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Flowers Hurt
"Thanks..." Isabel said, through pain-induced gritted teeth. "I really... appreciate it... Legit."

Talking was difficult with the amount of pain and especially the crushing amount of fear that Isabel felt. This was the first time she had gotten seriously injured. She wasn't sure if her first aid was up to snuff, or if she would get a serious infection from all of her wounds. The last thing she wanted to do was die slowly from blood loss, or worse die painfully from septic shock.

Isabel moved her shaking left arm over to Lily, before cutting away her sweater's sleeve near the wound and breaking the shaft off of the bolt head embedded in her arm. "Just... leave the thing in there. Hopefully it'll get better in... in the meantime."

Placing an alcohol pad over the puncture wound and hissing in pain, Isabel stammered out orders to Lily. "T-take some... of the bandages fr-from my second... second medical kit on y-your side, then apply constant... pressure to tha-at wound for the n-next... ten minutes, p-please..."

Hastily moving some medical tape, additional alcohol pads, and bandages out of her medical kit with her free arm onto the desk next to her, Isabel sized up her injuries. The stab wounds near her ribs and her collar bone were the ones that had the highest priority, as they were hemorrhaging the most blood. Lily was handling the bolt wound, and the regular old lacerations could wait.

Medical tape to help hold the flesh together. Alcohol pads to sterilize. Bandages to pressure and staunch blood flow. So simple in theory, so much more difficult in practice, especially when trying to do it all with only one arm. She needed to get a tight wrap on each wound to hopefully staunch blood flow enough for her to properly pressure each of them before she bled to death.

After a moment of struggling, Isabel pulled her sweater off of her right arm and her torso, the shirt still awkwardly hanging off of her occupied left arm.

Isabel slowly taped, sterilized, and staunched the stab wound around her ribs, doing her best to remain calm in spite of the pain and all of her blood she saw dripping down her body. Her shoulder wound followed suit as she clumsily continued to put pressure on what had almost been a stomach wound. ignoring the cuts elsewhere to the best of her ability.

Time passed as the two sat and tried to stop the bleeding, silence only being broken by the sounds of Asha's allies mourning just outside the room. Worrying about a corpse wasn't going to get them anywhere, and Isabel felt nothing but contempt for them and their asinine behavior that had gotten all of them into this mess.

Eventually, Isabel counted out ten minutes and, after verifying that the bandaged wounds were no longer bleeding, ordered Lily to start pressuring her hastily bandaged collar bone.

Isabel treated and wrapped her arm and face wound, before cutting away her sweat stained and bloody bra and wrapping her chest up as she did her best to ignore the lightheadedness that was slowly getting worse.

Another ten minutes were counted out, and Isabel sighed in relief when she saw that she was no longer bleeding noticeably anywhere on her body.

"T-th-thanks... L-L-Lily." Isabel stammered out, making no attempt to hide the fact that she was still in a lot of pain and had spots black appearing in her vision. "I'm... s-s-so glad... that this... stupid... sh-shit is... over... k-k-k-kinda..."

And with those final words, Isabel collapsed onto the table, only barely conscious and too weak to force herself up.

V6 BKA/BDA Voting: January 2017
Welcome to the fourth round of V6's Best Kill and Best Death Award contest voting! We start off with a reminder of the rules just in case you've forgotten over new years:

Votes will remain hidden until the voting is done.

Votes are made anonymously, so you'll need to log out of your account and post as a guest.

You may not vote for yourself for either award.

Votes must come with reasoning, or they will not be counted.

As a reminder on points of courtesy: please be sure to read every kill and death before voting, please vote for your genuine favourites rather than just voting for your friends, and please don't campaign for awards in the chat or otherwise try to influence the vote.

Caedyn Miller, for killing Bridgette Sommerfeld
Nancy Kyle, for killing Jennifer Wallace
Nancy Kyle, for killing Leslie Price
William McKinley, for killing Darius Van Dyke
Brendan Harte, for killing Bernadette Thomas
Alvaro Vacanti, for killing Irene Djezari
Jeremiah Fury, for killing Toby Andreasson
Isabel Ramirez, for killing Asha Sur

backslash for the death of Bridgette Sommerfeld
KamiKaze for the death of Jennifer Wallace
shotgunkid for the death of Leslie Price
Grim Wolf for the death of Taranis "Tara" Behzad
R.C. for the death of Darius Van Dyke
Muninn for the death of Bernadette Thomas
Empress Plush for the death of Irene Djezari
Namira for the death of Toby Andreasson
dmboogie for the death of Asha Sur

Voting will run for five days, with the winners being declared in the following announcement.

