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It's Raining, It's Pouring
Ah, so it was Aiden. Long time no hear she would have thought and he would have said but that wasn't very true. Fiyori wasn't the kind of person who needed to stay in contact all the time, needing at least one message per day and a total of 150 words spoken or written per week.

She could do just fine not talking to people and still feeling affectionate towards them anyway.

Aiden mentioned the weather, and for some reason it was only then that Fiyori looked out of the window and saw raindrops falling on her window. Not many, of course, because this was still Arizona. But still, a curious thing. Curious more to know she didn't notice until he pointed it out.

"Eh, I've been sweating so much, I won't mind if I get wet another way for once."

She did pick up the sarcasm in his voice. Aiden seemed not to be a big fan of rain, so she guessed he should be lucky to be living in Kingman and not Ireland or something - which by all appearances was very very rainy all the time. She wouldn't know, she never had been there.

It's Raining, It's Pouring
[Fiyori Senay, continued from Acid Rain]

Fiyori halted. She was just busy with her keyboard - trying to successfully play a certain part that had been troubling her... well, for at least a few minutes. But then she got distracted, because she could hear her phone ringing. Hm, not exactly ringing to be honest. It was vibrating. And it was doing so loud enough to count as an auditive impulse anyway.

Still, where was it? Fiyori looked away from her own fingers and looked behind her shoulder. She looked to the right, and she looked to the left and she gave the ceiling a good look too, just in case it somehow dropped upwards.

Fiyori left the chair and instead assumed a central position in the room. She looked around again. To the left, to the right and to the ceiling before her ears were sure enough to spot the sound coming from her bed.

Or rather, from under her sheets.

She lunged forwards to it, threw the sheets to the site and fetched the phone - pressing the accept button immediately.

"Fiyori Senay here, how can I help?"

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
@Vyse, I don't think that I am personally useless - it was merely speaking about it as a matter of principles. That is, what I would consider a good plan myself if I were not a target.

That aside I mostly don't want to get nightkilled because obvious hints are obvious.

That that aside I actually consider Toben to be less scummy than I previously thought. I mean, his entire playstyle is nothing but an enigma for a mafia amateur like me so I veer unto the side of scum - but the way he directly set up a confrontation with me in the way you could see in the quoted post (Someone's gotta go this phase, and if he's really set on making our presences mutually exclusive, I see no reason to beat around the bush or waste time.) seems fairly different from how Toben usually plays. Which, oddly enough, makes me think he is approaching the game from a different perspective, which in his case would be town-aligned.

I mean I am probably horribly wrong in the end because this is how it goes but at least these are my feelings for the moment.

New V5 Reduced Activity Notices
I don't think my activity will decrease that much but work and life stuff might actually take a bit more of my time then I envisioned.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Oh, heya Vyse and welcome to the game! I hope you have fun.

That aside, I am not going to say I have zero reads or anything because that isn't true. But it sure feels like I do. This game has a bit of an odd meta and all and we all discussed this already so to get to the main point.

I find the idea of a vig killing less controversial people (such as me) to be actually quite useful. With the many targets still around, I feel it would be difficult to build a camp large enough to form a voting block that guarantees me to send home. At least that this point of the game. Vigs, of course, circumvent that problem.

That aside I somehow doubt that a vig is in play because it doesn't seem like it would fit the meta of the game. I mean, a candidate with the power to send other candidates home arbitrarily? That seems like it doesn't exist.

Acid Rain
Was GLD smiling? Or was Fiyori just imagining it? Obviously, she would see worse without glasses, but she never figured she would not be able to discern these details even so close to Her face.

Fiyori was smiling, though. At first, at least. GLD could make a good, snappy line. Fiyori would have never imagined at first how good the girl was at provoking her. Well, of course that was a given, but Fiyori was genuinely surprised at how good her intentional efforts at provocation were. Not that she liked the fact much, but it deserved a smile. Fiyori thought it was funny, perhaps she also wanted to acknowledge the barbs on GLD's tongue.

