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Sitting in my room on my computer, same as normal.

I WOULD dress up as Nepeta if I had the money for the stuff I would need.

'Cause she's adorable.

Challenges for V6
Give me a challenge NAFT :D

(I mean I have my characters for V6 worked out but I can always incorporate things)

V5 Final Four/Endgame Discussion Thread
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To be perfectly honest, I'm not very interested. Two good characters that I like but I think get too much hype and two mediocre characters that opinions are pretty unfavorable about. Not my type of endgame, I know who I want to win, and I admittedly probably won't pay attention until it's done.

In the meantime, waiting for V5 epilogue and V6 pregame.

V5 Twentieth Rolls
Maddie's dead.

Thanks to everyone who participated in V5 for making my time participating truly an amazing experience.

I've grown significantly as a writer and as a person since I joined SOTF, and for that, I thank all of you. :)

((Madeline Wilcox continued from Dominoes...))

Madeline Wilcox was not going to survive.

Maddie began to get more and more ill as the day progressed.

She wandered around the gated community in a haze after her encounter with Mara. She couldn't think very clearly. She didn't see anyone.

Eventually, she got too weak to run.

Eventually, she got too weak to walk.

Eventually, all she could do is sit down next to a wall inside one of the community's houses.

She had a fever. Her head hurt. Her abdomen hurt. Breathing was difficult. She took painkillers to relieve some of the pain to no avail. In her haze she sat there for what felt to her like hours, waiting for the illness to go away, when in reality it was likely just a few minutes.

Then, a moment of clarity. She unzipped her jacket, lifted her shirt, and slowly unwrapped her bandages, too afraid to find out what she knew what was coming next.

The area around her wound was swollen and the wound itself was oozing. It had gotten infected.

The symptoms clicked. She had sepsis. She had no chance unless she got medical attention.

Suddenly, a wave of regret overcame her. She had doomed herself by not seeking out clean water to clean the wound with immediately, even if she didn't quite know how to clean deep wounds she should have at least tried.

She had doomed herself by helping and staying with Joe.

She had made a mistake. She had made a terrible mistake, and now she was going to die for it.

She didn't know what to do. She didn't know what to think or how to react.

She didn't want to die. She really, really did not want to die.

And then, she cried. She cried the most pitiful, defeated cry she had ever cried. Her life was over. Everything she struggled for, her life, her hopes, her dreams, they would all just become nothing in the end. She was meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

They didn't matter. She didn't matter. Nothing mattered. She continued to cry.

She reflected. In hindsight, everything she did on the island was just her attempts at making sure that she mattered. She wanted to survive because she wanted her life to eventually mean something. The struggles she went through with depression, with being a transgender youth, they had to mean something, she had to be important, right?

But it was all for naught, both then and now. She was inevitably going to die, off the island or on the island. She would eventually cease to exist in the end, return to the oblivion from whence she came. She would eventually cease to matter, one way or another, her life never truly having real meaning in the first place.

Everyone would forget about her. Everyone would forget about everyone on the island. The world would keep on spinning, not even knowing what happened to the students of Aurora High School. Not knowing who they were, what they did, what their stories were. Just knowing some names and a few statistics.

She knew that it was all pointless. She knew that she also didn't have a lot of time left to dwell on the matter. All she had to do left was die, and preferably as painlessly as possible. She weakly picked up the gun-knife from where it lie on the floor of the house next to her. She weakly took a musket ball out of the bag.

The last one. Poetic. Not like that would matter in the end either.

She loaded the gun-knife. The weapon she had used to kill two people. The weapon she had stolen. The source of all of her crimes.

Karmic that it would bring her end.

She lifted the gun-knife to the bottom of her chin, holding it with both hands. The top of the cold, unforgiving blade pressed up against her lips and chin.

She continued to cry. Even now, knowing she was already dead, knowing that she was pointless, she still wanted to live, to cling on to another few minutes of painful, uncaring life. She felt like she still had something left to do. She felt like she needed to make amends.

"I-I'm..." She held back her tears. "I'm sorry mom. I'm sorry dad. I'm sorry Nina. I'm sorry Veronica. I'm sorry Alex and Yasmin. I'm sorry RJ. I'm so, so sorry."