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Flowers Hurt
Isabel yelped as as a bolt slammed into the ground a few feet away from her, cracking the tiled ground and sending particles of dust and plaster into the air.

That little message being sent made it obvious that she needed to get out of here. Lily had run into one of the rooms just a few moments before, Isabel might be able to get in there and start properly treating her injuries. Scrambling to grab her things and make it through the door before the boy stopped fondling Asha's dead body and came after her, Isabel scooped up Asha's knife, her own sword, and her bag. Flinging the door open to a scared and cowering Lily, Isabel shut it behind her and fumbled to see if the door locked. She sighed in relief upon seeing that it did, and hearing the familiar clicking noise as she turned the mechanism and sealed them away from the violence that had just occurred completely calmed her frayed nerves.

Her weapons and bag dropped to the floor, save Asha's knife, which she kept clutched in her hand, before Isabel herself slid down to floor level, moaning in pain.

As the adrenaline from the fight left her body, she started to realize just how injured she was. Several lacerations and two different stab wounds, plus a crossbow bolt embedded in her arms, she had no time to rest, she had to treat all of these injuries now before she bled to death or worse.

Gasping and hissing in agony, Isabel shuffled herself over to a desk and sat down on it, noting that Lily had decided to hide in a medical office, before barking at the still visibly shaken girl to grab the medical supplies out of her bag as she sized up her injuries.

Flowers Hurt
Another wild swing caught Isabel in the arm as another crossbow bolt whizzed past her head.

Isabel's mind raced at a million miles a minute, trying to make sense of what was even happening, trying to comprehend the agonizing pain enveloping her whole body.

This was not working. She had been trying her best to be defensive, avoid as much damage as she could, but playing defensively was just resulting in a back and forth exchange of attacks. If things continued the way they were going, they would both die, or that boy would get a lucky shot and end Isabel's life right here and now. She had to stop reacting and just act on her own. Asha didn't seem to really care if she died, so long as she took Isabel with her. Isabel had to be just as reckless, she had to go for the kill.

Asha had to die, no matter what it took.

Abandoning all sense of reason and caution, Isabel charged at the prone girl, her sickle arm ready to make Asha hurt. Asha's arm extended itself towards her in response, and she felt the cold steel of Asha's blade scrape her left bottommost rib.

A scream of rage and agony escaped from Isabel's lips as her arm moved forward, undeterred, carrying the wicked hook end of the sickle towards Asha's exposed throat, her attempted responsive stab having left her wide open.

The arcing blade connected, making a sickening gooey noise as it sunk itself into Asha's flesh and caught itself in her larynx. A fatal wound for just about anyone, but that wasn't enough. Asha didn't deserve to just bleed out and get a chance for closure. She needed to suffer.

She needed to die NOW.

Another scream emanated from Isabel's throat as she grabbed the sickle with her other hand, the fire in her arm quenched just long enough to force the blade the rest of the way through Asha's neck, torn and mutilated chunks of her throat falling to the ground below as bundles of tendons and sinew clung to the blade.

It was over.

Flowers Hurt
A moment to breathe.

Isabel's attack had caused Asha to disengage, she had a chance to think for a moment, even through the searing pain present in most of her body.

Another crossbow bolt embedded in her flesh would almost certainly let Asha kill her. She needed to make sure she didn't get hit again.

Shuffling sideways, blood dripping down her face and body, Isabel strafed around Asha as she mirrored Isabel's own movements. Breathing heavily from the pain, the exhaustion, the adrenaline, Isabel had put her target in between herself and her ranged attacker. She had the edge now, all she had to do-

Isabel as squealed in pain as Asha cut into her right breast with a well timed swipe.

She retaliated shortly after, and her sickle got another taste of Asha's blood.

V6 Seventh Rolls
A bit under three days left for deaths.

Haunted Reality
"Y-yeah. We should."

