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Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
Fiyori sat in silence. No words spoken, and even her mind was devoid of any thoughts. Of any judgment, or of any snarky comment she was ready to throw at GLD once it was done brewing in her head. Her head was empty. She let it be empty, so she could listen to what GLD said.

She looked at her companion, looked down at her own finger nails. She rubbed the tips of her fingers together, small amounts of fat infused with dirt and dust forming and dropping to the floor. She looked back at GLD and nodded.

Now, if not all out of the blue, Fiyori could feel a thought forming in her head. Something inappropriate to say for the moment, something about 'Well that worked out well thus far'. Something she wouldn't say, so she gulped and banished that piece of sarcasm from her head.

There still was no point in it. Not in being hostile, and it made feel Fiyori sick and her head was beginning to hurt, too, but she would remain polite. She resolved to be friendly to this woman. She wasn't sure when, but it happened, and Fiyori was sure it happened.

"Hearing you say it like that almost makes me root for you. I mean, makes me wish you'd get the success you're working for instead of being stuck with..."

She wanted to say 'people who put you down', and then realized that would include her own person.

"...this fucked up place."

You Could Have A Dream About Losing Your Friends
Lucilly squinted once again, but it was not the light blinding her eyes, but the words used by their new visitor which stained Lucilly's own ears. Why on good god earth's she decided to squint her eyes then instead of her ears might have been a mystery for many ages, unsolved by many great and wise men.

It would have been one, yet alas the answer to the question was easy to find. One cannot squint their ears.

I Know What My Fortune Is
"Yo!", Fiyori replied back at Aiden but that was a terrible idea. Some little amount of slightly chewed meat and bun fell out of her mouth. Some of it fell to the ground, some got stuck on her lips.

She licked them clean, and hoped it was too dark for Aiden to see that. Probably not, but she was sure he wouldn't mind that.

Fiyori chewed a bit faster, gulped down the rest of her food and had to take a deep breath afterwards because fuck that was hard to do. That unpleasant feeling she had when so much food at once slid down into her stomach was almost suffocating in it's character.

"What's up, mate?"

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
It made sense what GLD said, and Fiyori found it hard to admit it. She found herself listening to what GLD said, nodding along in agreement and even chiding herself mentally for her attempt at cheering. Fiyori met her ally's eyes, and she shuddered.


That was all. All she could say, all she could think of to say.

GLD didn't want to be famous. She would be, of course. Whether she survived, or not. Or not, because everyone knew the names of the previous 'winners'. Who but the closest friends and family could name all the hundreds of names that belonged to those slain by their classmates? There was just one choice GLD could take. Either survive and become a name for everyone to use and abuse, or die and be forgotten.

She glanced over to the names they etched into the table.

Would people remember Fiyori? She was a memorable woman, of course. She knew that, it couldn't be different. Not with those blue eyes and that tall physique and all the little eccentric oddities she has shown to people. But then, she would die. Soon enough, and Fiyori wondered how long it was until even she was forgotten.

It was scary, actually. It was the first time she ever asked that question. She always had the answer, but the answer was 'It didn't matter', but suddenly she was unsatisfied. She asked, who would remember? To whom did she matter? There really were people who cared, who talked and who thought about Fiyori. But would they remember? Her parents didn't care. They didn't love her, and she didn't love them. And her friends, so many of them, would be dying in the coming days.

She was staring back at GLD. She was fixated on these upturned lips, on that smile GLD tried to put on. Almost any moment, Fiyori expected Georgia Lee's mouth to open wide agape, turning into a gaping hole to devour her whole, her teeth grinding away at her flesh bit by bit until nothing remained.

Then she snapped back into reality, but she knew more already. It took some seconds for Fiyori to calm down, for her to formulate the thoughts she meant to say to GLD.

"That's odd to hear from you, you know? You always seemed to be the kinda person who believed they'll succeed just 'cause they wanted it so very much.

Uh, no offense of course."

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
Fiyori bared her teeth, her lips forming some sort of smile. She was focused on a strand dangling in front of her face and for a moment she considered sweeping it away. She didn't.

"Made of glass, huh?"

She looked over to GLD, and saw that she has started cradling herself. Maybe not exactly a cradle, but she saw GLD wrapping her arms around herself. It was so odd to see. Georgia Lee Day, who had been on guard the entire last hour or so, allowed herself to show some sign of... well, something. Fiyori wasn't sure how to interpret it. She wasn't sure what to think of it, really. Was it a calculated gesture to awaken some kind of protective instinct in Fiyori? Was it just a slip-up? Holy shit, was she actually opening up to Fiyori?

