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Walt Esiason
Hey Unpy! Sorry for the huge delay here. It took a while for Walt to get claimed staffside, but now I'm here to help!

Unfortunately, Walt is DENIED pending adjustments. My comments are in teal.

"It's Not Showing Off" on the front and "If You Back It Up"

Heh. No problem, just thought this was funny.

Since Walt was doing this since he was born, it felt normal for him to have to stay with his grandparents all the time.

Did Walt ever want to know his mother/did her death impact him in any way? You mention that later on in life he wanted to know who his mother was, and that's okay, but did Walt ever wonder who his mother was before then? While it may have been normal for him to be raised by his grandparents and it may not bother him, certainly seeing other kids with their mothers or seeing mothers with their children on television would make Walt wonder where his mother was/who she was? It's fine if he didn't, just make sure to justify it in some way (ex asking his dad about it, seeing him get upset, and then not asking again after that).

proper food. This lead

Go ahead and delete ". This" and change "lead" to "leading" and add a comma after food for better flow.

This continued until he got to middle school, and was considered mature enough to take care of himself at the house. During this time, both Walt and Abe developed poor diets, consisting of mostly microwave dinners and fatty foods due to Abe being too tired to cook proper food. This lead to them becoming overweight and unhealthy.

I'm a bit confused on the chronological order of things here. Did Walt become overweight while he was still living with his grandparents most of the time? Or did he become overweight come middle school when he started living with his dad full time? The way this paragraph is structured suggests the latter while later paragraphs suggest the former. Both possibilities create issues regardless, so please clarify and I will come back to you on what to do next regarding this. (Sorry to send you to a second round automatically!)

interest to himself, and had barely

Change this "and" to "as he" for better flow here, since you seem to be setting up a causal relationship.

some real progress, and got

Delete this comma.

Finally, Walt had managed to lose all his weight, and was beginning to look more like how he wanted to.

Did Walt's diet improve at all? Getting more exercise helps with losing weight, but no amount of exercise can fix weight gained from a poor diet if that poor diet doesn't improve. For an easy fix, you could change this sentence to "Finally, through his new found exercise and his dad improving their diet in an effort to live healthier, Walt had managed..."

were stronger then he

Typo, than.

He also occasionally indulges in backyard wrestling, committing to a character inspired by his favorites.

What about backyard wrestling made Walt interested in participating in it? Did his father approve? Did Walt ever get hurt doing this? If yes, did the injuries ever affect his basketball playing?

In fact, Walt's English teachers convinced him to explore his literary skills

What initially made Walt's English teachers encourage him to explore writing as a hobby?

His stories range being personal and minimalistic to grand and mythical, but it really just depends on how he's feeling that.

I'm assuming the "that" was a typo. If it was, then restructure everything from "but" on to "with what he writes depending on how he's feeling" to remove ambiguity in the sentence and to create better flow.

So, overall, the content that you have is good. The main issue the profile has is a lack of content, mainly relating to there being too few hobbies and interests/too little on the hobbies and interests that are there for how few hobbies/interests there are. Don't worry about that this time around, though, I'll elaborate more once I get your answer re: the chronological order of things. Post here when you get the edits made and I'll help you in another round. :)

TvTropes Mafia Thread
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Oh well. We'll explain what went down in the fallout thread. :) Go town!

TvTropes Mafia Thread
EBWOP x2: And just to be clear, I thought people were talking about me because I honestly thought we were at five required for a lynch. I forgot that there are way more people in the game because no-one is talking. C'mon guys, you're letting scum win.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Really Late EBWOP: I just realized people were talking about decoy being close to being lynched not me. I'm dumb. ;u;

Also really disappointed that literally nothing happened since I posted. :\

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Nov 11 2015, 02:02 PM
Just chiming in.

It'd be easier to consider you pro-town if you were more sincere in how you portrayed yourself.

I also like how you and Penguin don't actually take issue with people calling you out for buddying all game.
1. But I didn't commit to any of those lynches, now did I? ;)
2. You're saying this isn't sincere? I'm going to make sure to quote that in post game just for the spite.
3. Thanks! Glad you're having fun with that.

Anyway, it would disappoint me greatly if three people dived on me all at once at the end of the phase. Would suck a lot. But what can you do? I'll claim at L-2, but I'm going to be spotty these last few hours due to working on a lab report, so apologies in advance.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Turtle over you for a lynch is based mostly on play and contributions.

