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A wild Garen appears! Wild Garen uses Demacian Justice! Critical hit! It's super effective!

Teemo fainted! Send out another champion?

Buffy Mafia Game Thread

Goddammit ninja'd by Flare.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Hmph. It's hammer time if I counted correctly. I suppose since Flare is our best lead at the moment, while I am looking suspiciously at a few people and would like to hear more from them next day phase, lynching him purely on the fact that bulletproof is an incredibly common scumclaim (or as Doc put it, shady as fuck :P) is entirely reasonable.

Does anyone have any objections or should I just hammer?

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Okay so I wasn't expecting any of that. Un-Persona was on my personal list of town reads and to find out that he was mafia is disheartening. Finding out that we are also going to lose our vigilante after this day phase is also disheartening, but I would say that a one for one is still overall in our favor.

I don't like the back and forth between Slam and Doc, it's really not accomplishing anything and is just disrupting the phase.

I still don't fully understand why people are picking at Deamon, he really hasn't done anything majorly scummy imo.

Yeah, I'm a Two-Shot Bulletproof Townie (now with one shot left, apparently).

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee VOTE: FLARE

For those asking, the character I got is Oz.

......................... UNVOTE: FLARE

Yeah, as much as I know how BP claims tend to be super scummy, Oz being bulletproof makes sense given what I have read about him on the Buffy wiki. Even though penguin has stated that flavor is just for funsies, Oz as bulletproof makes equally as much sense to me as Buffy being the vigilante or Xander being the JOAT. If anything I am looking a bit less keenly at Bro for being so trigger happy (even if it is consistent with his normal behavior), and also at Grim for being so dismissive of Flare's claim to being Oz. HOWEVER, I am still open to a Flare lynch just on policy because BP claims are policy lynches most of the time (going by mafiascum's wiki) due to the nature of them being very safe claims for scum given the mechanics of the game. Anyone else have any thoughts on Flare's overall claim (flavor and all!) besides those who have already spoken?

Nowhere to Go
Madeline smiled as RJ stood and said that they should get out of here. She silently agreed that it probably was for the best to sleep somewhere else; the large, messy terminal wasn't exactly very hospitable. She was happy. For the first time on this island she felt genuine happiness. She had helped someone, and potentially made a friend. Did that make up for killing Nina? No, she was far from redeemed for killing her. As she thought about it, she concluded that there really was no redemption for her. What could she really do to make up for killing another person?

She followed RJ out of the terminal doors. They needed to find a safe place to rest that wasn't a terminal filled with broken glass. As she walked beside him, she felt a nagging sensation in the back of her head. She thought of her first rule.

Rule One: Don't trust anyone.

Could she really trust him? She didn't know.

Rule One: Don't trust anyone.

She didn't care.

Rule One: Trust this one.

She had someone to be with. Even if RJ betrayed her later, it wasn't like she really deserved to live anymore than anyone else anyway. For the time being she finally felt at ease.

And that was all that mattered.

((Madeline Wilcox continued in Every Success Involves Insanity))

Nowhere to Go
((Minor GM'ing approved))

Maddie was glad that her diplomatic efforts worked. But, now she had to actually help treat the injuries that RJ had sustained. She looked him over as he relaxed. She carefully looked over his injuries, starting with his chest wounds. "Erm, is it alright if I remove your bandages? I need to be able to see your wounds in order to help." RJ nodded. "Okay... so..." She began removing his bandages, doing so with the utmost care that she could muster. After she got the bandages all removed, she took in all of his chest injuries. There are around ten lacerations, varying minutely in length and width, with some seemingly being quite deep. Many of the wounds had started to scab and a few show infection. She winced at the sight.

"Alright... to begin, I think I should treat some of your wounds for infection. Since the infection has already started in a few of your cuts, there's not much I can do about those. That's up to your immune system. But... I think I can at least keep more damage from being done." She went over and got out her first aid kit. Certainly she could spare a few supplies.

