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Just Wants A Distraction
Fiyori looked at the boy chuckling next to her. He tapped his pen on the table. He said something to her. Something about a bad mood she managed to lift. She gave her a small smile. Nice to see people feel better due to her, but there was something off. Something with the way he talked that made Fiyori...

dunno, just curious. It sounded weird and stilted. Awkward, she'd say. Maybe he was one of those aspergers guys. Seemed to be pretty a bit too sociable for that. Well, it was just a brief moment in which she pondered that. Out of all the weirdos running around in Kingman, talking a bit strange was actually kinda tame.

He asked Fiyori. What did she study? Did she enjoy it? Fiyori's eyes darted to the ceiling, her hands massaging her neck for a few seconds.

"Got a history test coming soon. Someone promised me cake if I get great results."

Studying, yeah. She hasn't done that for years and she figured she wouldn't need to start now. But well, Fiyori too had a price. And that price was edible.

"Not saying I'd enjoy it, though."

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Yeah, I am actually quite fond of CKII's menu. It is so... informative. Most of the time.

Taking bets on Slam's waifu!

Chie is best girl.

Just Wants A Distraction
Fiyori heard footsteps coming up from behind. She overstretched her head and leaned back to see who her new friend would be. Surprise! She actually knew him. Well, she had no clue what his name was. Or which classes he went to. Or what he eat for breakfast and dinner. Or of what he dreamt in the cold nights.

But, she knew his face. And that was a first step. Saw the guy around Ty, she thought. Were even friends, maybe. Actually, somebody had to introduce the guy to Fiyori at some point. Just forgot the name, it seemed.

Awkward conversation averted, though, as the dude didn't seem to remember her name either. Brendan, alright. He mentioned that he'd feel like he've seen her before. Got a chuckle out of her. Everybody on the damn school had seen her before. Tall figure and black skin and blue eyes. Hard to miss at Cochise High.

"The name's Fiyori. And yeah, I'm your state-assigned study buddy. Got the whip down here in the bag."

Just Wants A Distraction
[Fiyori Senay, continued from Puddles]

Quite quiet today, or? Fiyori looked to the left and to the right, but as she walked through the shelves she found that she was indeed mostly alone. There was some guy humming. Maybe she knew him, maybe not. It was hard to tell. She hoped for a moment that it wasn't one of these goddamn Juniors who've been popping up all over the place.

Or rather, who've been starting to annoy the shit out of her lately. But then she remembered that there was nothing to fear. She didn't come to the library to eat her lunch or talk with her friends in some unacceptable volume. She simply did want to do the thing people do at school libraries. Were supposed to do.


Fiyori looked at the stuff of the other guy on the table, and decided to sit down next to what she assumed was his chair. She'll get her stuff out, be productive and get a lot of fancy knowledge in her brain. And in case the guy turned out to be he-Rainy (reprimanding her for sitting to close or something), she'd just have to bite his head off.

Hello I would like friends please
i feel like fiyori and georgia will get along very well c: