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The Veil: Erosion Interest Check
I am expressing my interest, but you know, you'll have to say how you want to do it with the time and so.

Rain, Rain, Come Again
The ringing of the gunfire had left the room a long while ago. There was only Fiyori's ragged breath, and the clouds rumbling in the distance.

Her gun was still aimed at Alice. The girl was laying on the floor, in a puddle of her own blood.

Aside from that, it was all quiet. Too quiet.

Fiyori had expected something different here.

Some kind of triumphant feeling, or maybe a burst of adrenaline-boosted satisfaction. Honestly, she would have taken the feeling of sudden dread, or maybe even regret (even if she was having no idea what she could be sincerely regretting). Hell, even if it was a bit demented, she would have loved to laugh at the carnage she just caused.

But instead nothing came. No smile, no tear. No gasps or victory cries.

It was almost as if she didn't actually kill Alice. Even though she did. Or maybe not. Fiyori wasn't very sure now that she was thinking about it like this.


Her head turned to the side. She had noticed on of the three people pass her. The second just died, so the third was still hiding in the art room.

She took a step forwards.

But then she decided against it.

[[Fiyori Senay, continued in In The Court of The Crimson King]]

Rain, Rain, Come Again
Unfortunately for Alice, it was not Fiyori's dominant arm that she entangled. Had it been in a different situation, perhaps where Fiyori was healthy and nourished, she would have thrown Alice to the side in a moment.

Unfortunately for Fiyori, she was still injured. Pain seared in her side and - ah, yes, that was it. That was the thing she longed for. It was pain. Her body, hers and hers alone was aching and screaming and maybe bleeding and that was the best.

As Alice was wiggling, Fiyori spotted a moment where her foe's movement weakened for a moment. She took the chance, and rolled to the side. She laughed, and as she landed on the side she kicked with her knee and pushed with her arm and soon Fiyori was free again.

Her eyes darted to the side. Her gun in her hand again, she rose to her feet. Fiyori stumbled on them, took a misshapen step back, but aimed the gun at the girl below her. Their eyes met for a moment, and a breath's moment passed.

Fiyori aimed the gun away from Alice.

Rain, Rain, Come Again
Why did Fiyori try to kill Alice?

Well, the most simple answer was easy to provide. Alice was storming at Fiyori, and Fiyori had a gun she was ready to use at people.

For the world at large, that was all that mattered.

Yet for Fiyori, there was something else at play.

The wind howled outside, and the gun would roar once again. She pulled the trigger.

No wait, her finger slipped!

When Alice came in all her one-hundred-pound glory, Fiyori let out a cry of shock. Then she tumbled, and got thrown on the ground.

Rain, Rain, Come Again
"I'm sorry"

[[Fiyori Senay, continued from Battle Royale]]

"I am not."

With that, Fiyori stepped out from the darkness and fired the Raging Bull. It still felt like an odd gun, with the way it jerks Fiyori's body, even though she had used it some time now. Honestly, even she herself would have spontaneously said that she wasn't good at hitting people with it. Despite, of course, killing two anyway.

Fiyori scratched her chin. It might have been possible for the three to see her already. After all, if Fiyori could look into the art room from the corridor, the trio could reasonably look from the art room into the corridor. Either way, she decided she would enter the room. So she started walking slowly to the room.

When the ringing of the gun subsided, Fiyori could hear the clouds coming.

Battle Royale
"No, you don't. Not that it matters anyway."

Not that any what Fiyori said mattered anyway. All she did was babble away. Min-jae was doing the same, but he was being more of a cunt about it.

"Wanna know a funny thing, though?"

Fiyori rose to her feet, she turned around to gaze at the kitchen's various items and appliances once more. The cupboards were not screaming at her and Fiyori took that as a generally good sign. Then she opened the door - careful to take the side which Jae wasn't leaning against.

"I don't think you're a bad person, really."

She scanned the room once more, finally finding the bag she had thrown in earlier. She snagged it from the corner it was in, and finally passed by Jae and went back into the cafeteria.

The signs of it's destruction were really breath-taking.

But she wouldn't pay them too much attention.

[[Fiyori Senay, continued in Rain, Rain, Come Again]]

Battle Royale
In the meanwhile, Fiyori used her foot to play with Kimiko's head. Kicked it lightly. Now that she saw her a bit closer, Fiyori noticed something lodged in Kimiko's throat. Debris, or some part of Alba's mine. She eyed it for a moment, then she placed the tip of her foot on the object. Fiyori exerted some pressure, and with a squelching sound the object got buried in deeper. Blood sept out of the wound.

