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Buffy Mafia Sign-Ups
I'll sign up.


Community Mafia: Fallout Thread
Fun fact: I figured out I might be a judas a day or two ago and was planning on trying to get lynched if it looked like town was utterly fucked but I wasn't expecting this game to be so one-sided. So if Dom hadn't ended the game right there I had a plan to act super scummy and get lynched the next day phase (it worked for Skraal). But because it ended like that I lost with town. :(

bg no re. ;)

Community Mafia: Game Thread
Alright alright hold on I got to look through all of this stuff and respond accordingly.

Also you all suck at this. (these are getting less creative as I go along) :D

First, everyone, remember that I have school and cannot respond during the day. Now to your regularly scheduled post.

TT, answer a few questions for me, wouldja? Is there any one person right now you'd be confident in a lynch for? Can you point me to a post in the past of Polybius' that gives an example of his defensiveness?

Speaking of Turtle, I really would like to hear more from her. It'd probably even help absolve my opinions a little if she came to her own defence at this point.

Also because Turtle has gone awfully silent since my claim at her and Penguin came in to save her, which doesn't give me much to work with but still adds to my suspicion that the two are in cahoots.

I went silent because I had no idea what to really say (also I have excessive schoolwork). I thought that my plan was a legitimate idea that could be considered, because, as I said in the post, the addition of a flavor cop makes me think that flavor has a lot to do with who is scum and who is not. A mass flavor claim would not necessarily jeopardize our power-roles with the exception of the vigilante (which I only realized after the fact) because the Vig is the only one who has a revealed name and roles have been only tangentially related to the person they are attached to. I knew that scum might have safe-flavor-claims and I might have not considered all the consequences, which is why I asked for opinions on the idea from people (and got some).

As for Naft's questions, first, no there is not someone I would be confident with a lynch for. Considering the potential mylo I don't like the possibility of us being wrong and there is not a single person here that I am completely sure of. Second, let me elaborate on my read of Poly, he's low activity and all of his posts are either one of three things: 1. Utterly useless. 2. Only came in to defend himself when someone targets him. 3. Piling onto a bandwagon. As I may point out, he piled onto the Skraal wagon, the Ciel wagon (and commented that he was going to pile onto the Grim wagon but changed his mind), and the Un-Persona wagon, all without any real explanation as to why. I'm still not confident in Poly being scum because he mentioned school being a reason why his activity is sparse (and I can understand that...). All in all I'm indecisive about practically all my reads and my opinions on what's going on. :/ Sorry that I am not as much help as I would like to be.

Community Mafia: Game Thread
Oct 25 2013, 04:52 PM
"That was a game," [color=red]Annie Edison[/color] said, needlessly dramatically. "This is paintball."

Another thwip later, Fat Neil also had paint on his clothes. Fat Neil and Vicki threw their paintball guns down and stormed out of the Study Room.

"Cool." [color=red]Abed Nadir[/color] said, emerging from the shadows. "Cool cool cool."
I'm colorblind.

It specifically says "red" up there in that code quoted directly from your post.

(stupid PR) And you all are the biggest imbeciles in existence.

Community Mafia: Game Thread

Also you are all terrible people.

AND ALSO I didn't see Persy's post so I am going to properly respond to that now.

That said, Abed and Annie seem like one of the least likely scum members, so that makes that null.

Go check the last flavor post Dom put it, Abed and Annie's names are specifically put in red. As for the rest of your post, understandable, again, just wanted to point out something we could potentially do and get feedback on it.

