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Penelope placed her hand on top of Astrid's, sandwiching her hand in between Penelope's own.

The tears were still flowing forth, but Penelope tried her best to keep herself stable enough to talk. "It's... It's okay." Penelope sniffed. "It's o-okay. It's... it's not your fault.,, it's not your fault."

Of all the deaths that were mentioned, the knowledge that Cristo was dead hurt the most. The others she didn't know so well, but Cristo was one of her friends. She had known him for a long time, they had spent a lot of time together. The sound of his voice echoed in her mind as she pulled her hands away from Astrid and covered her eyes as the sobs grew more intense. She would give anything to bring Cristo back to life. She would give anything to bring all of them back to life.

But there was nothing that could be done, they were gone.

"W...why did... why did this have to happen?" Penelope said, her voice breaking. "Why this... why them..."

Then, Penelope rushed forward at Astrid, wrapping her arms around the surprised girl as her flashlight fell from its resting place in her lap.

Penelope's crying continued for a few more minutes, her face pressed into Astrid's shoulder.

In a voice that was nary a murmur, Penelope pleaded with Astrid. "Please... please don't die. At least not before me. Please... I... I can't..."

Be Prepared
Isabel's face expressed a wide variety of emotions once she realized that Danny tried to take her halberd.

Betrayal. Fear. Disappointment.


Isabel's arm moved by itself and sunk the sword into Danny's chest, a snarl of rage escaping her lips.

Despite having a sword stuck in him, Danny was oddly quiet. She thought they usually screamed. Conrad screamed.

"I..." Isabel looked briefly between Danny's face and back and the sword. "...I guess I couldn't trust you after all," Isabel said. "You could've just gone along with me. You wouldn't have a hole where your liver should be that way."

"You made me do this."

Isabel twisted the sword in Danny's chest, the pained chokes escaping his lips filling her with the same rush that she had gotten before. Both times before. Yanking the sword out from between Danny's ribs, he fell to the ground, writhing. Completely at her mercy. She sunk the sword into a different part of his chest, a smile forming on her face as Danny gasped and coughed.

Out and back in the sword went. Stabbing vital organ after vital organ, the squelching noises emitted by Danny's body becoming more vigorous until suddenly, it stopped. Isabel stopped, her breathing ragged.

She had lost control again. She let the feelings overcome her again, but in spite of that realization, she shook with excitement as Danny breathed his last breath.

Be Prepared
"Heh." Isabel chuckled at Danny naming his CD player. "I guess you still haven't lost your sense of humor yet. That's good."

Isabel hoisted herself up off the ground. "Can't really say I'm feeling all that humorous myself." She crossed her arms, looking at the ground. "Met up with Asha. She threatened me with a taser and essentially told me to fuck off."

"Really made me feel welcome, you know? Friends are important, even if those friends happen to have a few kills under their belt." Isabel's posture slumped. "I hope that doesn't bother you... but I can tell you're a bit nervous."

Isabel shrugged smugly. "You don't have to worry about me. I'm not planning on hurting you."

"Oh uh..." Isabel remembered Danny's need to use the bathroom. "If you want I could just... turn around? Let you go take a dump in the corner or something I dunno."

Isabel turned herself away from Danny. "Just... tell me when you're done," she called back.

Be Prepared
Isabel blinked a few times, unsure of what to say.

Danny had closed the door on her before opening it back up, and was obviously intimidated by her. She guessed that she didn't look too great with the dried blood on her shirt, but she was still a familiar face. It shouldn't be that hard for him to not be afraid of her. She didn't have any reason to be afraid of him, after all.

Still, he was at least talking to her rather than running away like she would expect most people to. Like she wanted most people to. The less conflict and less attempts on her life, the better.

"Hey. Just saw you walking down the hallway and looking in the doors. Thought I'd drop by and say hi."

Isabel stretched slightly, before continuing. "Been alone myself. Looked like you were too and I thought you might appreciate an ally or... something."