At first, at least. Then GLD used Fiyori's actual name and something was off. It wasn't wrong, per se. But it could be that that had been the very first time GLD used Fiyori's name. At least, to address the girl directly. Yep. Odd. Definitely odd. It wasn't even as if there was some mocking tone behind it. Or some play at how foreign it sounded, how exotic it was. No, when she thought about it, it probably was just the fact that she used it for the first time. And she used it to open a direct attack on Fiyori herself. Delicious, no?

Fiyori listened. Listened as GLD talked. Fiyori tilted her head to the side, and rested it on the left palm of her hand. Her eyes were, if not really fixated, looking over to where GLD was sitting.

GLD was going far. Very far. Too far, for some she guessed. But for some very odd reason Fiyori enjoyed it. Maybe she enjoyed it because at some points GLD was wrong. All humans liked being right, and they all loved it when their rivals are so obviously wrong, for it was such a great way to commend themselves on their superior wits and intelligence. Actually, no. She listened, and she found enjoyment. Not because of some point at the side that was factually incorrect. But because GLD asked Fiyori a question.

She asked Fiyori a question and she – even if only it seemed as if – was ready to listen to whatever Fiyori said.

GLD finished. Fiyori raised an eyebrow, reached for the glasses of hers and motioned to put them on. Ah, how lovely. That momentary feeling when the unclear edges and blurs of her surroundings became clearly defined. Fiyori adjusted her glasses, and then went over to meet GLD's eyes again. She put a smirk on her lips.

"For the sake of the little honor I have left I must say this is just the second time I've ever been in detention."

She bared her teeth. Not a smirk, exactly, but at least it was a smile. Still, it was true. Fiyori Senay never had been in detention except for two times. One, of course, being the current detention time she was doing together with GLD. The other one happened way back, in her Freshman year at Cochise. A matter of 'forgetting' to do her homework. Nothing really drastic, but it was a lesson. A lesson on how to do her homework well enough to be get a 'close enough' call by the teachers, while actually doing as little work as possible. It wasn't difficult, of course. All of these tasks, assignments, papers and essays. Few were actually tricky. Just time-consuming and tedious. Honestly, she was actually pretty proud at how good she got at bullshitting. Or maybe, and she figured that was also just as likely, most teachers simply gave up on the case of Fiyori Senay and gave her a pass as long as she pretended to work.

"You think I am some dumb kid, and I am sure as fuck not a genius. But if my goal is to 'enjoy my time', I would be wise to not act in a way that will bring me 'times I do not enjoy', right?"

Fiyori pointed at her temples in some weird gesture to point out that this was, yes indeed, the place where her brain was located. Then, her smirk vanished. She lowered her fingers and carefully rested them on the edges of the table.

"That aside, that's a pretty good question actually. What is the bottom for me? I mean, all things considered – I've been very happy these past few years.

I'd even say that every today I experience is a better day than the tomorrow that comes next."

Fiyori's smile returned. She tilted her head to the right. She tilted it to the left. She wondered how much she could and should reveal of herself. How much of her own feelings she would lay bare before Georgia Lee Day. There was something so absurd about talking about them with someone so absorbed in their own little perfect world, but c'est la vie or something. Instead, she shook her head. Softly, but firmly.

"No, I know that the bottom of my life comes after high school. I have no illusions about my prospects, Georgia."

Goosebumps. Georgia. It was such a nice name now that she said it. Maybe because she said it. Fiyori looked Her deeply into the eyes, and pointed her finger on her. For emphasis, of course. And, with a sterner voice, she continued.

"But don't you dare think this is envy speaking. Being 'good' at something is a curse. Either you are a nail that stands out, and deserve to be hammered down. Or you are nothing but a useful tool people feel entitled to use and then put aside.

Honestly, that stress is something that I could never bother with."

[Fiyori Senay, continued in It's Raining, It's Pouring]

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
I suppose that, before anyone asks, I'll to say that I did not vote last day because I forgot about the deadline and went to bed instead.

Acid Rain
Fiyori bit on her lip. The best She could be, then. That was the answer Georgia Lee Day went for. The answer for the question that inquiered about all that was and had been Her life, Her experiences, Her hopes and dreams and all of the disappointment.

It was a nice answer, Fiyori guessed. Simple. Brief. On point. Fucking delusional.

