and finish the job too. Such a waste of time, this kid wasn't even worth the effort she'd have to put in to carve up.

Isabel sighed as she turned back towards the staircase. She might as well look on the bright side, she thought to herself, as she readjusted her bag straps. Even if putting the extra effort into this kill was a waste of her time, at least it was more enjoyable this way. Killing someone so quickly with so little fanfare wasn't her style. Drag it out, make it vicious, and maybe, just maybe she might get that best kill award that she wanted. That she deserved. She didn't understand why she hadn't gotten one already. After all, the terrorists wanted to reward people that were playing, right? Nobody else was playing the game as right as she has been. All the rest of them were losers destined to be crushed under her boot. She was the only one that mattered.

The stairs clanged as she walked down them, the rusted metal groaning as she made her way back down. The boy had noticed her at this point, and was fumbling for his sickle that was nearby, just out of his reach. A smile began forming and growing on her lips as she got ever closer to him. When she finally was just a few feet away from him, she cocked her head to the side as he looked at her in panic. The fear reflected in his eyes was probably the best part of all of this.

"Oh... now, what do we have here?"

Life Itself
Wednesday, December 25th, 2013


[8:02:08 AM] PixelTurtle: goooooood morning, Emily
[8:02:13 AM] PixelTurtle: and merry christmas! :D
[8:02:46 AM] IcyBunny: Good morning, sleepyhead. Merry Christmas to you too!
[8:03:00 AM] PixelTurtle: aww come on you know I was exhausted after working on that christmas eve art stream all day
[8:03:07 AM] PixelTurtle: can't a girl fall asleep at 7 PM in peace?
[8:03:21 AM] IcyBunny: Of course~ Just poking fun at how you slept nearly 13 hours.
[8:03:46 AM] PixelTurtle: hey I've been awake for an hour already!
[8:03:52 AM] PixelTurtle: so it was only twelve
[8:03:58 AM] PixelTurtle: nyeh >:p
[8:04:05 AM] IcyBunny: Hehe.
[8:04:25 AM] IcyBunny: Sooooo... have you gotten the chance to open any presents yet?
[8:04:37 AM] PixelTurtle: mhm! my family always gets up early on Christmas day
[8:04:49 AM] PixelTurtle: got a few new video games that I asked for and a 40$ steam card
[8:04:58 AM] PixelTurtle: gonna be rolling in the video games once steam finally decides to finish updating
[8:05:02 AM] PixelTurtle: oh! and my parents got me like
[8:05:08 AM] PixelTurtle: twelve packs of gum
[8:05:14 AM] PixelTurtle: love the stuff, always help me calm my nerves when I can't keep calm all by myself
[8:05:22 AM] PixelTurtle: though I'll probably go through all of these packs in a week or two
[8:05:31 AM] PixelTurtle: it's totes not an addiction, honestly
[8:05:48 AM] IcyBunny: Do I need to get you to go into rehab? :P
[8:05:56 AM] PixelTurtle: you wish!
[8:06:09 AM] PixelTurtle: never gonna give up gum chewing >:3
[8:06:17 AM] PixelTurtle: ...anyway, did you get anything?
[8:06:37 AM] IcyBunny: No, or at least, not anything from my family. My mom only makes enough money for us to barely get by. But! My girlfriend sent me a bunch of nice stuff.
[8:06:48 AM] PixelTurtle: ohh watcha get? :o
[8:06:53 AM] PixelTurtle: also sorry about your living situation :c
[8:07:10 AM] IcyBunny: Ehh, it's okay. Better than living out on the streets. And she sent me some candies from Japan, some prints of various art I commissioned, and a 3DS and a copy of Animal Crossing!
[8:07:21 AM] IcyBunny: She loves the game and she's been wanting to play it with me for a while now. I'm excited to give it a try!
[8:07:32 AM] PixelTurtle: d'aww
[8:07:40 AM] PixelTurtle: that's so sweet!
[8:07:53 AM] PixelTurtle: I bet you guys make a cute couple :3
[8:08:13 AM] IcyBunny: Well, I think we do. I think she thinks we do too! Although it's been a while since we've been able to meet up. She lives in Sweden and I don't, after all.
[8:08:19 AM] PixelTurtle: are you going to meet up anytime soon?
[8:08:25 AM] IcyBunny: Whenever she has some time off of work and enough money for a plane ticket, I assume.
[8:08:35 AM] PixelTurtle: aww man
[8:08:41 AM] PixelTurtle: send me a picture the next time you get together
[8:08:47 AM] PixelTurtle: I want to fawn over how cute you guys definitely are
[8:08:49 AM] PixelTurtle: <3
[8:08:54 AM] IcyBunny: Thanks. <3
[8:09:26 AM] PixelTurtle: so, to change the subject, I was working on my latest game and
[8:09:38 AM] PixelTurtle: fuck my sisters just started fighting in the hallway outside my room :\
[8:09:44 AM] PixelTurtle: why are they always so damn loud?
[8:09:55 AM] PixelTurtle: brb, gonna get them to quit
[8:10:11 AM] IcyBunny: Oh, uh, alright! See you in a bit!


