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Guava Jelly
O dear, this is gonna be hard.

The timidness of Aria only increased with David's attempt to reassure him. Realizing that, he decided to not comfort him any further and hoped that David's behaviour will be enough to convince Aria. David really wanted to make Aria feel comfortrable around him, thus the lacking results so far felt terrible.

After talking to Aria about something, making a sandwich or similiar, Lahela responded to David's question, stating that she feels fine. She then stated to have no prom partner yet, and Aria told him too, tha-

...wait, she doesn't have a partner yet?

A small rush of excitement filled David. He also was without partner, but he now saw a chance to change that. It is definitely not something to miss, Lahela was an extraordinary beautyful female. Combined with her lovable Hawaiian aura it maked her an attractive girls. Surprising to know that she has no partner yet. But also fortunaly for David, who desperately wanted to have a partner for prom.

"And how're you doing Davey boy? Or do you prefer David? Stuff been good for you lately, stud?"

"I'm good! Enjoying the good weather. Oh, and you can call me whatever you want."

David changed positions, subtly clipping his hands between arm and torso thus enphasizing his muscles more.

"And what funny coincidences, I don't have a prom partner too!"

Even if David tries to be a mature person, when it comes down to the chance to get a girl, the inner teenager shows his face. The environment was forgotten, the other vistiors were forgotten, Aria was forgotten (although said boy is not doing much to avoid that). Only thing important now was to impress Lahela.

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Aug 30 2012, 10:53 AM
Question: What are you doing after highschool? What career path will you be going for?
<Joachim Lovelace> A good question. I don't know yet, so I'll think I just take on whatever life offers me.
<David Zimmer> You know, I really want to help people. That's why I want to do something involving working with other people. Who knows, something in a senior residence? A kindergarten? I have to think about what exactly I want. But when I have a safe job, I'll look for a wife and start a family!

Imagine, must go to a lone island. You have everything you need (expect things that enable you to leave the island or make contact with people outside the island), but you can only take two people with you. Who should spend the rest of their lifes with you. Who would it be?

Guava Jelly
As David approached the pair he noticed that Lahela lowered her sun glasses. Although David is rather good with analysing the behaviour of other people, he wasn't sure if she did it to show her disapproval or because of the sun, which is shining strong for Seattle standarts. Or, although David dismissed this idea, to hide her gaze. Relief filled David as Lahela announced with mild laughter that he is welcome to stay, but have to wait for Aria's approval first. David tilted his head towards Aria's direction, waiting for a response.

The uneasiness of Aria became clearly visible. For a moment, David considered the possibility of Aria being intimidated by him. It would not be the first time that someone is. Even if David is not the tallest boy in his age group, his muscles are usually compensating for it. The next moment, David realised that Aria is probably uncomfortable with most people he does not know. Memories flooded in David's mind and he remembered the fact that most times he saw Aria, he was uncomfortable. It must be in his personality.

"I-I d-d-don't mind Lahela. H-he can s-sit with us if he wants..."

David had some problems understanding the quiet voice, but once he understood his message, he expressed his gratitude with a friendly face and put his towel on the ground and sat on it. He then noticed that Aria moved a bit closer to Lahela, immediately David realized that Aria was indeed uncomfortable with David around. Wanting to change that, he moved his head closer to Aria's and spoke in a calm and deep voice:

"Hey... you don't have to feel bad with me here. I won't bite you."

The last sentence ended with a chuckle. David really did not wanted to be a nuisance to the both of them. Who knows, Aria might turn out to be a nice buddy under that shy and fragile surface.

With that, he moved back to face Lahela again. He admired her soft face, the long dark hair and the eyes that are complimenting her hair. After a few seconds passed, he noticed that he stared at her a little too long. Slightly embarrassed, he moved back. Using a half-hearted laugh to cover his feelings, he asked:

"He, how are you both doing?", attempting to include himself with the conversation.

MurderWeasel's Post Clinic
Well, I suppose the long line will make me waiting for a very long time, but I think I'd like to request your critique for my David tribute "Guava Jelly".