She pulled the trigger.

With a loud pop, and the thud of a body hitting the ground, everything that made Madeline who she was ceased to be. She re-entered oblivion, never to think or feel anything ever again, only to ultimately be forgotten in the end.

G005: Madeline Wilcox: Deceased

Maddie backed up a bit before turning around and gunning it when Mara threatened to open fire.

In hindsight, not ignoring Mara was a bad idea. Maddie needed to keep on her toes, she couldn't afford to let her guard down like she just did. After she rounded a corner and was out of Mara's line of sight, she stopped, caught her breath, and made her way away from the scene at a slower pace.

She didn't know why Mara went from being rather reasonable to immediately threatening to kill her. Maddie was usually more keen to let a situation progress before she threatens to open fire on someone. She decided not to worry too much about it though, Mara was just another person left who was paranoid and violent. They all had to be in order to make it this far. Or at least, she thought so.

Maddie felt very warm, not just from the running that she had just done. She was definitely running a fever. She sighed. Fantastic time to get sick, just as the game is wrapping up. She doubted her chances of actually making it out of the game alive at this point.

A terrible way to go, to get this far on smarts and some luck and then just die to someone because you're too sick to defend yourself.

She resolved to herself that she wasn't going to go out like that, she would keep fighting and surviving until the bitter end. She's given up too much to turn back now and just give up. She needed to survive, for her friends, for everyone who died. She needed to make sure something good came out of all of this in the end.

Madeline Wilcox would win and survive, she told herself.

She would survive.

((Madeline Wilcox continued in Goodnight))

Maddie wasn't very surprised when she heard that Mara wanted to kill Katarina.

She couldn't imagine that anyone left was on very good terms with her, given how many people she had murdered and how many enemies she had made. Maddie certainly didn't like her just on the basis of how many people she killed.

Maddie was, however, taken aback when she heard that Hansel had the chance to kill Mara and simply let her go. It seemed very out of character for Hansel to do anything other than threaten and murder. That's all the experience she has had with him, after all. Maybe... maybe he wasn't as bad as she thought.

...No, he was definitely as bad as she thought, on reflection. Nobody could kill that many people and still be morally okay, at least in her books. She didn't know what to think of Hansel sparing Mara, and she decided to voice that. "Odd... all the times I've interacted with Hansel he was either trying to rob me or killing my friends."

She coughed. She felt a bit weak, and like sitting down or lying down somewhere would be in her best interests. Perhaps she had the flu, not just a mere cold. Now that she thought about it, given the unsanitary conditions of the island she's surprised she didn't get sick sooner. "Still though, why are you destroying those buildings? You didn't quite answer me from before."

Perhaps Mara was taking out her frustration at Katarina, or maybe she just wanted to destroy something. Maddie could understand both, given the situation.

Maddie wasn't quite sure why she was continuing conversation with Mara, but she was curious and Mara didn't seem to pose any sort of threat to her.

At least, not at the moment.

Maddie couldn't say she was very surprised when Mara pointed a gun at her.

Couldn't blame her for being cautious, Maddie would do the same thing if someone tried to approach her from the side. She halted her movements, but she didn't put her hands up, it was obvious that Mara wasn't the shoot first ask questions later type, so she didn't feel much panic at the situation. She watched Mara toss a grenade into a nearby, smaller mansion without paying too much attention to her.

"My name is Madeline. Last name Wilcox." She said, with the same lack of urgency that Mara gave her.

"Admittedly I was hoping that you wouldn't immediately point a gun at my face as I walked up. I was just wondering what you were doing, what with the explosions." She backed up a small amount before continuing. "I was actually thinking that either Katarina or Hansel was over here causing havoc, I thought that I might have been able to stop it. Then when I saw you I thought you might have taken one of them down."

She paused for a moment, considering her words. "In any case, I didn't have any intentions or reasons to hurt you."

((Madeline Wilcox continued from There are some things a man just can't run away from.))

Maddie walked along around the houses along the gated community, significantly relaxed from earlier.

This certainly was a tranquil spot to get a break from things, with nobody around she could finally wind down and just enjoy herself.

