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A Breath of Fresh Air
Maddie heard Alex and the girl conversing over at the other table as she gave her reply, The girl telling him her name was Sara and thanking him for retrieving the paper for her. Alex then apologized for staring at Sara shortly after, Maddie could practically feel the awkward emanating from the table over there.

Yep. She thought. Alex definitely has a crush on her.

Madeline then realized that Yaz had whispered something to her. She thought she heard Yaz asking if Gavin was asking her out. Maddie leaned a little towards Yaz and whispered back, saying "I really don't know. I think he might be."

Shortly afterwards Gavin replied to her saying that it is alright because his schedule is quite flexible, and said he would love to talk with her sometime after school.

"Sure! I don't see why not, you seem to be nice enough from this meeting. Where would we meet?" She replied.

Let's hope this doesn't become weird though. She thought. I am not really interested in him like that, if he even is thinking that of course.

A Breath of Fresh Air
Just as Maddie finished answering Gavin's question, Yaz quickly added that they have been friends since junior year and that they often spend time together outside of school. She smiled a little as Yaz said that; their friendship was an odd one, with them barely sharing any interests, but nonetheless Maddie and Yaz were undeniably close.

She turned as she seemingly head a whisper from a nearby table, and she turned to be greeted by a girl who looked a bit pale and pretty sleepy.

What did she say? Maddie thought to herself. Something about a paper?

She was pulled out of her thoughts by her friend Alexander reaching under the table for something, politely saying excuse me in the process. Alexander was one of the few friends she had around here at Aurora, and was quite the unusual sight, what with his white hair and all. Plus, he could probably be medically classified as underweight, being as tall and thin as he is. He came up from under the table with a piece of paper in his hand, and handed it over to the girl nearby.

So it was a bit of paper.

She heard Alex introduce himself to the girl and he asked her what her name was. I think Alex has a little crush on that girl. She smiled a little as she turned to see Hiro get up from the table, saying she had to go, giving a slight bow before turning away from the group and leaving.

As Hiro left, she turned her attention to Gavin as he started addressing her. He said that from what he has seen so far that Maddie is really good at science. He said he is great with theory and research, but not half as good at the actual mechanics, like her. He then asked if she would like to get together with him sometime after school so they could exchange techniques, saying they could both learn a lot from each other.

Is he asking me out? She thought to herself. Roundabout way of doing it.

As she thought, he then turned to Yaz, saying he hopes that Yaz doesn't mind him commandeering Maddie like this, saying he just thinks it would benefit them both.

Gavin is nice and all, but I don't really think of him like that, we just met a few minutes ago after all. Still, I would like discussing science with him.

Before Yaz could say anything, Maddie replied to Gavin, saying "Um... Sure, I guess we could together sometime. But, not right now, if that was what you were thinking, I would rather not ditch Yaz like this." She turned to Yaz and gave her a smile.

I can't just abandon one of my best friends, after all.

V5 Character Themes
This took a while, but I sorted through all of my playlists and eliminated a few different possibilities to come to a conclusion:

Madeline Wilcox: Kill The Lights - The Birthday Massacre

Don't be fooled by the song and band's names, the song is rather lighthearted (or at least as lighthearted as the songs I listen to get).

A Breath of Fresh Air
Maddie was immersed in her book once again as she let the conversation take its course. Just as she was about to get to one of the most interesting points of the book, she heard Gavin address her and Yaz. He said that when he walked up he couldn't help but notice that Maddie and Yaz seemed acquainted, and asked if they knew each other outside of school.

"Why yes Gavin, Yaz and I are really good friends and we do indeed know each other outside of school." She said in a friendly manner. "We are good enough friends that I dare say I could probably trust her with my life if push came to shove."

It was a rather simple explanation, but Maddie felt that it got the point across rather well.