Be Prepared
((Isabel Ramirez continued from 白色雑音))

Isabel walked through the halls of the staff dormitories, the heels of her converse shoes slapping against the worn tile floor.

It had been a little while since she left Asha and Dorothy behind, still slightly fuming. She couldn't believe someone she thought was a friend would try to hide things from her and say such awful things. So what if she killed people? They were going to die anyway, who murdered them didn't make a difference, be it her or some idiot from the robotics club. She didn't even feel bad about it afterwards, and if she didn't feel bad about it, how could it possibly be that bad? It wasn't like she stabbed someone who could've contributed to society. They were already worthless. Both of them.

Isabel stopped in her tracks as she heard doors open and close around the corner. She wasn't alone in here. Readying her sword, she peeked around the corner only to see the back of a familiar head, Danny. Another friend from ballet. Or maybe she should question his status as a friend. Danny was probably the member of the ballet group that she talked to the least, and Asha, the person she talked to the most out of the bunch, utterly betrayed her trust. Why should she think Danny would be any different? Isabel readied her sword. He didn't look like he was armed, he would probably be an easy kill.

Isabel lowered her sword just as quickly as she raised it. Danny was still somebody she knew. Not some random person that she didn't know at all, or someone she hated like Tina. Danny was funny, and she enjoyed his company like she enjoyed the company of all the members of the ballet group. Maybe Danny wasn't someone she liked a whole lot, but he was someone she liked, which isn't something that someone earns easily. A short term ally would be a benefit to her survival, and Danny was one of the few people left on the island that she could possibly trust, even if only for a few days. Presumably Danny could trust her too since they spent so much time together, and that would make it easier to convince him to stick around with her. It would be a waste of resources for her to just kill him now to get him out of the way. Better to get him to stick around as an extra pair of eyes and ears before stabbing him in the back when he outlived his usefulness.

Isabel walked towards the door that she had seen Danny disappear into before sitting down next to it, waiting for him to come out.

Today was shaping up to be a longer day than Isabel could have possibly imagined.

Isabel looked away from Asha as she spoke, before turning her head towards the speaker playing the morning announcements.

Isabel only half listened to them as she looked at the floor beneath her feet, only smiling ever so slightly when she was complimented for killing Tina. The way Asha was talking to her was far more important than information about who died and who killed. She knew who she killed herself, the number of people left didn't matter until it was just her, and she was more than confident that she could handle any other killers. But Asha already was trying to hide something from her, and now she was trying to manipulate Isabel into trusting Dorothy. She wasn't going to have any of that, she would rather kill the both of them than trust someone that could not be trusted. Anyone she didn't know beforehand and all of her superficial "friends" from high school weren't worth the risk. The only people she could trust were her friends from ballet... but Asha was making Isabel doubt even that.

Isabel tuned back into the announcements when the announcer got to the danger zones and winner of best kill. Some place she wasn't in was the danger zone, and of course she... won...

"Wait, what? But I..!" Isabel gritted her teeth and stopped her from continuing her outburst. She hadn't won the best kill award. Some other girl named Kimiko had won the award instead. Isabel balled up her fists. She knew what the terrorists normally liked, over the top violence was their thing wasn't it? Sure, she didn't intend to get the award from torturing Conrad, but it could've been a nice bonus. When she found this Kimiko girl she was going to make sure to carve her up extra nice and take whatever prize that she should have gotten.

Just as Isabel was getting into her plan for Kimiko, she was pulled out of her thoughts and turned her attention to the sound of Asha's voice. She tried her best to suppress scowling at her, but a mild look of disapproval still made itself evident on her face. There was no error. She killed because she was going to survive. She was the only person on the island that mattered enough. Everyone else was just an animal going through the motions of life, she was the only person that was truly aware of everything going on around her.

