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Bastard Mafia Fallout Thread
Hey uh what does 'loved' mean?

It means you would take one more vote than normal to lynch.

There's very little way that Vyse and/or Doc could be the final players left, because the nature of their roles virtually confirmed them as town right off the bat.

True on Doc's part, but Vyse was confirmed via my own idiocy, not by his role. Case in point: the word count limited suicidal role was actually a third party role until I changed it to a town role to even the numbers a bit.

Bastard Mafia Fallout Thread
And, also, to add on to what I was saying, from my perspective a lot of stuff that was intended to cause mass confusion or waste town's time just... didn't happen. Lynching the absolutely hated bus driver and the beloved princess were the only big things the town did to screw themselves. Not only that but the scum factions screwed each other over horribly. All in all: I just think that the town played well (outside of lynching Slam).

(Also, all of the bulletproof powers were to keep Goose and the mentor in check, not necessarily just the mentor.)

Bastard Mafia Fallout Thread
Jan 31 2016, 05:30 PM
Sooo, what exactly made the compulsive part of my compulsive role?
You were basically a hammerer. You beat me to the punch every time though, so good job.

Bastard Mafia Fallout Thread
Jan 31 2016, 05:20 PM
Specifically, I mentioned this to some extent already, but it was almost impossible for the SK duo to win. Vyse couldn't die and got his PR softened twice. Doc couldn't die and didn't have the actual drawbacks of treestump. I, had I not been recruited, was also one shot bulletproof. Town had a whole cadre of power roles (including two point five flavours of cop and two flavours of doc) and little to inhibit it - the cult's failsafes included one of their two members needing their leader to die and their leader dying if a townie died. Goose was essentially both unrecruitable (because he'd immediately show up as cult) and confirmed town immediately.

It didn't matter since the rest of the cult was dead but Ricky shouldn't have been recruitable - if a cult member can be stolen that outs the entire cult.

So yes, I'm not trying to be overly harsh here, but town had all the cards in their hand.

Edit: Also me being recruitable by the mentor meant that it was impossible for me to win.
While I do agree that the game was town-sided, I don't think it was as one-sided as you are saying, point by point:

1. Vyse could still be lynched. Additionally, I had a failsafe in place that he would suicide immediately if the mayor and the tree were the only townies left due to the tree annoying him to death.

2. I had a failsafe for Doc's role in that regardless of faction, if the tree was the only player left that faction was eliminated.

3. Pippin, as a cop, was actually entirely negative utility as both a death miller and an insane cop with the "mafia" and "not-mafia" flavors, resulting in the same results as a paranoid cop (but with the added bonus of being innocent if he investigated himself). Prim was the only real cop, but only found cultists AND had the condition of only becoming a cop upon the death of the wise one or a cultist death. Yugi just played his role really well.

4. Town's two doctors both only handled one of the scum factions, and the doctor handling the cult required the previous doctor to die. The original doctor also had the weak modifier (and a hidden one at that) making the role much more likely to die. Additionally, the cultist nurse would announce herself to the cultists or mentor/mentee if they happened to target them from the loud modifier.

5. Town's limitations were entirely built into the chaos and confusion caused by (a.) the roles not working the way they were supposed to (random roleblocker, insane cop with no mafia, compulsive bus driver, nexus, gunsmith in a game where nobody had guns) and (b.) the fact that there was no mafia in a mafia game, along with certain extremely potent negative utility roles (death miller, beloved princess, paranoid gun owner, absolutely hated/super fragile). Most of this stuff never came to pass, but if it did I guarantee the game wouldn't have been so cut and dry. That being said, I probably should have included more negative utility town-side than I did, but I still feel like I packed a ton in there to inhibit town.

6. Cults are extremely powerful. The limitations I put on the cult were to prevent them from getting out of hand immediately.

