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Notes from an Even Smaller Island
Lucilly would have yelled protest if only she knew what it would have been that she protested. Of course, the obvious plan was to find a bed to rest. To find a thing one had to look for the thing, yet when Amanda motioned to open the door Lucilly found herself startled and almost she told Amanda to stop. Though she knew that was sentiment speaking, and not reasoning, so Lucilly said nothing and said nothing when the door stayed the way it was. Whether it was closed due to it's own state of disrepair, or if it was closed due to a thing of unknown properties blocking it from the other side was a question Lucilly could not even begin to answer.

She would have preferred to not think about it at all. Only nightmarish scenarios played and danced through her mind, and the chance to confirm one of those was a chance she was not willing to take.

Ah, if only she had known better.

Lucilly motioned as well and she motioned to hold the handle of a second door. And yet before she could do what she set out to do, she took a step and it was a step that was like no-other.

It was a step that sounded like no-other, and Lucilly would have sworn that she could feel that she had stepped with quick feet into a disaster.

Lucilly had a flashlight. She had it. She just had to point it down. She pointed her face down. Looked at her dark feet. She pointed the flashlight down.

It was small.

Nothing more but what seemed to be a brownish and reddish smear on the ground.

Lucilly gulped, lifted her feet and rolled it just a bit on the side so that she might take a look at her soles.

She stared. She kept staring. She couldn't feel her breath anymore, but she could her stomach revolting once again. All of the nightmares she had tumbling in her lucid mind. They all were so much stronger and all of a sudden Lucilly was overwhelmed.

"I... we- let's go. There is, there is fresh blood here. Let us go!"

Had one looked carefully, they would have seen the whitest skin ever to be present on Lucilly's face, but alas, one had to look very quick as well, as she was already zipping past her companions to where they came from.

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
Hm? Now that was a curious thing. The silence that accompanied Fiyori's suggestion. Even more curious the nonchalant response of Georgia Lee. Fiyori wished she had turned around. Would've been rude. Kinda sick, maintaining eye contact with her companion while taking the piss. Could've been someone's fetish as well, for all she knew.

Fiyori would have liked to make a judgment call, but she couldn't. At least, she could speculate all day long about what Georgia Lee thought and did and grimaced when Fiyori wasn't looking. But that was the point. Or the problem, in that case. Fiyori wasn't looking, so she didn't know what to think.

Not a pleasant thought to be thinking, but one that put a smile on her lips nonetheless. She figured, that out of all the possibilities that Fiyori saw, the most reasonable was that Georgia Lee simply didn't listen.

And that would be amusing again.

Fiyori finished her business. She'd have preferred to wipe somehow, but there was nothing to wipe with. Good thing she didn't manage to care in that moment. She pulled her pants up, took the pee pot and jaunted towards GLD.

"Worryingly compliant there, mate. Almost gets me thinking."

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
Fiyori found her way into the kitchen. That wasn't difficult, mostly because it was hard to miss. It wasn't that hard to find the shelves with pots and pans as well, though it was pretty hard to actually choose one.

Main reason was that they all were kinda disgusting, dwelling in an advanced state of rottenness, some covered with rust and some deformed beyond all recognition. Some had gaping holes in them and some were without handle. Some, she found, were even home to various insect and spiders. What a glorious topic to be picky about. Fiyori found something at least.

Pot in hand, she strutted back into the main hall, checking the walls and the ceiling and even - especially - the floor for obvious cameras hiding. It wasn't that Georgia Lee Day bothered her. There was always a lot of talk about doing your thing, and caring what other people thought, but Fiyori knew. "Ebony Chick With Crizy Eyes Woman Pees In Pot". She could imagine that video popping up on PornHub or maybe some other site with less regulation. Damn it, she hated the idea of someone jerking off to her like that.

"...I know this will sound disgusting, so I'll give you a quick head-up."

Fiyori found a semi-comfortable spot. Placed the pot on the ground and slid down her pants a bit. She was glad she was fit enough to squat, and she was glad enough her poncho covered her privates in that pose.

She felt relieved, and she could hear the urine sprinkling on the metal of the pot.