I it my most recent post, and I find the entry posts I made untill now to be the most difficult, so I choose that one.

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
He stated it a little after roleclaiming. (Roleblocker and Element of Harmony, IIRC)
The post is here.

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
Aug 28 2012, 12:41 PM

3) I can't find MW's post where he linked how to isolate posts by member, but I'd really like to go through that see what Zabriel said. IIRC, he was gunning for Bik, which makes me less suspicious of Bik. What he said, especially before MW's role claim, could be instrumental in figuring out who the other mafia are.
Here it is:


My art museum
Well, I'm not good with art, but I thought you might like some feed back.

First off, I like your drawings, although I would say that you need some practice to make the lines smoother.
But the logos are pretty good. Looking at them is really nice and I think you should keep up the good work here.

Guava Jelly
[David Zimmer, Pre Game Start]


Something David knew his entire life. Something David loved dearly. Water was the world where victory embarks and failure strikes, where David has invested his life in. Yes, water is his element, and each moment he spend in it, no matter the circumstances, turned in a beloved memory. The days of competition are his most cheeriched days. The rush of adrenaline he experiences while pursuing his victory is, even when it only lasts a few seconds, something David awaits from new each time.

But not this time.

This time, he just wanted to enjoy a quiet day at the waterfront. No tension. No problems. Not thinking of school. Not thinking of family. Not thinking about prom. Especially not about prom. The fact that prom will happen soon and the even more unnerving fact that David still is without a date are thoughts that clouded David's mind for the last weeks.

A sigh escaped David as he tried to bind his hair in a pony tail.

Not today, I'm just going to relax.

Finishing his attempt to tame his hair, David moved to a nearby mirror, looking at himself. David wore tight, black bathing drawers, something he also wears for contests, green flip-flops and the black rubber strap keeping his hair at bay. He touched his rather large nose and sighed again, before turning around to seek a place for his towel.

The waterfront is a place David regularly visits. He always hoped to find some class mates, which is usually not the case, thanks to the weather in Seattle. Yet, today is a sunny day, and David wanted to get as much out of this day as possible.

His eyes crossed the environment, immediately finding two persons he already vaguely knew.

One was a young woman, Lahela was her name. David recognised her as she is originally from Hawaii, something that can be seen from afar. The other one was Aria Samuels. A shy boy, and David felt the incredible urge to be around him. His shyness combined with that fact that he is somewhat new to Seattle caused David to worry. These people are prone for bulliying.

David thinked that neither of them had much interaction with him aside from brief and mundane conversations in the corridors of the school. Yet he tried to make clear his friendly attitude by smiling at them and treating them with much respect.

"Hey there! Aren't you Lahela and Aria? We go to the same school. Would you mind if I sit next to you?", he asked them with a smile on his lips while walking towards them.

Relationship Thread #413612
Hmm... I think that David might feel the urge to befriend Madeline. He is kind of protective and upon learning Maddie's story, he will for sure try to keep Madeline happy.

Well well... It appears that I am back!
Who would have thought that I stayed so long without internet connection? That's probably what you get for not needing to pay for your vacation.

Relationship Thread
Okay, I included her in the relationship list.

Relationship Thread
Edited the post and included David.

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
Okay, then can I cut this issue off my mind.
I am sorry, Will. I tried to be silent but I slipped there. Will never happen again.

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
Okay, I see why a non-lynch is not really something the town will benifit from.

But there are two things that confuses me:
1. Why do you want to lynch me? I have looked over your posts but I haven't found anything that points out your reason.
2. So you say that not lynching will leave the town with no informations, but the number of town members dwindle nonetheless. I disagree slightly, because the night phase itself will unevitable bring new informations. Additionally, lynching someone who might be town brings us one member less and the information that this member was a townie... Thus we should be very sure who to lynch, or it will bring nothing. Slamexo pointed this out already, but I wanted you all to know that I share his opinion.
3. This one irks me now. You say it wasn't a big deal which role Will is. But why did you said it out loud? Giving Zecora's character, I suspect that she has the potential for a power role (and honest, I think there is a chance that Will is the Doctor, and some other could have thought of that too). It is a pretty stupid thought, yes, but I feel like you wanted to be sure that everyone (thus, also the mafia) knows who Will is, and make him a target this way.