Life Itself
Saturday, October 5th, 2013


[11:23:27 AM] PixelTurtle: ugh god
[11:23:35 AM] *** PixelTurtle flops over ***
[11:23:49 AM] IcyBunny: Something the matter?
[11:24:40 AM] PixelTurtle: yeah
[11:23:49 AM] PixelTurtle: I've got this dumb project I need to work on, for school
[11:23:54 AM] PixelTurtle: I hate it
[11:24:13 AM] IcyBunny: What's it over?
[11:24:49 AM] PixelTurtle: it's a project for health class
[11:24:58 AM] PixelTurtle: I've got to write a multi-page report on why "drugs are bad m'kay?"
[11:25:06 AM] PixelTurtle: and to make it worse it's a group project
[11:25:17 AM] PixelTurtle: like... I love my friends
[11:25:29 AM] PixelTurtle: but their work ethic is garbage
[11:25:49 AM] IcyBunny: Yeesh. So I guess that means you'll be doing all the work yourself?
[11:25:55 AM] PixelTurtle: probably
[11:26:00 AM] PixelTurtle: but it's w/e because I'll probably just forget about it in a week
[11:26:11 AM] PixelTurtle: no use getting overly worried about things
[11:26:16 AM] PixelTurtle: life's too short for that
[11:26:07 AM] IcyBunny: Amen to that, sister.
[11:27:01 AM] PixelTurtle: soooooo... how's your day been?
[11:27:06 AM] IcyBunny: ...
[11:27:12 AM] IcyBunny: Can I confide something in you?
[11:27:53 AM] PixelTurtle: yeah of course
[11:27:58 AM] PixelTurtle: is something wrong? :(
[11:28:29 AM] IcyBunny: So... basically...
[11:29:13 AM] IcyBunny: My mom has a tendency to be very emotionally abusive. I haven't mentioned this before because I really didn't want to burden you with it but... Today she spent an entire hour screaming at me about how I was a waste of space and then when I tried to argue with her she blamed me for my dad's death.
[11:29:26 AM] PixelTurtle: ...oh my god
[11:29:31 AM] PixelTurtle: what the fuck?!
[11:29:40 AM] PixelTurtle: who even... does that to their kid and... your dad died? :(
[11:31:02 AM] IcyBunny: Yeah, it was a few years ago. He had spent a large portion of his life depressed and then he got fired from his job for not being productive enough. And... I think that put him over the edge. He killed himself in the living room. I ended up being the first person to see the scene.
[11:31:46 AM] IcyBunny: The image is still burned into my brain. All the blood. It's so hard to talk about even now. It still hurts like it did the day he died. All the trauma and sadness comes back every single time I think about it.
[11:31:59 AM] IcyBunny: My mom blaming me for his death made all of that so much worse, I just broke down right in front of her. She used that as another reason that I was a waste of space.
[11:32:08 AM] PixelTurtle: holy fuck
[11:32:29 AM] PixelTurtle: I'm not going to sugar coat this, your mom is a horrible person
[11:32:40 AM] PixelTurtle: nobody should ever treat their child like that
[11:32:52 AM] PixelTurtle: like... is it feasible for you to get out of that house with her? move to somewhere else?
[11:33:54 AM] IcyBunny: Not really. Not that I can see, at least. Plus, she has her good qualities, it's okay here most of the time. Also. I wouldn't want to leave my younger sister alone with her. I think at the moment I'm the lightning rod for her anger and frustration. I wouldn't want to wish what she says to me on anyone else, especially someone as vulnerable as my sister.
[11:34:00 AM] PixelTurtle: :(
[11:34:09 AM] PixelTurtle: if I could hug you right now, I would
[11:34:12 AM] *** PixelTurtle hugs ***
[11:34:34 AM] *** IcyBunny hugs ***
[11:34:46 AM] IcyBunny: Dinner is ready, I really need to get down there now, before she yells at me again. Go work on your project, I'm sure it won't be too hard for you to finish.
[11:34:55 AM] PixelTurtle: alright
[11:35:02 AM] PixelTurtle: and, don't worry, I will :P
[11:35:10 AM] PixelTurtle: ...stay safe, okay?
[11:35:26 AM] IcyBunny: I will, Pixel, see you later!
[11:35:31 AM] PixelTurtle: later!
[11:35:39 AM] PixelTurtle: oh, and you can call me Penelope if you want :3
[11:35:44 AM] IcyBunny: Oh! Okay! Can do. :)