She grabbed the alcohol pads from the kit and approached RJ's wounds tentatively. "Okay, so, this might sting a little." She gently rubbed the pads over the more shallow wounds, and went around, but not over, the deeper ones. "I can't really get the deeper lacerations because that would hurt way too badly and probably be harmful." She got out a roll of bandages and some medical tape. Okay, now, I am going to wrap these around your torso sorta tightly, I hope you don't mind." She began wrapping RJ's torso slowly, pressing down on the end that she started with until she managed to cover all of his wounds; then she got a bit of tape off the roll and taped the bandages on tight. "Alright that should be tight enough." She put her medical supplies away.

"Normally you don't want to completely starve cuts of being in the open air, but some of yours are rather deep so the less germs they are exposed to the better." She remembered RJ's having visible trouble standing a moment ago. "I saw that you had trouble standing just a moment ago, and that's probably because you are fatigued. You just need some food and water and you should be alright." She pulled out one of the tins of crackers she looted from Nina's bag. She hesitated for a moment, before keeping her head down as she put the crackers next to RJ. "And... um..." She pulled out one of the multiple water bottles she had, half of them from Nina.

"Here's some water." She placed the bottle next to RJ. "The water may have a few stray dust particles in it, but that's because I refilled it from a stream and purified it using some of the iodine in our first-aid kits." She put the rest of her things away and zipped up her bag. "Anyway, eat those and drink that and you should be fine after a bit of rest." She turned to look at RJ. "I hope I was of some help." She couldn't shake the fact that she was a bit worried that RJ might try to kill her after he got his strength back, but she tried keeping it in the back of her mind as she sat near RJ.

After all, maybe that's what she wanted.

Nowhere to Go
Maddie took a step back as she turned to see the face of Rutherford Roger. It was an oddity that she knew his name and recognized him at all, especially considering the fact that she and RJ are both shy and had never talked, but she did recognize him, and she was put off by his appearance. He had bandages covering most of his chest and his hands, something that was never a good sign. He stood up, having visible trouble doing so. He spoke. She nodded. It was a lot of blood.

She asked herself subconsciously why she was trying to befriend anyone. The answer was that she found the prospect of being alone to be too disheartening to bear. The life of a complete loner just wasn't for her, and it could end up getting her killed just the same as running into a murderer such as herself. From the looks of it, RJ might have even killed someone himself. Thus he was probably less likely to abandon her when he found out she killed someone. Looking at his bandages, it seems like he did a rather rushed job of putting them on. Perhaps she could convince him to be her companion by helping him with his injuries.

She observed that he held a piece of glass in his hand, presumably readied in case she did anything. Perhaps, even if he didn't want to be her companion, that he would at least not stab her. "You don't look too good yourself." She said. "Perhaps I could help you? I'm not really qualified but I know plenty about basic first aid."

MW's Loose Impressions of Your Character to Date
Toben critiques? I'm in. Review Sara if you want. :o

Nowhere to Go
((Madeline Wilcox continued from Nemesis...))

Madeline was in a fog.

She had wandered for several hours since killing Nina. She tried to keep her emotions under control since then, and while she had done somewhat well during the initial shock, while she was wandering it had finally really hit her. She had ended another human being's life, and there was no way around it. No taking it back. While she did it in self defense, that didn't excuse it. She had been sobbing on and off as she walked through the woodlands, trying to come up with other solutions, ways that she could have avoided killing Nina. Ways that she could take it back.

But there was no taking it back. Nina was dead, and her blood was figuratively on Maddie's hands. It also didn't help that Nina's blood, the evidence of her crimes, was also literally on her jacket, which she hadn't bothered taking off since the incident.

Maybe it was a way of punishing herself. A way to signal to others that she was a murderer and needed to be avoided.

She stopped and looked around, trying to get a bearing of her surroundings. She was near an airstrip of some kind. This was probably a place as good as any to settle down for a while, try to recollect her thoughts, get over the fact that she was a murderer.