"But we have, what, two liters of water? That's good for three days at best. Probably intentional. Those fuckers-" she would have pointed to a camera if she knew where one was - "want us to fight, after all. But assuming we won't fight, and assuming we won't leave this place, we'll still need water."

Fiyori had hoped GLD would have gotten her point already. She slapped the side of the pot for emphasis.

"Just saying that maybe we shouldn't let this get down the drain."

Notes from an Even Smaller Island
[Lucilly Peterson, continued from the same thread as above]

She thought that she did not think that through, but through-out as Lucilly was, she trudged through the halls of the building. There was grime and there was rust and there was dust. She had to cough once and twice and for a moment - once or twice - Lucilly felt her stomach revolting. Revolting against the idea of this building, against the idea of this place and the most important point being the quality of the air.

She kept it in herself, however. For truly she had emptied all she had eaten already, so that there was nothing more to give to the floor, and yet she felt a pride in restraint. Yet what made her feel quite the opposite of pride was her current role in the group. Lucilly was so haste to leave the initial room that she found herself as the tip of the group. Her strut filled with determination, so easily to be mistaken as Lucilly knowing where to go with certainty.

The others did follow, and as they walked, Lucilly thought how terribly awkward it was to have them do so. She thought how terribly awkward it was to stop and slow her pace as well. For surely all will stop and wonder for a moment what they should do.

Then, they truly did stop, and Lucilly looked behind her. Now, a situation even more embarrassing, for she had forgotten in her decisive walk that Emma and Amanda could not.

"Of course! Excellent idea."

You Could Have A Dream About Losing Your Friends
Still a feeling of unease? Emma's words carried something sinister with them, and without doubt did Lucilly know that there was a sinister menace lurking. She had heard, of course, if not for the fact that Emma was a woman of many words and many loose words most of all, but for the fact that she had opened her heart once. Once, twice, to people who listened and to people like Lucilly.

She had heard, but she did not remember. Lucilly felt shame for not remembering what was the issue behind... Emma's issues. Only knowing would be able to provide proper solace and proper comfort, but because she did not know, Lucilly could neither solace nor comfort.

So, instead, Lucilly nodded. Nodded heartily and with much affection in the downward swing of her chin. It was not the most and it was not little either, but it was an acknowledgement. She would be sure to ask, dare to be embarrassed, but ask and then be capable of helping her.

Somehow, even if Lucilly did not know how to.

Jamie called the place they were in a 'loony bin' and Lucilly found the word distasteful. It was a distasteful place, indeed, but to describe it with those words bothered Lucilly. In the same way it bothered her to see what was her designated 'weapon'.

No, there was something worse she realized. She realized with the help of Emma who put a word to it. Lobotomy. An act of cruel men who thought themselves to be wise, an act of savagery disguised as knowledge. To think that people thought that was good, though it was without doubt a matter of evil. It was truly a terrifying thought, and a thought that made her want to leave more and more.

Lucilly nodded again. The upward swing of her chin filled with determination.

She looked over to Jamie. To Amanda. To Emma. She nodded once more and she took the first step.

[[Lucilly Peterson, continued elsewhere]]

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
Fiyori continued to observe Georgia Lee with amused eyes, but soon enough all of the glimmer faded away.

She continued to grin, and finally folded her hands together.

"I... thought about something different."

Hey, she did mention she tutored him, right? And she knew Aiden so despite all odds it wasn't so unlikely he tried. Actually no, he definitely tried. That wasn't a question, but it was dumb to assume Georgia Lee would comply.

"If you don't mind, I would like to go... piss. Yeah, in that corner over there."

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
Fiyori felt like laughing a lot of times, and a lot of times she found herself uncaring for how inappropriate it was to laugh in a given situation. Yes, all of that was fine and dandy. From time to time, though, Fiyori found herself laughing when she didn't want to be laughing. And from time to time, she had to use a trick or two to restrain it. In this particular moment, for example, Fiyori put the tip of her tongue between her front teeth and just bit them a bit.