Penelope looked out one of the tiny windows near the exit. The sky was gray, and rain spattered against the glass, the pitter pattering of the rain would almost be soothing if they weren't trapped in a death game. Silence echoed through the halls as they stopped near the gates leading out of the area. Penelope broke the silence. "I don't really know everyone who went on the trip either. I know most of the juniors, but I barely know any seniors outside the few I've become friends with. It... makes me feel horrible, really. I hear names that I don't recognize on the announcements and I just don't feel the same hurt in my heart as I do for the ones I do know."

Penelope shook her head, her eyes downcast. "I know that kind of feeling is unavoidable, though. We as creatures of blood and bone are flawed, and caring too much about people you don't directly know would hamper our ability to survive, so we just... can't."

She let out a small chuckle, remembering the jokes that the others in the robotics club used to make. "It's why we all need to abandon flesh and embrace metal. Robots are superior!"

Penelope looked at Ben and made a small smile, before turning her gaze back towards the ground. "Joking, of course. Or at least... half joking."

Silence once again followed as Penelope searched for words. "Let's just... get out of here, collect some rainwater, try and find others."

Penelope took hold of Ben's good hand with both of her hands, before raising his hand up to chest level. "But, before we do... I wanted to say that like... I'm really not sure what's going to happen next, or especially if I even believe we'll even succeed in this crazy mission of ours..."

Penelope glanced back up at Ben, her energy returning. "...But, that just means we'll have to believe in the world who believes in us. Together."

After a short moment of silence, Penelope quickly hugged Ben before he had a chance to stop her, holding the hug for several moments, before she let go and smiled at him once again. "Let's rock."

((Penelope Fitzgerald continued in See The Needy Greedy Me We Bleed To Feed So Easily))

Flowers Hurt
Before Isabel had even realized what had happened, she had been shoved back and a knife had once again sliced into her face.

Hissing and screaming as she stumbled backwards, away from Asha, Isabel clutched her face with her free hand. The pain was even more intense than when Kimiko had cut into her. The blade wasn't as sharp, it had done more damage. Thankfully over a smaller area-

Movement called Isabel's focus as she realized that there was another person in the hallway with them, before she reflexively leaned backwards as a projectile whizzed through the air just in front of her face.

For the first time since she got on the island, Isabel was legitimately scared for her life. There wasn't going to be a way out of this. She didn't want to be here anymore. This wasn't fun anymore.

Proper focus returned. It was time to fight. Adrenaline flowed through her veins. Two targets in front of her. One with a knife, one with a crossbow. She needed to live, they had to die. Lily wasn't going to help. She was alone in this.

Asha was about to stab her.

Her hand went up, caught Asha's wrist, the knife was kept at bay. What felt like eternity was spent keeping that knife held there, too focused to attack back.

Pain erupted in her left forearm. Cold blade met tender flesh around her collar bone. She screamed.

Then she struck, teeth clenched, catching flesh and tearing fabric.

Flowers Hurt
A moment of clarity.

The searing pain stopped after what felt like an eternity, only to be replaced by aching muscles and a weight on Isabel's back. It was almost certainly Asha, trying to... wrestle her? Get the final blow? She didn't know, all she did know is that she had an annoyance to eliminate.

Isabel forced herself upwards with all the might of her arms and legs, relieving the weight on her back. Scrambling to her feet, Isabel's bag and halberd fell to the floor next to her as she made sense of the situation she had been thrown into. Lily was cowering. Someone else was shouting Asha's name. Her sword was too far away to immediately reach. The halberd was too entangled with her bag to use. The sickle was sitting next to Asha.

Most importantly, Asha was still on the ground, trying to get up.

Isabel ran over and kicked Asha full force in the side of her head, returning her to her prone position.

"I was just going to leave, you know. You didn't have to do this." Isabel reached down and took hold of a handful of Asha's hair, yanking the girl up and backward. "Honestly, I never even thought I would see you again. I didn't want to kill you, I just wanted to keep you away."

She slammed Asha's head into the hallway wall. "Deep down, even after our last meeting, I still thought you were a friend."

Isabel reached down and grabbed the handle of the sickle with an iron grip, full of rage, her hand still pressing Asha's face to the wall. "...But I guess we never really were friends, huh?"

She readied the sickle for the finishing blow, Asha's face contorted in pain. "Now you're just another mistake that I have to correct."