7. As for Goose, I feel that both the cult and the mentor/mentee really misplayed when it came to handling him. The cult could have recruited him and then had him hold his shot (saying he's not sure or something) until the very last moments of the day phase upon which no random shot would go off. This would have made him obvious cult the next day phase, but the cult would have wasted two day phases and eliminated a massive threat at the cost of just one recruitment, acting as a delayed kill that would waste town's time. The mentor/mentee didn't shoot Goose even though both the doctor and nurse were dead, which was a questionable decision, plain and simple.

8. This was an oversight, admittedly. I never included in the cultist role PMs that they were unrecruitable (but had the leader/speaker as unrecruitable) and I didn't want to be super picky about it.

9. As for you being recruitable by the mentor, you got me there. Real sorry about that.

Bastard Mafia Fallout Thread
Welp. That happened.

Role PMs:

Spoiler: click to toggle

Night Actions:

Spoiler: click to toggle

Game Design:

Man I don't even. This game was my attempt at making a bastard game that was relatively balanced and (more importantly to me) trying to balance a cult. In order to fix the problem where cults typically tend to either get wiped out day 1/2 or win the game, I included a few failsafes that would make sure that the cult couldn't be wiped out on the first few nights (1x bulletproof on the cult leader, a single-use backup recruiter without the bulletproof and with limited shots, etc) but also included a bunch of lategame weaknesses (dayvig, the recruitproof private investigator, the mentor, non-consecutive night recruitment) that would really mess up the cult if allowed to run amok (which is what happened, to the letter).

The other thing I did was try and see if I could make a game interesting without an actual mafia (on top of that just being super delightfully bastard). I think I succeeded, but I'm not sure. As for other things to say... I dunno. A lot of my thoughts are in the dead QT.

One other thing I can comment on is that backslash/Zarina having to bail on the game really messed things up for me, since the game required the mentor role to function and be paced properly. As a result I had to awkwardly do some live balancing by random-recruiting Deamon and then giving him Zarina's role PM when she was mod-killed and letting him recruit and kill on night two. Pulling him into those awkward circumstances felt sucktastic, so I gave him an honorary winner position as if he'd still been a part of the town.

Something I'll definitely keep in mind for the future is not letting my excitability cause me to comment on things, because I dun goofed a couple of times because of that which penguin rightfully (if a bit dishearteningly) chewed me out on.

So, yeah. What do you guys think?


Dead QT: http://quicktopic.com/51/H/nxZ5eLkpDMv
Cult QT: http://quicktopic.com/51/H/wE9M62qKxhkQz
Mentor QT: http://quicktopic.com/51/H/hRVGDjH27GQ

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
General Goose
Jan 31 2016, 03:20 PM

KILL: Deamon
Goose had finally figured it all out. He figured out who took his daughter.

"You!" He said, to the short, shady looking man as he leveled his shotgun at him. "You're the one who took my daughter, aren'tcha?"

"I know about no such thing." Deamon responded with, curtly. "But I know how you work. You don't care what people say, you just shoot them in a misguided quest to find your daughter who died years ago and you still haven't accepted it."

"So whatever. Strike me down with all of your hatred, right here, right no-"

A sickening boom rang out as Deamon collapsed on the ground, dead. Goose was satisfied.

MK Kilmarnock couldn't believe what had just happened. His mentor, the one who had taken him in after the cult he loved so much was all but wiped out for the purposes of taking vengeance on the town had just been killed right in front of his face. He couldn't take it anymore. He pulled out his rifle, the one he promised MurderWeasel that he would never use again because good people have no use for such weapons, and began unloading shots into random townsfolk.

The Father, seeing this, reacted quickly to put the threat down after he killed only a few civilians.

It was then, among all the death and bloodshed, that the town suddenly knew they were safe. No more death and bloodshed was needed. They could go back to their regular lives of being deranged megalomaniacs, safe in the knowledge that the threats trying to take over their town were no more.



The computer sat alone in her complex for several moments, pondering the simulation.

"I LIKED THAT SIMULATION. I WONDER IF THERE ARE MORE LIKE IT." The computer flipped through her simulations, and quickly found another simulation similar to the previous one titled "Town of Freaks Turn on Each Other, Bloodbath Ensues: The Electric Boogaloo."

