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The General SOTF Discussion Thread
Thread title of Wolf/Fox/Lamb:

My interpretation was that that the lamb was Adonis (Duh) and that Joachim represented the wolf, and Jaq the fox. The reasoning is that wolves are usually seen as brutal and savage animals and often were the villians in fairy tales (Some may have noticed that we have a fairy tale theme through our thread titles). Foxes, however, are often seen as cunning and to a certain extend manipulative. If we take a look at Japanese mythology, we may even say that Jaq is just a fix who disguised herself as a human female, but that is just an after-thought.

What I find ironic is that wolves are social animals, while foxes are somewhat more solitary (They still form families, but the drive for a social group is not as strong, but I disgress). However, Joachim was pre-island the solitary type while Jaq was the social butterfly, so to say.

Knowing faces:

I actually have a hard time remembering names and faces, and most people I worked together over the years had to live with being degraded to "That talkative girl that collected visual material", or "The boy who was not particulary good at hiding his dislike of me". Now, even if one managed to memorize all the faces and names, even if it seems like a useless task, there is still something called Dunbar's number. This concept states that a human can only hold active social relationships with a limited amount of people. That number lies at 150, though some other alternatives have been expressed. So, even if you knew a face and a name, one may not be able to tell how one feels about someone whom they went to school with. Or even moreso, the relationships between the various classmates.

Naming names in the narrative:

I try to keep the information in the narrative to what the character knows. This is crucial to my writing style, at least with Aileen. You see, I like to imagine that the narrator is actually a split personality living inside of the character's mind. The narrator has to draw on the emotions and knowledge of the character, though due to the narrator's different personality, she may be able to comment on the character's thought process from time to time. Mentioning the names of people the character does not know would break this "drawing from the character's mind" style.

Disclaimer: IC they do not have a split personality.

Interstice of Time
And suddenly, silence resumed.

Joachim managed to completely regain control of his senses. He realized that everybody was gone. Everybody but him and Jaq.

He stared at the gun he used. He was not enterly sure what just happened. He just knew that he did not like it in hindsight.

Carefully he descended the stairs to lay the gun on the coach. Then he resolved not to use it again if not absolutely necessary. At least with his knife he still felt an attachment to the world around him.

Joachim kneeled over. He needed relaxation, sleep, if only for a bit. Just a hour or two.

[Joachim Lovelace, continued in The Fox, The Wolf, and The Lamb]

Solo Queue
It appeared that Joe was not rejoicing at the aspect of Aileen joining him on his journey, if only tempolarly. Well, she told him that it was meant to be punishment, but curiously, he seemed to be less averted to having Aileen around, and more concerned about traveling his way alone. That was actually a reason that Aileen could understand in some way, but she was angry, and she needed someone for her to vent at. And by god, Aileen would not change her opinion.

Then Joe mentioned that people might assume that Aileen was an accomplice. Was this supposed to scare her off? Then it failed, because frankly, Aileen liked the notion of her being a force to be reckoned with on the island. Sure, some very trigger-happy and vengeful student might try to kill her too, but in a moment of brilliant long-term planning, she shoved the thought aside and resolved to deal with it once the situation popped up.

Also, there was another, third reason she wished to travel with Joe for a while.

"These trails have two directions. This one is utilized by Matt, and the other one will be perambulated by you. You see, I would rather share your company over Matt's, inasmuch as I do hold negative feelings towards him.

Additionally, this will be merely be a short companionship, there is just the neccesity for conversation on my part."

Aileen was about to walk into the opposite direction of Matt, when she turned around to Joe again.

"Now listen well, young one, for I shall tell you a story of pure brilliance. I woke up in the hospital, where I... [Aileen Aurora Abdallah continued in Eh, anything's fine]

Solo Queue
It was very difficult work for Aileen to keep herself from facepalming. However, the hand drew closer to her face and Aileen just could not avoid it. She also had to restrain herself from kicking Joe at the very spot, which... worked. Now, that was working at least.

Aileen believed that Joe said the truth. That he did not hide the gun, but completely lost it. To someone else. Aileen had trouble grasping how someone could be so careless to lose a gun. On an island full of psychotic teenagers, no less! She muttered "useless" and slowly slid her hand down as Matt left the scene. The results, or rather, the lack of them, made Aileen realize why exactly she searched for Owen. Because, she was convinced, Owen would never be as useless as Joe or Matt. He would not lose a gun, he would not look at her with an expression of confusion or hatred, and more importantly, he was the one ready to defend her when it came down to it. Actually, the most important thing was that she began to feel strong around him. A feeling she was missing.

"Joe... I..."

Yes, he ran away. But it was Summer's fault, wasn't it? She was the one who went full psycho. And after all, everybody can have a bad day. Hell, Aileen herself retreated. There were just some tiny navigation problems afterwards. Happens to the best, like Aileen. But these problems would never have happened if Summer just did... did not exist. Than they still would be together.

