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Tell No Tales
((Sara Corlett continued from On the edge))

Sara walked mostly silent behind Sean as they made their way to the freighter. She was fairly bad at making conversation, and content to simply stay behind Sean and listen to him talk about, well, anything he wanted to talk about. As the two of them started to approach the freighter, Sean started singing a song. She didn't recognize the song, and Sean's singing voice wasn't the greatest, but the song made her cheer up just ever so slightly. She quickened her pace to keep up with Sean as he moved faster and faster towards the freighter.

As they got closer, she noticed that there were some odd shapes near the freighter; she couldn't tell what they were from this distance, but the scene was cluttered, to say the least. As they got closer and closer, she was able to make out details. There was blood, a lot of blood. The figures lying in the blood were bodies. The two of them finally stopped a few feet from the scene. Sara struggled to keep composure. The scene in front of her was a massacre. Four bodies, all of them her classmates. All of them had their necks blown open, their collars detonated. She heard Sean mutter something as he moved to get closer to the bodies. Sara remained a few feet away, frozen in place at the sight of the carnage in front of her.

Sean said that they should collect their stuff. She agreed, if only for sheer pragmatism; although she didn't say anything, she simply nodded, unable to take her eyes off of the grisly scene in front of her until she got caught by a beam of light. There were two people in front of her and Sean, approaching the scene. Sara started to panic, wondering if the two of them were dangerous, but they appeared to be solely interested in the scene in front of them, seemingly completely ignoring the both of them despite them standing not a few feet away. Against her better judgement, she decided to speak up. "Um... who exactly are you two?"

V5 Ninth Rolls

Heroes would be nice but I'm not expecting anything.

Death ideas would also be nice, I'd prefer someone with a batshit character send me something since the idea I already have practically requires it.

On the edge
Sara awkwardly stood behind Sean as Zubin spoke. She overheard the "escape" plan that Zubin had and was telling Sean, and she didn't want any part of it. She saw Sean avoid the notepad that Zubin had, and she couldn't blame him for it. She would have avoided it in the same manner, if not simply turned and run away.

Sara looked at Ami and Ruby. From the looks of it, the two of them looked adverse to Zubin's plan as well. She began to get curious as to why they were hanging around Zubin if they didn't want to go along with his plan, but the more she thought about it the more she didn't really want to know. She just wanted to get out of this awkward situation her and Sean were in and go back to the freighter.

Sean turned to her and talked about getting back to the freighter. She couldn't agree more. As he walked off she began following him, giving an awkward wave before turning and following Sean out as quickly as she could muster.

((Sara Corlett continued in Tell No Tales))

Every Success Involves Insanity
Maddie stood still and silent, still looking at the ground, as Tyler left. She thought about what he said. Was she really playing to win?


She supposed that she was. That was what she wanted, right? To win? To live?

At what cost? Her humanity? A happy life in the future? She moved her eyes to look at RJ as he came over to her. He said something. She wasn't sure what he said. She wasn't listening. Looking at him made her remember that in order for her to live RJ must die at some point. Who or what would be the one to do him in? Infection from his wounds? A player? Her? So many questions that, if answered, would probably raise more questions. She slumped and awkwardly sat down on the rotting boards of the abandoned harbor.

She had to really think, to consider, what she was doing here. She was trying to play smart, make it to the end that way. Playing smart, what a joke. There's no such thing as playing smart in this sick game, just not playing dumb. Now that she thought about it, the fact that she was playing at all was bad. A better person, a stronger person, would refuse to play. The people that this game deemed the most fit to survive aren't actually the strongest at all, if anything they were the weakest, the cowards. She was weak because she wanted to win, to play the awful game. She was a coward.

But, despite what she was thinking, nothing could change the fact that she wanted to live. She didn't want to die, she wanted to enjoy what little available time on this planet she had. She wanted it to last as long as possible. She didn't want to enter eternal dreamless sleep just yet. But in order to live sacrifices had to be made. That was the nature of the game. What would she have to sacrifice? Only time could tell, until then she had to keep pushing forward, making sacrifices, gaining a few more minutes of precious life.

And right now pushing forward involves getting her ally and herself out of here. She stood up and looked at RJ. "Let's get out of here. You lead."

