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Worm Mafia
Yea I was about to ask.

Maybe I missed it, and I appreciate it nonetheless, but the record shows more if I exactly know what it is that moves you, MW

Worm Mafia
Yea I was about to ask.

Maybe I missed it, and I appreciate it nonetheless, but the record shows more if I exactly know what it is that moves you, MW

Family Reunion
With the bag tightly held against her back, Fiyori nodded once. Of the people in the art room, she only recognized one face with certain conviction. Perhaps, had the other faces been more intact than they were, she would have known who they were.

Either way, she was glad. Glad, as morbid as it was, that Emma had done half the work. With her sister on the gurney, and the sheet already covering her, it should've been the easiest one to 'prepare'.

Fiyori went to her part of the gurney, grabbed it tightly and nodded at Alba once again.


Fiyori did not know how much time passed as Alba and she moved the two bodies into the art room. There was no clock on her person, and Fiyori couldn't tell if there was a working one anywhere nearby. Certainly, it was getting dark, and that would have to do.

They had shifted the five corpses around. They wouldn't be scattered around the room anymore, no, they finally were put in a neat row, their heads facing the wall. Sheets of various quality - some tattered and blood-stained and some as if they just had not been used for fifty years - were covering all five of them.

Fortunately, Alba managed to find a supple amount of art supplies. Even if some of the stuff was unusable, they managed to gather enough colors and pens and shit to pay their due respects. Fiyori only knew the names of three of the bodies, and for those three she painted their names on the wall.

For the other two, she took the best colors she could. And there, at the wall where their lifeless bodies now rested she tried her best to draw a rose for each one.

"...that's actually kinda fun, you know?"

Worm Mafia
Jul 30 2017, 08:14 PM

I'd like a little more explanation for why he's hanging onto such a large wagon (compared to the number of votes needed to lynch), especially on the first day.

I'd like some more explanation from him
IIRC, at the time of my vote - only Cicada herself and randomness were voting for Cicada. Discounting Cicada's self-vote, I basically just added the second vote to this 'wagon'. That may seem a bit more with the size of this game, but I find it ridiculous to equate 'casting a second vote' to 'jumping on the wagon'.

That aside, my reasoning for voting Cicada is actually very simple. I believe the chance that she is scum is greater than the chance that she is not. As to why I believe that... well, I refer you to my previous post.

Family Reunion
Fiyori scratched her chin. So Alba thought she owed them that. That, a burial, or some kind of ceremony to celebrate their passing with the due respect. Well, Fiyori couldn't exactly say she agreed, but she would also not say she disagreed.

Regardless, she would not partake in a burial. There was a shovel, of course, of which Fiyori knew. Georgia Lee had one in her bag, but Fiyori didn't know where that one was now. Well, she supposed it was a way to keep them busy. Search for the shovel, perhaps the whole evening, and then bury the Luz sisters.

She really didn't feel like that, though.

"I think all we can do is, maybe, place them somewhere more out of the way. Cover them with a blanket, and then..." She shrugged. "Build a shrine or something, and..." Fiyori looked over to the nearest camera, it's lens staring back. "Say a prayer to the god of your choosing."

Family Reunion
Hm, something proper then.

Fiyori's grin faded slowly, but she kept looking at Alba. There was a momentary jerk of her head, but she eventually didn't want to look at the dead Luzi again.

Well, if Alba wanted to do 'something proper' with their bodies, Fiyori would be the very last person to stop her. She herself wasn't quite sold on the thing, yet. Tactical calculations or maybe thinking about saving energy might have played a role, but Fiyori didn't care too much about that. She knew she wasn't feeling it. But there was a small part in her that urged her to help Alba somehow.

She would allow herself to be convinced, then.

"Well, what're ya thinking about?"

Family Reunion
The thing Fiyori went for was, in fact, a water bottle. As she put the gun away, and pulled the water bottle out, she could hear Alba start talking. Fiyori opened the bottle and drank from it, but she did not turn around to face Alba. She drank, she listened, but she did not look.

After a few chugs, this bottle was empty as well. This would be fine. There was rain, after all. And there was - maybe - some of Emma's water left. Stuff Emma wouldn't need anymore, and as such was okay for Fiyori to take.

She turned around, and faced Alba.

Alba offered her own hand.

Fiyori looked at the hand, then met Alba's eyes. A grin formed on Fiyori's lips and a weak chuckle escaped her bared teeth.

"That's more like it."

Fiyori accepted Alba's hand, and clapped into it with due enthusiasm. Now, Alba was finally starting to act. To show resolve. If this was how she felt, if this was how she really wanted to act, Fiyori knew that perhaps Alba would soon enough understand.

"Let's make the best of our futures."