Isabel froze up slightly as Asha got harsher with her words. How dare she speak to Isabel that way? It didn't matter if she was eventually going to die anyway, if she won the game and lived to be a ripe 90 years old when her classmates all died at 18, she won. And killing didn't make her a horrible person, she was just doing what she needed to to survive. That's all that mattered. Surviving was all that mattered.

And it was becoming obvious to her that Asha was a threat to her survival.

Isabel tightened her grip on the hilt of her sword. Time to dispose of Asha and Dorothy like she disposed of Conrad. Like she should have originally, when she found the two of them asleep.

Then, Isabel's eyes strayed to Asha's taser, held tight in her hands. If Asha landed that shot, all she had to do was slit Isabel's throat with her own sword and it would all be over. It was too much of a risk to go after her like this. With her being aware and ready for any violent action that might be taken. Instead, Isabel looked away from Asha and stood up. There was no way Asha would have the guts to use the taser on her if she wasn't actively attacking them. Adjusting her bag and halberd, Isabel began walking away from the two of them, before stopping at the library shelf that would have hidden them from view.

She just needed to say one last thing. Get the last laugh.

"Let me be clear with you." Isabel turned to face Asha and Dorothy once again. "I'm going to win this. Even if I have to personally kill every single other person on this island."

Isabel turned away from the two of them for the final time. "I'll let the two of you live. For now. Buuuut..." Isabel smirked and shrugged, before locking eyes with Asha. "Let's just say if I find you guys again... there isn't going to be a single thing in this world that will save you from me. Let's all hope you die before that happens..."

Isabel began walking out of the library, calling back one last time. "Or I'll make you wish you died faster."

((Isabel Ramirez continued in Be Prepared))

"Yep, it's me!" Penelope chirped. "Hey, Astrid!"

Perhaps being excited to see a friend wasn't exactly an appropriate response to the situation at hand. They were in a death game, after all, and even considering her plan their best prospects were everyone dying. Still, enjoying the time they had left was important, even if they could only get the most basic enjoyment in a situation like this. Penelope tossed the corner of the sheet she had been holding onto the table, before sitting down next to Astrid, just out from under the table. "I'm so, so glad I found you. I've been spending so much time looking around for any friendly face I could find, but you're the first one I've actually managed to meet up with."

"So how hav-" Penelope flinched and stopped talking as she heard the sound of the announcements coming on. Turning her head towards the source of the noise, she motioned to Astrid to just sit and listen. Listening for the inevitable names of the dead. The killers didn't matter, she didn't care about who killed. She was certain that they were just scared, lashing out because they are afraid of dying. They might be dangerous, but as long as Penelope had friends behind her, she was certain she would be able to convince them, all of them, to change their minds.

As the names rolled off the tongue of the ringleader of these death games, Penelope looked at the ground illuminated by her flashlight beam. Some names she didn't recognize, but every time she heard a name she did recognize she tensed up, before shaking. Cristo, Abby, Harold, and Joshua. People she knew, maybe she didn't know all of them well, but she knew them. Faces she saw smile and laugh and frown and cry, voices she heard express thoughts and feelings, people with hopes and dreams and worries and fears. People she cared about, like everyone she knew. Lives that had touched hers, and lives that she had touched in return, even if only a little bit. Beautiful, unique little sparks in a cold, dark, uncaring universe.

Gone in an instant, with only a passing mention of the lives that had just lived.

Penelope brought her hands up to her mouth, balled into fists. "Oh god no. Please... why them... why anyone..."

It didn't take long for the tears to flow forth. Penelope whimpered pathetically as she sobbed, trying to think of a something she could do or say. Something to give life back to the dead.

But there was nothing, they were gone. Their last moments presumably painful and traumatic. They probably died afraid, just wanting to hold onto life just a little while longer, if not for themselves but for others.

She didn't deserve to be alive while they died. She wished that she could have given her life to save any of them. Even if her death would ruin any chance of her plan coming together.