((Madeline Wilcox continued in Affluenza))

Every Success Involves Insanity
((Permission to insert Tyler's next action into this post approved))

Maddie froze as she heard the voice of Tyler Lucas off to her side. She turned her head slowly towards the direction of his voice, and was greeted by Tyler pointing a gun at her. Her hands released the extension chord, and it slipped into the water after the improvised sinker. She had to resist every urge to panic. One bullet from that gun could easily end her life, she's just as close to death as she was when she confronted Nina. She needed to act, to think quickly, but she found herself rooted in place, unable to think about anything other than the barrel of the gun pointed directly at her. She stared at him, wide eyed, wondering what he was going to do as she saw RJ approach Tyler from behind. He had a bit of the wood from the boardwalk in his hands, and he snapped it in half.

When her eyes flicked back to Tyler from RJ, his intense stare was still on her. Did he look towards the noise? Does he know RJ is behind him? She didn't know, and it likely wasn't important to her current situation. Then, he asked a question. He asked the same question he did earlier. Who's blood is that? She didn't understand this man. He asks her a question, gets shot accidentally, goes into a rage, nearly kills RJ, gets her at gunpoint, and now he's asking her the same question. She stammered out the answer to the best of her ability, trying to hide her fear. "N-Nina. Nina Clarke's." Her eyes looked towards the ground. "It... it was in self defense." She had no idea what she could do other than answer him. She couldn't move to pull out the gun-knife, she couldn't try to dive out of the way, she was completely at the mercy of Tyler. Her only hope was that RJ could distract him. Otherwise, she was hopeless.

And that scared her.

New V5 Reduced Activity Notices
Giving fair warning that I've got a ludicrous amount of things due in these next two weeks. Hopefully though after this I'll be pretty much in the clear for the rest of the semester.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread


Sheep awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

On the edge
((Sara Corlett continued from Prepare to be Boarded))

Sara followed behind Sean as they made their way to the freighter. They were getting close, at least she thought so, as she remembered walking through this general area on the way to the airstrip from the freighter. As they traveled Sean seemed to have gotten his energy back, as he was a small ways ahead of her, saying more pirate lines in his captain's voice. Perhaps the incident back at the tower will just be happily ignored. She hated the thought of pretending that another person dying never happened, but she needed to keep her mind off of it. She didn't want the island to take her sanity, she would die before that happened.

The two of them began to approach a large lagoon on the beach, and she quickly spotted about three or so people nearby. Apparently, so had Sean. He addressed them with his usual vigor, alerting the three of them to their presence. Sara would have preferred to pass through without anything really happening, but it was too late now. The two of them approached the group of three. Three people she didn't really know at all. She remembered their faces, having seen them all around school in the halls, but she didn't know their names.

As Sean addressed them, she remained quiet, a few feet back from the conversation. She didn't want to let her nervousness show, with so many people that she didn't know around.

Sub-Area Description: The Tower
Aria Samuel's body currently lies at the top of the tower, in the control room.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
Jan 17 2014, 06:09 PM
If it reeks of Jester, why lynch it? If you're that convinced that he's a Jester, why waste a lynch on him?

I don't see any advantage lynching him has over testing him if you're convinced he's a Jester, especially since you mentioned believing PA's play is legitimately scummy.
TurtleTyrant in the big post
He's jester? He wins, who cares, at least we don't have to worry about it anymore, I would honestly rather have the jester out of the game so people stop worrying about it than leave them alive so people keep talking about them and whatever story they concocted.

To add

again in the big post
His plan? He doesn't kill because he's a jester, claims he was roleblocked, no psychiatrist comes forth because there is no psychiatrist, we lynch him, he wins, the game moves on.

ofc, Assuming he's the jester, so ultimately we lynch him anyway.

ANYWAY I'm going to do other non-mafia things, so probably won't respond immediately.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
Jan 17 2014, 06:03 PM
You generally have all my opinions except for the part about killing Vyse. Vyse can test that if he's being honest. Why do you buy Bro's claim but not Vyse's?
I said why in the big post. His claim REEKS of a jester ploy (Kenny being in last game, the suddenness of it all, Rugga hating Kenny, etc.) while BRO's comes off as null to genuine (I really can't say why though, it's pretty gut).

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
Jan 17 2014, 05:47 PM
We've been discussing other things. Mostly Bro and PA. Gonna note that you completely glazed over them and ran the emphasis towards Vyse, that's interesting.
We were discussing other stuff too, y'know. Like Penguin, Bro, me, flare, inactives, slam, basically everybody.