Life Itself
Saturday, September 14, 2013


[2:56:50 AM] *** IcyBunny would like to add you on Skype

So I know this is a bit awkward, but hey! ***
[3:09:16 AM] PixelTurtle: uh, hello
[3:09:23 AM] PixelTurtle: who is this if you don't mind me asking?
[3:10:05 AM] IcyBunny: Oh! Um...
[3:10:48 AM] IcyBunny: So basically... I've been following you on Tumblr for I think... three months? And I think you're a really cool person and I really like your art, especially since you're so young! So I saw a post you made eight months ago that included your Skype contact information and I just thought I'd talk to you. If you're uh... okay with that. I really admire you and kinda want to be your friend and... stuff.
[3:11:25 AM] PixelTurtle: oh a follower I see? :3
[3:11:38 AM] PixelTurtle: you'd be surprised at how few people actually contacted me even though I made my skype info public
[3:11:46 AM] PixelTurtle: aka none at all, you're the first!
[3:11:52 AM] PixelTurtle: exciting huh? :D
[3:12:27 AM] IcyBunny: That's... yeah that's really weird. I was expecting you to have gotten bothered by this kind of stuff a lot and just reject my contact request, especially since you have so many followers!
[3:12:39 AM] PixelTurtle: nope!
[3:12:48 AM] PixelTurtle: guess people are just shy
[3:12:51 AM] PixelTurtle: anyway...
[3:13:24 AM] PixelTurtle: I kinda like stroking my own ego sooooooooo
[3:13:33 AM] PixelTurtle: why dontcha tell me what you like about my blog :o
[3:14:30 AM] IcyBunny: That's easy! You're art's really great, you're a fan of so many things I like myself (like Homestuck!), from your interactions with other followers you seem to be really nice and level headed, you're aspiring to be a game designer and the two games you've posted on GameJolt were pretty good!
[3:14:45 AM] IcyBunny: That's actually how I started following you, hehe.
[3:14:58 AM] PixelTurtle: aww, thanks
[3:15:12 AM] PixelTurtle: I wasn't actually expecting such honest praise ^_^;
[3:15:18 AM] PixelTurtle: I uh
[3:15:25 AM] PixelTurtle: oh shit it's 3 AM
[3:15:36 AM] PixelTurtle: I REALLY need to get to sleep ugh
[3:15:51 AM] IcyBunny: Oh yeah, I forgot you were from the states.
[3:16:03 AM] IcyBunny: It's 10 AM here in Scotland, much more reasonable time to be awake.
[3:16:20 AM] IcyBunny: Get some sleep! If you don't you'll be dreadfully tired in the morning.
[3:16:29 AM] PixelTurtle: alright Mr. (Ms?) Bossypants >:o
[3:16:37 AM] IcyBunny: I'm a ma'am.
[3:16:45 AM] PixelTurtle: gotcha!
[3:16:58 AM] PixelTurtle: but yeah, sorry to cut your off! I would love to talk more but for right now I need to get some sleep
[3:17:10 AM] PixelTurtle: talk to you more when I wake up?
[3:17:18 AM] IcyBunny: I would love that.
[3:17:36 AM] PixelTurtle: awesome! will do :3
[3:17:44 AM] PixelTurtle: good night!
[3:17:50 AM] IcyBunny: Good night, and sleep well!