Fiyori closed her eyes. She bit down on her lips. Harder yet then let go. Took a few of her fingers and gently rubbed them. Took a small bite, a nibble even at one of her nails. Then she placed her hands down on the table. Just as gentle, and opened her eyes.

She waited. She inhaled. She exhaled. She looked GLD into the eyes, lingering for a few moments only for her to take her glasses off, placing them carefully at the side. She rubbed something out of her left eye. A piece of bread, no, but likely a speck of dust. Or maybe something in her imagination. She grasped for words, and she grasped for time to find those words. Fiyori looked back at GLD. Not longer directly in her eyes, as She was blurry and though even Fiyori would still be able to find GLD's eyes, she knew it would be very difficult, and a great strain on her. Instead, her eyes jumped all over the smaller girl.

"And? Are you succeeding?"

She couldn't help it. It was supposed to be a simple question. Neutral, soft-spoken, perhaps with a hint of playful curiousity. But it sounded mocking instead, and Fiyori realized immediately. She didn't bother to say sorry.


She trailed off, looking around the room. She raised her arms in some sort of half-shrug, attempting to point out the surroundings to GLD. As if the girl needed a remainder. But it was a rhetoric gesture – a gesture meant to convey a certain sentiment and it was necessary. It was a statement, a statement of 'look where we are'.

"...because here you are, in the detention room."

"Oh, I know what you are thinking – 'this is just your fault' – but," Fiyori caught herself. Her voice was getting agitated. She was getting agitated. It was so unusual, but now that she recognized it, she managed to calm herself down with just a few deep breathes.

"Is that not the point? You aimed for the stars, and now for no fault of your own you landed at the bottom."

Acid Rain
It seemed to have killed poor Rainy's appetite. Her little joke. She thought it was a good one, though. Like, she could see some high-class (er...) sitcom or other comedy with a huge following of fans. It would be loved by fans, it's lines of dialogue quoted everywhere and it's character deeply submerged into the general field that was pop culture. Then that show would be cancelled after three seasons because too many middle-aged women liked it, and you cannot really sell toys to those, apparently.

Anyway, she thought her joke was great. GLD apparently did not. Maybe She took her serious? As if Fiyori Senay would resort to cannibalism. The only way she ate people was very erotically and everyone more or less intact after the experience. Hm, perhaps She thought of that innuendo, too? Would probably ruin Her appetite as well.

She chuckled, reached for a vacant chair nearby and placed it so that it faced GLD across the table.

"Eh, keep it for bad times."

Besides, that was just pretty rude of Her. To offer the bread back after already taking out a bite from it. It was just one of these little moments where She had to make some dumb point. Like she was saying 'I disapprove of your person, and that is why I disapprove of your bread even harder'.

Fiyori seated herself firmly into the chair, and leaned forward to support herself with her elbows on the table. Now, that was making a point. Fiyori decreasing the natural height advantage she had, so that GLD would be able to meet her eye to eye.

Though that probably made Her uncomfortable just as well.

"Then, if you are so gracious to answer me... why are you such a stuck-up bi-... why are you the way you are?"

She smiled at Her. Genuinely, but that wasn't very comforting.

Acid Rain
Oh, thank you Rainy! It was a tiny detail, and Fiyori was just about to miss it, but She actually waited for Fiyori to finish chewing. She was definitely more used to eating something, being spoken to, and then being yelled at for not responding immediately. Oh, and if she did she was yelled at for speaking with a full mouth.

At least it was like that at home. Her fellow students asked her stuff just as she was chewing something too, but they generally tended to wait for an answer.

Fiyori looked down at the girl. There were some bread crumbs stuck just right besides her lips, and she licked them clean for a short moment. Fiyori looked into Her eyes, and then seemingly began to search Her surroundings for an answer. It wasn't a tricky question, to be honest. Fiyori just wasn't sure to answer.

"You are wrong, though."

Confrontational, eh? She was good at being confrontational, too. Though that would have been obvious by now.

"I don't know what you heard about me, but I can assure you that all the foul things people say about me are at worst the truth and at best an understatement.

You are not the only one I pick on, but I guess you are..."

Oh, now it got tricky.


There still was some little crumb left. She could feel it sitting on the left side of her upper lip. It was a piece of the crust, and it tickled her. Just a bit, but enough to be annoying. If only because Fiyori was for some reasoning focusing on that one annoying crumb. She licked it clean, again. This time successfully.