Fiyori's grin vanished. She opened her mouth. Closed it. Her eyes darted around the room, searching for some kind of answer. She considered reaching out with her hand. Putting it on her shoulder. A pat, maybe. Would that've been wise? Would that've been helpful? She wasn't sure.

"I don't know your acquaintance, but I think there's a difference between her and us.

I mean, can you really look at us and say we are fragile? Mentally, I mean. I think we're holding up quite well all things considered."

She wasn't sure what she was saying. She just wanted to say something, something maybe to cheer her up but that wasn't the point. GLD didn't need cheering, she didn't deserve it.

"It's not my role to be the optimist, but – well, see it from the bright side. You can use this to get your name some recognition. Pretty sure that'll be useful. I mean, look at that guy from Version 3. Fucker got really famous. I mean he died, but... bad example, sorry."

Not that Fiyori was good at cheering anyway.

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
It was kinda hard to think about it. To think about Aiden. He was with her, with everyone, on the field trip and like everyone he would die within two weeks or so. Everyone except one, of course. Fiyori wondered whether he would be the one to survive. Whether he had what it takes. Whether he deserved it. For a moment Fiyori liked to think the answer was 'yes', but then so many other faces, so many other names appeared in her mind.

And for a moment, Fiyori felt ashamed.

Either way, Aiden was a student of GLD's, and apparently he made a good enough impression. Which, given his nature, quite surprised Fiyori. It was charming, though. Maybe even GLD had been charmed by his small statue, his prominent beak, his constant chatter. Maybe even by his sexual abilities.

Fiyori looked over to GLD. Probably not, but she imagined he tried at least.

GLD continued. No, she didn't really continue. She picked up another point after she was done giving her answer. Fiyori expected her to ask the same question in return, but instead GLD chose to comment on something peculiar. The wording threw her off. Then she remembered that GLD still – overtly at least – believed in the possibility of rescue.

Fiyori didn't, but she accepted that this was what GLD was thinking.

"I dunno. We'll be changed people, and so I think our relationship will change as well."

For another moment, Fiyori caught herself and wondered what she was just saying.

"...with life, I mean. Our relationship with life."

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
Fiyori leaned forwards, ever so slightly, and a stray hair strand fell into her face. She gazed at her own feet, and for a moment her lips felt incredibly dry. She licked them, lingered and then straightened her back again.

Still not looking at GLD, but instead viewing the ceiling, Fiyori thought and searched for an answer. What she should say to continue the conversation. To continue it, without heating any moods.


That wasn't supposed to be what she wanted to say. She wanted to say nothing at all. But still, she let that one word escape. How dumb.

Fiyori tilted her head, and with a look of genuine curiosity directed towards GLD, she asked.

"By the way, how come you know Aiden?"

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
That answer was almost touching.

"No more desert, yeah."

Fiyori couldn't find herself agreeing to all those items on her list. Honestly, traveling at all seemed to be so much of a hassle. It was a hassle to leave, it was a hassle to come home and staying wherever your stayed just was an experience in spending enormous amounts of money for what? A spot for a good picture? The stings of some foreign insects?

Ah, fuck it. She knew. If someone were to offer her a trip somewhere, anywhere, Fiyori wouldn't hesitate a bit to take up the offer. But nobody would just offer her something like that. And traveling was still expensive. Getting out of Kingman was expensive, and Fiyori knew that was money she would never earn.

...never would have earned.

"Come to think of it, I've never even seen the grand canyon. Weird, huh? It's pretty much the closest thing we got for an interesting sight, but I've never witnessed it."

She shrugged. Would have loved to be born wealthier. Would have loved to be born in Europe, where culturally significant places were around every corner. But nobody asked her anyway.

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
Fiyori bit on her lip. She wasn't sure about it, whether the girl was mocking her or not. She stared back at GLD, not sure how to answer at first. She threw the question back at Fiyori, and maybe she meant it to be insulting. Maybe it was just asked because of a polite reflex.

She thought a bit about her answer. Thought about how much she should reveal, and more important how much any of those revelations would impact their budding relationship.


Fiyori smiled, thought herself witty. It was a good answer, it was a true answer. And she could almost imagine the condescending tirade that must have went through GLD's head.

"Seeing the world, that's a nice thought. Wouldn't dream of law though. Too many competitive people hammering down on those better than them."

A pause.

"You know, like everywhere."

And that was definitely intentional. She chose not to allow GLD to think too much about her answer.

"What kind of places would you like to see?"

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
Wait. Alright. Waiting was fine as well. Some people couldn't do that. Waiting in silence, being on their own. Couldn't stand to spend some time alone with their thoughts and needed some kind of distraction.