She walked inside the terminal building of the airstrip, looking around. Broken glass and overturned benches were scattered all over the place. It was quiet, almost too quiet, but she had learned to expect quietness. The island was a big place. It was hard to find other people unless you went looking. Then she saw a person, small, unimposing, sitting next to an upturned bench. She froze. Should she approach? Despite the person's small frame they could still be dangerous.

Maybe she wanted them to be dangerous. She spoke.

"Um... hello?"

Espi Reads: V5
I don't normally get into these things but what the hell. Put Madeline up there.

Prepare to be Boarded
((Sara Corlett continued from Avast, ye hearties!))

Sara held her bag close as she scouted ahead in the airstrip that the pirates had arrived at shortly after leaving the freighter. It was a shame that it had to become a danger zone; it was getting sorta cozy and safe on the ship. The second day on the island was mostly a blur for her; she remembered struggling to keep a level head when the announcement came on and scouring the inside of the ship with Sean and Aria, but other than that the day was mostly just doing some other menial tasks like getting water for the purifier. She was quite scared when she found out the ship was a danger zone after being awoken by the captain, but they all managed to stay calm enough and got out of it.

She looked up at the air traffic control tower that was in front of her. It was the most telling bit of scenery that was out here, the only other significant things on the airstrip being the terminal and the hangar, but she wasn't really in the mood to investigate two buildings that would probably just turn out to be really big and really empty. She opened the door leading inside the tower and turned in the general direction of the other pirates. She shouted "Hey guys! This place looks like a decent place to stay for the day! Come on over!"

She walked inside the building and began climbing the steps, taking note of the rather generic layout of the building. Arriving at the top of the steps to the actual control part of the air traffic control tower, she looked around. The place was gutted of all electronics, and it looked very barren and empty because of it. Sara sat down next to the wall and opened her bag. She pulled out a tin of crackers and began munching on them, savoring them as she went. It felt like she hadn't eaten in days, but that was probably because she had only been eating foul high energy bars so far and nothing else.

Still, it's good to savor small mercies. Small mercies are the only things they had anymore. Sara sighed. It was terrible that she and her fellow students were in this situation; none of them deserved this. Nobody deserved this. But she wasn't about to ask why it happened to them, out of all the schools in the country, no, she was more likely to ask, why not them? The terrorists were going to kidnap a school, whether it be their school or not, so she was honestly glad that she was in this situation, since it meant someone else wasn't. Would she rather no one got kidnapped? Of course, but it happened, and she might as well cling to the few positive things that can be pulled out of it.

Sara sighed again and continued chewing on her crackers while she waited for Sean and Aria to come up.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Ahem. Okay. I had time and wasn't exhausted for once.

SO. My biggest read right now? Has to be dmboogie. DM spent the last two games (the post restriction mafia and the community mafia) mega lurking at all times, only contributing when he was asked to and even then he barely said anything helpful in either game. Now, call me crazy, but he was mafia in those last two games, and in all likelihood he could be mafia again. It seemed to work for him both of the other games, staying very quiet and barely contributing, so he could be using this lurking as an established strategy. Quite honestly I want DM to actually /do/ something, as his last post really hasn't convinced me of anything (except that perhaps NAFT is coaching him by giving him specific people to talk about). Making one post when asked and then going back to lurking doesn't make one look better when it comes to the aforementioned lurking (I realize the hypocrisy of this coming from me). VOTE: DMBOOGIE until he starts being more active all around and not just lurking.

As for the other big targets that everyone is going after and my thoughts on them:

Deamon is... odd. He hasn't really been doing anything substantial but he really isn't coming off as scum to me, more distracted, as it would be. Perhaps I am too quick to forgive people or assume the best, but I don't think he's acting out of malice.