"As for the attack, well."

She looked into GLD's eyes, but she couldn't keep the contact for long and averted her gaze. Fiyori shrugged, trying to appear nonchalant about it.

"I was hungry."

How do you feel about your weapon?
Nobody said it was straight porn

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
My thoughts so far are pretty much unhelpful, in that they don't exist. There isn't anything awfully off I have felt about anyone, so I am (...one exception) hesitant to cast a vote.

Oh, I mean I didn't read Rorikkles' post because that was just such a chore to read but anyway

In lieu of further events, I'll vote for Tobes. I know this isn't how statistics work but generally Tobes is up to no good so I am fine with getting him out of the way before he poisons town discourse.

Acid Rain
So what was going to happen? What was She gonna do? Fiyori offered her bread. Special bread, made by none other but her masterful - or at least her not-catastrophically-fucking-everything-up hands. It was such a sweet gesture, wasn't it? Besides, no way GLD wasn't hungry.

Still, Fiyori expected one thing, and that thing was for GLD to make some point. Some dumb stand that mattered to no-one but the little miss perfect she was in her own head. To see Her reach out for the bread and actually take it took Fiyori by quite some surprise. She raised an eyebrow, almost suspiciously eying the girl in front of her. GLD broke the bread in half, and offered the other half back to Fiyori.

Fiyori's eyebrows relaxed, despite the fact that she found this somehow even more sketchy. Odd, no? She was all about sharing her food and when GLD actually indulged her she was taken back.

Some seconds passed. Fiyori didn't say anything. She weighted the piece in her hand. She looked at GLD, and She looked back at Fiyori. A few seconds passed indeed, and Fiyori couldn't help but feel as if She was waiting for something.

...some sort of arcane dinner or snack ritual? Something stuck-up bitches learned at home so that their fathers won't punish them with their disappointed eyes?

Oh, wait. She was overthinking this.

So instead she snorted once, and just laughed out loud.

"Alright, alright~ It isn't poisoned, man!"

She took a deep bite into the loaf, ripping out a good chunk of the bread. Some crumbs flew here and there. Some even on Her desk. GLD's probably going to rip Fiyori's throat out for that. Oh well. She bit her tongue, figuratively, to stop her laughter.

"Could be that it won't be your taste, but I don't think you could fault me for that one, right?"

Acid Rain
So, how did She feel? The star pupil brought down to hell with the common demon. No, that was wrong. Fiyori wouldn't dare to let herself be called 'common'. She definitely wasn't 'common' by any stretch of imagination. Still, the sentiment was there. Georgia Lee Day, in a room together with Fiyori Senay and there was nothing She could do about it.

She probably screamed about it. Injustice, She called it. Unfair. Horribly misjudged. Not out loud, of course. Fiyori would have heard it, and still kinda waited for it, but she was sure that those words were present in GLD's head. She wasn't the kinda person to admit any wrong-doing. She was the perfect girl. She was good. She was full of virtue. Well, in this particular case she was more or less in the right. More than less, even. Fiyori realized so, but she felt her assessment of Her general person to be fairly decent anyway.

She looked back, glanced. Maybe she was delirious, but for some reason, GLD carried herself differently. Less despair, and more an odd sense of triumph. Maybe Fiyori read her face and posture wrong, maybe She really felt good. About Fiyori being punished, not about them sharing a room.

Fiyori sighed. Leaned to the side and started rummaging through her bag. She thought she was all out of food, but then she remembered. The evening before, she was feeling kinda bored. So she went ahead and made some bread on her own. Spiced bread, of course. Stuff you could eat - or well, Fiyori could eat - all on its own. It's crunchy texture giving way to a soft inside, which coated the tongue with many exotic and well-known flavors. Had she remembered, she would have shared with some classmates.

She remembered now, so she would share. Now.

Fiyori left her place, the bread in hand and walked over to Her place. The bread, cold and yet free of it's containment, released a fresh odor. Fiyori looked to meet Her eyes, and offered the bread.

"A peace offering, if you will. And if you won't, you can have it anyway."