V6 Seventh Rolls
Just over four days left for deaths.

Flowers Hurt
Isabel stood, awkwardly, almost in complete disbelief.

"You..." Isabel began. "...Alright."

Isabel signaled to Lily to come out from behind the door. "We're going, Lily."

She started moving back down the hallway, Lily keeping near the wall a few feet behind. She was glad that was over so quickly and easily. She didn't want another fight on her hands, especially not after the disastrous fight with Kimiko the day before. The last thing she needed was to get a taser used on her by a former friend. Now it was time to just get to some place safe and hole up for the night.

((Isabel Ramirez continued else-

Suddenly, Isabel felt something hit her back, before pain erupted throughout her entire body. She hit the ground with a thud, the sickle and her sword clattering against the ground noisily, the halberd and her bag jostled into an odd and uncomfortable position. Her whole body felt like it was on fire, her heart racing, adrenaline flooding her system. Isabel screamed in agony. She could barely think, unable to muster up any coherent thought except for one.

Asha had betrayed her again.

Flowers Hurt

Asha always did cut right to the chase. "I thought you would ask that," Isabel began, choosing her words as carefully as she could manage. "Believe it or not, it was self defense. Maybe you won't believe me when I say that, but it's true."

Isabel looked at the faintly lit ground before turning her head back up towards Asha. "Originally I wanted to group up with him, strength in numbers and all that, sorta like how I wanted to group up with you." Isabel could not hide the disdain in her voice during the last bits of that sentence. "Then, for some reason, he decided I was too dangerous to keep around... despite knowing each other for years..." Legitimate hurt was evident in her voice. "...Despite knowing each other for years, he tried to grab my halberd away from me. And then in a panic, I stabbed him. He died."

"That enough of an explanation for you?" Isabel grumbled. "Part of me doesn't expect you to believe me no matter what I say."

Flowers Hurt
"No it's just... a friend that I'm not happy to see-"

Isabel jarred away from the door as the sound of knocking echoed through the halls. She sighed, and realized that there was not going to be any easy way out of all this. She turned to Lily, motioning for her to get closer, before whispering a little bit away from her. "Open the door and then stay behind it. There's no way this isn't going to get violent, but I'm going to try and talk her down anyway. Hide and you should be safe."

She didn't want to kill Asha, not really. Even though their last meeting ending with threats being exchanged, deep down she still considered Asha a friend. The only reason she threatened her like she did was because she was angry, and she wanted to scare Asha away so she didn't have to think about her anymore. It was hard to legitimately throw away that many years of time spent together after ballet recitals over just one disagreement. Even if Isabel didn't really care about how Asha felt about the whole situation, she was still more valuable to Isabel as an ally than a corpse.

Still... Asha didn't know all of that. All she knew is that Isabel threatened to kill her before leaving. Why would she knock on the door, as if trying to goad Isabel into opening it again? Certainly Asha didn't want to have a fight on her hands. Unless...


Right, the announcements didn't describe what really happened. That he tried to take one of her weapons, threatened her life, forced her to act when she would have much rather kept him alive. Of course Asha doesn't know what actually happened. She probably thought that Isabel wanted to kill him rather than being forced to. That's why she was knocking.

But maybe she was still willing to talk things out. Asha wasn't the type to just run in guns blazing. Isabel was certain that she would try to talk to her, at least a little bit, so long as Isabel herself didn't immediately go for the violent option. Maybe they would be able to resolve this without the need for violence.They could just go their separate ways and leave all this behind them,

Part of Isabel knew that wasn't going to be the case as Lily opened the door.

Haunted Reality
"My friends? How does one describe one's friends with just words alone?"

Penelope usually doesn't wax poetical, but she wasn't sure how to describe her friends to Ben. "LIke... huff, follow me. We can talk while we walk."

She took hold of Ben's wrist, leading him down the hallway, out of the still fetid and festering solitary confinement ward. "I guess... the best way I can describe my friends is that they're just... great people to be around. And I'm sure that they would listen to me when we get to them. They're better people than me, really."

Penelope knew that the answer she had just given wasn't going to be satisfactory to Ben. She needed an example. "The best person I can think of to talk about first is... well, Raina. She's probably my best friend in the whole world. The only person I would spend time with over her is..."

