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Laur's Gallery
Jun 29 2017, 08:17 PM

Tanisha Abbey:[/color] Founder of the Titty Brigade (with Cicada's Joanne), Tanisha is a big, beautiful black woman who has grown up in a large and happy family. Since she was young, Tanisha was all about standing out and making others happy, usually with jokes and other stunts. Tanisha is loud and full of confidence, with a love of karaoke and dancing. Despite being overweight, Tanisha is very body positive and likes to show off to others, having taken some hip-hop dance classes to show off her moves and prove she can do whatever she wants no matter how much she weighs. Tanisha is also quite motherly and kind, usually making sure those around her are happy and tries to help out those who look sad or need a friend. She also likes children and wants to work in a day care when she's older. Lives with her dad, her grandma, and is the second of five kids (one older brother, two younger sisters, one younger brother). Her mother is deceased.
Oh boy.

Hyacinth gonna hate this one. I think it may be reciprocal...

Riki needs you!
Jun 30 2017, 12:15 PM
Jun 30 2017, 08:54 AM
As for Gaelan and Hyacinth I'd even propose to have them start pregame dating and then thread it out. Would at least sound like fun to me!
Gaelan unfortunately already has a girlfriend as of the start of pregame, but I'd be happy to do some Memories stuff with them!
>the floor is my reading comprehension <_<

But yea, memories fine so or so xD

Riki needs you!

Hyacinth's views on this is actually a lot like 'if people know their place, all is fine'. As such, she is amiable to people trying to be beautiful, even if they don't fit traditional images as long as they 'acknowledge' that they do their best 'despite their flaws, and can never be beautiful because of them'.

If they don't, and accept themselves as beautiful as they are... well, then she becomes a bitch. So yes, the two of your kids will likely clash with Hyacinth. She for her part will see them as misguided, and petty. As to Bree in particular, a former friendship sounds like a good idea so I approve that.


Myles/Hyacinth: Yes, that sounds good. I can see them being on semi-friendly terms, if even they both think the other is a bit of an odd case.

Myles/Piet: Agreed. I am always a sucker for former flings.

Andy/Hyacinth: Well, given Hyacinth's nature - she would have likely bailed as soon as he got too weird, so to say. Along the lines of "you are difficult. I am gonna play with my cats then."

Dolly/Hyacinth: Seems fine to me, don't think Hyacinth would take much note of Dolly though.

Riki needs you!
As for Gaelan and Hyacinth I'd even propose to have them start pregame dating and then thread it out. Would at least sound like fun to me!

Kayden and Piet sounds good too. Could see an amiable relationship going with the occasional longing for physical comfort when things get lonely.

Riki needs you!
I need friends. Actually no, I need broken people to have broken relationships with my broken kids.

Hyacinth Eickenhorst

Piet Lick

Cedric Kanagagota

Project: Wiki
you may have read about the sotf dictionary in the discord. Here is the draft, write something if you want to contribute. You know, like a wiki, but before the wiki.

Survival of the Fittest is a play-by-post role play. While it's mechanics may seem familiar to you, the community has developed many terms over the years. These are relatively unique to this game, and might confuse casual readers. This site is a list of terms used by the SotF community and it's staff, here to help you pick up the language.


Essentially, the finale round of SotF. When the cast of students has been reduced to four, these four remaining students enter Endgame. Endgame is a specific phase of the game where activity rules change, and the handlers of the four final characters have to sort out who wins Survival of the Fittest.


A Handler is a real person who is actively writing one or more characters in Pregame or the main game. All Handlers are members of the forum, but not all forum members are handlers. For a list of former and active handlers, follow this link.


Each version is an iteration of the game. In other words, the plot spanning from the conception of a particular high school's class of students to the conclusion of the winner's epilogue constitutes a Version. One might also call it a 'season' of SotF.

v7+ concepts
Hyacinth Eickenhorst:

"Now, imagine someone famous - someone like Usain Bolt. You know, the world's best sprinter. Born somewhere in Jamaica, got a bunch of talent and he used it. He ran, and ran, and ran all the time. Ran all his life, and what he got for it? Olympic gold, the world championship, record holder!

You with me still? Good, so now imagine - this famous runner, somewhere at a press conference or something, meeting some fat dude who's getting heartburn after moving five yards without a motor helping him. And that fat dude, that dude goes and says: 'Mister Bolt, sir, with due respect, but I think it is unjust that people call you the world's greatest runner. After all, are we not all the best runners, in our own way?'