Often enough – actually not that often – it worked. For a second or two. Maybe a third if she was feelin' lucky. Then her face would turn into a grimace and it all came bursting out. More often than not, her own eyes betrayed her reserved appearance. In this one particular moment, for example, Fiyori's eyes were filled with bedazzled surprise at GLD completely losing her shit.

GLD was descending into an incredible giggling fit. Fiyori could see her covering her mouth, she even thought to see little cute tears in her eyes, but whenever GLD's eyes met Fiyori's, her laughter got stronger again.

Fiyori was, to be completely and utterly honest, not sure what to think. She bit on her tongue, harder yet, but she could feel her lips turning upwards. Fiyori wanted to, oh she really wanted to laugh with her but in that moment she was curious as well. Curious to watch, to observe, to think about what the fuck was wrong with that chick all of a sudden even if her lungs screamed at her to just let loose and fucking laugh together.

And then, Fiyori lost her composure completely. Georgia Lee called Aiden tiny.

Oh, it wasn't as if Fiyori was laughing right away. Instead she gasped. She chocked a bit on something and her mouth was opening and closing again and again, as if she wanted to say something. Make a stand, argue, counter, remark, defend Aiden's honor or some shit. She gestured with her hands, raised them in front of her and tried to portray the length of Aiden's dick with the distance between her hands. Maybe it was a bit longer? Maybe it was a bit shorter? Maybe a bit in between? Fuck, she actually didn't remember. Not that that was a thing she usually remembered. No clue how big his cock had been, but Fiyori surely would've remembered if it was especially tiny. Fiyori gazed at her hands, and she touched her nose with them. A witty retort of sorts, something about his nose compensating for stuff might or might not have been appropriate. Either way, she met GLD's eyes, and with a smile of both amusement and confusion she tried to gather her thoughts.

"Holy shit, man. I didn't know!"

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
"Almost got it."

Fiyori commented without affection. She thought it was an amusing remark, because Fiyori thought the things she said were amusing in general. Often enough did she made some dumb statement, laughing at her own joke, only to see everyone look extremely confused. Chuckle along, politely, if they were so. But no, only GLD had to take offense, had to feel mocked by what Fiyori said.

Georgia Lee Day was very high maintenance. Fiyori wondered why she bothered at all, but then remembered that she was stuck in a closed-off room with the other girl. She wondered whether to just jam her fingers into her eye balls. But that wouldn't be particularly helpful or contributing. At all.

She looked over to GLD, and noticed that she had turned her face away from Fiyori.

"...not judging me, huh? Well, let's test that."

Fiyori reached for the rim of her poncho and lifted it up, revealing her tank top beneath it. Despite her dark skin providing poor contrast for the unobservant, a closer look would reveal a small bite mark - clearly the teeth of a human - sitting comfortably just below her left collar bone.

She grinned, and with the other hand, she pointed at the mark.


You Could Have A Dream About Losing Your Friends
Again, another word. A word to be shamed, shunned. Avoided at all costs and yet Amanda uttered and yet Lucilly listened. Had to listen, but she sighed. Sighed as if to show the world that one did not talk about guns and knives and poison. Not them, not there.

Yet, though Lucilly sighed and shuddered as Amanda asked, she found herself curious. She had a bag, and she cradled the bag, and yet what was within the bag was without Lucilly's sphere of knowledge.

The young girl knew, though. She knew that it was her bag she was holding. She knew that what was within was meant to be used by her. She also knew that it was not just a tool to kill that she had been given, but also food and water to replenish her body. She would have, and Lucilly knew that was without doubt true - she would have to take the peek inside what was hers.

So she did. She looked below and looked into it and with a quick zip she could see all. She could see bottles of water. She could see bricks of edibles and she could see a medical kit. She could see manuals and she could see a magazine, appearing completely different from all that was else there to see.

She found curiosity, and pulled the magazine out.

She quickly lost it again.

"...let's move, yes."

Are you not ashamed

Fiyori Senay

I Know What My Fortune Is
"You're weird."

Fiyori licked her teeth clean of any meaty remains and made sure that even the last bit went down her throat.

"I mean, you always are. But in general now you're even weirder."

She looked over towards Aiden, gazing into his eyes over the edges of her glasses. She noticed the ever-dimming fire breaking along the rim of the lenses. She'd find it beautiful, but her mind was focused on Aiden for the moment.