Of course, it is difficult of impossible to concretize feelings of revenge. But one could say that there was a certain order to things like these. Kimiko killed Ty, and as such it was Fiyori's due to murder her. Min-jae killed Brendan, for which he had to die by Alba's hand. But now the actual situation was reversed from that concept. Not that she complained. All in all, she just thought this was an amusing idle thought to have.

Fiyori turned her attention on Min-jae.

"If I shot you right now, you'd not change bar an extra hole. And where is the catharsis in that?"

No, Min-jae had to die. He had to die kicking and screaming, fighting until the end. She wanted to see his spirits in their highest place, and she wanted to see them crash down and burn with him in a matter of cruel seconds.


Battle Royale
Ah, nothing better than the smell of your friend's burnt flesh keeping you company. That, and a dead foe at your feet and her stubborn ally at your mercy.

"You're not dead, you idiot."

Battle Royale
Fiyori slumped against the wall. The wooden planks felt hard against her back, and there was something odd Fiyori just sat on.

She lifted her bottom a bit, to pull out an iron bar - or something like an iron stick - from below. She eyed it somewhat carefully, from different angles, even if there wasn't much of interest here. Her eyes darted over the ground, and then she found more of those iron bars scattered in the grass. Some of them in a greater state of disrepair then the others. Fiyori supposed those were meant to be placed in front of the window. Good thing they fell of, then? Would have made things more inconvenient if they were still attached.

Now, she finally allowed herself to chuckle.

But then, she did not stop. Her pitch became higher, her voice grew louder and her body started hurting in all these places where laughter tended to hurt.

She closed her eyes. Tears were welling up. But those were truly signs of her happiness. She would live once again.

Fiyori rose to her feet again, moved a few steps away from the wall and then turned to face it. She couldn't hear anything so she - BEEP ...Right. The asylum exterior was off-limits. She had almost forgotten it. Fiyori scratched her neck, and gave her collar a gentle patting with the fingers. The sound it made was actually new to Fiyori, so to hear it now and this circumstances was - BEEP

Her laughter stopped and she growled. She'd have said 'I am already going' to the nearest camera, but she didn't find any on the first glance.

Fiyori unstrapped her bag, and threw it in first. Then she ran up to the window and jumped unto the ledge. The wound in her side was flaring up in pain as she pulled herself over it, and Fiyori made a most inelegant landing into the room itself. She looked for the bag she just threw in but instead saw Alba and Kimiko - with an approving nod - and then Min-jae, who was still breathing about.

Well, that should be easy to fix anyway.

She went up to him, carefully avoiding to step on Alba's mangled corpse and coincidentally stamped on Kimiko's instead. Fiyori sat down next to him, and waited for him to come to his senses.

Battle Royale
And again, a window had been her escape. There was something poetic about it. Back then, with the threat of Coleen in Fiyori's mind she jumped from the upper floor and she was fine. Now, even worse threats have come and she jumped from the window and she was definitely fine now.

Fiyori felt injured. Mentally, but also physically. Maybe the difference was in the landing strategy. Like how cats fared better if you threw them from a higher position 'cause then they'd manage to move correctly. Maybe it was something to do with the injuries she had sustained.

It definitely wasn't a matter of fatigue. No, in fact, of all the days she had spend on this island, this day had been the most glorious and the most intense one yet. The sheer lust to murder her enemies was still strong in Fiyori. But gravity was what it was, and as forces of the universe were unable to care, gravity could not care about Fiyori's heroic spirit.

She adjusted her glasses, and moved to the side of the window a bit. Fiyori would need a short moment to recollect and then -


Those were the only words that she dared to use. Anything else, and it would had been an insult to Alba's explosive legacy.

Battle Royale
Fiyori felt a sharp sting rising on her side. She knew it was the wound that Caedyn inflicted, which was now acting up with all the action going on. Honestly though, it felt like Alba took out a dagger and stabbed Fiyori. A dagger of words, of course, but it was potent one way or the other.

For a moment, Fiyori even had trouble truly realizing what Alba just said. Perhaps it was the ringing of Fiyori's ears that made it difficult to understand, Fiyori thought. Perhaps it was just the general confusion of the moment. A slip of the tongue that possessed no coherence, and would not have any further meaning behind it.

Fiyori could only muster Alba with dazzled look, but then it truly hit her.

So this was the extend of Alba's sentiments. Really, that was actually so very much beautiful. Fiyori reached her hand around Alba - attempting somewhat of a hug, and it must have been a truly funny scene.

Then she let go of Alba, and went for the window she had suggested. The idea that she would once again step closer to life because she jumped out of a window was, plainly spoken, funny as hell. But for now, Fiyori had no time for laughter, for a smile, for a grin or for anything like a chuckle.