Penelope trailed off, stopping in the hallway before biting the side of her index finger. She released her finger from her teeth, taking several deep breaths. "I think... I think you... you know who... I'm... talking about," she forced out, her voice breaking.

They continued walking down the hallway, Penelope breathing deeply again and again. "Raina and I have known each other since elementary school. We've been together for as long as each of us can remember, really. She's helped me through a lot of tough times, even if she doesn't always know what words to say. I've helped her too, although part of me feels like I haven't done enough for how much she means to me."

Penelope looked at Ben, seeing his focus still on her and her words, before returning her gaze to the path ahead of them. "She's silly and funny and we've had so many deep conversations about the meaning of life and politics and shit like that." Penelope chuckled to herself a little bit, before continuing. "Given that you could probably call Raina a weeaboo you wouldn't expect that kind of thing out of her, but she's really smart and has everything 'there'... for lack of a better word."

She ran her fingers through her hair absentmindedly once more. "And she's got this cute little habit of playing with her earrings when she's nervous and she's so comfortable to nap on..." Penelope looked at Ben for a second before awkwardly stopping in her tracks and raising her hands up in front of her. "Wait not like that! I just... I don't have much of a sense of personal space and I'm sleepy a lot of the time, so I like falling asleep on my friends when I can get away with it."

Penelope rubbed the back of her head, sheepishly. "That... probably still sounds weird. It's not weird for me, though!" She waved her other hand in the air in a vague gesture. "She doesn't think it's weird or anything, she just gets that I'm, well... like that. I like physical affection, and I don't really know how to express the feelings of love I have for my friends any other way."

She motioned for them to start walking again, and Ben obliged, the awkward moment over. "It's sorta why I started getting all philosophical just after you asked. Wording these kinds of things is... hard. As you could... probably tell from how disjointed my thoughts are and how much I've been rambling."

"I guess, uh..." She searched for the right words. "Is that... enough for you, I guess?"

Introduction Thread
Heya, Wolley! Welcome to SOTF!

If you didn't already glance at the OP and check out all the stuff there, you should take a look at the Mini, the discord, and the New Handler's Guide if you haven't already. Additionally, second chances two is going to go live on the Mini soon enough, so that might be your chance to get in and RP ASAP!

If you have any questions, you should feel free to PM any staffer (staff members have purple names, like me!). :3

We hope you enjoy it here~

Haunted Reality
And so Will was gone, Penelope not quite understanding his motivations.

She shook her head, lowering her now empty hand, before turning her head back towards Ben. "Guess we can't convince everyone immediately, huh?"

Penelope looked at the ground and pursed her lips slightly, contemplating, before she turned her head back up to Ben. "So... I think... I think the best thing we can do now is like... try to find some of my friends. They would probably be the most open to listening to my dumb plan... hopefully."

Penelope lowered her hand away from Ben's hand, their alliance already consolidated, before running her other hand through her hair. "The main thing I'm worried about is like... have they killed anyone yet? Like..." Penelope paused, breathing in and out to calm her nerves. "That's a cliff that you can't just... come back from. Once you've made the plunge, it's not going to be easy to claw your way back up."

Penelope hesitated, before putting both of her hands on Ben's arm and leading him out of the solitary cell. "Staying here won't do us any good," she said, before she went back in the cell to gather up her stuff. When she had everything collected and stood back up, Penelope turned to Ben, awkwardly running her fingers through her unkempt hair. "Is there... anything you want to say before we head out? Anything you want to talk about? Anything you want to know about me, or anything you want to be cleared up?"

Flowers Hurt
Back in the asylum once again.

((Isabel Ramirez continued from Megalomania))

The intensive care wards were gloomy, and dim. Only some of the pale moonlight making its way through the thick windows dotted around the hallways.

The day had been uneventful travel between areas, not a single soul encountered along the way, presumably because nobody wanted to come near her. Lily stayed close, but didn't say nearly anything at all throughout the entire day. Only paltry single or double word answers to her various questions and attempts to break the ice. She thought that maybe Lily would eventually open up, given that she agreed to the whole plan in the first place and actually stuck around when she could have easily run away. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case, and Isabel was left feeling even more isolated than she felt before.