As the announcements shut off and Penelope sobbed next to Astrid, the only thing she wanted was for things to be different.

V6 Third Rolls
It's roll time again! This time, we did four. The rolled folks are as follows:

#1. Nate Turner (Slamexo) - Sandy Bricks (Slamexo, Swap Card used)
#2. Danny Brooks (Violent Medic)
#3. Jeremiah Larkin (Lore)
#4. Blair Moore (Espi) - Samuel Howard (Aloha, Hero Card used)

As always, three days for cards...

Posted Image

...and a further seven for deaths.

Posted Image

Please remember that, while you may get extensions beyond this deadline, failure to meet it may get you disqualified from BKA/BDA, as that will occur shortly after deadline.

Also, remember all the rules regarding death PMs, as well as to not gloat about not getting rolled and such.


Isabel sat, inquisitively taking in her surroundings in more detail as Asha spoke.

Isabel took note that Asha trailed off when she mentioned another person being here before Isabel arrived. She was blatantly hiding something... but why? Isabel couldn't think of any reason why Asha would need to hide something from her. What could possibly be so bad that she would feel the need to hide it? Isabel silently gritted her teeth. If Asha was willing to hide something from her, how long until she went from an amusing sidekick to a potential threat?

Isabel curled the fingers of her free hand briefly into a fist, trying to quell any anger that was rising up, before uncurling them. When the time came, Isabel would just drop Asha like any bad investment.

Hopefully from a very high place.

Isabel spoke, trying to remain active in the conversation and feign ignorance of her distrust. "Well, that Wayne guy sounds like a huge asshole for just abandoning you guys like that. I mean... who can you really trust in a situation like this?" Isabel cracked one of the knuckles on her free hand. "I mean I... uh..."

The realization struck Isabel that casually mentioning how she befriended Conrad and Clarice before brutally murdering Conrad probably wouldn't earn her any brownie points. Not only would it give them a reason to not trust her, but they would also get upset at the idea that she murdered someone, even if Isabel knew now that society was wrong for telling her she would feel bad about it afterwards. She thought it would be for the best to just leave her violence ambiguous for now. If the truth came out and became a problem, she could easily toss Asha and Dorothy aside like the broken toys they were. "I... uh... I got this blood all over me for a reason... you know?"

She continued, trying her best to draw attention away from her stammering. "Like... that's why I was asking about Dorothy. I don't really know her and can't really trust her, you know? But if you trust her... I guess I can roll with that."

Isabel remembered that Dorothy was actually listening now and not just asleep.

"Oh uh... no offense, by the way," Isabel said, her gaze trained on Dorothy. "Just... precaution."

V6 BDA Voting Thread #1
Here's the voting thread for Harold Porter! Voting runs for three days.

Posted Image

Penelope stood in the doorway, flashlight scanning the room, waiting for a response to come out of the void of darkness.

But nobody came.

Penelope inched her way into the cluttered room, flashlight beam going from box to box, Penelope's eyes taking in the instruments and devices contained within each, slowly realizing the sheer scale of the horrifying things that had occurred in this place. She slowed her movements, carefully moving between the boxes, looking at each and every one before stopping in her tracks. "Man... this place is horrible."

Penelope bit at the nails of her free hand. This room was giving her the creeps. Not only was it dark and empty, but it was also an operating room for one of the darkest times in medical history. The sheer suffering that had occurred in this place was unimaginable to her. Penelope took careful steps towards the operating table, the centerpiece of the room, only to freeze in her tracks and stand completely upright as she heard a clatter come out from underneath the table.

Slowly turning her head towards the table that the sound came out from underneath, Penelope didn't know what was more unsettling; the thought that she was alone in a dark and scary room, or that she wasn't alone in a dark and scary room. Penelope's instincts screamed for her to bolt out of the room, to crash through all of the boxes and spill their contents on the floor, to just get out of the room as quickly as possible, but instead, Penelope leaned down to lift the cloth obscuring the underside of the table.

