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V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
I have decided I want to do this because I want something to do.

Character please :3

A Recursive Process
Katy tossed the paper onto Sara's desk and the paper landed messily. She grabbed it and returned it to composure when Katy asked if she filled the paper with bullshit. "Um, no, I did put work into it." She frowned. Sara had poured her heart into the paper, and to have someone call it bullshit without actually reading all of it made her feel rather sad.

Katy commented about how she should try filling her paper up with bullshit next time they have one. "Erm, I don't think that would work... Mr. Shigen is... pretty astute with grading."

It was evident Katy wasn't listening as she packed up her bags. Sara looked at the clock and saw that it was almost time to go. She breathed a small sigh of relief. Now she could get away from Katy without having to be rude. As she started putting away her things, Katy once more piped up, saying that maybe she could ask about Sara's "bullshit" next time they have a paper to write. Sara frowned and stared at the floor as she continued packing up her things. She hated being talked to like this, especially by someone as unpleasant as Katy.

The bell rang. She stood up from her desk and slung her bag around her shoulder. As she was about to walk out, she looked up to see Gwen O'Connor saying something to Katy. She wasn't quite sure what was being said, but something told Sara it involved her in some way. The last thing Sara wanted to see happen was to get involved in an argument. She quietly sneaked past them and out of the classroom door. Breathing a sigh of relief, Sara continued on to her next class.

((Sara Corlett continued in Not So Quiet Time In The Lunch Room))

Fantastic milestone
Huzzah! :)

Fantastic milestone
Yeah, Toben actually posted the 100,000th post in Random Thoughts.

If my calculations are correct, this is SOTF's 100,000th post.

Le Garcon Avec Les Cheveux Blancs
Maddie could have sworn she heard a chuckle come out of the boy's mouth as she talked, but she could have easily imagined it. He told her that she should probably pay attention to the authors of the articles, since getting an article published is an achievement. "Uh, yeah. Guess it is." She had never really thought about how the authors must feel when they get an article published, perhaps she should pay a bit more attention.

The boy shifted and continued on, saying he needed someone to talk to, and she happened to have a science magazine. "Oh, alright. I just don't normally get approached." She said as the boy looked around the parking lot.

The boy then asked why she was still here this late after-school. "Oh, yeah. My dad is usually here by now to pick me up, but he must be busy at the hospital he works at, or something." She then realized that she still doesn't know the boy's name. I might as well ask. She thought.

"Erm, I just realized we haven't told each other our names. My name is Madeline, but my friends call me Maddie. What's your name?"

Alright, the storm passed over harmlessly. I would have posted this morning, but I would have been late to school. But yeah, I can resume normal activity (although it wasn't really disrupted).

Handler: TurtleTyrant
Dates Away: January 15th to January 16th (Minimum) or January 22nd (Maximum)
Days Away: 1-7
Reason for Away: There is going to be an ice storm hitting my state tonight, if it turns out like the ones in 2003 and 2009, I will be completely without power.
Characters: Madeline Wilcox, Sara Corlett

So, just found out, there is going to be a huge ice storm hitting my state tonight. I hope it won't be like the 2009 and 2003 ice storms, but if it is I will be without power, and therefore internet access, for maybe up to a week. There is not a 100% chance of this happening, but if it does I will be unable to post. The timing of this weather could not be worse >:( .

EDIT: It looks like it is going to be okay, but we won't get the all clear until tomorrow morning. I will post here when the all clear is given, or if I lose power overnight, when I regain power.

Pretend This Thread Title is a Witty Lyrical Reference
Maddie stood as Arthur explained himself, saying that he needed a talk like the one she just gave him to give him a new direction. He then asked her if she would like to see his online gallery. "Um, sure, I guess. Is your gallery on DeviantArt, or would I find it elsewhere?"

After she said that, Sharon piped up, saying Maddie's insight was appreciated, and with that taken care of, she asked what Maddie was doing here in the park. Maddie twirled the little flower in her hands as she spoke. "Well, I usually like taking a nice walk through the park." She glanced at the flower and watched it spin in between her fingers. "It helps calm my nerves sometimes. You know, being out here with all the flowers and trees."