Eventually, the infrequent showers of the day ruined the bandages she had wrapped around her face, and even though she no longer needed them, she decided that the two of them needed to seek shelter.

So here they were, haunting the festering hallways of the asylum once again. They came to a corner, around which would eventually lead to the place where she had killed Conrad. Returning to the scene of the crime, as it were.

Scanning the hallway around the corner for threats, Isabel gave an all clear signal to Lily before advancing further down the hallway, glancing in room after room that they passed, making sure that nobody could potentially get the drop on them.

Then, a sound came from one of the rooms further ahead. Something hitting the floor. In a normal hospital, a sound like that wouldn't be heard over the sounds of chattering and the clacking of keyboards, but in the dead hallways of the asylum, a sound like that was all too deafening.

Approaching the doorway that the sound had come out of, Isabel signaled for Lily to stop and wait before readying her sword. More competition to eliminate. Preferably quickly, and quietly. No need to draw things out, just dispose of them and move along. The door handle turned slowly, before Isabel creaked the door open and came face to face with the last person she wanted to see again.


An awkward silence and stunned glances were shared between the two of them, before Isabel quickly shut the door behind her and pressed her back up against it.


Isabel awoke to the sound of the fourth announcements, groggily awaking and yawning before turning to find Lily already awake and attentive.

She normally awoke earlier than this, but the events of last night and the uneven floor made sleeping difficult. She had heard Lily crying, in the night. Probably overwhelmed with something. Maybe still mad at Isabel about whatever thing that she wanted to kill her over. She would get over it, eventually. Probably, at least.

Isabel yanked a bit of bread and some water out of her bag as she watched Lily hastily scribble notes as the announcements played. Isabel heeded them no mind, she didn't actually care about who lived and who killed. All she needed to know was that the numbers were thinning out, who won the best kill award, and what the danger zones of the day were.

...And incidentally, she didn't win, and the place they were in was fine.

The announcements shut off as she finished the last of the dry, crumbly bread and sipped a bit more of her water. The room was left in silence, Lily once again not even looking at Isabel. She needed to say something. If she was going to be stuck with Lily in an attempt to look like a better person to the audience, she at least needed to be able to converse with her.

"So... uh... I heard you crying last night. Stress getting to you? I... uh... sorry about all this, I guess. Not much else I can say, really."


"Yeah, yeah. I was pretty unhappy myself when I woke up in that damned auditorium and then woke up again in this hellhole. I think, though, that I've managed to steel myself against all of that, you know? I gotta stay strong for momma, and all that."

The room returned to silence once again. Isabel twiddled her thumbs and ran her fingers down the dull side of the sickle, before looking back up at Lily and speaking again.

"Plus... uh... you know... if you die... I can't imagine the afterlife is like, bad or anything. My dad had this crazy belief that the afterlife is actually just a bar and grill that everyone goes to. A chance to come to terms with things, surrounded by your friends and all that. If that's the case, it'd probably be pretty fun, no?"

Isabel chuckled to herself, before stopping when she realize that Lily wasn't laughing too. "Well uh... thinking about stuff like that... helps keep me sane, I guess."

She didn't actually believe there was some random bar and grill in the afterlife. She wasn't even sure there was an afterlife. Thinking about it wasn't even a concern of hers until yesterday.

Still, on some level thinking about that kind of thing removed a lot of the dread she felt. She hoped she still existed after she died, on island or off, it didn't matter. Not existing anymore was scary.

Isabel looked back up at Lily, and realized that the room had been completely quiet for a few minutes.

"So uh..." Isabel began, "I think maybe we should get out of this place. Hole up in here too long and the hounds will start baying for our blood and stuff."

Isabel stood up, dusting herself off a bit from sleeping on the floor, before getting all of her stuff together and affixing everything to her person again.

She looked back at Lily again, seeing that the girl still refused to say anything, or even move really.

"So... let's go, partner?"

Isabel awkwardly extended her hand, before retracting it again when she realized that Lily wasn't going to actually going to return her gesture.

"I'll just... wait for you outside. Come whenever you're ready."

And with that, she left the room.

((Isabel Ramirez continued in Flowers Hurt))

"Heh. That's the spirit."

Isabel slowly let go of the girl, the sickle moving away from her throat. She stood up from behind her before the girl scooted away, putting her back to the door of the room.