Slowly, her hand moved towards the corner of the sheet, before getting a hold of it and lifting it up abruptly, while shining her flashlight into the dark bowels underneath, leaning her head down all the while to get a look at the hidden boogeyman.

Penelope wasn't expecting to see the face that she saw.


Isabel blinked, trying to process what had just happened as Asha jumped up from her seat, taser at the ready, only to immediately drop it and ask how long Isabel had been sitting there.

Then, after a moment of awkward silence, Isabel began to open her mouth, only to close it as Asha suddenly commented on her sword.

"..." Isabel stared at Asha for a for more seconds, silent.

"...Pffffff, hahahaha! Man... Asha, you really know how to make me laugh, even in times like these." Isabel wiped her mouth, residual chuckles escaping her lips. "I mean I'm covered in blood and you... man... good to see you haven't lost your head," Isabel said, with a wink and a smile.

Isabel leaned back further into the couch, getting more comfortable where she sat in spite of the halberd shaft pressing into her back. "Annnnnyway... I've been here for a couple of minutes, actually. Wasn't quite sure when you guys were actually going to wake up, but I figured I wouldn't disturb you," Isabel said, shrugging, arms out, a smirk plastered on her face.

"So..." Isabel began again. "Besides the whole 'death game' and 'trying to taze me' things... how've you been? That's what people seem to say, no matter the situation, yeah?" Isabel chuckled, again. "I mean... people can be in the middle of a fucking war and ask each other how they've been. It's so... ridiculous. You know?" Isabel sighed, contently. "Seriously though, how you doing? Holding up well?"

Isabel glanced over towards Dorothy, eyes narrowing. "...And what about her?"

((Penelope Fitzgerald continued from A World of Sadness))

Penelope walked down the fetid stairs to the asylum's basement, gagging on the stale air as she sunk further into the depths below.

After Penelope had left the gym, her day had been mostly unremarkable. She wandered around the facilities near the gym, looking for her boyfriend, or any friends she could count on. As she stayed on the move, she only saw unfamiliar faces of people passing from the different areas, on the move themselves. People she couldn't trust to join her in her plan without any sort of support behind her. So whenever she saw anyone, she hid. Often finding that they either didn't notice her or actively moved away from her themselves. Eventually, the sun started setting, and so Penelope hid in one of the staff housing blocks for the night, only to get back on the move as the early morning twilight peeked into the window nearby where she tucked herself away.

Soon after making it out of the staff housing block, she moved towards the connecting bridge while narrowly avoiding being seen by a short girl in a blood soaked pink sweater who had just crossed it, hoping that she might find a friendly face in the buildings on the other side.

So Penelope entered the asylum, before making her way towards the basement, where she was now.

Glancing down the dark and musty hallway of the asylum basement, Penelope's flashlight beam splitting the darkness, she saw before her three doors, spread out quite a fair distance from one another. One on the farthest end, one near on the side, and one halfway down the hallway on the other side. A sense of dread washed over her as she looked between the doors. She felt only despair hiding behind each one. Frozen from fear, from concern about what she could find on the other side of the doors, she looked between them, before turning to the nearest door leading into the lobotomy lab. Penelope moved towards the slightly ajar heavy door, before stopping as she reached the handle. Maybe she should knock first, announce her presence. One of her friends or someone she knows might be behind the door. They might be paranoid, scared. They might attack her as soon as she opened the door before even realizing who she was. She would die with no fanfare and they would feel guilty for the rest of their presumably short lives.

Penelope reached out her empty hand and knocked on the door, loud enough for anyone inside the room to hear, but not loud enough for anyone in the other rooms to hear. At least, that was the idea.

Penelope leaned her flashlight into the dark room, letting the beam fall on the wall, some cabinets, and a few boxes of junk. She spoke. "Hello? Anyone in here? It's uh... Penelope. Penelope Fitzgerald. I'm coming inside here, and if anyone is in here... I won't hurt you. I promise. So... please, don't hurt me. Please."