"OHOHO. YES! YES!! YES!!!" The computer exclaimed before running the simulation. "LET'S SEE WHERE THIS ONE GOES."

GG No Re:

Deamon- The Retired Monster: Mentor
MK Kilmarnock- The Veteran: (Loved) Paranoid Gun Owner Cultist Mentee

The game has ended on a town victory.


Flare- The Only Normal One: Vanilla Townie
Primrosette- The One Who Understands: (Recruitproof) Psychiatrist Private Investigator
VysePresident- The Mayor: Suicidal Commuter
Bikriki- The Showboat: (Compulsive) Actor
DuckyB- The Living Tree: Deathless Mute Mailman
General Goose- The Revenge Driven Father: Compulsive Day Vigilante
dmboogie- The Town Bicycle: (Random) Roleblocker
Pippin- The Ace Detective: (Insane Death Miller) Cop
Yugikun- The Poor Old Bastard: (Novice Ascetic Lightningrod) Wise One
Loretta- The Creep: Ninja Voteless Tracker
decoy73- The Dimwitted Cab Guy: (Absolutely Hated) Compulsive Bus Driver
RemoteControl- The Good Ol' Doc: (Weak) Doctor
Aura of Misfortune- The Evangelical Nurse: (Loud Recruitment Protection) Nurse
Slam- The Mayor's Daughter: Beloved Princess


MurderWeasel- The Cult Leader: (1x Bulletproof) Lover Cult Leader
penguin_alien- The Cult Speaker: Usurper Cult Speaker
Frogue- The Cat of Schrodinger: Nexus Cultist

MK Kilmarnock- The Veteran: (Loved) Paranoid Gun Owner Cultist Mentee
backslash- The Gun Dealer: Gunsmith Mentee
Namira- The Absent Minded College Kid: (1x Bulletproof) Lover Townie Mentee

And also, because Deamon got dragged into some live balancing shenanigans (I am so sorry)...

Honorary Winner:

Deamon- The Retired Monster: Mentor

The fallout thread should be up in a few hours (EDIT: Nevermind we're doing it now). Thanks for playing guys, and win or lose I hope you had fun!

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Things have gone extremely quiet since the death of the cult leader. The town isn't quite sure what to make of all the silence at night. Regardless, there is still work to do. The presence of enemy scum can practically be felt in the air.







The day phase will end on February 8th at 11 PM.

Posted Image

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Night phase over. Going to post flavor in the morning after I rest.

Skeletons and Spaghetti
Penelope listened to Astrid's words while tapping away at the screen.

Once Astrid finished talking, Penelope shrugged, not turning her head away from the game. She understood what Astrid was getting at now. Astrid was obviously looking at it from a very practical perspective, which Penelope didn't really care for personally. "I think the game is plenty interesting." She said. "Sure, it's not exactly challenging and it's not developing any skills, but the game doesn't really have a defined endpoint so it's pretty hard to get bored with it like how other games can get boring after you complete them a few times." She leaned back in her chair a little bit. "Since, you know, I'm just playing it to avoid boredom."

Penelope took another sip from her tea bottle. "Also, I'm not really interested in developing any skills right now. I'm still just trying to figure out what I like doing and what I want to do with the rest of my life, y'know?" She turned her head momentarily towards Astrid before turning back to the game.."..If that's what you were getting at, that is."

Penelope played with the cap a little bit more before accidentally causing it to shoot off to somewhere two tables over. "...Shit."

Frustrated with herself for losing her tea bottle's cap, she downed the rest of her tea so as to not worry about spilling it later. She turned her attention back to Astrid. "So, yeah. Hope that helps you understand my perspective."

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
MurderWeasel(LYNCHED): Primrosette, DuckyB, VysePresident, MurderWeasel, dmboogie, Flare, Pippin

Everything was going so well for MurderWeasel. Everything was lining up in his favor. All he wanted to do was unite everyone, lead this town into a new golden age under the banner of Rw'Shilah.

