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V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
O my, I think I should take my time and read another one, please.

I Hate Free Study
[Joachim Lovelace: Continued from The King Of Limbs]

Slowly raising his head, a short-lived yawn escaping his mouth, Joachim Lovelace stood up from his chair. Free Study "Lessons", Joachim was not very fond of these. Even if he could use the time to learn, just as intended, he merely preferred to relax and refill his energy. Something that was very important today, given that he barely sleeped in the night. Unfortunaly for him, he still had problems with sleeping. Thus, he had no other choice than learning now. Leaning his head on his hands, Joachim rested a few seconds with his eyes still half-closed before he decided to take a closer look around to see who was with him. The wandering of his eyes was short, as he soon discovered the colossus that Michael Eastmund is. Just being a few feet away from him.

In all honesty, Joachim admitted that Michael was very intimidating for the slender boy. Even if he heard what kind of person the massive boy was, Joachim still felt uncomfortable around him. The thought of how easy this guy could harm Joachim caused shivers to go down his spine, and with giving a short jolt for himself, he lowered his head towards the ragged bag, which he stored on the floor, and pulled a math book and an exercise book out of it.

While trying to lay it silenty on the table, an odd feeling itched in Joachim's nose. A powerful sneeze later and the even louder sound of school gear falling on the floor caused a moment of shock in Joachim. The stuff was accidently tossed towards Michael, and Joachim could not reach it with his arm. Raising again to body on table level, he stared embarrassed at Michael.

"Could...uhm, could I please, I mean could you please give me your, uh, my stuff?"

The King of Limbs
Tapping his feat to the beat of the song, Joachim enjoyed the last song of this day. Something that surprised him. He always thought of this kinds of activites, just hanging around for example, as a waste of time, but suddenly, he found himself enjoying the presence of the other pupils. Just as the song ended, Joachim realized that he had to be home soon, as his mother wanted to do him some chores.

Slowly standing up, he looked at Sophie, and then at Paris.

"Sorry, but I'll have to go now. See you at school!"

With that he began to set his feet towards the exit.

This certainly was an enjoyable day...

With quick feet, he walked away.


Turn around.

"Opps, I forgot my blanket. Could you please stand up?"

He said to Paris as he hurried to him, but stopped mid-way. Shortly thinking about it, he continued:

"You know, if you need that blanket, you can keep it for now, just bring it to school at monday, okay?"

With that said, he again walked towards the park's exit, amazed by the sentence he just said. Lending something to nearly complete strangers was another thing Joachim never did, but this time, he simply did not care. It was such a beautyful day.

[Joachim Lovelace: Continued in I Hate Free Study]

The Realism Litmus Test Revived
I have 16 Points for Joachim Lovelace, and I did not counted the accent question (I assume he speaks with a Seattle accent, which could be considered realistic in Seattle)

So... this is good? Yeah, this is more realistic than I expected.

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
If I counted right, we're at seven now.

VOTE: Dr. Optimo

Eight now, only one vote more, and optimo is banished.

Persy decides to draw
Don't worry, I do like it, I like everything that is better drawn than whatever is drawn by me :D

Thanks a lot and see the positive thing: You had practice!

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Okay, let's do some questions, thoughts are in cursive, what else.

Question: Would you ever consider doing it with someone of the same gender?

<Joachim Lovelace> ...I have not even thought about doing it with someone from the opposite gender. It just isn't interesting.

<David Zimmer> If they are really pretty...No, I believe I'll stick to the ladies.

Question: What's your favorite part of your favorite activity (Like if you're a football player, what's your favorite part of football,if you're a musician, what's your favorite part about music,.etc)

<Joachim Lovelace> I just like to learn about thing. Recently, I also discovered that I want to know more about my class mates. who would have thought that they are so interesting?

<David Zimmer> It is even between liking to win and just loving the feel of water on your body.

Question: Who's your best friend of the same gender and who's your best friend of the opposite gender?

<Joachim Lovelace> Same gender? That would probably... be... Timothy? I don't know a lot of people, and the closest female I ever had is my sister.

<David Zimmer> The best friend? I don't know, I don't think I have THE best friend. For that, I have a lot of different friends I all like equally!

If you witnessed a crime but were offered a million dollars to keep silent, what would you do?

<Joachim Lovelace> Of course, it just has to be the right amount. My parents are to stupid to earn enough money by themselves Of course not, this is absolutely amorale.