As she was stepping unto the threshold of the window, she looked back on last time. Fiyori nodded.

"Will do."

Then she jumped.

Battle Royale
Oh, that wasn't good at all. With Fiyori now being behind cover, Jae and Kimiko had taken to focusing their shots at Alba. Fiyori's eyes widened with shock as Alba was hit and went down.

Wasn't it what Fiyori wanted, though? Was it not that she wished for someone else to kill Alba so Fiyori would not have to? And wasn't this one moment the one moment with the most chance of that happening?

And yet Fiyori moved. Yes, even though Alba could die here, and remove that emotional burden with it, Fiyori felt different. In that one moment, Fiyori had wanted nothing more to move, and make sure Alba would life. Somehow, anyhow.

She took shots at the table where she still presumed Kimiko to be. With the other hand, she grasped at Alba's shoulder. Even though this might've hurt like a bitch, Fiyori had to drag her further into the kitchen.

Aloha's V7 Fursona Cabana
I would like to add Fiyori Senay - who is obviously a hyena-

Battle Royale
Oh no, that wasn't happening. A bullet whizzed past Fiyori. Someone took a shot at her, and that was enough. She stopped in her tracks and turned around again.

There was Kimiko going down. Not 'cause she was dead, unfortunately. Just got herself some cover. However, she also saw someone else. Min-Jae, his most fuck-faced of all goths, took the potshot at Fiyori and had the audacity to retreat out of the door again.

Fiyori's eyes and her aim darted between the two. She pulled the trigger, but to no avail. Her indecision led to the bullets hitting the wall only. A stray struck a painting. Alas, the pieces did not fly to hit Kimiko in the head.

However, things were still heated. Kimiko was firing on her own, and Min-Jae was sure to strike again. Fiyori kept the gun pointed at the empty air of the open door, but stepped backwards.

"Show your cunt-face, Min-Jae." Fiyori screeched. "I wanna shoot it!"

But no, for that moment, retreat was the call of the hour. Fiyori slipped into the kitchen, hiding just behind a corner. Close enough to attack. Close enough to turn their fucking bodies to minced meat.

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The Gods Have Returned To This Wicked World!!!

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Battle Royale
Was there anything Fiyori could have said? Something she felt the urge to throw at Kimiko? Maybe there was, but it would be pointless either way. After all, Kimiko wasn't able to talk. As such, she wouldn't be able to hear either.

The silence between the three of them died abruptly.

Alba told Fiyori to run. She nodded, instinctively moving forward. Passing Kimiko. But no, that was dumb. Very dumb. If she did that she was gonna be hit for sure. Fiyori stopped herself, and turned around.

The was backwards was the way forwards. Kinda. She didn't know. The noise made it difficult to think.

Fiyori sprinted back towards the kitchen. That felt right. There would be cover, she could make use of that. Fiyori crouched down and peeked from around the corner. Her gun was raised. So much sweat, so much sweat on her palms. Her heart felt like exploding and jumping and dancing all across her ribcage, tearing itself apart against the ribs.

"Alba, quick!" Fiyori said, her voice strained and drowned out.

Battle Royale
If we get to go home. That choice of words was uncomfortable. Fiyori bit her lips, preventing herself from commenting. Was Alba this naive? Did she really believe in a future where the two of them would live? Or was she just being polite, using a phrase like this to not step on any toes?

Fiyori didn't know. Especially not with someone as Alba.

She simply nodded, then.

Then they turned around and walked back into the cafeteria. Her eyes mustered the tables and walls and benches for one last time. But when she raised her head, she saw they had a new visitor, and Fiyori halted.

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
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Battle Royale
Fiyori took hold of a strand of hair dangling in front of her face. She bit her lips. There was some trouble in finding a good answer to that question. It seemed harmless and light-mooded, but the context was still terrible.

Fiyori did not really love people romantically. Maybe she did, and didn't notice but that was semantics. She had really liked Danny. She liked Aiden. She liked Ty, too, even if not in the 'like' like sense of the word. There were too many people she appreciated. And the most of them were gone. There were so many she longed for as well, and those were gone as well.

Then again, she did find an answer.

"You know, I always fancied Caedyn. You know how that ended."

Battle Royale
"Jeez, you are terrible."

Fiyori had remained a deadpan expression for a second or so. But then she cracked a little smile and playfully punched Alba on the arm.

Really, poor Brendan confessed his love and got denied. Worse, he got fucking shot right after. It was so silly and tragic it got funny again.

"Well, you know what they say: hindsight is 20/20."

Supposedly, the perfect moment - or the best moment available - for clearing up any feelings would be the current moment. Fiyori would have liked to add something about that but she couldn't think of anything.