Now, I know this is farstreched, but given that we want to bring some new stuff into the discussion, I thought it was worth a short minute of consideration.

PS.: Ricky, although it looks like I am suspecting you now, I am actually not, I just want to set my mind right.

Handler: Bikriki
Dates Away: 21th of August to unknown
Days Away: 1+
Reason for Away: Visiting a family friend. We don't know how long we stay, though. We decide that when we're there. Maybe I'll have internet connection, but I won't bet on that.
Characters: Joachim Lovelace, David Zimmer (Approval Stage), ??? MLP:FIM Mafia

The King of Limbs
O dear, they really need a lot of time.

Joachim grew slightly unpatient. Of course, something like a duet needs some preparation, but still, he really looks forward to hearing it.

The way Paris rattles through the needed movements impressed Joachim. It seemed professional and caused Joachim's face to make him look visibly in awe. Still waiting for the both guitar players to start, Joachim took a brief look at their surroundings, where he noticed some other people around his age. At one bench, a boy with some handheld. Maybe he was just using it as an excuse for listening to the duo. A few feet next to him, leaning on a tree was another boy, obviously listening. After he shooing a fly away from him, he again looked at the guitar players. Joachim met his eyes with a stern gaze, but didn't held on it. The boy might feel uncomfortable.

Why don't they come over here?

This thought surprised the slim boy. Usually, he would prefer to be alone, trying to avoid any unnecessary contact. Was it the music? Is it encouraging Joachim to be more sociable? Is it Sophie's and Paris' laid-back aura?

Whatever, I'm just in a good mood.

Music caught his attention. The duet began.

It was a different kind of song. Something slightly more upbeat. Subconsciously, he tapped with his song. A smile crept on his face. Joachim enjoyed the song. Enjoyed the duet.

Such a beautyful afternoon. Good that I am here.

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
Wow, a lot to read here.

First of all, I appreciate your concern about the "language barrier", but the way some of you phrase it makes me feel like I don't know any english at all. So, even if it ruins some of my defence, I'd like you to stop paying attention to the fact, please.

Good, now to the defence, again.

Besides all of the "Be Prepared" nonsense, the original suspicions on him were pretty much the same as the suspicions on Aura. The only reason we got off Aura in the first place was that he claimed and then just kind of vomited information everywhere. I admit, I really only got on this wagon because I didn't really have any better ideas. So,

Can I ask what the reason was again? I don't think that I will find something in the already massive amount of pages.

These posts right here? They just don't sit well with me. Considering TDS, a townie, was our first serious lynch attempt, and Bikriki's obscure defense of himself, these read like a scum player who knows that TDS is town, but would prefer to feign being convinced of TDS's guilt, rather than be seen as one of the ringleaders. With this in mind, I feel comfortable doing this:

My first post was... well, the truth. I did not understood Un-Persona's reasoning, so I asked. Then, I thought that TDS wanted to rather banish a bad townie player than a good scum player/non at all. And I believed this behaviour to be weird, but not necessarily scummy.

My main reasoning is that biki is the most likely sk. No one else but penguin or murderweasel had really said anything against him. The fluff didn't say anything about the Mafia taking two people down, so I heavily doubt it was that.

It makes sense, but it would be too obvious. With the same thought, I could say you caused the death of TDS. But it would also be too obvious. In other words, if I were the SK, I would choose a target that does not cause everyone to point their fingers to me.

(I know I earlier said that this could be some kind of gambit, but here I'll assume that this isn't the case.

Biki, why did you focus on distinguishing who did the killing? I do not quite understand the logic.