Then, Penelope leaned on the door, pushing it open.

((Isabel Ramirez continued from By the time you hear the next pop, the funk shall be within you))

Isabel Ramirez trudged through the library, the early morning light peeking through the windows, with her sword and halberd, trophies of brutality, in tow.

Isabel stopped moving, holding out her left hand and looking at it, eyelids heavy. She was slightly sleep deprived. After killing Conrad, she wandered around the asylum for a few more hours before electing to curl up in a somewhat spacious cabinet, halberd tucked away in a closet nearby, and falling asleep. Some time passed, and she woke up before crawling out of the cabinet and keeping on the move again in the morning twilight. Isabel had always been a morning person, albeit more out of necessity than anything. She was always quick to fall asleep once her work was done, only to awaken early and enjoy an hour or two to herself before her parents got up to start their day. Those early hours were always the highlight of her days. Day after day, constantly working hard to avoid being punished by her parents. It was tiring.

Isabel balled her hand up into a fist. Her parents couldn't punish her now. She was carving her own destiny. She was in control, no one else. She was going to make it off of the island alive, even if she had to personally kill every single one of her classmates. And in spite of what society always told her, she'd probably enjoy it too. Killing made her feel powerful, made her feel important. It gave her a rush that she hadn't felt before she wound up in this situation. And dragging the kill out? Made all of the feelings even more intense. Isabel tilted her head back, looking at the ceiling as she lowered her arm. Before she got on the island, Isabel never really thought of herself as a sadist. But in hindsight? The signs were always there. She enjoyed making other people feel worse, emotionally. That was the whole point of the bullying. That and the sense of power and control she got out of it. Hurting people physically was just a logical step up. One she never even considered as a possibility before she got here. One that would stop being a possibility once she made it out alive.

Once she made it out alive...

Isabel lowered her head. She didn't actually have a plan on what to do once she made it off the island. She could probably just go back to what she was planning on doing before... but... could she really go back? After what she has already done? People would know what she did. They would treat her like a monster. She would probably never have a normal life again. All the hard work she did for the sake of her parents, for the sake of her future... would be utterly pointless. Isabel's hands shook. Had she made a mistake? Had she chosen the wrong path? Did she really need to let her feelings in the moment take control of her back in that cell with Conrad? Isabel collapsed to the floor, sitting up, looking at her hands, sword resting in her lap. Her future was gone. In a single few minutes, she made sure her future went up in smoke.

...But, maybe all that didn't matter. Maybe she acted on impulse, maybe she made a mistake. But as Isabel sat, she realized that she didn't really care all that much about her future. She cared more about her hard work and effort being for nothing than the thought of having no real future once she got out. Maybe all that really matters is how she felt right now, in this moment. She could deal with the future when she gets there. For right now...

Isabel grabbed her sword out of her lap, before standing up. In for a penny, in for a pound.

All that mattered now was surviving, and maybe getting some excitement while she did it. Isabel began moving again, trudging through the library, keeping her eyes peeled for any potential threats... or potential victims. Isabel looked up, noticing a couch peeking out from behind a bookshelf. It was still very early in the morning, if somebody was in here, they might be sleeping on that couch. Isabel slowed her footsteps, making her way closer and closer to the couch, raising her sword in case anyone was on it. Closer, ever closer still, until...

Isabel turned her head as she got past the bookshelf blocking her view. Over in the chair was Asha. Isabel stopped dead in her tracks, staring at Asha sleeping, slumped over in her chair. Isabel and Asha had ballet classes together. Isabel had arguably known her longer than anyone else. They talked a lot after the classes, waiting to be picked up by their parents. Most of the time Isabel didn't really care too deeply for conversation, but Asha always had a distinct spirit about her. Talking to her was actually enjoyable, unlike nearly everyone else she had ever met in her life. Isabel turned her head downwards, towards the person sleeping on the couch. Dorothy, a friend of Asha. Or, at least, Isabel thought Dorothy and Asha were friends. Thinking about it, she wasn't so sure.