Fiyori thought she was interesting, all things considered. She could spend hours just alone with her thoughts though it left her unhappy quite often.

Of course, she wasn't alone in that moment.

"So..." Fiyori drummed on the table with her fingers. She wanted to say something, start a conversation. If they had to wait, they might as well pass the time. Being alone was something, staring at each other was different.

"You never told me. What exactly is it that you want to do? I mean, in life?"

I Know What My Fortune Is
So Fiyori couldn't really help it but for some reason she felt extremely and increasingly observed. Jesus christ, what must a woman do to get some quite time at the fire, where she can listen to the many stories of her classmates and eat, like, seven hot dogs consecutively.

It was probably Darius who tried to burn a hole in her back with his staring, but then Fiyori remembered that he kinda just went away. She considered going after him, what with the game still missing and all, but she was just so busy with eating that she settled that they had to settle this on another day.

Actually, it turned out to be Johnny who called her out.

Fiyori turned around, mouth full with mixture of meat and beer and whom she saw was actually Aiden.

She sensibly decided not to say something to greet him.

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
"I am not sure if I really want to drink water from those pans."

She said as if she had any idea in what condition these pans were in. Seriously, Georgia Lee just checked them and if she found them to be alright they had to be alright, right? Way too be provocative, Fiyori, and you weren't even trying.

"Uh, sorry. That's probably a good idea."

The water thing, of course. Not the beating people with pans thing. She thought that was a dumb idea. She didn't voice that thought.

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
"...yeah, I know."

She was right. Sort of. Ty was her friend. He really was, but Ty, too, had made his enemies. He had problems, that was true. He still had some of them, even in the present. It wasn't as if he didn't try to better himself. No, if anything, Fiyori had to compliment his drive to become a better person. A person who controlled his own ire. But the truth was that she, and she, and he were on this 'Survival of the Fittest'.

Fiyori didn't want to think or say that the stress of the island would inevitably undo all the work he did on himself. Not that she was deluding herself, thinking that her classmates were the ones to be above it all. And it was also a truth that even those who were meek or mellow or kind in school were just as susceptible to break and start skewering their classmates.

Yet, Fiyori could understand GLD's concern. And she agreed. Not because she was afraid of her own safety. Or because she was concerned for GLD's. Simply, because there was nothing to be won by disagreeing at that very moment. Whether she would still hold to Georgia Lee if it came down to it later on was a completely different question. Fiyori would see how she answered it then.

She sat down again, scratching her chin. She gave GLD another anticipating look, but she wasn't sure what she anticipated.

"But at least we talked about it, right? It's what they all say, communication's important in a relationship."

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
"So you did piss off a lot of people."

The number of names on GLD's 'no-trust' list surpassed Fiyori's number by quite a bit, and yes, Fiyori was impressed. It was nothing she wouldn't have expected, of course. GLD was a massive cunt. So proud in all her accomplishements, not seeing how other people were turned away by her attitiude. Though maybe she did see, but simply chose not to care. Maybe GLD thought that her reputation wouldn't matter in the face of her academic successes.

She was wrong, of course. Not only due to their current predicament, but even if GLD went on her usual life. Fiyori would have lectured about how advancing in a career was all about relationships and networking and even the brightest mind could accomplish nothing if you pissed off everyone who could give you power. But that wasn't the topic at hand, of course. And it would accomplish nothing. Strange, Fiyori thought, how much she cared so much about GLD's disposition when Fiyori was so quick to proclaim all doing in this world to be for naught.

"I see we have some common ground. And, I'll be honest, as long as these other people on your list don't turn out to be huge jackasses, I'll be fine with trusting them as well."

She trusted GLD, so technically, Fiyori guessed, she could just as well gift her trust to everyone.

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
Georgia Lee Day voiced approval of the plan, and the Fiyori approved the approval with a hearty snicker under her breath. However, she also commented that carving names into wood would also dull the scissors quite a bit. A valid point, and Fiyori started thinking about alternatives when GLD simply broke the scissors up and gave Fiyori one of the blades.

That would do just as well.

So Fiyori started leaning over the tables at her side, dusting away the dirt with a sweep of her arms. She thought, and considered. She grinned, and she carved.

Aiden Slattery
Ty Yazzie?
Alice Baker
Danny Brooks
Abby Floyd
Enzo Gatti

She stopped grinning. No, there was nothing she could smile about. All those names, all those people. It is so easy to say that she does not care about life. It is so easy to say that nothing matters because all dies. Seeing those names, knowing that all of these people are fated to die, and at best one of them may live on. No, that was too much. She couldn't grin anymore.