Community Mafia: Game Thread
Oct 27 2013, 01:24 PM
Yeah, I'm going to go and Vote: TurtleTyrant

Your explanation of the passive town claim is totally useless btw, because anyone can just say 'I'm town so don't get all zealous about my lack of activity'. I'm more concerned with this sudden suggestion for a mass claim, roles or not be damned. It'd be way too easy for the scum to slip some fake-claim in and just blend in with the crowd, and it would no doubt give the mafia some juicy targets if the flavor is anything to go by. That and your non-committal attitude to flinging a scum read on me is usually not a super towny attribute either.
Yes yes Slam, that's why I said I wanted people's feedback on whether they think this would be a good idea or not. If the general consensus was that it would be a bad idea, then we don't have to do it. It was simply an idea to give us something to think about or potentially put into action, and I explicitly mentioned that scum might have safe claims as a potential problem with my idea. Also, my scum read on you is legitimate. You seem scummy, but I'm not entirely sure about that. I'm not entirely sure about ANYONE'S alignment, even Condor and Persy, who I am fairly sure are town. Calm yourself.

Community Mafia: Game Thread
Oh yeah.


Forgot to mention, as proof that there will likely be people falling into study group room F that aren't mafia, Shirley is an example (who is AMF and dead) and apparently Pierce Hawthorne (which is myself, shows how much I was paying attention when reading stuff on the wiki X|). BUT, we still know Abed and Annie are scum, and catching two scum would be fantastic for us right now.

Also you all suck. :D

Community Mafia: Game Thread
Every single one of you should go fall into a pit and starve to death in the pit, just like mongrels like you all deserve. :D

Alright, I'm finally relatively caught up with this game and I have a half hour to post actual things. Firstly, to defend myself from this seemingly pretty random jab at me, I see no problem with passively claiming town, I am town, and people have been trying to get on me for lack of activity all game, figured it would help get people off my back for being exhausted and not wanting to pour over analysis. And for the legitimate jab at me, I didn't realize that Persy had explicitly roleclaimed because he didn't do the whole I'm Person: The Role and I'm a dunce.


dmboogie - no read, too low activity, not relevant enough
Slamexo - leaning scum, his posts are usually a bit more analysis heavy, but I'm not sure
Persy - fairly certain is town, see below
Poly - leaning scum due to having the lowest activity and his posts really only coming when he needs to defend himself
Mara- no read, can't really decide on Mara, he's trying to be helpful while at the same time his constant pressure on Grim puts me off
CondorTalon - fairly certain is town, see below
Sickness - no read, posts have been too short, although if I had to pick I would probably say town
NAFT - strong town due to overall trying to encourage activity and overall helpfulness (not trying to buddy, don't worry :V)
Zabriel - no read, has been helpful but also scummy, need more information
penguin_alien - town, mostly due to how she's been pretty helpful with starting discussion and such

...however those reads aren't the only things that I have to say. I decided to go over the lore of community, since, due to the addition of a flavor cop, the lore will likely give us clues to who is scum and who isn't. I have compiled a list of who everyone is lore wise + roles if we know them (going by claims and posting restrictions).

Skraal - The Greendale Human Being - Jester
MurderWeasel - RICH STEPHENSON - Doctor
Aura Master Fox - SHIRLEY BENNETT - Flavour Cop
Psychedelic - SUBWAY - Townie
Broseidon - TODD JACOBSON - Vengeful Townie
VysePresident - MAGNITUDE - Bodyguard
DocBalance - SENOR CHANG - Serial Killer
Decoy73 - VICKI JENKINS - Lover
Grim Wolf - FAT NEIL - Lover
TurtleTyrant - Unknown (well, known now, see below) - Unknown
dmboogie - Unknown - Unknown
Slamexo - Unknown - Unknown
Persy - VAUGHN MILLER - Double Voter
Poly - Unknown - Unknown
Mara - Unknown - Unknown
CondorTalon - IAN DUNCAN- Unknown
Sickness - Unknown - Unknown
NAFT - Unknown - Unknown
Zabriel - Unknown - Unknown
penguin_alien - Unknown - Unknown

As for what Dom has revealed through the flavor posts, we know for certain that Annie Edison and Abed Nadir are scum characters, and likely anyone falling into Study Group Room F is also scum (but maybe not everyone in that group). Call me crazy but Vaughn and Ian aren't in that group, so I don't think Persy and Condor are scum.