<David Zimmer> No! I am not greedy.

Question: If you could have any kind of super power, what would you choose?

<Joachim Lovelace> Honestly, I don't know. And it would probably backfire... No wait, I'd really would like to know what others are thinking, so I can immeadetly know who is a friend and who not.

<David Zimmer> I would like to... call the creatures of the sea bring happiness to the people, like some... Joy Laser. You know what I mean.

Question: Have you been hit on/flirted with some of the underclassmen?

<Joachim Lovelace> *shakes head*

<David Zimmer> Sometimes, but I would feel weird if I were to react to that.

Question: About how many piano tuners are in the city of Seattle?

<Joachim Lovelace> Have you heard the sentence, "Google is your friend"? Idiotic question

<David Zimmer> Ehm... I'm sorry, but I believe I'm not the guy for that.

Question: Favorite superhero?

<Joachim Lovelace> None, I'm not into super heroes.

<David Zimmer> Aquaman I have no favorites.

QUESTION: Your coffee, how you you like it?

Night of Magic

No reaction.

Do you really think I'll fall for this?

The guy turned from Joachim the moment he noticed him. It was obvious for the slim boy that he was ignored. This did not help Joachim to get into the right prom mood. No, it even angered him. However, before Joachim could say something, he was interrupted by Stephanie McKinney.

Aria was probably the boy ignoring him. Surprisingly, Joachim seemed to recall that name. Somewhere, he already heard it. Somewhere, he probably has already seen the dark-skinned boy.

After thinking hard about the name, it suddenly clicked in his mind. Aria Samuels, member of the book club, but someone so shy and introverted that Joachim barely noted him. A shadow on the wall, who probably has no friends. Something not very odd, given how he even ignores attempts to start a friendly conversation. If not for Stephanie, Joachim would leave him by immediately.

Slowly moving a few steps towards Stephanie, he began to smile politely. He isn't very interested in photos and Stephanie's rather loud entrance wasn't helping. It is not that Joachim does not like the girl. She was just not someone he enjoys to spend time around. The taste in books she has isn't the same as Joachim's either, but Joachim did not see the need to look down at her for liking Twilight. Each it's own, they say. Turning his face to Aria, scowling on him, he got an idea.

Joachim Lovelace was certainly a nice and calm guy. Ignoring him without a good excuse, however, is not acceptable. Swiftly moving to Aria, he put his smile on again. Accompied by fake laughter, he yelled:

"Great, we'll go into the light. We need to have a nice photo, don't you think..." What was his name again? Ah, yes, Aria!"...Aria? A nice memory for such a nice evening?"

If this does not force Aria into interacting with him, then God knows what does.

Sooo Zeta Slow: Friendship and other crap
Well, since David Zimmer also is swimming in the club and likes to make a lot of friend, I'd say that he could be a friend of Venice.

Persy decides to draw
Yes! Character Art! And, if this comforts you, Persy. Your art is still miles better than mine that of many other people.

So...I humbly request Joachim Lovelace. Thanks in advance!

The King of Limbs
Watching the boy putting money in the case and walking away, Joachim realized that a notable amount of time has already passed. While the last notes of the song vanished into the air, he briefly looked at the scratched glass of his old cell phone, checking the time. Putting it back into his pants, he resumed listening to the pair of guitar players, who are preparing for a last round of music. He noticed that they both suggested titles.

"I think you'll know best."

With this sentence, he waited patiently for the last song today.

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
Do you mean this one here?

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
Okay, thanks.

Now, I have prefered to banish optimo rather than dm, but it is see your logic now. It would be better to off dm.

If he is mafia, good thing.
And even if he was a townie, he would be a rather minor one and can be sacrificed to gain new knowledge.

I'm sorry, if there were other leads, surely neither me nor the other would hit on you so hard.


My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
(Too bad that MW is not around here anymore, the vote tallys were practical)

I have a question, will reaching a majority end the day phase or do we have to wait still?

Night of Magic
[Joachim Lovelace: Prom Start]

This is so boring....

Large Crowds, Music and Dancing, Talking with a lot of people.
Joachim is not particulary fond of these things. It is not because he is shy. He usually doesn't feel like having conversations with people he doesn't know and tries to avoid them most of the time. However, a trend has been visible for the last few months. The boy has begun to take interest in other people and finally started to make contacts. Despite that, Joachim still felt no need for prom, unlike his parents, who urged, or better to say, forced him to go to prom.