*scrolls up*

I got ninja'd to shit, wow (I spent 50+ minutes posting that). (note: and then got ninja'd again while posting this)

I remember wanting to post earlier about my opinions on BRO and PA but forgot what I had to say exactly (also I don't want to take forever to post). The general gist of what I think about them are that I buy BRO's claim but think we should probably test it at some point, and that it's /really/ odd that PA buddied so hard with him with no real substance to his posts, ESPECIALLY given the fact that if he's not lying, he's an immortal voteless townie. I think it's worth investigation.

Anyway, I stand by the fact that we deadline lynch Vyse and stop discussing him, so that's a thing.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
Well I finally found something to add to this conversation.

SO, since the topic of discussion is Vyse right now I'll weigh in on that. I don't buy his claim whatsoever. Kenny was the serial killer last game and given all the people Rugga COULD use for serial killer (and would actually make sense rather than be a stupid joke), there's no reason she would rehash the same tired joke that she has mentioned disliking in chat (multiple times). If anything, given how stupid this claim is and how quickly it could result in his lynch, he's a jester.

His plan? He doesn't kill because he's a jester, claims he was roleblocked, no psychiatrist comes forth because there is no psychiatrist, we lynch him, he wins, the game moves on. He would have effectively killed discussion for two whole day phases because of that, and THAT my friends, is why jester is a role that is bastard. Not because it wastes a town lynch, but because it causes town discussion to stall for both discussing the stupidity of the jester to the detriment of actual leads, but also because of the fear that anyone who makes a grossly stupid play is a jester.

So, honestly guys, I don't want to let this derail town any further. Let's not waste our time or effort on this discussion. Stop discussing Vyse, discuss other things that are more important (like, you know, everyone else the town was on about before Vyse came in). And then when the clock winds down...


Lynch it with fire. Anything that Vyse is, town would lose nothing but a D1 lynch out of it (A LYNCH, I MIGHT ADD, THAT HAS A HISTORY OF ALMOST ALWAYS BEING WRONG ANYWAY). He's jester? He wins, who cares, at least we don't have to worry about it anymore, I would honestly rather have the jester out of the game so people stop worrying about it than leave them alive so people keep talking about them and whatever story they concocted. He's mafia doing some weird gambit? We get mafia. He's the SK? (near impossible anyway, see the first actual paragraph) Then we get the SK, screw the psychiatrist, I don't care if we could possibly prove it, I'm with Slam here in saying that I don't want an SK around at all, even if the SK could potentially get converted (because you KNOW the mafia will ruin whatever plan we come up with any way that they can :/ ) and that at most we effectively lose a vanilla townie (which we could lose, and worse, by lynching anyone else). So... back to discussing other things? ANY other things? It's disappointing to see that with one fell swoop Vyse has killed discussion of anything other than him.

Every Success Involves Insanity
Maddie fired another volley, but to no avail. RJ had climbed his way back onto the dock only to get knocked into the water by Tyler. As they both went down into the water, she began running towards the hole in the dock, only to peer over the edge and see nothing but bubbles coming up from the water below.

No. Please no. This can't happen. Maddie panicked, what could she do to help RJ, to save him from Tyler? The water was at least her height below the dock, so bringing down a branch or something else short that RJ could grab onto was impractical. She wasn't the best swimmer, so trying to dive in to help RJ would likely be suicidal. She had to think fast and act quickly.

She looked around for anything nearby that she could use to help him. She turned her head wildly, looking for something she could grab. As she looked, her eyes passed over a cut extension cord that lay next to the wall of one of the decrepit buildings. She ran over and grabbed it. It was long enough to reach down into the water, but she needed some way of making it sink. She spotted a nearby rock, about the size of her fist. She grabbed the rock and hastily tied the cord around it. She ran back over to the hole in the dock and tossed the cord into the water, holding on tight, ready to pull RJ up.

But, she had doubts about what she was doing. It took her less than a minute to do all of that, or at least she thought it did, but what if it took longer? What if she was too late? What if she took too long and RJ had already passed out and sunk? What if the cord couldn't support RJ's weight? What if he couldn't grab it due to Tyler? What if Tyler grabbed it? All of these problems that she didn't think of in the spur of the moment, trying to be smart and save RJ. She couldn't change her plan now, though, she had taken long enough doing what she did already. If she changed her plan then RJ might drown, all she could do is hope that this plan worked, that she could pull him up and save him.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread


VOTE: DocBalance

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
VOTE: DocBalance

For making my life hard last game. :c

Every Success Involves Insanity

Maddie was confounded by such a blunt question. She wasn't sure how to properly answer it without seeming like a bloodthirsty murderer. Maybe that was the point. Before she could actually come up with an answer to the question, she heard the boards creak loudly next to her. As she glanced over to the sound they suddenly gave way under RJ. As he fell she heard the sound of a gunshot going off, and looked over at Tyler. The shot had hit Tyler in the upper arm, the blood pooling on his sleeve. He screamed, no, roared with rage and threw a bottle at Maddie with anger she didn't know anyone could have. She reflexively brought her arm to her face as the bottle flew at her, impacting with her arm and shattering with the force of the impact. She yelped with pain, not only because the bottle impacted her arm with tremendous force, but also because the broken glass that flew from the bottle cut like small daggers on her face and arm.

She trembled from the sudden rush of adrenaline that hit her. Everything seemed to move in slow motion now, the panic from Tyler attacking them settling into her. She fired off the round she had loaded in the gun-knife at Tyler as he moved towards RJ. What he was about to do she didn't know, but she didn't think RJ and Tyler were going to have a peaceful discussion, it was certain that Tyler was going to try and kill RJ, deprive her of the one ally she currently has, and possibly deprive her of her own life shortly after he got done with RJ. That couldn't happen, she wouldn't let it happen, for both her own sake and RJ's she would defend them, even if it meant killing another person.

As fast as she could muster, she loaded another musket ball into the gun-knife and fired it at Tyler while backing away with every motion she made. The scene in front of her unfolded like a slow blur, she wasn't really conscious of what was happening. She just knew that she had one goal, stop Tyler, and that stopping took the form of her firing off as many rounds as possible in Tyler's direction.

Maddie loaded another round and fired again, and she would keep firing as quickly as she could until the monstrous beast of a person in front of her stopped being a threat to her safety and her companion's safety.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Sign Ups

Signing up.

Every Success Involves Insanity
Maddie and RJ walked towards the source of the disturbance. RJ seemed to have his weapon concealed inside his bag, having it unzipped and his hand nearby. She recognized it easily, she tried the same trick with Nina. She loaded a musket ball into the gun-knife, she needed to be ready in case they came to any altercations during their meeting with whoever they were travelling towards. She had some reservations about doing this, how it might be dangerous, how she didn't want to take another life, but she continued on anyway, for reasons she didn't know why.

The two of them turned a corner and stumbled upon the source of the disturbance, an incredibly imposing young man. He was almost a foot taller than both her and RJ and looked like he could crush her ribs with a squeeze. To say she was intimidated was an understatement. He turned to them as soon as they rounded the corner, and the first thing he noticed was the blood on the gun-knife. She just needed to stay calm and respond calmly, she couldn't show fear. "So what if there is?"

Not the best response, but she couldn't think of a better response to such a blunt statement. If this confrontation and her weak choice of words came to a fight, at the very least both of them were armed and it didn't seem like the imposing figure a few feet in front of them was armed himself. Even if they did have the advantage if it were to come to a fight, though, she still began to think that coming out here was a dumb idea, they should have just stayed inside the decrepit restaurant. She hoped that this poor decision that they made didn't end the way she thought it would, poorly.

Prepare to be Boarded
Sara stood quietly as Sean spoke. She wasn't really paying attention to what he was saying, she was too caught up in her own thoughts. She caught bits of what he was saying, about them heading back to the freighter and Sean taking Aria's bag, but she was too busy thinking about Aria. He didn't deserve this. No one did. Sean said that they should go and left the room. Sara stood there for a few more moments, unable to process anything. She packed her things and picked up her bag in a stupor, not quite conscious of what was going on. She walked down the stairs of the tower and out through the doors, following behind Sean who was a bit ahead of her.

She still couldn't wrap her head around what had just occurred. All she could fathom was that what had just happened to Aria was going to happen to her, and to everyone on the island. It has already happened to a lot of people, and the true gravity of the situation was really starting to dawn upon Sara. Sean and Sara likely couldn't keep up the pirate play much longer than they already have, someone crazy is likely to come along to ruin it soon enough. Or worse, one of them might succumb to the pressure of the island. She didn't want to think about that, she didn't want to think about how Sean might be succumbing, or how she might be succumbing.

She quieted these thoughts, she needed to focus on the moment in order to stay sane. She continued to follow Sean as they made their way away from the tower, and Aria's final resting place.

((Sara Corlett continued in On the edge))