GLD ; )

But she did so anyway. A chuckle escaped Fiyori at her own joke. It wasn't forced, and yet it felt so distant. As if it wasn't Fiyori that just laughed.

Fiyori thought some more, and carved some others names in. She wasn't sure if these were actually readable. She glanced over to GLD's work, and although she couldn't see exactly what she wrote down, Fiyori could see that the names she used were shorter. She probably didn't know their surnames. Or maybe not even their given names. At least, that was what Fiyori speculated. She returned to her own list, and thought about who she would without doubt distrust.

Darius van Dyick

She wanted to write 'everyone who has a gun and is not on the upper list' but that was a very long sentence and she couldn't bother to do that. She glanced over to Georgia Lee's. The letters were big, and the bright wood stood out from the dark surface, so she could see them as long as she focused and was close enough. And for some reason, she was very impressed.

You Could Have A Dream About Losing Your Friends
So it was gladness that Lucilly felt. Gladness and gratitude and a sense of hope that bathed her body, that showered her mind and slid down her skin into every pore. Even as Emma mentioned what was unthinkable, and what was unpronounceable even for Emma, Lucilly felt a small sense of happiness filling her all around.

The flash of light, for even if Lucilly was warned beforehand, was a blinding sensation. She shrieked, covered her eyes. Eyes which hurt and which leaked another few tears, this time not due to the darkness enveloping her but the light that shook it all away in an instant.

Lucilly smiled. She saw no reason to smile, if she were to reason in that moment. To see two of her fellow students at her side lessened oh so much pain.

And than, all of it. All of it vanished in an instant. Lucilly shrieked again. All hope was gone just as quick as it came and only a sense of impending doom remained. Lucilly gazed towards Amanda and she gazed towards Emma and wished that if only by looking at those friendly people could she escape from the angry one from the outside.

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
Bradley was indeed so very much repulsive. Seeing Georgia Lee share Fiyori's sentiment didn't surprise her. Everyone in Cochise High knew who Bradley was and everyone had a story to tell about him. The ladies even had two for the most part.

It was strange, but it was also adorable. Adorable in a very detached sense. Two young woman with no understanding for each other, but both of them felt so good with bonding over common ground. Even if that common ground was talking shit about another shit talker.

Fiyori could feel herself nodding along to GLD's exposition, she could almost feel the uncomfortable pressure GLD must have felt back then, and she did so because she could empathize. Because Fiyori too was a victim, more or less, of Bradley's pathetic attempts at self-serving humor.

She even groaned when Georgia Lee Day delivered the punch line. Yes, that was definitely his working. But for a moment, Fiyori wondered. Georgia Lee was more attractive than Fiyori, and while both of them definitely bit back, Fiyori could see harass Georgia Lee even more just because of that fact. She could see a girl becoming bitter.

And still, Fiyori smiled. And still, Georgia Lee smiled. And soon, they would be laughing. Together.

It caught Fiyori by surprise, as so many things did on that day. Yes, she felt like laughing. But her body had disagreed with her, barring that one break-out back on the bridge. That was a more painful laughter, as sand got in her throat, but now that she laughed together with Georgia Lee Day she actually felt genuine joy.

She wondered again. Bradley was probably dead. Or at least he was soon to be dead. It was strange to think about that. There were definitely enough times when Fiyori just wished to kick him to the moon. Or wanted him to get flattened by a SUV or something. She wished him gone or dead so many times and now it was time for it to come true. She would have loved to think that it was unfair, even to him. 'Even a repulsive person such as Bradley deserves no death' would have been nice to think, but what Fiyori found crossing her mind was 'Better Bradley than somebody else'.

Georgia Lee Day stopped laughing. Fiyori continued a while, but faded out of it soon enough.

"Still, fact is that there are people we trust and people we do not trust. I have a proposal."

She reached for her bag, opened the zippers and fetched the first aid kid. As she thought, she could find a pair of scissors in there. She wished she could have just used pen and paper. But pen and paper were nowhere to be found so she had to do with what she got.

"We could carve shit into the wall. 'Fiyori was here', 'GLD was here'. I think that'd be cute. Something to remember us by or something."

Fiyori smiled at Georgia Lee. She imagined that the woman frowned upon such behavior.

"Just kidding," she continued without greater pause. "we each make two lists, yeah? A list of trustworthy people, and a list of those who aren't. Then once we're done, we compare. Look for the overlap.

After all, we need to figure out who..." She paused, touched the blade of the scissors with her fingers and thought about how she could use her words most efficiently.

"...is a 'common potential enemy' and who is a 'common potential ally'."