Worm Mafia
actually I think that's a good point. In fact, good enough to warrant this


After Yugi had pointed out his reasoning, I've skimmed cicada's posts and this little bit made me decide to cast my vote:

Cicada Days
aka i implicate myself 👀

In retrospect, I think the thing Cicada is trying to do her is mask her own attempts, so to say. Yugi pointed out that she is more experienced than she lets on, and that above quote makes me believe that Cicada tries to lessen the seriousness or impact of what she says. Basically, feed into the "I am not skilled so i am not a danger" narrative.

Family Reunion
"You don't need an excuse."

Fiyori said, partly to reassure Alba. There was a bit of annoyance in her voice, but it didn't grew to be an important part. Fiyori looked back at Emma's broken body once more, her arm reaching out to the side. Almost, her hand would have pat Alba's shoulders but then she reconsidered.

She turned around and went for her bag. It was an unpleasant episode, that thing that just happened. But it did, and there was no 'undo' function here. Still, whether Fiyori or Alba would've struck the killing blow, the end result would be the same.

One step closer to Jae. One step closer to Kimiko.

One step closer to life.

"If you want we can think of one, might be fun."

Worm Mafia
Brief thoughts so far:

- The thing with CBP was a bit odd to read but it doesn't put me off to much, at least at the moment where we are lacking further context.

- Curious as to why Yugi wants to vote for Cicada. I believe him in that this is probably a gut feeling of his that he needs to clarify, even if I do not exactly see why Cicada is exhibiting scummy behavior?

Family Reunion
In the brief window of time that followed, Fiyori's thoughts and feelings were scattered all across the room. They pulled and pushed her to all sides, but there was no single path she could take. For a moment, Fiyori wanted to scream. Scream at Alba, tell her that Emma needed to die. That she needed to finish what she started. That she needed to act, and do so with resolution.

By then, Alba had already taken another shot.

By then, Emma was dead.

Fiyori remained in her position. Her eyes were fixated on the fresh corpse in front of her. It took her some time to let go.

The depth and width of her feelings, once again, surprised her. But standing out among them all was a sense of relief. There was pressure, and then there was none.

"Alba... everything alright?"

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everything is still flooded and this might cause issues

Worm Mafia
I have received my role.

Family Reunion
By this point, Fiyori had caught up with Alba.

The bag had been left in the room, but the gun was held steadily in her hand, aimed at Emma. Fiyori didn't know exactly what just happened. Alba got closer and closer to the gurney, and she guessed that triggered Emma somehow. Maybe. All she did know was that Alba had used the rifle.

Fiyori stepped closer to the two.

Then, she noted the sword on the gurney again. Emma grabbed it, and Fiyori shot.

Family Reunion
No. No, that was bad. Something was about to go terrible wrong.

Fiyori looked at Alba, at Emma and the dead companion. It would take a moment, but she had to get her gun. Her gut feeling pretty much commanded her.

Family Reunion

For some reason, Fiyori thought that was a bad choice of words. Emma was on the edge of her nerves already, and asking if she - or well, her companion - was on 'the list' wasn't the best idea. In terms of de-escalation, that is.

Fiyori clasped her hands, and yawned.

"Maybe we can help ya in return?"

Family Reunion
Oh, but there was something funny about it. Something funnier than the stupid word plays in Fi's head, even. Emma wouldn't get it, of course. As a matter of fact, neither would Alba. But that was no surprise by this point.

Fiyori stepped a bit closer. Not too much, but just so she would be nearer to Alba. Her eyes caught the sword laying on the gurney. Emma's weapon, it seemed. For a moment, Fiyori wanted to take out her own gun but that would've been useless.

There was no reason to escalate. In fact, Fiyori didn't want for this situation to escalate. In a way, Emma evoked a sense of compassion in Fiyori - and she would have preferred to help her. Somehow.

Family Reunion
[[Fiyori Senay, continued from Volver]]

She had wished him a few but good final days of life. Fiyori wondered whether Keith got them. Doubted that, to be completely honest, but the thing that was on her mind the most was a question. How was it, dying? Dying by being slashed or what have you like Keith was.

Fiyori didn't know, and didn't have the time to think about it.

Alba had greeted two people, when she should have shot them. At least, that is what Fiyori thought briefly as she turned to face the newcomers.

Emma Luz - alive but only questionably well - and Sabrina Luz - very much not alive. They were twins, if Fiyori recalled correctly. She didn't know how it was to lose a twin. She didn't know how it was to have siblings, to be completely honest. There was a cousin in Washington but she didn't know much about him. In other words, he might as well not exist.

But for Emma, it would have to be different. Her family would had to have been her world. But now she had luz-t them all.

Fi chuckled. Very funny.

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i suppose i can try my best once again

Fiyori lingered for a few more moments. She watched Alba leave, only to halt for a moment and return her attention to Brendan.

But only for a moment, and then she was gone.

Fiyori chuckled, and set after her. She, too, halted in the frame. But she did not look back.

Tears ran down her cheeks.

[[Fiyori Senay, continued elsewhere]]