She coughed into her sleeve. She had been feeling a bit ill from the morning, feverish even, she had assumed that she had caught a cold at some point. She worried about how the cold might affect her performance if it came to a life or death situation, but she doubted it would be fully relevant; the fight or flight response works wonders for allowing you to act in dire situations.

She decided not to worry about it, instead focus on the area around her. It was very quiet, serene even. It made her feel comfortable.

Then she heard the sounds of an explosion and the loud collapse of a building.

Maddie hit the ground as fast as she could, bruising her palms as they absorbed most of the impact. She looked around frantically for where the sound came from. She didn't quite know where, but it was close. Against her better judgement, she headed in the vague direction of the noise.

As she moved towards the sound, there came another explosion, albeit quieter this time, and with no big collapse. She saw smoke in the sky where she was heading. She knew she was moving in the right direction, at least.

She emerged from behind one of the houses, gun-knife in hand, trying to see what was going on. She didn't think anyone left had quite enough firepower to make a house collapse, but she couldn't exactly say she was surprised. And to think, some poor soul might have just met a very messy end.

She was expecting to see Hansel or Katarina nearby the rubble of one of the houses, having gotten away with yet another murder. Instead, she saw Amaranta near a collapsed house and another house that was on fire.

Logic told her to just ignore Mara and go on her way, avoid the person that's blowing up buildings, but instead she moved towards her, from the side.

Perhaps she was curious, perhaps she wanted to see if Mara had just managed to take Kat or Hansel down. Whatever the reason, Maddie moved towards the girl as she searched for another grenade.

There are some things a man just canít run away from.
Maddie sat there, waiting as Joe tried and failed to kill himself.

He passed out, presumably from the blood loss. She didn't know quite what to do about it, she knew he was already done for.

She picked up the gun-knife from off Joe and considered helping him die just slightly faster, but she couldn't bring herself to do it.

Instead, she sat there next to Joe as he slowly died. Even if Joe didn't want her to waste her time, she couldn't bring herself to leave him alone. So, she stayed.

She stayed throughout the rest of the day, despite the dangers of being out in the open, eventually going to sleep nearby him after the sun set.

In the morning, the announcements came on. She didn't listen, they weren't important. Not now. Not this late into the game. All that mattered was that she was truly, utterly alone and it was really a kill or be killed situation.

Not long after, Joe stopped breathing. After he died, she stood up. Two corpses in the same area now. She walked over to what used to be Michael, his stomach blown open by a gunshot. She sat down, in between the two bodies. She didn't know what to do, or to think. She knew this would come. She didn't think it would come so quickly and so viciously. All she could do was apologize.

"I'm... I'm sorry guys. I'm really, really sorry."

With that, she stood up and began packing her things back up. Once they were fully packed, she gave one last look at the gruesome sight. She barely flinched from taking in the horrifying image all at once, she had seen too much already. All she felt was more sadness at the death of two people who didn't deserve to die, especially like this.

She began moving away from the scene, away from the violence. She needed to find a tranquil place to stay for a little while.

She needed it.

((Madeline Wilcox continued in Dominoes))

There are some things a man just canít run away from.
Maddie was taken slightly aback by Joe's sudden outburst of energy.

Perhaps dying alone wasn't the worst, but it was certainly rather terrible, at least to her. She didn't want to die alone, come the time, whenever it was.

Then, Joe asked for a gun. Her mind instantly went to suicide. She didn't know what to think about it. Suicide wasn't the best way out by any means but it was probably better than sitting there bleeding to death slowly. What right did she have to deny a quicker death to him when he didn't have a chance in the first place? She took out the gun-knife and loaded another shot into it.

Then she placed it gently in front of Joe, near his hands. "There you go."

Perhaps Joe was going to do something different from what she thought with it. But, guns were meant for killing, and it was unlikely that he was going to try and kill her, even if the possibility was there. That left only one other options. "Just... before you do anything with that... is there anything left that you wanted to say or do? I can try to help fulfill those wishes, if you want."

There are some things a man just canít run away from.
Madeline's smile disappeared when Joe realized the reality of things.

She took her hand away from pressuring his wounds. "I... I know. I just thought I could buy you a little bit more time."

