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Just Wants A Distraction
"Studying, heh. Not that it would do any good for us."

Yeah, wouldn't do any good. Not for Fiyori. Probably not for Rick either. He said something about textbooks. How people thought that they showed what the real life was. She wasn't exactly sure what prompted the comment. But still. She kinda understood the basic sentiment. Fiyori knew these ridiculous questions in those fancy exams. Attempts to create some humor. They always were terrible and uncreative. Still, she chuckled. Made people think she was nuts, probably. But in truth, she felt as if she needed to. As if there was some stern man from the college admission behind her. The one who wrote the question, the one who wanted people to laugh at his jokes. Felt as if he were to banish Fiyori to Florida if she didn't laugh.

Actually, that was kinda nuts.

"So yeah. Not gonna make you suffer."

Fiyori moved on to pack her stuff into her bag. Jeez, no way in hell she'd be able to study like a good girl with a friend in the room.

Just Wants A Distraction
Why, of course! Nobody could resist the magic. Even the foulest of beasts would have it's heart melt the moment it tasted Fiyori's stuff.

...would she really?

Either way, Rick was a good boy. And such a gracious one. Fiyori accepted his forgiveness with a little but playful bow. She could see him smile at her. And she smiled back. Fiyori's eyes looked over the various books and notes she pulled out of her bag, but given that she wasn't learning anything today, she could just as well start repacking them.

"I actually wanted to study a bit. Look how that turned out."

Just Wants A Distraction
There was the temptation. The small urge to pet his forehead as he emerged from his small fortress of shame. Or maybe the urge to snip her finger against it. Same sentiment.

Instead, Fiyori grabbed deep into the magical depths of her bag, searching just for like, jeez, a minute or so, until she finally found what she searched. The equally magical box wherein she contained the delicious pastries she prepared for the people of Kingman and herself.

Fiyori placed the blue tupper box unto the table, opened the lid with her finger and shoved it towards Rick.

In it, two Dutch Letters stapled upon each other. There were a favorite of hers. A good from the Netherlands, made by filling pâte feuilletée with almond - or in this case, marzipan - paste. Then, the dough is formed into a certain letter. Historically, she heard, it was the initial letter of the baker's surname or something, but most are formed into an "S". Easy letter that it was. Fiyori, fortunately, had little problems with that moral dilemma.

Still, making the dough for that pastry was often too much of a bother for Fiyori. She really had to feel making them. Lucky for Rick, she did feel like it.

Just Wants A Distraction
"Why, yes I do know I am awful."

Now that was a song. Rick's defeated murmuring as a soothing bassline. Fiyori's bellowing as some kinda of avant-garde harmony progression.

Though, she stopped herself for a moment of contemplation. It was said in jest, but she wondered. Would Abby actually say yes to a threesome? Probably not, she figured. Abby seemed to be the kinda gal who is too monogamous. Would just spell trouble to invite another dick into the bed. Now, granted, Fiyori would sure as hell say yes. It would be a novel experience. Perhaps a mistake. But she was young. And being young was all about that, no? Making mistakes, regretting them for a while and then having some fun anecdote for later. After all, there was just so much time left anyway.

Well, enough contemplation.

"I'm high-quality trash, after all. Gotta exercise my awfulness everyday.

"Ah, but forgot. Still got some food in my bag if you want. Was supposed to be for Brendan, but well."

Just Wants A Distraction
She laughed some more, though it mellowed out as Rick tried to search for something like an excuse. She eventually stopped, a dark grin taking the place. Well, hadn't she hit a great weakpoint there? Fiyori mustered her flustered friend. Figured she could tease him a bit. Of course, she knew - or rather she thought that Brendan's feeling were nothing more than some innocent crush. Something smaller kids developed for each other. Something that fit with what Fiyori grasped about Brendan thus far.

Still, she was very sure that these feelings existed one way or the other. And they were cute. And hilarious. Especially given how Rick reacted.

"Yeah, a great interest in writing love songs. Especially one for you."

She grinned at him. There was a dirty thought forming in her head.

Should she really say that?

"Oh, and I am sure Abby wouldn't say no to a threesome if you ask her nicely."

Just Wants A Distraction
Oh, good god, no! This was getting way too hard. A love song 'just for you'? Jeez, that was so fucking adorable. And then he even gave Rick a pat on the shoulder. That was getting better and better. Fiyori had to do her best not to burst out with laughter. She instead leant her hand against lips. Pressed to hide the smile as she looked after Brendan leaving the room. She waited a few seconds more, and a dirty chuckle came out of her.

"Ah, he's so goddamn cute."

Finally, she felt herself free to release the tension. So to speak. Fiyori bellowed and laughed and there was even a small tear in the eye.

Hell, she even smacked Rick's arm playfully.

"Dude's totally into you, man."

Just Wants A Distraction
"Mhm," Fiyori nodded along. "Pretty busy myself too."

Good one, Rick. Thanks a lot. Still, the guy himself seemed to be vaguely interested in Brendan's proposal. Well, that was fine. Not that she thought that anything good would come out of it. Brendan didn't seem to have any experience with musical composition. So whatever he produced would be of mediocore quality at best.

Not that such a thing would be bad, of course. No point in being a snob about it. All would be well as long as the guys had fun together. Still, she would rather not take part of it. Making a song together meant regular meetings and scheduled practice sessions and then she'd have to plan her days around that and she couldn't have that.

Brendan asked about what Rick would like the song to be about. Fiyori mumbled something under her breath. Something that none could realistically understood. Which was a good, because it was some lewd comment. Again. She snickered at her own humor.

Anyway, Brendan began to bid them adieu, for which Fiyori placed herself into a proper position.

"Seeya," she waved to him.

Just Wants A Distraction
"What can I say, I got it in my blood."

Fiyori acknowledged Rick's remark with a smile, her eyes moving to study the tips of her fingers. Not that she studied the song or something. Gave it a few listenings, tried to arrange it for the piano a bit. Mostly impro stuff, though. Nothing she seriously attempted to do. Ah, but Rick had to mention a collab, no?

Brendan expressed his admiration for the new aspect of Fiyori he just learned. She actually disliked that. It's not that she was good in any sense. She knew how to use one, at least. And she knew how to get basic stuff out of the instrument. But she wasn't some kind of musical expert or piano master. Sure, her family and even her friends were quick to correct her. To talk about how Fiyori was indeed a pretty good player and how she would understate her own abilities. And then she was mad about that, and then they were sulky because she wouldn't play for them.

Not only a collab, also a song written by Brendan now? Jeez, how was she supposed to get out of that.

Fiyori nodded and shrugged at the same time.

Just Wants A Distraction
Fly me to the moon, huh? Fiyori leant on the table, head turned to Rick. She listened to his trained voice dance along the melody with soft care. Fiyori, as she knew the lyrics, had to hold herself back. Would be kinda rude to sing too, given that Rick's voice was superior to her own. And yet, she could not help her fingers druming on the table. Creating a shadow of the rythm of the song Rick was singing. Actually, she kinda wished she had her instrument with her, right now. That would've been a contribution.

Her stream of thoughts ended as Rick hit the last note, and Brendan burst out in admiration. She nodded in agreement. Then, she noticed Brendan meeting her eyes. Looked pretty flustered actually. Awkward, as usual. But Fiyori had an idea on the specifics. She'd have said it out loud, too, but that would've done no good. So she relegated the idea to being a mere dirty thought.

"Fly me to the Moon. Rick's been obsessed with it lately."

Just Wants A Distraction
Well, now she kinda zoned out. Her eyes were lingering on her learning material. Could - perhaps and maybe - use the time and finally get to the learning thing.

It didn't take her long to reject that notion. No sense in learning now, right? She already got involved in some other thing. So she couldn't concentrate. Yeah, actually she had to be careful. Careful to vacantly stare into the ceiling and somewhat follow the conversation of the boys. Waiting for some interesting stuff to emerge.

And lo, something like that happened. Rick moved close to Brendan, whispering something. Fiyori did not move, but she did raise an eyebrow. Sheer reflexes, that one.

She could see Rick turn over to her, grinning. So it was that, huh.

"I don't know why you even ask me of all people."

Another smirk, one of those foxy ones.

Just Wants A Distraction
It would be impolite, right? To snicker at the way those two dorks were introducing to each other. Well, gotta restrain herself to a classic smirk. Fiyori reclined in her seat, her head resting on her palms. She'd read somewhere about this. Some article about how you'd introduce yourself at a dinner, or party in general. You go to some stranger and feel for whom you two might know together. Nothing weird in itself, she guessed, just the way Rick and Brendan did it was way too amusing.

Like a business meeting, yeah? That seemed to be the fitting comparsion.