So, given that town is currently grasping at straws as is, let's all simply massclaim our flavor character from Community, revealing roles is NOT required, and I encourage any power roles to not claim their roles, simply their characters.

I'll lead by example by starting. I'm PIERCE HAWTHORNE and he's apparently a massive cock so that's why I have been forced to insult you all every post.

Knowing everyone's flavor characters will probably help us out a bit, or it might be fruitless as the mafia might have safe-claims, but I think it's at least worth a shot. If anyone else thinks that this would be a bad idea, please respond and elaborate.

If we are posting roles... WHY NOT?


Turns out we didn't work like the traditional lovers and we wouldn't have died if the other died. We were essentially just masons by a different name.

Community Mafia: Game Thread
TurtleTyrant, Un-Persona claimed Vaughn, double voter.

I have, multiple times. I even did so in the post right before yours.

...right. Shows how much I have been paying attention/what I know about community.

Well, honestly I buy that claim, although the suspicion of Penguin is sorta unfounded, all of what she has said has made sense. Also, just because Penguin is alive is meaningless, she lived quite a long time in the PR Mafia game, and she wasn't scum (or at least, not originally) in that game.

Although this doesn't mean that double-voters can't be scum, it's just they are USUALLY not scum because putting an extra vote in the scums hands is very very powerful. But, I sorta want to confirm that Persy actually IS a double voter, because we have gotten no actual mod vote count since Persy did his double vote, and he could easily be putting it on for show (although I doubt it). So I must ask...

Dom, if you are reading this, please post an official vote count.

Anyway I'm not confident enough to hammer Persy at this point, quite honestly, I want to let discussion keep going for a moment.

Also all of you are absolute idiots. :D

Community Mafia: Game Thread
dmboogie, TurtleTyrant, CondorTalon, are you in this game?

Yes. And you all are stupid and paranoid flocks of geese that have nowhere to fly to. :D

Now, down to business.

Persy, you are in L-2. I am prepared to vote for you as well, but due to you being so close to a lynch, I first want to have you roleclaim. If you refuse to comply then I WILL vote for you without a second thought. Your logic has been screwy (even though I am town and have a PR, and I can sorta understand what you mean, Penguin is right when she says that mafia could make up PR's) and your lack of roleclaiming already despite being incredibly close to being lynched is odd.

So yeah, roleclaim, it's pretty much your only hope at this point.

Community Mafia: Game Thread

I feel you've been too silent, and I'd like to hear more from you. Motivation supplied.

I hate you all. Like, that's all I have to say. I hate you all and wish you would leave me alone. No smiley this time.

I have strenuous school courses during the day and then extremely taxing homework during the evenings, AND anything I could possibly add to the discussion has already been added by literally everyone else. That's why I have been silent. I WAS about to go to bed but I decided to post before the inevitable lynch train formed before I could even get a chance to defend myself after getting back from school.

Now let me take advice from PA and spend several minutes going through some random person's posts that I have barely read to get any actual informed opinion on the proceedings.

You. Decoy.

You have four posts. One was a joke. So three posts. However, the few posts that you had were relevant, at least somewhat, to the discussion. You seem to overuse the dreaded FoS, aka "not committing to a wagon, the tool." You have a vote. Use it more. Otherwise, I have got a townread from Decoy, at least so far, and I buy his roleclaim last day phase and believe that both him and Grim are town.

Yeah...that doesn't answer the question of what your read on decoy73 is. Why TurtleTyrant of all the people not posting?

One last thing. Yes, why me specifically? I am rather mad at Grim for targeting me and only me when there are two other individuals that have the exact same post count as me (well, not anymore! I have one more post than them!) at four (hint: it's dmboogie and decoy for the uninformed), and I want to know why I have suddenly become the victim of his misfortunes. Speak. Put me on the spotlight and I will put you right back.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to sleep.

(If anyone has noticed I have been an absolute bitch in my posts, it's because I have a PR, sorry.)

Community Mafia: Game Thread
You all are the biggest idiots that ever lived. I wish you would all get strung up by your toes and hung upside down until the blood rushing to your head kills you. :D

Moreso, we have nothing to gain from a no-lynch. Splitting the wagon at this stage is bad. We really need to pick one and go for it, and right now the best evidence against Ciel is what he hasn't done. Grim is still a bigger target, especially now that we'll probably take scum with him.

The problem with this logic is that there is no 100% way to tell that Grim is tied to a mafia member OR a townie. In this case he could /easily/ be tied to another townie, despite what the lore of Community states. And, also, you say that the game is heavily stacked against town if that's the case, and that's UNLIKELY? Consider the moderator. I wouldn't be surprised if this game is as bastard as they come. I agree that Grim is a big target but I don't want to risk losing two townies to one mislynch and then potentially losing another three if the Vig and SK hit townies this night phase. Considering that we lost three town the first night, I am fully expecting it to happen again. If anything I would say at least getting rid of an inactive would be less harmful if it's a mislynch, so:


New League of Legends Thread
Posted Image

So once upon a time me and Slam made the big plays in bottom lane...

Community Mafia: Game Thread
Oct 3 2013, 10:22 AM
TurtleTyrant: That is a less than useful, middling response and I don't like it at all.

The vote you have is still a joke vote on Broseidon, and I'd like you to take a stance on anything going on in the discussion since then using that vote. Saying that you didn't read therefore you won't be helping the town is not an excuse. From a brief skim, you should know the gist of what's going on, at the very least. Not digging the uninvolved, distancing tone.

If you do "think Skraal is a good lead but should be ignored to push other leads for now." Then who else do you have in mind?

When people say stuff like that without putting up options of their own, it's typically a bad sign. Guess who else did?
You are all piddling swine that don't know anything about anything that they are doing. :D

We now return to your scheduled post:

Woops! I forgot to take my joke vote off! Right, let me do that now.


Sorry for any confusion that might have caused. In any case, I DO know what's going on Psyche, somewhat, and I am sorry if my tone came off as distancing and uninvolved, but I have had a rather heavy workload this last week (heavier than normal) so I haven't been paying too much attention to this day phase and have been unable to read anything beyond exactly what is being said (I can't really spend too much time drawing conclusions).

As for others that I have my eye on, the only one of note is Aura Master Fox with him being rather suspicious with the poorly laid out plans and the faulty lines of reasoning he's putting out, seemingly in a poor attempt to mess up this day phase, but I can chalk that up to incompetence yet again.

As for using my vote: VOTE: SKRAAL because of her incredibly scummy/incompetent behavior, and since it's getting close to the end of the day phase, and I suppose BRO's right when he says we need to lynch whenever we can.

The Mafia Waiting List
May 20 2013, 03:50 PM
Sign me up for TurtleTyrant's Bastard Mafia.


EDIT: Oh yeah, 26 players.
You forgot me. ._.

It's been ready to go since I made that post, just by the by.

Community Mafia: Game Thread
Oct 1 2013, 09:13 PM
Other people who I'd like to see weigh in on discussion soon:
- Dmboogie
- Maraoone
- Sickness
- Turtle Tyrant
- Decoy
All of you are terrible people and I hope each and every one of you gets lynched. :D

Now, posting restriction aside, I don't really have anything important to say. Like, I barely have any clue as to what the hell is going on because this day has been a clusterfuck already. You want my two sense? I think Skraal is a good lead but should be ignored to push other leads for now, like Doc just suggested. Do I think she's a jester? It's a possibility, especially considering who is the mod. Do I think that it's a likely possibility? Not really. Skraal's actions are either heinously brilliant or extremely dimwitted, and when it comes to guessing whether or not someone is being incompetent or being smart, I always lean towards incompetence (aka I think she's either an incompetent scum or an EXTREMELY incompetent townie).

As for other people/things people mentioned, I dunno, nothing has stuck out to me. I am much better at noticing little contradictions/flaws in other people's arguments than forming my own arguments, and honestly I haven't been reading too thoroughly.

In short: I've really got nothing to say outside of restating what has already been said.