I always find it funny that even though I tend to offer as much as the average player and I tend to be right too, my contributions are always treated as being less than most people. So odd. Also, I'm always playing scummy in every game I play, especially when town ;) (I mean, look at Star Wars mafia, I was scummy as hell but had the benefit of being confirmed town).

With that message, I could easily see Turtle just choosing not to use the info at all.

...Why? I got the message, I knew the message had to be the mailman role from looking it up, and I knew that the mailman role is almost universally town. The only thing I would have gotten out of not sharing it is making me look scummy as hell to the mailman in question. Regardless of alignment, that's just stupid play.

As for mass-claiming viability... honestly, my mind is telling me about five people, maybe. You need there to be as few unknowns as possible to even hope that it benefits town properly.

At five people, the game could totally be composed of a mafia majority in a multiball game. Not worth letting it get to that point (that is, if you have town's best interests in mind, Flare). Not only that, but mass claims aren't just about roles and seeing if mafia can fake it. The longer we wait to mass claim, the more we risk our investigative roles being killed off and not being able to share with us their results. Giving them more time to get more is nice, but if we can put together the pieces and solve the game before then, why not do so? People are so adverse to mass claims when every time I've seen them go down, it's benefited town, even in the case of safeclaims being available to the mafia. Heck, a mass claim saved Scrubs mafia for the SK and town.

Anyway, I'm mostly in agreement with Penguin on the subject of Decoy... but I'm getting some real bad vibes from you, Flare. Watch yourself, or you might feel your sins crawling on your back.

[obligatory: that last part's a joke, son!]

VOTE: Decoy73

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Yeah guys, do say SOMETHING. Letting nothing happen just lets scum win. If you're town, please post.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
EBWOP: Pretend I quoted Penguin's most recent post. I thought I did, apparently I didn't. ._.

TvTropes Mafia Thread

You're being absurd. I'll leave it at that.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Well. I can say for certain that Slam's my strongest town read at this point, ignoring confirmed town. All of your analysis seems to be coming from a good place, at least.

I will say though, you're just straight up incorrect in what you're posing here. Also, I said "leading" because I was the first person that wanted to lynch RC (from the day before we lynched him, even!) and kept with it until he was done for. I was the first person to vote for him, and I was the person advocating for his lynch the most. Just because I didn't justify it well doesn't mean I was coasting on it. It just means I was doing what I normally do: pointing at people with what little justification I can think of without putting too much effort in. The only time I've ever pulled out that much analysis was VS Toben in the Scrubs mafia, because Toben is one tough player to take down without mountains of analysis and theory.

So, yeah. You're words are very loaded in rhetoric but I don't find very much substance to them. Still very town-esque though, so you have my trust.

Also, since I was about to get ninja'd: why the hell would either of us have this much interest in clearing Seth if we didn't KNOW he was town due to circumstance? He was the biggest scum target for both of us.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
There's your confirmation.

Combine with the both of you stirring the lynch pot passively all game

I might point out that I was leading the RC train since D1. That's not passive, that's pretty active.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
From my understanding, yes.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Nov 7 2015, 10:53 AM
Begging your pardon, Maddie, but how do you know that Seth's telling the truth there?
So you know how Seth gave the results of his investigation to Penguin?

Well, she got that info to me, I'm sure she can explain if you ask. Because of that ploy, I know that Seth is for certain not lying. Incidentally, it's why I know she's town and have been crumbing that this whole game.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Seth Crimson
Nov 6 2015, 02:42 PM
First was Deamon, sent to penguin.

Second was Grim to MK.

And that's it as I only got two chances.
Damn. He's telling the truth guys.



All things considered...

Let's... take a moment to ponder some stuff, okay guys?

+The sugar mafia and the darth mafia have both missed kills twice each. Only one of which was on the same day, so it could have been them targeting the same person.
+We currently have three claims, two of which we know are true.
+We have twelve players left, likely three or four scum.

Putting all those things together... I think we should mass claim. If not this day phase, then the next day phase.

Now you might say "but Vyse has put in measures to stop mass claims from breaking the game!" and you'd be right. But you have to consider the points I just made. Scum make up a whole third of the game right now, and we know for certain that scum have missed kills due to the activities of the roleblocker or doctor. Those claims could tell us who a scum player is and who's most certainly not scum (or rather who's not a part of the mafia that missed the shot). Additionally, with two (possibly three) confirmed town, we might be able to add on to that pile with a cop's investigations or other roles that confirm alignment.