She listened over to the boys. Of course, the topic would shift to their passions in the water (novel title idea #45) and Fiyori couldn't say a lot about that. Well, fine with her. Listening to people was more fun than talking about herself anyway.

Just Wants A Distraction
A swimmer, huh? Fiyori mustered Brendan's frame again and for a moment or two pondered what exactly the good guy was packing behind the red fabric of his body. Loving swimming, that's great! A great passion for that probably meant quite the well-trained body. If he'd be less conversationally awkward, she'd make a passing remark about it. Maybe even a raunchy one. But well, he'd probably be confused.

And confusing people is a mean thing to do, duh.

While the topic of good-looking men was on her mind, however, Rick entered the scene. She turned her head to him and raised her hand for a little wave. ...didn't think he'd find her here? Fiyori smirked and was about to give a snarky rebuttal, but Brendan was quicker to speak. He invited him to the table. Sure, the more the merrier. Guess she wasn't studying today anyway.

"Yeah, let's get some party in here."

Just Wants A Distraction
Fiyori let some last laughs escape, repeating "strange guy" as Brendan said in amusement. Yeah, strange guy. He'd fit.

She calmed down though, and registered Brendan mentioning hobbies. Actually, her hobbies in general. Fiyori raised her eye in surprise. Well, jeez, hobbies. Such an innocent small-child question. Didn't think she ever asked someone this after the age of, say, 11 or 12. No later than in middle school. It's where she got that people's hobbies were all variants of "being an asshole" and that was enough of an answer.

But what hobbies did she have?

"... honestly don't know!"

Easy question, right. But still, as she was thinking about it, she had a bit of trouble putting it in words. What was her hobby. What was a hobby in general? A thing you do with enjoyment and on a regular basis, right? So that'd be...

"Well, I like to cook and bake stuff. I even got something with me right now. And then... ah, well. I hang out with friends, do shit together. If that's a hobby."

She figured she'd need a way to redirect the conversation again.

"How about you?"

Just Wants A Distraction
Yes. She did know Bernadette - Bee, as she called her too - and Ty. If Fiyori figured out who Brendan was by associating him with them, she thought that he would do the same in reverse. Ah, he was a special kind of guy. That was obvious by now. Fiyori ceased to laugh and gave Brendan a strong nod as a reply.

Fiyori turned her eyes to study the library. It's ceiling and the top of the shelves, some adorned with dust the people here forgot to clean. She closed her eyes and thought about how for some people they'd be known as the terrible three or something. Ty, Bee and Fiyori, she meant.

Brendan however probably didn't draw so much ire, though she guessed people liked to make fun of him. Being a strange guy and all of that. He wasn't even particularly creepy. More like the interesting kind of strange. She hoped it would remain so. He was about to ask her another question. Maybe she'd call the way he does questions "cute", but the way he phrased this one specifically resulted in some raised eyebrows.

But all he did was just asking for her friendship.

Fiyori looked at Brendan with widening eyes, a coy grin on her lips. She could see the intense nervosity the boy felt, but all she could do was laugh again. No, this time it was an even stronger one. Her hands grabbed unto her head, her torso moved in a frenzied staccato and wild strands of hair flailed around as Fiyori's finger loosened the pins on her hair.

Her mother liked to ricule her for that. Said it was like the one of a hyena. Or the one of the devil, if she was being a bitch again. Ah, but poor Brendan. He was probably looking on in horror, making prayers and hoping his death will be swift and painless.

"Ahaha, sure sure! I'll be your friend."

Just Wants A Distraction
"It's not that I particularly dislike history," she corrected Brendan. She just didn't like studying in general. It was a tedious affair. Sure, it felt good at first. When she went out and bought supplies. Colorful pens and markers, scissors and notebooks and little paper slips you can attach to a book page. Ah, the illusion of productivity. Such a grandiouse feeling. Yet afterwards, all what was left was staring at pages for hours, marking diverse passages with many bright colors and writing notes here and there.

And then, when she was finished, she'd stare at the page once more, knowing just as much as she did before.

Well, it had other benefits, at least. Ones she could live with.

"...but thank you."

He wished her good luck, and Fiyori returned the blessing with a polite smile. Brendan, with such an incredibly soft voice - an almost whisper she'd say - asked to change the topic. Fine with her, though his question was still a strange thing to ask. Or maybe the strangeness was the way he asked.

"I may not look like it, but I'm pretty popular."

She left the sentence hanging in the air for a while, but could not surpress her laughter for long.

"Ha, but I'm probably just as hated."

And she laughed some more.