As for Flare, I mostly agree with what Doc said here:
I don't like how he was pushing the policy lynch last phase with more votes, since that hints at trying to end the phase early to me. But looking back there's not a whole lot more for me to go on. Since he hasn't derailed anything this phase or given us much to work with, for the moment I'm content to say he's just over-eager given bigger leads.

In general DM's my biggest lead right now due to the whole pattern of lurking as scum. So that's my two cents, I hope it's helpful.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread

Well if Vig tries to target me, he can try.

Pretend this is up there instead of the failtags.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Woah. Woah. Woah.


[quoteRockytheTigre]Well if Vig tries to target me, he can try.[/quote]

Soft-claiming is usually very scummy (which I learned the hard way in Community mafia by soft claiming town because apparently that's bad? but that's another story for another time), especially if you are soft claiming a role like bomb or bulletproof (which is what you are implying by saying "he can try"). Honestly Rocky, I'm having trouble believing you are simply inexperienced at mafia, as you are reeking as scum, and my Hanlon's razor argument has fallen apart concerning you.

So, if nothing better comes up: VOTE: Rockythetigre

As for other big targets that people have their eye on:

Zabriel: Can't really say he is mafia since slinging mud at everyone to get reactions is standard play, albeit he is being a bit aggressive. Something that needs to be said though is that aggression /=/ scum, as BRO so eloquently demonstrated in the Community mafia. Could go either way and I really need more to get a read.

Deamon: Doesn't really come off as scum either. Call it a gut hunch but he seems like a townie to me.

More later, had to scribble down this post cause I have homework to do. Will be more active on the weekend.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
I'm going to take this quick opportunity to


and thank NAFT for answering me.

However I don't really have time/energy to post an analysis heavy post at the moment, but I promise that I will some time later.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Turtle: Why ignore a mistake instead of plumbing it for information? You let go without even trying. I don't like that. It feels like an attempt to bury a wagon before a defense has been mounted.

Those who defended or let the post slide without a reason in your post, why did you do it?

I very strictly go by the idea of Hanlon's Razor, or "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity." You can see me do this in both the PR mafia and the Community mafia, so it's not like it's inconsistent for me to do this. I understood that RC is a bit new to this so I was willing to let it slide while making sure to keep an eye on him for later, but at the same time as of now he's still looking like a future liability for town. I think that if it comes to us lynching RC or no lynching, I say we should lynch him just to get some info from the flip.

With that out of the way, I want to press NAFT.

VOTE: NotAFlyingToy

NAFT: Why Bik specifically? What would you like to know? I see a vote with very little reasoning attached to it.

^ You don't just jump on someone and give no reasoning for it. Voting for someone while giving no reasoning for it past the RVS is very scummy. Explain why you voted for Bikriki instead of say, the people who jumped on RC without giving any reasoning such as Dom or Skraal.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Grim Wolf
Nov 3 2013, 05:29 PM
I reserve the right to execute a "Rage against the Dimensional Hell-Lord" later in the game.

For now,



Britta has come to Sunnydale, and I've learned better than to let her walk free.

Joke voting is pretty much officially over Grim. Especially if it's someone that we can't actually lynch. What do you think of RC right now?


Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Okay so the joke voting is over apparently.


RC, I understand that you have probably never played mafia before, so I will let this slide, but you need to be more careful about your word choice. Since this is your (presumably) first mafia you might want to sit back and see what other people do before really doing anything major yourself. Also Bik is right in what he said there.

Anyway, I think this confrontation could potentially yield some evidence for later use. Needless to say a handful of you were a bit quick to jump on RC at the soonest sign of trouble with little to no (I'm looking at you Skraal) explanation.

Grim Wolf
Vote: Penguin

What, you thought I was joking?

Joke voting is pretty much officially over Grim. Especially if it's someone that we can't actually lynch. What do you think of RC right now?

Buffy Mafia Game Thread

Pretend I know how to format votes.


Buffy Mafia Game Thread

For thinking my mass claim idea in the last game was stupid. ;C