His hands passed over his black suit. Money is spare in the Lovelace family, so his clothing is second hand. Unfortunaly, it is also too small for Joachim, making it difficult for him to move freely. Not that it matters, he just wanted to sit somewhere in the corner. Searching for a place to stay relatively alone, Joachim entered the prom hall.

The hall itself was beautyful. "Moonlight Serenade" was a good theme, the blue that filled the hall appealed to Joachim's sense of beauty. Checking out the hall, Joachim soon came to the realisation that he will find no quiet place, untill a movement in the corner of his eye caught his attention. Appearently another boy was not into much conversation either and fled into a corner. Joachim rested his eyes on him and thought. He was here for another few hours, and he had nothing with him to entertain himself. Thus he decided to check the boy out.

Upon getting closer, he identified the boy as someone totally unknown to him. Joachim never noticed someone like that, making his interest slightly greater.

"Excuse me," said Joachim, standing 20 Feet away from the boy, "but why are you... I mean, how are you? Is this not a nice prom?"

Guava Jelly
Lahela leaned over to Aria and whispered something in his ear. David did not understood what exactly she said, but it resulted in Aria being even more uneased. His lips moved, but he did not understood anything this time again. Before noticing Aria's smile, David moved his attention back to Lahela, who was stretching and ordered David in a jokingly manner to say his new nick name. Silently he did as she told him, the lips moving more than actually producing sound:

"Kah-Wee-Kah... Yeah, that's fine."

She then stated to be hungry, and asked David if he wanted to have a guava jelly sandwich. Without waiting for an answer, she took her ukulele and moved, with David following her shortly after. On the side he could hear Aria telling him that he might find a prom partner, not knowing that this is David's intention. He shortly looked back at Aria, and the guy avoided to make eye contact with him, which made David feel slightly bad, but he soon realized that it would be better for Aria if David let him stay alone. Rushing to Lahela, who arrived at the picnic table, he attempted to start a conversation, but wasn't sure what to say. He wanted to ask Lahela to be his prom partner right now, but was also afraid that this will ultimately ruin his chances.

Thus, David decided to be subtle.

"It's interesting that you have no partner yet. You look like someone every boy and girl wants to have."

Or at least, he attempted it.

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
My apologies for needing so long, buit I have finished Sarah Atwell. I am going to share my thought in four parts here.

First Day Sarah: Well, I do find the the concept of Sarah of interesting, and believed her to be wonderful potential. However, she was outshined by others in her first two threads, especially the second one, where Paige died. The result of witnessing Paige's death were good handled, but that in the next part. Interesting here is, that I actually did not liked Sarah on a IC basis, framing Simon and all, yet that opinion changed later.

Killer Sarah: Now, witnessing Paige's death seemingly helped Sarah to jump of the sanity train. I felt the transition was a little rushed, but Eve's death was making up for it. I also liked how she tried to cope with the island, seperating herself from the "role" she is playing. On to Miranda's death, I felt that Sarah might have stopped character developement, but I was, fortunaly, proven wrong, as with the following (indirect) kills something like a silent consciene began to evolve. The involvement of Alice in her mad world was very interesting to read, and at the point where they teamed up, I was totally hooked up in continuing reading. My favorite scene is, nonetheless, this one. Fanatic managed to create an aura of malice around Sarah and I was at this point actually afraid of her. Well done here.

Lucid Sarah: But just a few posts next, Sarah realized her madness. I liked it since the forshawoding was existent. Her plan to redeem herself was, quiet frankly, not very conviencing, but that changed due to the exucution of said plan. A plus point here is the interaction between Alice and Sarah, a part where both handlers involved (storyspoiler and Fanatic) deserve praise. In the end, I began rooting for Sarah, although I already knew that Maxwell will survive. Her death is also fantastic, no redunant flash back, no pathetic speech. You could feel how Sarah slowly lost her life, and Alice's coup d'etat finished this character on a fantastic note.

Facit: I am not very fond of insane players, but Fanatic managed to do one that interested me greatly. (Plus Ponts for having character developement even after she started playing) And even if there are little points I didn't like, was Sarah Atwell a wonderful read and is absolutely recommendable.

Now... on to Alice.