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Was just a little joke ~

Acid Rain
[[Fiyori Senay, continued from The Library is the powerhouse of the student]]

Fiyori looked down on the paper in front of her. She wrote something down. With a pen. She slid it across the paper and something blue came out. It seemed like there were words, but for some reason Fiyori couldn't tell. Yes, her mind knew, of course. Those were words she wrote down. Words because she had a task, a paper to write. And yet she looked down on those things her mind so reassuringly called 'words', and all of a sudden that confidence was gone. All her eyes saw was a bunch of blue scribbles and lines carelessly strewn across some sort of white background.

She sighed. She fucked this one up as well now, did she not? Couldn't help but fuck it up. No way anyone was ever going to see what she just produced and say 'Yes, this is a well-formulated response'.

So, what happened?

Well, for starters – Fiyori felt very angry and that all of a sudden. At a young woman whose name was Georgia Lee Day. She wanted to hear the name coming from Her own mouth, but someone else mentioned it as they reprimanded Fiyori. Couldn't help but learn it at that point, no?

She was very angry at GLD. Saying 'very angry' sounded childish and for some reason unable to truly encapsulate the true intensity of what she felt, but Fiyori said 'very angry' very often now. People asked her, asked them, and that is what she said. It felt odd. It felt like an understatement. But there was no other word she could use talk about her feelings without getting into even more trouble.

So yes, she was very angry. And she was so very angry that Fiyori tackled Georgia Lee Day from behind as they both left the Beale library of Cochise High. Fiyori may have called Her a cunt. She may have also bitten Her. In Her defense, GLD started punching. The punches hurt quite a bit. And She may or may not have stopped punching when Fiyori did.

It wasn't her brightest decision, no. It was actually pretty reprehensible and even Fiyori felt terrible. Not just because she now was stuck in detention. No, also because she was in shock. How could she'd be acting so recklessly, so violent? So emotional?

They said there wouldn't be more consequences. Their records had been pretty much spotless. Fiyori's and GDL's. Fiyori got in trouble here and there, but she was smart enough. She didn't get in trouble with cops. She didn't get in trouble with the teachers at Cochise. She was the rowdy, useless student, but she didn't register as dangerous or delinquent on the radars of the authorities. Still, when they said 'your spotless record', whom they really talked to was GLD.

After all, Fiyori Senay was just the deadbeat idiot who would be gone in a few weeks anyway. What reason was there to start something big if she even apologized? Granted, it was a fake apology. A small one. More mumbled. She could've given a more sincere one, but all things considered... apologizing would have felt wrong too.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
me too I send my vote in already

The Library Is The Power House Of The Student
She did not notice him. Jeremy, that is. She did not even notice Rea and Dorothy. She noticed them before. Obviously. She could still do that, of course. Fiyori had a pair of ears, after all. They were - regardless of mother's words - well-functioning. So the physical sensation their voices reaching her ears persisted, and yet here she was. Standing atop, above Rainy. And she couldn't hear them. Not even as a distraction on the side or the static chattering of a typical background scene. No, she couldn't hear anything but what was so right in front of her.

She was breathing. She was breathing too. Fiyori stared into her eyes. She stared back. There was so much in them. Hate, maybe. Disgust, yes. Definitely disgust. A repulsion, reflected in her movements, reflected in the way she breathed, even. For some reason, seeing her breathe like that, hearing her do so, and meeting her eyes in that locked state. For some reason, it disgusted Fiyori, too.

She didn't know why. She couldn't know why.

Then, all of a sudden. Something changed. She took a hold of her book. She raised herself from the chair. She gave Fiyori a quick smile. A fake one, obviously, but one faked-well. And yet, all Fiyori could give as answer was a confused look. Then she grabbed her arm. Clasped it, just lightly.

Took her. Left her.

Fiyori looked after her, but She didn't look back. Fiyori looked, and gazed, and watched, and viewed and seethed in blinding rage. Drool welled up in her, her fingers burrowed deep into the old and soft wood of the table. All she could see where flashes of white and all she could hear was the thumping of her heart. All she could feel was the chair she threw to the side and all she could do was her leap after Her.

[[Fiyori Senay continued in Acid Rain]]

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
I find this line of logic believable.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread