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Joachim Lovelace

Handler: Bikriki
Dates Away: 23 July - 25(or a little more) July
Days Away: 3+
Reason for Away: Something that should look like camping
Characters: Well... None yet, but you know what they say: Better safe than sorry.

Joachim Lovelace
I believe I have done all edits.
The misanthropy paragraph is toned down. In hindsight, I think it shoves Joachim into pre-made player territory. So I changed it.

Also, in the appearance section, I deleted every new line except the one between natural appearance and clothing. Is that okay this way?

Drawn Pictures
Medic, I know you are currently busy with requests, but would you mind adding Joachim Lovelace to the list?

Joachim Lovelace
Okay, I think I made all the edits you requested. I hope I missed nothing.

Also, I included new paragraphs, namely: His hobbies and his language skills. I used a grammar checker, I hope it is enough.

Now, I'd like to talk about the misanthropy thing.
I learned that misanthropy is primary something about hostile thoughts. It doesn't mean somebody is a jerk 24/7. However, I hope I was able to make it clear.
If I am wrong, I will gladly search for another word.

Joachim Lovelace
My apologies, but I fixed the more obvious grammar mistakes I did while posting the profile. It was too unbearable for me.

Do you sneak some of your own traits into your characters?
I wouldn't say sneak, I'd say I deliberately insert them. This is usually easier for me and I have done it that way since years, even before Sotf.

In the end, I take some parts of my personality, or my history, and exaggerate something or downplay it. The traits of my friend usually end up being in a character of mine, too.

My first character I am currently submitting, Joachim, has surprisingly many traits of me and is the closest of an self-insert. I just inverted some things, like: I am actually quiet open to social contacts while my Joachim is an introvert.

Joachim Lovelace
Name: Joachim Lovelace
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Studying news, book club, genealogy, writing in his diary

Appearance: Joachim stands at 6'0'' and weights 152 pounds. He has a very pale skin, which is a contrast to his dark brown eyes. His hair is a mix of brown and dirty blond and reaches his lower ear. It is, due to Joachim's carelessness regarding outer appearance, usually unbrushed. His statue can be described as slim, as he neither possess much fat nor muscle mass. Joachim's body barely has any hair on it other than on his head. His head is long, having a thin mouth, a short nose, which has a rather wide nostrils, small ,but wide eyes and bony cheeks. His ears are covered by his hair.

Joachim's clothing is rather limited, as he usually wears black cotton shirts, with sleeves that are covering his hands. When outside, Joachim wears blue jeans ,but he change them to more comfortable sweatpants when he is at home. Gym shoes are his preferred kind of shoes. Another detail are his long finger nails, as he doesn't bother cutting them for weeks and only does it when his parents tell him to do it.

Biography: Born on the 13th of February 1995 as the second child of James Lovelace and East-German Karin Lovelace (born Schmitt) in the area around Seattle, Joachim grew up in a middle class environment, where financial sorrows weren't much of a problem.

James Lovelace worked as a senior employee at a local steel mill, supervising the solidification of steel. Karin herself had an apprenticeship to be a florist when she was still living in Germany. She believed that James would make enough money, so Karin remained at home to raise Joachim and his big sister, Larissa. In kindergarten it was clear that Joachim was an intelligent person, as he learned reading very fast and because he understood new things faster. However, Joachim didn't make many friends, due to him being an introverted child. That changed in elementary school. While he still wasn't a child with many friends, he managed to be a friendly and helpful person, but very shy person. This showed if somebody asked (children and adult) to do a favour, which Joachim always tried to do as best as he could. Joachim had, despite his potential, average results in school. This was a product of him being unmotivated to follow the lesson actively. It is a problem that has never been solved.

When Joachim was in the last grade of elementary school, his father lost his job. It was because James' permanent rude behaviour at meetings, which, after years of patience plus the poor economical state of the company, brought him the disdain of his superiors and of his subordinates. The landlord, who was sharing the house with the Lovelaces, was concerned about that matter, and tried to talk with Joachim's parents about it. At first, she was understandable and gave James time to find a new job. However, after months had passed without anything happening, the landlord lost her patience. When she was confronting James Lovelace, he began to shout at her and called her names. Enraged by this, she kicked the Lovelaces out.

They found a temporary home at James' brother, Michael Lovelace. Joachim, realizing in what situation he was in, resorted to becoming silent and he spent his days doing things alone. This was the point where he found his different hobbies.

He secretly blamed his family for his situation, as he felt powerless during the affair. His bitterness increased after a few months, when James, who is perceived too old by many employees, and Karin, who didn't have any valuable experience, found work as waiters in different restaurants. Even when they were able to live mostly independent in a low-class apartment, Joachim felt fear that his parents were going to destroy this little success, as well.