Easy, there was seemingly some confusion of who was the mafia kill and who was not (could be my bad, and everything was actually clear), although Zabriel already pointed out that TDS was the Mafia Kill So I felt it would be good to remind them. Even if it puts me in suspection of being the SK, but, as I already said, I wouldn't choose such an obvious target.


So, now I have been defending myself the entire time, I should probably voice my opinion, too.

leAhola: Well, while fakeclaiming to be a miller could be a good tactic to prevent from being lynched, I really believe their claim to be true. I don't know why, maybe the others have already stated a good reason, maybe the clumsy way to the claim... but I just have this feeling that says: Nope, he isn't scum.

Un-Persona: Again, just a very little possibility. but TDS' death might be a result of their little conflict. I doubt that again, for said reasons, but it is a possibility.

Skraal: Now... this one here is quite interesting. The bandwagoning is really weird, as if he wanted to shake every potential suspicion. His reasoning appears fine, though, but it does not convince me 100%.

Inky: I haven't heard much of him other than... a comment that does not really help the discussion.

dr.optimo: Like Inky, he hasn't said anything since... his joke vote? Is he lurking or just not active anymore?

In the end, I don't cast a vote. I have no real suspicion right now, only fleeting thoughts.

Still questions?

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
I cannot defend myself if there is nothing with which I was attacked.

I will know make a list of things people said in regard to me on this day phase. I think I don't have to repeat day 1, since we all know what happened.

- Jimmy suspected me because of penguin_aliens death. And my behaviour. Now, if I were mafia, I would probably be responsible for TDS's death. Which would mean that I am either a vigilante or a serial killer.
Now, after the other have expressed their opinions, he began to trust his instinct.

- dmboogie agreed with Jimmy and assumed that I would be a SK.

- MurderWeasel prepares himself and wants to ask me later.

- Inky is still suspicious from yesterday

- Zabriel doesn't have reasons other than my (joke) line "Be prepared"

- Ricky hasn't said anything why he voted for me. He didn't understand something, but aside from that, nothing.

- Skraal... has nothing new to say

- Deamon voted me because of my defence, or so I assume.

You could see things differently than me, but instinct, suspicion from yesterday, and simply bandwagoning aren't things I can defend in a long post.


Now, if you excuse me, I have to go to dinner, so I won't be back for the next... minutes, hours, whatever.

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
MK Kilmarnock
Aug 16 2012, 10:41 AM
I don't really understand how that makes anything invalid?
Sure, I'll repeat myself.

It was said by someone, that penguin could be/is the mafia kill.

I pointed out that the information T-Fox gave us strongly indicate that the victim was pink. And since Rarity is a white pony, but Pinkie Pie a pink one, I concluded that the "penguin_alien (Rarity) was killed by the mafia"-theory is false.

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
Okay, first of all. I do not believe that penguin was the mafiakill. I think I said that already and pointed to Zabriel's reason. But here it goes again:

The five treacherous ponies, [...]

"Minions! Fetch me the pink one."

Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara bumbled about in the inky black of night for a few minutes, before a dark aura surrounded one pony, lying curled in a little ball, obviously the most comfortable in her sleep of any other pony present. "Come off of it, you incompetent foals. This is the one we sook."

Given that the "five treacherous ponies" are the mafia (which is pretty obvious), the mafia kill would be TDS since his role was Pinkie Pie. Penguin_alien was Rarity, who is, in fact, white with purple hair.

The theory that I would have killed penguin as a mafia is thus invalid.

Now, regarding the TDS case.
I, like Sickness, suspect Un-Persona and Skraal. However, neither of them is standing particulary out for me.
Skraal's change of opinion could be just him changing his opinion because TDS' reasoning sounded better.
Un-Persona could have "slipped" here too. We shouldn't exclude that chance just because it is a typical newbie error. Who knows, maybe they did it on purpose, hoping we do not suspect them for said reasons. But this is very much speculation, so I wouldn't be too surprised if I am wrong.

(Excuse me Un-Persona, but I don't know your gender, so I used "they".)