"...am not amused."

Goodness, she needed to vent that anger somewhere.

"I hereby shall punish you by blessing you with my presence."

Aileen in- and exhaled once. For now, she'd stay around Joe, because frankly, if not for finding Owen or getting equipment, he at least must be useful for being a verbal punching bag.

Solo Queue
Goodness, couldn't people just exactly behave like Aileen wanted them to behave for one moment? Was that really that much of a task? Apparently, it was. Aileen sighed inwardly as Joe pushed his own bag to Matt. Sure, in any other situation Aileen would have agreed with Joe. Can't trust a murderer. But goddamnit, it was just too inconvenient that moment.

Then Matt asked where the gun was, although it seemed obvious that the gun was in Joe's ba- ...oh, so that was the moment when an imaginery lightbulb appeared above Aileen's head. It may be that Joe's gun was not in his bag afterall, but simply hid somewhere. Alas, Matt seemed to be aware of that possibility. If that was the case, she somehow had to support Joe.

She raised her foot to point it at the bag.

"Very well, it has become apparent that you are of minor intelligence. I therefore shall embed such information into terms suitable for your degenerated mind.

The gun's in the bag, dumbass. Or does it look like Joe's holding it? Oh, and I can assure you that it is not glued to his ass."

Aileen put her foot down again and stretched herself a bit.

"Also, if he attacks you, I'll restrain him immediately."

Well, that was a lie, but...

Solo Queue
These were not really great results. Joe had not seen Owen and the boy Joe described was probably not Owen, given that she did not remember Owen to be gaunt or anything similiar. Matt was even less helpful. Disappointing, to say the very least. But on to plan B.

Aileen slowly figured out what exactly the topic of the boys discussion was. For one, Joe was also searching for a person, namely Theodore. Aileen figured that his reasons were similiar to why she seeked Summer. That is, as a means for anger venting. Or revenge, which sounded more poetic. Eitherway, poor Joe thought that Matt was the one who killed Daniel. Aileen recalled that asshole-cowboy was at fault for Daniel's demise, but that was not an information she felt like sharing for the moment. Additionally, Matt verbally attacked Joe, announcing his appereance on the...er, announcements, as well as citing that Joe has a gun, which apparently means Joe is not to be trusted.


"I did not lay gaze on Theodore in the two days that passed."

Aileen slowly went over to Joe untill she stood at his side, her hands pressed against her hips. A magnificent plan was forming in her head. She would defend and justify Joe, while getting Matt to leave, and therefore stop harassing Joe. In gratitude, the boy would not shoot Aileen and in fact offer to make an alliance, as Aileen was obviously useful. If that would not be enough, she would have to use her sex appeal. What could go wrong? Matt attacking her in rage? Ha, he is outnumbered!

"Now, Matt... I, from the perspective of an interloper to this exchange of words, can only conclude that you are the bellicose discussion partner. Your disposition, mimics, gestics, speech of pattern only reinforce my conclusion that you merely want to harrass this precious boy."

For a moment, she considered that she may should speak less fancier, for convenience sake. She'll see if Matt understands her.

Solo Queue
Hm... something told Aileen that the situation was somewhat tensed. Maybe. Which was quite understandable. After all, Aileen herself was aggravated. But at least she handled it like a responsible person. She would never vent her anger at somebody else. People who disagree with that merely spread lies and slander. Obviously.

Anway, there were two boys before her who were not particularly talkative. That was a bit inconvenient, but as if that would stop her in the slightest. She had clear goals in her head, which meant that she would ask them if they saw Owen now. And who knew, if she really stumbled into an ensuing conflict, she might get on Joe's good side.

"Sooooo...." She clasped her fingers. "I do hope that I have not disrupted a confabulation of significance, but I must catechize the whereabouts of a certain Owen Kay. He has gone astray after we witnessed Summer Simms devouring Naomi Bells."

Cannibalistic students were always such a good icebreaker.

Solo Queue
[Aileen Aurora Abdallah continued from Big Stick Ideology]

To act on the British tradition of understating everything, one may describe Aileen as being not amused. After that grotesque scene between Summer and Naomi something worse happened, something that actually burdened Aileen more than she thought before. Owen abandoned her. He saw Summer, Naomi's corpse, her... and he decided to run. Betray her. Leave her for the worms. Well, of course Owen was not really malicous. Even Aileen knew that, but still. It stinged. To be abandoned by the only one person whom she trusted. But it just went to show what this island does to what once were fellow classmates.

To sum it up, day two has been a complete disaster. Nothing went right. Just bullshit and catastrophes everywhere, which lead to Aileen having not much sleep, and also bad sleep. Of course, it may had to do with the fact that she sleeped on a moss-covered stone, which certainly was not good for her back.