While in middle school, Joachim continued his trend of being an average student. As well, as having few connections to other pupils.

Before he was going to attend high school, Karin encouraged Joachim to be a more social person. He took her words to heart and tried to be a more open person. The results were rather small. Joachim doesn't participate in any clubs and doesn't have a clique to hang around with, but he turned to be a polite and cooperative person, that, while nobody was actively thinking of him as a friend, was still considered a nice person to be with.

The relationship between Joachim and his family is tense. James is a snarky and brutally honest person. The female members of the Lovelace family admire him for these traits, but Joachim despises him because of his personality and the consequences it caused. Karin Lovelace believes in the traditional concept of a family. She is a passive person, a trait that Joachim interprets as weakness. Some values that Karin deems as important have influenced Joachim, namely his friendly attitude. His sister, Larissa, is an open-minded and extroverted person and she shares the hobby of genealogy with Joachim. She moved to relatives in Germany, as she wanted to explore her roots.

Joachim's grades are mostly still average. Exceptions are social studies and languages in a positive manner, while PE and mathematics in a negative one. Joachim only participate in the book club. He usually finds other things boring or just isn't actively pursuing spending his free time with other pupils. An exception is his passion for genealogy and reading, which earned Joachim some loose contacts.

Joachim tries to spend as much time as it is possible with his hobbies, which he usually prefers to do alone.

His first hobby is the reading of news. Joachim loves to inform himself and to be aware of the world. While Joachim learned to find multiple sources to form an opinion, he also became cynical, as the nature of most news is negative.
Secondly, he has grown an interest in novels, but because his family doesn't have much money, he usually visits the library of the school. He doesn't have a preferred genre, but he has an increased interest in the cosmic horror genre.
Last, Joachim spends much time with genealogy, although it doesn't earn him barely any benefits other than the amusement the hobby gives him. It's the only hobby, which he doesn't do alone, but with his sister before she moved to Germany. After she left, he moved to exploring the family trees of other people. Working with these people produced some relationships that are based on sympathy, although Joachim does not perceive these contacts as friends.

Although housekeeping annoys him, he does it because he knows that arguing with parents doesn't work.

His entire family can speak fluently German. Joachim sees the language as more poetic and he keeps his diary in german due to that.

Joachim has a sceptical view on other people. While he maintains a friendly behaviour, he secretly judges his fellow men based on his life experience. He perceives other people either as bland, vulgar or too emotional. His first impression usually does not change since Joachim doesn't seek to know other people better. There are some exceptions. While Joachim is researching in the family of other people, he becomes curious about the persons he is investigating and begins to have long conversations with the one he originally asked. Thus he sees the people who's family trees he explores in a more positive light.

While Joachim didn't spend much time with making friendships in his life, he tends to hang around with people who like books.

Joachim tries to stay calm, even in heated situations, which is something that makes him believe to be better than other people.

Much to the dismay of his family is that Joachim is very unmotivated to achieve anything. He believes that anything he does is futile. This is a result of his father losing his job and causing him to lose his original home, which also causes Joachim to be very pessimistic. Increasing that effect is his permanent boredom. Because he thinks of most activities as boring, he doesn't bother doing anything for them.

While Joachim is usually apathetic of the people surrounding him, he can and will panic if things happen that affects him too strong, but that he cannot control.

In middle school, Joachim discovered that he is neither attracted to men nor women. Joachim thinks that it isn't important, so he haven't told his parents yet, altough he believes that they will react badly.

Advantages: His calm attitude and his above-average mind will help him remain tactical on the island. His loosely attachments to his classmates will help him in accepting their deaths.
Disadvantages: Joachim's hubris might get to be a problem. His fears of being dependent of someone else can hinder him too. His greatest problem will be his lack of motivation, he might not be interested in fighting at all.

Introduction Thread
Well, I think it is time to introduce myself.

The Name's Christian. 16 Years old. Living in Germany.
Thanks to the amazing TvTropes, I learned of the existence of this RP. Somehow funny, at first, I thought it would be a pretty sick thing. And that the members must be very... weird people. But then I decided to take a look. And I am honest, I was amazed. It was a real pleasure to read through the posts. Expecially MurderWeasel's Kimberly Nguyen (still can'T pronounce it...). After I read the endgame, I toyed with the thought of joining Sotf. As you can see, I decided to take a step here. Unfortunaly for me, though, is that the rules and so on are quite confusing. I'm hopefully going to understand everything soon. Till then, I'll check out SotfMini, since it is probably to late to join V5 and because I am new to such big RP.

Anyway, I hope I can fit in here.