"Not if my friend is a fucking murderer."

The hurt in Penelope's voice was plainly audible. Her voice cracked and wavered as she tried to hold back her tears and her anger. "Astrid..."

"None of what you just said justifies killing. None of it." Penelope sniffled, and nervously brushed her hair back out of her face. "It doesn't matter if surviving means you have to kill. It's better to die with your humanity and morality intact than live the rest of your life with blood on your hands."

Tears rolled down Penelope's cheeks. "Killing someone who killed other people doesn't justify it. Even if they've killed that doesn't give you a license to kill them too. Neither does 'just' killing one person." Her voice trembled. "It's all just as wrong. You aren't better than someone else that's killed multiple people. Taking a life is equally wrong, and you can't go back from it. Once you take away someone's ability to think and feel and hope and dream forever, you're a murderer. Killing more may give you a higher body count, but it's still the same. You've sinned, and you're no better than them. You'll all have the same blood on your hands."

Penelope wiped away some of the tears. "And it's not just the blood of whoever you killed. If you walk out of here alive while everyone else died, you have all of our blood on your hands. Your friends' blood, my friends' blood. My blood. All of us dying just..." She took a deep breath to calm herself. "...Just so you could have a few more years of life to yourself. And not even good years either. I mean... how many of the other winners are even still around? And of the few that are, are they happy? Of course not. They have massive psychological baggage. Because all of their friends died. Because they watched people die. Because they directly made the light leave someone else's eyes. Nobody can just live with that."

Penelope inhaled sharply, keeping herself from sobbing. "If you do this... if you do this you'll give them... you'll give them exactly what they want. So it's up to you. You can be the better person and accept the fact that you're going to die, like we all should have in the first place like in any other, normal terrorist attack. Or you can do what they want you to do and you'll never truly live another day in your life ever again."

Penelope sniffled again. "If... if you do what you're planning on doing... you may walk out of here, still ambulatory, still respirating, still metabolizing... But you won't be alive. Part of you will have died here, with everyone else, and you'll never get it back."

Penelope slowly took her arms off of Astrid and moved back slightly, her crying having stopped, if only temporarily.

Penelope looked between Astrid's good eye and the illuminated ground beneath the both of them. "You... what do you mean by that?"

Penelope swallowed as her throat tightened. She knew what Astrid meant by that. There was nothing else that could be meant by it. If Astrid wanted to survive, truly survive, then she would have to kill someone else. Before giving Astrid time to respond, she spoke up again. "You... I... I didn't mean... Astrid..."

"I... I know I said don't die but... you can't just..." Penelope's words stuttered out slowly as she tried to process what she should say. "You can't... can't just... just kill someone. If you... if you survived... that would mean... you... you killed someone. You... you can't leave unless... unless..." Her words stopped entirely as she uncomfortably looked between Astrid and the objects around them.

"You..." The tears started back up as it truly dawned on Penelope that her friend had just asserted that she was going to kill someone. Penelope's eyes stayed locked on the ground as her hands pressed into her legs. "No... no... you can't... you can't kill anyone..."

