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Pretend This Thread Title is a Witty Lyrical Reference
((Madeline Wilcox continued from A Breath of Fresh Air))

Maddie walked through the park as the sun shined down on her. It was a very nice day today, most days in Seattle are rather gloomy. Maddie enjoyed these occasional walks through the park. They are very pleasant, especially on days like this, and they remind her of the times she would go camping with her father. She bent down and picked one of the flowers that grow here in the park. She was pretty sure they were pansies, but she wasn't very good with botany; physics and chemistry were more of her forte when it came to science. She twirled the flower a bit in-between her fingers and walked along with it in her hand.

As she walked along she saw a group of three teenagers together. As she got closer she managed to make out their faces. The one boy was... Steven? She guessed. She recognized his face, but she didn't know much about him past him being two inches shorter than her. The other boy was Arthur, she didn't personally know much about him, although she knew his name and face, which was a much more than she knew about most other students at the very least.

I really need to get to know more of the other students. She thought. I have been here for two years and I still barely know anyone.

Maddie immediately recognized the girl who was sitting down, it was Sharon Elizabeth Austin, one of Maddie's few friends around Aurora. Despite Sharon's feisty temper Maddie and her got along quite well, possibly due to them both being very smart straight A students, or possibly it was due to them both being rather cynical. Whatever the reason, they were good friends, and she might as well go over and say hello.

As she approached the group she heard Sharon say something to Arthur, although she couldn't pick out exact words. She heard something about drawings and saw the sketchbook in Sharon's hands, so she figured it was Arthur's sketchbook and his drawings they were talking about. When she made it to them, she twirled the flower a bit more in her fingers and said "Hey Sharon! I hope I am not interrupting anything important. It's just I saw you and I figured I might as well come up to say hello." She added, "So how are you and these gentlemen doing?"

Politeness is a virtue. She thought. And if I am per chance interrupting something important, it is best to come off as polite as possible.

A Breath of Fresh Air
After a few moments of sitting at the table and fiddling with her notebook, Sara got up from the table and said that she really needed to get to one of her classes and apologized to the group before leaving. Maddie presumed that she needed someplace quiet to write, considering that she looked a bit frustrated while writing whatever she was writing in her notebook.

Maddie heard Alex mutter goodbye as Sara left and he looked rather disappointed when Sara finally left through the library's doors. After they watched her walk away Alex turned to Maddie and Gavin and asked if they would like to go to the castle with him later, his treat. Gavin looked puzzled for a moment, and then replied by saying it was an interesting idea and said that while he spent time after school practicing his shooting, he said he would adjust his schedule if Maddie was willing to go.

The castle. Hmm. She thought. Sounds like it could be fun, haven't been to the castle in ages.

"Sure! I would love to go!" She said.

It then occurred to her that the group has been in the library a while now and the bell was probably about to ring. She pulled out her phone to check the time. Just a minute or two left actually.

She put her phone away and stood up from the table. "Well, I guess I will see you guys after school at the castle. Alas it is time for me to take my leave. Bye!"

She walked away from the table and pushed the library doors open, continuing on to her next class.

((Madeline Wilcox continued in Pretend This Thread Title is a Witty Lyrical Reference))

Sexual Orientation/Gender Thread 3: Electric Boogaloo
Homosexual female :3 I seem to be a minority though.

A Breath of Fresh Air
Maddie listened in on what Alex and Sara were saying. Sara said yes to coming over to the table she and Gavin were at.

Good. I will be able to talk to Alex.

Sara got up and the two of them came over to the table. Sara asked if Maddie and Gavin would be okay with them sitting here, but before either of them could answer, Alex cut them off and said that they wouldn't mind him and Sara sitting down. While Maddie was going to say yes anyway, that was a bit rude. She bit her lower lip a bit and let it slide. She wasn't quite sure how Gavin felt about them sitting down with him and her, but his expression only flickered for a moment when Alex sat down next to him, so Maddie guessed he was alright. Alex then quickly asked what they were talking about and asked a few specifics like science or the library.

Gavin replied to him, saying that they were talking about science, but he monopolized the conversation and he is going to give the rest of them a chance to talk. Maddie seized this opportunity, and asked "So, Alex, anything you wanted to talk about when you came over here?"

A Breath of Fresh Air
Maddie turned when she heard Yaz stand up to leave. Yaz slung her bag over her shoulder and said that she was going to go buy a snack from the cafeteria before her next lesson. She said bye to both Maddie and Gavin before turning and leaving the library.

Well that was odd. Maybe Yaz was getting uncomfortable or something. Maddie thought. Oh dammit. She probably WAS uncomfortable. Gavin basically shut her out of the entire conversation.

Her phone vibrated in her pocket just a few moments later, she pulled it out and saw that Yaz sent her a message.

"Sorry to leave u with him, was really uncomfortable! :( Will make it up to you!"

Yep. She was uncomfortable.

Just as she put her phone away, Gavin piped up, saying he had a few ideas about where they could meet, such as the public libraries or their houses.

"Um, the public libraries sound like an okay place to meet."

Maddie half-heartily listened to the conversation between Sara and Alexander as she said this. Alex mentioned moving over to the table that Gavin and Maddie were sharing.

Maybe now I will actually get to talk to Alex. She thought.

Madeline Wilcox
So I was asking for critiques of my character Maddie in the chat and I was directed to this sub-forum by Outfoxd. So now that I am here, I would like to request a critiquing of Maddie as a character and my writing of her. The current (and only) thread she is in can be found here. Her profile can be found in my signature.

Thanks guys :)