She put the roll of bandages back in the first aid kit, but didn't close it. She debated telling Joe how much time she thought that he had left. He might not want to hear that he doesn't have much longer left to live at all. Or, maybe he already knew how much time he had. Regardless, she might as well be honest with him. "If anything I'd say that you have until tomorrow morning, at best." She looked down at the ground. She couldn't afford to look in the eyes of someone who was dying. Not again.

She felt guilty over the situation. It was her fault that Hansel shot Joe, if she had actually disabled Hansel rather than just maiming him then both she and Joe wouldn't have bullets in their stomachs. She felt like she needed to apologize. "I'm sorry this happened. If... if only I had been a better shot you wouldn't be like this."

She sat in silence for a few moments after saying that. She needed to make this up to him somehow. "If you want, though, I can stay with you. Just so you don't have to die here all alone." Staying with Joe would be the least she could do to make it up to him. She bit her bottom lip slightly. "Dying all alone has to be one of the most terrible things that one can go through."

There are some things a man just canít run away from.
Maddie didn't know really how to respond to Joe reminding her about how she brutally murdered Veronica.

"Yeah, about that..."

She didn't like thinking about it, but she might as well deal with her demons now, when she had the chance. "Don't feel bad for being angry at people. It's an understandable reaction to this fucked up situation we're in."

She paused, putting a bit more pressure on Joe's wound. "Veronica died because she killed RJ accidentally when she was trying to kill me. I got angry at my friend's death and I murdered someone because of it." She shook her head. "Avenging someone else doesn't really justify it though."

She coughed, catching it with the crook of her available elbow. She continued. "A sort of similar thing happened with Nina. She was hitting me because she was... rather justifiably angry at me. I was scared, I didn't want to die. So I reacted. She died."

She fell silent for a few seconds. "Heck, we were both angry at Hansel just now. Trying to kill him because of it. He's done some bad things, yes, but it's still amazing how the conditions that we're put in can cause us to get so violent so quickly."

She sighed. "But, anyway. All in all, I regret what I did. I wish there was a better way but things can just get out of your control so quickly..."

She realized that she'd been talking without letting Joe really say anything. "But eh... that's just me rambling about things. Sorry."

There are some things a man just canít run away from.
Maddie frowned as Joe brought up RJ.

She was still hurt by thoughts of RJ's death, or the deaths of any of her friends now that she thought about it. They were dead and she would never be able to talk to or have fun with any of them ever again, even if she ended up leaving the island.

She needed to stay positive though, for Joe's sake. She pushed away the thoughts for now and mustered up a small, warm smile before talking to him. "Yeah... that's me. Madeline. We met once, while you were standing over a wounded boy."

Joe had managed to uncurl a little bit but it was very obvious that that caused him a lot of pain just by itself, he probably couldn't get on his back like Maddie wanted him to. She took the gauze out from the first aid kit again. "I understand if you can't roll onto your back like I asked, you look like you're in a lot of pain."

She unraveled a bit of the gauze from the roll. "Just stay still and I'll try doing the best I can."

She gently moved Joe's shirt up his the length of his torso, doing her best not to cause any more pain, to see the wound. It was as worse than she thought it would be. If she thought her wound was a mess of blood, Joe's would be an absolute wreck. Her warm smile receded when she saw that. She had no idea if she could actually help Joe out here, he was probably going to die regardless of what she did. Still, she might as well help, she might just give him a few more hours of life.

She began wrapping Joe's torso in gauze, slowly and carefully. After she had the wound covered, she ripped a strip off the roll. "This is probably going to hurt, but I'm going to need to press down on the wound in order to help stop the bleeding."

With the end of that statement, she began pressing down on the wound with the gauze, hoping to slow the bleeding as much as possible without causing Joe any additional pain.

There are some things a man just canít run away from.
Maddie fired another shot as Hansel ran away from the scene.

"Get back here!" She screamed, knowing full well he wouldn't listen.

Hansel couldn't be allowed to get away again, not after killing yet another person and wounding both Maddie and Joe. Maddie sighed, admitting defeat. Hansel was already long gone and there was no way she could run after him with her wound, she needed to treat it before she did anything else.