Penelope's head tilted itself back up towards Astrid. "Don't you get it?" She muttered in between sobs. "Almost everyone that died already died because someone else thought the same thing as you," Penelope shook her head as her sobbing grew louder. "That they needed to survive over everyone else. And in order to survive... in order to survive they had to kill someone." Her eyelids drooped as her voice grew even quieter. "But... there's no justifying it. Your life doesn't matter more than anyone else's. They deserve to live just as much as you do... And you'd take their life away... just to preserve your own? Even when they aren't threatening you in any way?"

Penelope's voice grew louder, managing a slight bit of anger, more than she ever normally expressed. "What do you think Cristo thought in his last moments?" She said, her sobs growing more intense for a moment. "He probably died in pain, possibly alone... Definitely afraid. All because some... some girl thought she needed to kill him. Sweet, lovable Cristo needed to die so she could survive." Penelope covered her face with her hands for a moment, before bringing her fingers down to just below her eyes, hands resting on her cheeks.

"...Do you really want to do that to someone?"

TFW you will never find out what's in the basement
The wind howled around the top of the supply depot.

((Isabel Ramirez continued from Be Prepared))

Isabel had spent quite some time wandering around after she had killed Danny. She ended up sleeping in a tree when she couldn't find shelter when night fell before awaking to another set of announcements detailing the dwindling numbers of her fellow students.

It didn't take long for Isabel to see the imposing figure of the storehouse and decide to make her way to the top of it to get a good look at her surroundings. The wind picked up from a gentle breeze as she ascended to the helipad on top of the building, only for her to be greeted by the sight of some kid sitting at the edge of the building. He was distracted treating some sort of wound. He didn't see her, and probably couldn't hear her over the wind blowing.

Isabel could easily just walk right up and push him right off the edge of the building. The fall would probably kill him and then that would be that. It'd be the easiest kill she's gotten so far. Letting a chance to eliminate some of the competition like this would be such a waste. Isabel slowly tip toed towards him, doing her best to keep her halberd and bag from clattering and potentially alerting her newest victim. She wouldn't get too much enjoyment out of doing this, but that didn't matter right now. The main goal was still just to survive. Anything else was secondary.

Isabel stood, just a few feet away from the boy, glaring at him, sizing him up, determining exactly how hard she'd have to kick him to make him fall off. As she looked, she caught a glimpse of a weapon in his bag. Another bonus to killing him. This was probably the easiest decision she's made so far.

And just like that, Isabel deftly moved forward, abandoning all pretense of stealth and kicked the boy right in his back, sending him, and his bag, off the edge of the building just as he turned around to get a glimpse of his killer.

Be Prepared
Isabel sighed contently as she felt the thrill of the slaughter once again.

The mix of emotions she felt shortly after the life left her victim's eyes was just as intoxicating now as it was with Tina. The satisfaction she got from hurting, the rush of causing pain. She had someone's life in her hands... and then she took it away, empowering her own agency by depriving them of theirs.

However, this time it felt slightly different. As Isabel stared into Danny's glassy eyes, the feeling faded far more quickly than it did after she killed Tina or Conrad. Instead of feeling a residual satisfaction from her actions, all she felt was disappointment. Killing Danny may have been enjoyable in the moment, but he was still a friend. Being forced to kill him here was a waste of resources, a waste of something she was mildly attached to.

Sentimentality wasn't what she needed now, though. With both Asha and Danny having betrayed her trust, Isabel was certain there really was nobody else on the island that was willing to ally with her. Even though they should have been able to trust her just fine, they didn't know she would betray them eventually after all, how could they? No point in giving any of them her own trust. She was alone until everyone else was dead. That was the only path forward. She was going to win, and she was going to enjoy herself along the way. She was the only one that mattered enough, nobody else was that important.

Isabel glanced around at her surroundings. The hallways whispered quietly from the rush of wind outside as the last of Danny's blood pooled around his desecrated corpse. For the first time, Isabel was legitimately unnerved, and chose to leave the body behind, the fading remnant of any connection she had to the days before the island.

Nothing was left but to kill more and survive.

((Isabel Ramirez continued in TFW you will never find out what's in the basement))