Fiyori leaned to the side, placed a hand on the seat next to her and began to pat it gently.

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
"I suppose it is not."

Fiyori was once bitten by a goat. Lightly nibbled on, to be a bit more exact. But to her as a child that was like being bitten. She wasn't really sure where it was. Or why there was a goat. It wasn't a particular impacting event, and it also had been around when Fiyori was four or something. Her father joked once that all her issues stemmed from that one incident with the goat. He laughed. She laughed, too. Didn't thought it was funny.

Anyway, Georgia Lee Day was essentially like that goat. Fiyori knew she had some kind of food back then. Probably was supposed to feed the beast. Or wanted to, at least. It played coy, played shy. Drew closer and closer, and for some moments Fiyori could even pet it. Then it bit - nibbled on - Fiyori's hand, ripped out the food and ran away. GLD was basically doing that. She was being a goat.

Fiyori lured her in, made her open up and lower her guard. And then for some reason completely unexplainable for Fiyori she bit and retreated. It pissed Fiyori off, kinda, hearing the stern tone she used. But then again, she also couldn't help but giggle a bit. She enjoyed thinking about GLD as a goat, but then she remembered that the goat back then took her food.

She wondered what GLD would take.

"Well, to be fair. You'd just start judging me once I start telling my stories, so I guess you're right. Any better ideas for conversation, then?"

New Official V5 Away Thread
Works well enough I guess. Not away, then

New Official V5 Away Thread
Handler: Bikriki
Dates Away: September 8 - September 13
Days Away: Five Days
Reason for Away: Mother forgot that our internet bill had risen two years ago - oops? Using my phone as a hotspot might be workable enough, but if not, this will be my official away.
Characters: Fiyori Senay, Lucilly Peterson

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
Ever the optimist.

With some sort of twisted perspective, or some sort of extravagant mental acrobatics, or just trying to observe the situation at hand under a different light, Fiyori would have conceded that GLD's little pep talk was charming. Yes, charming. GLD kept believing, or at least kept saying that she believed in surviving. Fiyori didn't, of course, didn't believe in those intangible ideas of rescue or escape or survival at all. No matter whether or how it happened in the past, Fiyori continued to remind herself that it was a ludicrous notion.

Rescue wouldn't just come. Their classmates wouldn't just figure something out. Fuck, even in the best case scenario, even if some kind of help came, or arrived. Even then Fiyori couldn't say they would profit from it. She knew that National Geographic feature with Kimberly Nguyen, she knew there had been a rescue attempt a few years back. Thirty or so kids lived, out of - what, over 200?

Fiyori sighed, and the air in the room felt more stagnant than ever.

Charming appeal aside, she was done. Tired, simply put. Fiyori didn't want to think about any of that grim shit anymore. She shifted her weight a bit, felt her finger tips gliding across the fabric of her pants.

"Let's move to something more light-hearted for conversation, yes?"

She looked around in the room. It really felt grayer than before.



You Could Have A Dream About Losing Your Friends
Jamie was a storm of fury and anger which entered the room, not unlike a wild summer storm appearing after a day of leisure and pleasure to disrupt all gentle pacing and throw both the shingle on the roof and the flower pot on the ground, to the ground. Yes, it was anger but it was shock as well, for Jamie was greeted not by a storm herself but by a blast of lightning striking down a tree, felling the mighty wood and felling it unto her own place of comfort.

Lucilly would have noticed, but she did not want to notice the lighting. She found it hard to not to notice, for Emma spoke aloud the question that had to be asked. A question that without fail would startle Lucilly. A question that was without doubt like the thunder growling near, signaling that the beautiful sun was gone and all the world would need to seek shelter or perish.

"My apologies."

For she had no answer to give. She could not say that she had seen someone but the lifeless body of Mr. Graham, and it was a sight she wished to un-see. It was a sight that made her feel the nausea returning, but brave little Lucilly just gulped down what came up.

"I... am afraid. I am afraid I woke up here. You are the first ones to find me."


"I do not wish to be found by anyone else. Not at this point..."