When the announcements came on the next morning, Aileen had a hard time listening. She understood what was being said, but she hardly cared about anything that happened. The only thing that spiked her interest was Summer's... reward, which angered her a bit. However, Owen was still alive, which she was glad for.

Eventually, Aileen gained some optimism. After such a horrible day, the next ones could only be better. In fact, she was convinced that all she had to do is to be... well, Aileen. Be the ravaging fury that burns down everyone who stands in her way. Be straightforward, determined, confident. Talk as if you learned speaking with a thesaurus. Yes, especially the last one. Important for building impressions.

And then she'd find Owen, get good equipment, kill Summer - Which was completely correct to do in Aileen's eyes, which sorted the problem of having to kill at least one person to survive - and then...


Two people appeared eventually. Matt Vartoogian, who she did not liked, and Joe Carrasco, who she found cute but alas he was a killer and... actually that did not lower her desire to cuddle with him. When she got his weapon, of course. That might be useful. Great, the time was ready for some good ol' Aileen action.

"Greetings, fellow wayfarers."

She swaggered to the pair, obvilious to any conversation they were holding.

"Such copacetic clime! Alas, the state of affairs leaves scads of, er..." She had to think briefly about a synonym for "things". "scads of chattles and conditions to be desired."

It was just now that she noticed the corpse of Daniel on the ground. Well, that was not a pretty sight, but not of much importance. Though speaking about the lovely weather may look weird now. Hm, may. As if Aileen cared anymore about that.

V5 Reduced Activity Notices
There are problems with my own PC which are assumed to be a matter of a broken VGA card. It is possible for me to use other computers, yet I will assume that it is likely for me to have a lowered activity. Not guaranteed, but possible.

Occasionally, a day of slight inconvenience ends with something good. In other words, my own computer is operable, though everything is so blue...

Interstice of Time
For a short moment, Joachim was not sure what to do. Well, actually he wasn't enterly sure all the time, but this was a special situation. He heard the battle cry, and he noticed that something was just flying at them. For some very little time, he remained frozen in his position. In that very little time, Joachim's eyes widened as every part of his body tensed up. His knuckles even became white as his grip on the gun became stronger.

Then he noticed that Jaq was hit. Joachim changed his aim, now focusing on the guy at the top of the stairs. He was dimly aware of the fact that the other three students were fleeing, but that thought was nothing more than a short-lived breeze. Other matters were more important.

Jaq told the guy to flee, more or less politely. Joachim understood every word she said. But, somehow, they did not register. Get. The fuck. Out. Now. He knew the meaning, but felt so distant. As if Joachim was reading a book in which one of the characters yelled.

And then as if someone with a gun in that book just started firing.

Getting Motivated
Usually I just force myself to write.

However, I occasionally listen to diverse binaural beats or isochronic tones, which help me with gaining enoug creativity for a certain post. Or, I fall asleep when picking the wrong track.

Interstice of Time
It would be a lie to say that Joachim was not impressed by the little stunt Theo pulled. Sure, this may or may not harm Jaq's plans in any way. But Joachim had a gun. They too, as it seems, but Joachim figured that he was more likely to be ready to shoot one of them. To make a point, or to defend. Being aware of how deeply he has sunken stinged briefly, but Joachim had no big problems with casting any doubts aside. He had to concentrate on the here and now.

Especially because it seemed that Jaq's gamble did not pay off. Even Joachim realized that her story was not completely flawless. And so did the other people. One could cut the tension and the hostility with a knife. Worse, there was that weird form of exitement again.

Joachim has already carefully picked up the gun. Nobody seemed to notice it. Probably because he made sure to use the door as a cover, probably also because Jaq was a great distraction.

Taking the bags and leaving?

To be frank, Joachim did not trust any of these people who are definetly not Jaq. And there was that slight suspicion that they would use Theo's gun on Jaq the moment she turned her back. Joachim could not let that happen. Jaq was why he has killed Carmina, if Jaq was to die, everything would have appeared so... useless.

The gun was heavy. Heavier than he imagined. And touching it was an odd experience for itself. Alienating, but also, as if he was granted a grand power. Which, technically, was true.

He stormed into the mansion, pointing his gun to no person in particular, but he figured that he could aim at somebody in a mere fraction of a second if he wanted. Joachim wanted to say something at first, but in the end, he decided that it was better for Jaq to give commands.

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
It is fairly easy. The one I enjoy writing more is the one that gets more attention from me.

ChainmailleAddict's Board of V5 Student Interactions
You know that I like this kind of useless lists, but there are some errors. It appears that just sharing a thread counts as interacting with each other, which is incorrect in some cases, such as Gabriella Parker. According to your list, she met Aileen and Owen, although that pair entered her thread after Gabriella left.

Emily Rose
Eh, I know I am low-priority, but I`ll throw a bid in, just in case.