If we were to mass claim, we would want Espi to come clean on all of his investigations, ofc, and all other investigative roles to come clean as well.

What do you guys think? I think enough time has passed for town's power roles to do what they can, and now's the time to unravel this game from top to bottom.

Again, if not today, then the next day phase.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Nov 6 2015, 08:12 AM
Oct 21 2015, 10:31 PM
Reading over Seth Crimson's posts is a very narrow focus view and one weak wagon jump after another. Totally scummy as well. Not interested in shifting from RC, but nothing's changed for me on Seth since yesterday.

MK makes sense to me. I feel like this wasn't always the case for me in past games. Weird. Just noting it for myself.
Seth Crimson
Oct 26 2015, 05:35 PM
Huh, RC and Ricky were mafia, though that doesn't change the fact that Grim is still a null read for me so far reaching scum.

Lore has been pretty scummy this entire time yet has been scating by, though I wanna hear her claim first before voting.
This is lousy as hell. I'm pretty sure Grim's town based on everything up to this point; was hoping to see more people jump on that wagon for scum hunting purposes, but oh well.

That's all right! I like Seth Crimson for scum even more now with his refusal to read Grim at all and wanting a claim out of Loretta with low vote pressure. (Hint: Votes create pressure to claim, not grandstanding)

Would lynch Loretta happily at this point, but I've been wanting a piece of this for longer:

VOTE: Seth Crimson

But fine. Going through his posts, he votes Grim Wolf with no comment, providing justification afterwards as being Grim's voting *me* with spurious reasoning (which...said reasons from Grim Wolf are almost exactly why Seth is supposedly null-reading me now). He also says he'd vote for RC there, but Grim is 'worse' even though what he lists as reasons to vote for RC are actually better. (Post #7)

Note that in Post #9 Turtle is a town read. But somehow finding Seth scummy demotes her to null? Never mind that Seth is asking us to believe he's town despite bad pushes...if Turtle's push is on a town-Seth, why does that negate her towniness?

Post #14 votes Lore with the claim that Lore was stalling, which...WTF? It's a stupid reason to join a bandwagon and not based in reality. The next post lists reasons for the vote that in order 1) is null, 2) has no clear scum motivation, 3) is super vague, using buzzwords without supporting examples, and 4) claims a lack of logic. :cough, pot, cough:

Then in recent posts claims to have been contributing to scum hunting, which I straight up don't see, acts all martyred for having had wrong reads (which, that's part of the game and not why I'm going to vote him/have been pushing him), and gives a reads post that has a mere 30% of the game outside the null category after four days. He also totally dodges trying to read two people entirely and barely reads another two. And his biggest basis for reading people is calling out those who have called him into question. Also hating the stance on Bikriki. If you don't think the claim is from town, explain why and make a case. Because this reads more as trying to avoid having to give someone a clear town read.

VOTE: Seth Crimson

I like the case on decoy, but this push is mine. There are others like it, but...yeah, you know where this is going.

Seriously, I'd ask people to read Seth's posts in isolation and consider whether they're coming from scum or town motivations. If you disagree, fine, but if so please tell me why you're town reading him.

Thank you for saying exactly what I wanted to say, Penguin.

I'll add that I'm especially not liking how Seth is acting like pushing him is automatically scummy. Pushing town doesn't automatically make one scum, and if you ARE town, you should be way less hesitant to throw shade on the people pushing you. It really just makes you look bad to the townies that are pushing you, like now, while also not actually being that good for catching out actual scum, because scum are extremely unlikely to lead pushes, and are especially unlikely to lead pushes in groups.

VOTE: Seth Crimson

I'll wait to hear Seth's response to that before voting, but I'm definitely liking penguin's play this game, and his reasoning is definitely convincing.

Penguin is a grill!

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Nov 5 2015, 07:52 PM
Also, different question: weapons are obviously a big part of SOTF, plus suggestions are up now. How much impact do you think an assigned weapon has on a character's arc?
Speaking as someone who's character's assigned weapon had a huge impact on her arc... it can have a huge impact.

Maddie not getting a real weapon motivated her to drug Nina using the weapon she did get in order to steal her weapon, which was basically her entire start of darkness because it established that she was willing to do really messed up stuff just because she was scared and didn't want to die.

Cochise High Clubs and Teams
The Robotics Club both exists and Penelope Fitzgerald is a part of it.