Isabel glanced between the two sleeping girls. Weighing her options. She could just kill them both, stab Dorothy in the throat before making her way over to Asha and gutting her. But at the same time, Isabel liked having Asha around. Her presence was like that of an amusing puppy. She kept Isabel entertained. It would be such a waste to kill her so abruptly, with no fanfare. Even if she was eventually going to die anyway, Asha was more valuable to Isabel alive than dead. Plus, Isabel could probably find some use for her in the meantime.

Isabel turned her focus towards Dorothy. If she wasn't going to kill Asha, she couldn't kill Dorothy. Killing Dorothy and then acting like nothing was wrong would make Asha mad. Even if Isabel personally couldn't care less if someone she knew killed another person she knew, they were in a death game after all, the same couldn't necessarily be said of the other people around her. Isabel quietly sighed, before moving towards the other couch and sitting down.

Today was going to be a long day.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
The Burned Handler
Oct 4 2016, 07:38 PM
Oct 4 2016, 07:15 PM
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Appropriate response.

A World Of Sadness
Penelope closed her eyes and sighed, before standing up.

"That's okay, I understand. It's not an easy decision to make," Penelope said to Asuka.

"I..." Penelope looked at the ground for a few seconds. "I just... want to say. Before we go our separate ways." She swallowed, considering her words. "Just because something hasn't happened before doesn't mean it can't happen now." Penelope glanced at a beam of light coming from one of the windows, dust particles floating through the air. "There's no other option. You either die doing what's right or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

Penelope closed her eyes again, pausing. "You can try your best to remain good while trying to mess with the terrorists. But what are you going to do? Break a few cameras? Try to escape? It won't work, they'll just blow you up. They'll blow all of us up if you actually succeed." Penelope paused for a few seconds, searching for words, before continuing, "They're probably already watching you like a hawk just because of what you said right there. No, I think... I think instead you'll be too scared to die, and you'll give up on whatever plan you'll have brewing and do exactly what they want."

Penelope opened her eyes, staring directly at Asuka. "It's better to take a stand, make a statement on what's right. If we all get together and decide not to fight until the terrorists end it, we'll win. Their goal is to show how horrible everyone is, deep down. How people will break under pressure and act no better than animals. And if this game goes like all the ones before, they will be proven right. They'll win again."

Penelope closed her eyes again, her head turned downwards, speaking only loud enough to be audible. "But if my plan works, for the first time in history, they will truly lose."

She lifted up her bag and slung it over her shoulder. "Goodbye, Asuka. If you change your mind, hopefully you'll be able to find me."

Penelope turned to leave, before briefly craning her head back in Asuka's direction, one final thing to say. "No matter what happens though... don't let yourself lose control. Don't do what they want. For any reason." She turned her head back towards the door. "I'm going to make things right. I guarantee it."

And with that, Penelope left the gym, her stalwart determination burning ever brighter.

((Penelope Fitzgerald continued in Quickdraw))

SOTF Halloween Movie Night
As a horror connoisseur I thought I'd come in here and leave some suggestions of actually good horror movies rather than so-bad-it's good or parody horror movies for people to potentially enjoy watching at their own leisure if they so desire (rather than as suggestions for the movie night).

  • Misery (1990)
  • Alien (1979)
  • Silence of the Lambs (1991)
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
  • Jacob's Ladder (1990)
  • The Thing (1982)
  • The Descent (2005) [Not to be confused with the Sci-Fi channel movie with a similar name released in the same year.]
  • We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011)
  • It Follows (2014)

    If you haven't watched any of those films, go watch them. Trust me. Some of them are better than others (higher on the list is generally better) but I think they're all pretty good/decent.