She looked up into the air, feeling the gentle breeze go past her. "It is really quite peaceful." She heard the sound of young children playing in the background. "Unless you consider the young kids." She said with a hint of disdain. "But, overall, it is pretty nice out here. All things considered."

She twirled the flower more as she looked back at Sharon and Arthur. "So, what exactly are you two doing here?" She paused. "You know, besides critiquing Arthur's art."

What if you wound up in SOTF?
From what everyone is saying here, I seem to be the most emotionally unstable and generally scared out of all of us :|

Not sure if bad thing...

What if you wound up in SOTF?
I brought up this subject in chat, and it is an interesting topic to say the least. So that leads me to this:

Seriously consider for a moment. You wake up on an island. You have no idea where you are or how you got here. You feel that there is a collar around your neck. You hear a message broadcast that tells you that you are now in Survival of the Fittest. You and your classmates (if you are not in high school, pretend and go back to that time) must all kill one another until only one is left alive, kill or be killed, or you all die. Then, you are forced to seriously consider having to kill your friends and fellow classmates, and that you are almost certain to die yourself.

I ask you two things:

What would you do?

Disregarding all that you answered to the above, what would you do if you won? (Note this implies braving all of the horrors of the game to be the last one standing)

TT shares her thoughts:

What I would do:
Spoiler: click to toggle

What I would do if I won:
Spoiler: click to toggle

So I hope I set the tone for this. Go ahead and share, and please, try to keep it as serious as possible.

The Realism Litmus Test Revived
Final Scores:

Maddie- 15

Sara- 7

Pretty good I guess, both of them fall in that 0-15 bracket, so... good for me, I guess?

Introduction Thread
Greetings Nytie. I am not a moderator, but here are some resources for getting started here on SOTF:

New Handler's Guide

The Rules

V5 Rule Changes

If you have any questions, just go to one of the mods or the admins. Have a nice stay on SOTF!

Le Garcon Avec Les Cheveux Blancs
Maddie sat, reading the portion of the article discussing planets that possibly can have life on them, when she heard someone sit down next to her. She turned to look at the person, and she realized that it was the boy with white hair that she saw just a few minutes ago. Who is this boy... and why has he approached me? Maddie rarely conversed with anyone since coming to Aurora, and most people just ignored her existence.

He greeted her and pointed to her Popular Science magazine that she was holding. He asked her if she had ever read an article by some man named Éric de Gaulle. Maddie fought the urge to ignore him and continue reading. This boy is being nice to me. Maybe this is my chance to finally make my first friend here at Aurora.

"Um, well, I don't really pay attention to the authors of the articles I read." She said, making an effort to raise her voice above a whisper. "Um, if you don't mind me asking, why are you talking to me? Most people don't even notice my existence." She added as politely as she could muster.

Stylistic choices
Jan 8 2013, 11:36 PM
I do not use formatting for emphasis in IC posts, ever. I will sometimes use it if it must be used for stylistic correctness, but that's it.

I also refuse to use exclamation points in writing.
This^ I also refuse to use formatting for emphasis in IC posts (the only time formatting should be used is for clarity), and I find exclamation points to be unnecessary, unless they are in character's thoughts or dialogue.

However, as for my own take on thoughts, although I understand Toben's position on them, I tend to use italicized thoughts rather often, mostly because I feel it is a bit more personal than integrated thoughts.

I LOVE the dialogue breaks that Solomir mentioned. It really flows a lot better when you have an action in between bits of speech, rather than... well... a speech wall. Even for monologues, you should have some sort of breakage to keep it flowing.

For my writing itself, I tend to try and make everything flow from one sentence to another, making it feel like one continuous thought while avoiding excess details.

So yeah, that is my writing, or at least things that I have noticed. I am certain there are other subtle nuances I am not aware of.

Le Garcon Avec Les Cheveux Blancs
Maddie walked out the front doors of the school after another day in class.

I've officially been going to Aurora for three months now. I think that is a good milestone. She cheerfully thought.

She glanced around at the crowds of people around her, most of them boarding their buses to go home. She walked down next to the parking lot, and started looking around for her dad's car.

Damn. Looks like he isn't here yet.