She sat down on the ground, opened her jacket, and looked at her stomach wound. It wasn't a pretty sight, it was a painful mess of blood, but the bullet thankfully did not hit any major blood vessels, at least that she knew of. It wasn't going to be lethal as long as she managed to treat it.

Maddie pulled out her first aid kit. She didn't know quite how to properly clean a bullet wound and she didn't have enough clean water anywhere nearby, all of her bottles were practically empty and she needed to refill them, but she did at least know how to bandage and stop the bleeding and she had the supplies for it. She took the gauze out of the first aid kit and wrapped it around her abdomen, while taking a bit of extra gauze and pressing down on the wound to make sure it stopped bleeding. After about two minutes of continuous pressure, the bleeding had mostly ceased, at least to a manageable point. She wrapped herself in another layer of gauze for good measure before standing again and zipping up her jacket.

Maddie turned to look at Joe, who was on the ground, curled up in a ball. He was wounded, it looked like he was in extreme pain and that he was a lot worse off than she was. He obviously needed help. Maddie considered just leaving him to die, but her conscience wouldn't let her, she was obligated to help him to the best of her ability.

Maddie managed to ignore the pain from her wound, leftover adrenaline still pumping through her body and dulling it, and walked over to Joe. She got down on the ground nearby him, first aid kit in hand. "Roll over on your back, please, if you want me to be able to help you."

There are some things a man just canít run away from.
Maddie had actually hit Hansel.

Maddie was shocked that she had actually managed to hit Hansel, in the face no less. That had to be the first shot that she had actually hit out of all of them that she had fired on the island.

Then, Hansel glared at her, his bloodied face giving her the angriest glare that she had ever received in her life. Then he raised his pistol. Then, he shot Joe.

Then, he shot her.

Her abdomen was suddenly on fire. She felt her warm blood touch her skin as the wound began to bleed. Her jacket became stained with her own blood for the first time during her stay on the island, joining the dried blood of Nina and Veronica.

She didn't look down at the pain, she couldn't afford to examine her wound in detail, that would just let Hansel get another shot off. And she couldn't risk turning tail and running either, that would just be leaving Joe to die and Hansel to potentially live from one of their confrontations yet again. Plus, she might already be dead for all she knew from the wound in her stomach, she didn't like considering it but it was a possibility. She needed to finish what she started, make sure Hansel didn't walk away from this and kill again. Or worse, win and leave and never face the retributions for his crimes on the island.

She quickly loaded the gun-knife, she had gotten quite efficient at loading it, and took aim once again at Hansel. She fired, her hands shaking during the shot from the pain and adrenaline. She loaded another musket ball into the gun-knife, and prepared to take another shot.

As she did that, Maddie just hoped that she would live through all of this.

V5 Twentieth Rolls
I'm going to be the first person here to bite the bullet and ask for a hero, I suppose.

I'm not sure if there are even heroes left in play that are usable, and I won't be surprised if the endgamers don't want to use the cards because they're entering endgame. But, I ask anyway just in case anyone cares.

As for death ideas... I'll get back to you on that.

There are some things a man just canít run away from.
Maddie gritted her teeth at Hansel's response.

Pull the trigger faster than her? Unless he could read her mind she would at least get the first shot if he's just going to ignore her like this.

Maybe he meant he could fire faster than her. Admittedly, that was true, he was using a gun that was much more suited for actually firing bullets than her gun was. Even so, she had an ally in Joe, and that could easily be a deciding factor.

Speaking of, Joe picked up the scythe that had been on the ground. He did so weakly, mumbling something while having to use the scythe to stand up, but he did so. Maddie recognized that this was probably going to be her best opportunity. If she fired, Hansel would have to do one of two things, focus on her or focus on Joe. If he focused on her, that would be Joe's chance to skewer him with the scythe. Alternatively, if he focused on Joe, Maddie could keep shooting at him from relative safety.

Maddie took aim at Hansel's center of mass. She held her breath and steadied her hands and her grip. She couldn't afford to completely miss this shot, she needed to at least wound him. Hansel had to go down, here and now.

She fired.

And for a second there, caught in the moment of taking down one of the island's most unrepentant killers, she completely forgot about her own sense of self preservation.