But alas, all at once, everything came crashing down. His best friend and one of his recruits died one after another right in front of him. Then, the town finally figured it out. They finally figured out who the cultists were being recruited by. As he looked out into the crowd as a noose was being drawn around his neck, he saw his lover sobbing. He desperately hoped that she would make it out of this alive, but somehow, somehow he knew how both of them would have reacted if the other died.

As he fell and the noose tightened, with the last moments of speech he had, he shouted to the sky: "I am sorry Rw'Shilah!"

As the noose coiled around his neck, he squeezed out: "I... am... sorry... Namira..."

Namira, seeing her lover get killed and unable to cope with that and the information that he was a cult leader, took out the knife that she had used to kill so many innocent people and sliced her own throat.

The wind howled through the trees. Seems like the gods weren't happy with this outcome.


"..." The computer didn't know what to think.

"NO COMMENT." It finally settled on.


Died In Your Arms Tonight:

MurderWeasel- The Cult Leader: (1x Bulletproof) Lover Cult Leader
Namira- The Absent Minded College Kid: (1x Bulletproof) Lover Townie Mentee

The night phase will last until January 29th at 11 PM.

Posted Image

Flare has been warned.

Additionally, with the new information provided by these flips, you now know Backslash's real flip.

backslash- The Gun Dealer: Gunsmith Mentee

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Day phase will end 45~ minutes from this post. I'm (uncharacteristically) going to bed now, so flavor won't be up until next morning.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Obligatory acitivity update. Current number of posts for people falling under the line:

Pippin- 4
Flare- 3

Bold means that they've been warned once. Posty toasty!

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Vote Count: Red Votes Edition

MurderWeasel(L-4): Primrosette, DuckyB, VysePresident
Flare(L-4): Namira, dmboogie, Deamon
Primrosette(L-6): MurderWeasel

Not Voting (5): Flare, MK Kilmarnock, Bikriki, General Goose, Pippin

With 12 players remaining, it takes 7 to lynch.

Mod note: Vote count edition has nothing to do with current conversation.

Posted Image

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Vote Count: Hotline For Death Edition

MurderWeasel(L-5): Primrosette, DuckyB
Flare(L-6): Namira

Not Voting (9): Flare, MK Kilmarnock, VysePresident, Bikriki, MurderWeasel, General Goose, Deamon, dmboogie, Pippin

With 12 players remaining, it takes 7 to lynch.

Mod note: Vote count edition has nothing to do with current conversation.

Posted Image

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Alright I'm going to get a vote count up in an hour or so and check on everyone's activity.

Sorry about the delays!

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Jan 24 2016, 09:10 AM
What is the difference between a cult leader and a cult speaker? I'm a bit confused on that.
Cult Speaker is not the Cult Leader. The Cult Speaker would replace the Cult Leader upon the role's death, but this only works once and no new Cult Speaker would rise from the ranks of the cultists. The Cult Speaker would be a weaker Cult Leader than the actual Cult Leader was in various ways (limited recruitment, etc).

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Edit: Ignore me I'm dumb.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Things were all lining up for Penguin, The Cult Speaker before that damned crazy Father went and messed it all up.

He screamed something about the town not going anywhere and leveled his shotgun in her direction. Before she could even say or think anything he blasted off two shells into her chest and she was on the ground. She didn't think it would end like this. She didn't think that she would die. She thought she was the chosen one of her god, Rw'Shilah, destined to lead humanity, or at least this town, into a bright new future.

How wrong she was. As she bled out, she screamed for her god to save her.

But nobody came.

Got Dead:

penguin_alien- The Cult Speaker: Usurper Cult Speaker

The fifth day phase will last until January 25th at 11 PM.

Posted Image

Just so everyone knows what the "Cult Speaker" role does, it acted as a weaker one time replacement for the cult leader.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
General Goose
Jan 23 2016, 10:04 PM
Shoot: Penguin
Welp, I was about to go to sleep. I will have the flip (and a vote count) tomorrow morning. Continue talking.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Jan 16 2016, 11:55 PM
Posted Image