She sat down at the curb a little out of the way of the other students and swung her backpack around in front of her. She rummaged through her backpack for a moment before pulling out a Popular Science magazine. She started to flip through the magazine, looking for any articles that she perchance hasn't read. Shortly after she found an article on exo-planets that she hadn't quite yet read. Surprised I missed this. She thought to herself.

She began to read, but after getting a little ways into the article she glanced up and noticed that almost everyone was gone, and all the buses had departed.

Huh. Dad is really late. She thought. Looks like I am going to be here a while.

She sighed and looked over at the remaining students, some of them being people who presumably missed their buses, and some of them being people who hung out around after-school for a little while after dismissal. She noticed one person in particular though, there was a boy nearby with with messy white hair, he stuck out like a sore thumb compared to the other students. An odd sight. She thought. But, nothing TOO out of the ordinary.

She turned back to the article on exo-planets, continuing to wait for her dad to arrive.

A Recursive Process
Sara sat and watched as Katy grabbed her paper and pulled it towards her desk without saying a word. Sara observed Katy as she looked at the front page, but Sara could tell from the look on her face that she felt how hefty the paper was, and shortly after she had started looking over the front page she turned back to Sara and asked her how she made her paper so long.

"Well, I tend to be rather wordy... and, um, detailed with my writing." She said. "I'm not quite so sure myself how I got my paper to be that long." She let out a nervous chuckle. "So, are you finished? Er, with my paper, I mean..."

A Recursive Process
((I have adopted Sara Corlett from TheDollBreaker))

Sara started to daydream as she sat there, but was pulled out of her daydream as she noticed the the girl next to her eyeing her paper. The girl congratulated Sara with contempt, evident by her swearing in the middle of the congratulations. She then sarcastically asked if Sara wanted a cookie for it. Sara quietly and uncomfortably replied "Um... no, I don't really want a cookie."

The girl then started prying on the contents of Sara's paper, asking what she wrote. "Um... I just wrote what we were assigned to write." She replied. "But, maybe I put a bit more work in than what was required."

She eyed the size of her paper, it was quite obviously much thicker than the other students' papers, and she had a feeling the girl would notice even if Sara didn't let her see the paper. "If you want... you can look at my paper..."

Pretend This Thread Title is a Witty Lyrical Reference
Maddie stood and listened as the group addressed her. Steven turned to her and gave her a small "hey." Shortly after, Arthur began to mention being in a funk and it affecting his art, and Sharon curtly told her that she was not interrupting anything and that she was doing just fine. Arthur then began to hand Maddie his notebook, asking for her opinion on his art as Steven got up from the group, said his goodbyes, turned, and walked away. Sharon gave him a goodbye as he left and turned immediately back to Arthur and Maddie.

Maddie was very surprised when Sharon then forcefully ripped Arthur's book out of his hands and tossed it over at her. Maddie fumbled for a moment before barely catching the notebook, dropping her flower as she did so. She gave a nervous chuckle as she regained her composure and brought the book up to reading level. She began flipping through the pages, looking at the art as she went along. She saw a lot of ponies from My Little Pony wearing Brotherhood of Steel armor from Fallout, and was quite perplexed by the drawings, to say the least. As she flipped through she noticed a distinct drop in quality as she went along, and while she didn't know too much about the finer mechanics of art, she did notice proportions that were a bit off and shading that almost looked like it was rushed through more and more often as she looked. She got through the book and was a bit stunned by the end of it, not quite sure what to say.

With a quizzical look on her face, she handed the book back to Arthur and pondered what to say for a moment. After a moment of thinking she finally opened her mouth and said "I'm not quite sure what to say. I am not one to criticize someone's concepts based solely on oddity alone." She bent and picked up her flower. "The main problems I noticed were that the drawings seemed quite rushed and not very professional. If perhaps they were mechanically more sound, then I probably would have come off liking your drawings, despite the oddities."

She looked towards Sharon and Arthur and added "Did I say what you wanted to hear?"

Worst Cliches
The things that annoy me most are just stereotypes or bad writing in general. I really don't care if someone is a typical jerk jock or a typical socially awkward loner or a special snowflake provided something creative is being done with the character and that there is actual depth to go along with it.

I can read it just fine. I don't really see what the problem is, but my room is pretty dark a lot of the time, so maybe that has some sort of effect.

(I really just like it because it has the cool little SOTF thing as a header)