Because all things considered, Fiyori figured, she knew that GLD would object to people entering their shelter whom Fiyori trusted, but GLD did not. Possibly just the same with GLD letting people enter Fiyori didn't like. They needed to find common ground, and she figured that would be the quickest way to do it.

Also Fiyori seriously wanted to see if GLD would really use a scissor to carve shit into wood.

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
If there was the time for a spit take, it would've been the moment GLD said 'sorry'. Of course, Fiyori had nothing particularly wet in her mouth except her literal spit. And she'd rather not spit on GLD, all things considered. Still, it surprised her. Shocked her, even. Oh, sure, she was 'just some junior girl' and maybe Fiyori should have remembered. Well, it wasn't a big mistake, nothing to get upset about.

That GLD still apologized for her remark baffled Fiyori more and more. For a moment she even lost concentration, failed to follow what GLD continued to say, just so that her mind could replay the words she just used once more.

Still baffling.

However, Fiyori did react to the question posed to her. And for a moment, she had to think. Fiyori paused, met GLD's gaze and then hummed. Not a tune, more like a deep elongated sigh, but with your lips pressed together.

It took her only a little while, and Fiyori began to gesture at GLD herself.

"There is you, and out of everyone on this trip I'd figure you'd hate me the most. As for the others, Darius might still be pissy about a few things. I've been an ass to Bradley, but I don't think he actually registers that anymore.

And well there's a bunch of people who just detest me just because I smoke weed or maybe because I'm black or maybe because they get crept out by this long mess my limbs are. The perpetual grinning puts people off, too."

Fiyori instinctively touched her lips with her fingers. She didn't grin right in that moment. Did feel like laughing, but her body seemed to disagree.

"Otherwise, most people seem to hold no ill-will against me."

Ah, now she wanted to laugh even more. Who would have thought that her kindness in sharing her food might pay off in such a situation?

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
As Georgia Lee decided to get a good look at her belongings, so Fiyori made sure to spend enough time inspecting the contents of her bag. This time, without looking for any glasses.

What she first noticed, noticed before but again more pronounced, was the shovel. From the mere looks of it alone it was different from what Fiyori knew about shovels, and as she could gather from the little piece of paper – probably some kind of manual? - was that this was a shovel used by the military to do shoveling. Sounded easy. There was more to the tool, of course, and there was more written in the little manual. But all the other letters were way too small to decipher so Fiyori did not bother. It was a shovel. You could shovel stuff with it. Easy enough.

Putting the shovel aside, Fiyori counted what she had to eat. Bread. Crackers. Food bars. There was a calorie counter on the bars, and after GLD's confirmation, Fiyori knew that these could last for weeks. Two, maybe three. As long as they don't end up working too much. Fiyori doubted they'd have that luxury. Still, food was aplenty, but water was not. Fiyori had four half-litre bottles, and that was way too little.

And as GLD just discovered, there wasn't any running water in the hospital either. Great. She proposed going out at night while everyone was sleeping. Proposed being careful about it. Fiyori was about to comment, say something about how they would surely meet their deaths somewhere in the darkness then. She decided to keep her mouth shut.

Then GLD commented about their fortress. Not impregnable, she said and Fiyori nodded. Why would people bother to enter, she said and Fiyori found herself shaking her head lightly. GLD herself just gave a bunch of good reasons. It was warm, it was safe, it was enclosed. No way they'd go longer than a day without someone trying to enter.


"I guess if you want to survive you should think about potential threats. Our fellow students, I suppose. Maybe you should tell me who else you got pissed off in these last four years."

She raised her eyebrow, drummed a bit with her fingers on her lap.

"You know, before they turn up and I get caught up in some weird shit."

You Could Have A Dream About Losing Your Friends
"That- ah"

She hesitated. Yet she knew that all hesitation was all for naught. Had Lucilly chosen to cover herself with the obscuring darkness of that damp room, she would have had showed restraint. She should not have raised her voice. And as such, she knew that she chose her reveal when she could not chose.

"That was me, Lucilly."

Her name. She used it. Yet it felt like her own name belonged to another person. A sense of depersonalization, a sense of not recognizing herself befell Lucilly for the moment and the young woman could not grasp his this feeling came to be.

Still she grasped for courage, a courage that was not meant to be broken by her tears or her snot or hear vomit or the sight of another student. No, not even the sight of a gun. A tool for the destruction of human lives. A tool, indeed. A tool that could also not be used, and Lucilly had faith in Amanda. Faith that she would not use that dangerous tool.

Lucilly approached the pair of girls, leaving her bag behind at her original place of solace. She knew that the companionship of friends shall bring a greater solace than a dark corner ever would.

"I... I did not mean to scare you."