Dusting herself off, Isabel looked at the girl for a few seconds, the obvious contempt in her eyes evident, before opening her mouth again. "So uh... if you don't mind me asking... what's your name?"


"Lily, huh?" Isabel said, scratching her chin. "That's cute. I like flower names. Kinda always wished I had one myself, but my parents never did anything for my sake anyway."

She turned towards the bed, before sitting down on it.

"You're pretty quiet, huh?" Isabel asked, inquisitively. "Course, I guess part of that is that I like... just had a blade to your neck. Nerves might be a bit frayed, but that's okay. I'm not going to hurt you now, even if I still don't trust you all that much."

Kicking her feet back and forth a bit and staring at them, Isabel waited for her new ally to say something. No words came out, though. Isabel looked back up at Lily, blinking a bit, before speaking again. "Are you... hungry? Thirsty? Hurt? Anything? I have a lot of supplies that I... pillaged off of a few dead bodies."


"No?" Isabel stared at Lily for several moments before looking back down at her feet. Lily was completely avoiding eye contact. "Well um... if you... need anything in the future I... have it."

Isabel twiddled her thumbs a bit more, before realizing that Lily really didn't want to speak at all. "I uh... that's... okay, I suppose. You don't have to say anything. Just... having you around is nice. I was getting really lonely, again..."

Tapping her finger against the bed, Isabel wracked her brain for anything that could potentially break the ice. Unfortunately, she arrived at nothing. "Maybe... maybe we should just both sleep. There's uh... only one bed in here though. Uh..."

"I... why don't you take it. Just give me the pillow and I'll sleep on the floor. I'm used to sleeping on the floor anyway, my house wasn't big enough for a guest room so my parents always let any guests have my bed. And then I uh... slept on the floor in their room because we didn't have a couch I could sleep on either."

Isabel looked at Lily once again, before sighing and moving her bag, her weapons, and the pillow to the opposite corner of the room. "Just, take the bed whenever you feel like it, I guess."

Of course, Isabel hadn't forgotten that Lily had just tried to kill her a few minutes ago. She crushed the shard of mirror that Lily had been holding under her heel when she stood up from the bed, the satisfying crunch demonstrating that Isabel wasn't just going to let an assailant try again. Her weapons, similarly, were tucked under her bag, and she would be lying next to it, her arms keeping it close and letting her know if her friend had a change of heart and stopped accepting the kindness she had graciously handed out.

"See you on the other side, I guess." Isabel said, before lying down on the cold, hard, uneven ground, her head resting on the pillow, and her arm placed carefully on her bag- and her weapons.

"So... is that it?"

Isabel tapped the sickle with her index finger, as a signal for Lily to say something. Yet still, the girl stayed silent, presumably too scared to even speak. Eventually, Isabel broke the silence. "Look... okay whatever. Here's the deal. You're the first person since I got on this damn island that's actually willingly stuck around with me. I know you were trying to kill me and all... but everyone else has avoided me, one way or another."

Isabel hesitated, choosing her words. Every single one had to count. This might be her only chance to show a good side of herself to the viewing audience. "It gets lonely, being the top dog. We're all social animals around here, being alone isn't good for us. I need... someone, anyone really. Okay?"

More silence. She needed to be clearer, she needed to soften the mood. "You might be my only chance at that, everyone else is so afraid of me that they either run away or attack me..." Isabel stopped, before continuing with genuine hurt resonating in her voice. "Even... even though we were supposed to be friends."

Isabel inhaled sharply, and closed her eyes, softening her arm's grip on the girl, before regaining her composure and continuing. "I know you want me dead and all, but sitting here, listening to me... certainly it's showing you that I'm not just some monster, right? I killed because I have to. Not because I really want to all that badly."

That was a bold faced lie. She liked killing. But she needed to make it seem like she really didn't like killing all that much.

Still more silence permeated the room. She needed to be blunt, make exactly what she was suggesting completely obvious. "I guess what I'm saying is... if you want to, I'll let you hang out with me and mooch off my supplies- I'll make sure you stay safe."

She could show them all that she isn't so bad. The girl just needed to agree. This was Isabel's chance.

"So... what do you want? Would you rather die than hang out with someone as bad as me, or do you want to give me a chance?"