Guy would be laughed out of the room, right? Yea, you're right. He would. Rightfully, but the point I am making - it's that you are the same. With your talk of 'body-positivity', and 'respecting every shape', you are basically saying the same bull. No, not everyone is beautiful. Just as some people are muscle-packed sprinters and others can't walk a step, there are people who are beautiful, and people who are plain ugly."

Origin of Symmetry
Fiyori's eyes lingered on the new-comer a while longer. What did she knew of Blair? Well, not a lot to be honest. Were the same grade back in school, but as far as Fiyori knew they didn't really 'hang around'.

What was there to be said about Blair Moore, though? She had killed, twice in fact. Her first 'victim' was Rene Wolfe, but she did not know of the circumstances. The second one, the more important one, was Georgia Lee Day. Fiyori didn't know the exact circumstances either, but what she knew made feel quite good. Actually, knowing that Blair had killed GLD, and was as careful in approaching Fiyori and Alba as she was, made Fiyori think that Blair was a smart cookie.

At least, that would've been the first impression.

"Sure, let's go inside," she said to Alba, and to Blair she continued, "come, I've got some stuff to say to you too."

With that, she turned around and moved in.

Origin of Symmetry
"I see."

Those were the only words she could spare. The ever-present hint of a smile now vanished.

So that was it then, huh? Brendan was dead. Dead and gone, and Fiyori would never ever see him again. Never touch him again. That was actually weird. Very weird. A strange feeling, like a tickling sensation going under skin. Highly unpleasant. It wasn't like that with Danny. She didn't know why. That was making her angry, just angry and pissed at Isabel but now she cannot feel the same for... Jae.

She felt sad. But though she had no drive to find him, Fiyori knew she'd kill Jae if she ever found him. Kill him, gouge his goddamn eye balls out and shit on them.

But for the moment, just sadness. Empty sadness, the kind of sadness she always felt at everything. She'd rather be furious and grieving but it was all too subdued to her.

Regardless, something else has caught their attention for the moment. Blair Moore appeared.

"I guess that's convenient."

Origin of Symmetry
Oh jeez, that wasn't the reaction Fiyori had expected. Frankly, it wasn't a reaction Fiyori even wanted. Was her impression of a radio host that bad. Alternatively, that spot on? Of course it wasn't, and Fiyori knew that, but entertaining the thought lifted the mood a bit. At least for Fiyori.

Regardless, and without hesitation, Fiyori grabbed both of Alba's shoulders, her eyes trying to meet Alba's.

"Oh no no no. Don't say that, I am sorry."

Fiyori considered telling Alba... well, a lot if not everything. Mostly how after they got separated, Fiyori set out and left Brendan to find Alba. And really, how much she failed at that because she got distracted by Isabel and-

Was there somebody else nearby? Fiyori's ears perked up, and for a moment her attention shifted from Alba. No, just her imagination again.


"Do... uh, do you have an idea of where Brendan is, though?"

Origin of Symmetry
"It's-a-me, the one and only Fiyori. Here with my darlin' co-host Jenny who..."

...continued to say nothing, as Jennifer continued to be dead. Any other scenario would have been cause for serious concern.

Anyway, Fiyori jumped from the chair, the bag next to her falling on it's side as Fiyori bolted towards Alba.

"Now friends, we got ourselves some special guest here. A round of applause for femme phenomenal, Alba Reyes."

Fiyori clapped a bit, with due enthusiasm of course. When she stopped, she noted what she thought was confinement in Alba's face. Or maybe it was murderous rage, because suddenly Alba lunged forward and ripped Fiyori's hands off. And then suddenly she was here and there and left and right and everywhere and she reached for Fiyori and she tore her down bloody bit by bit.

...oh, was Fiyori going mad? No, impossible. That must've been her imagination.

"Seriously though, glad to see ya."

Origin of Symmetry
"Oy oy oy, yo' very own Fiyori Senay here, and ya listenin' to Death Island Jams - D I Jaaaaaayyyy. Here ya get the hottest tracks and the freshest beats. Delivered by none other than your darlin' host of hosts - Fi the Beast and Master of Music."

Fiyori giggled, holding her hand over the mic, even though that was entirely unnecessary.

"Ah Jenny, I tell you I always wanted to do this."

Jenny didn't answer. She was even worse conversation than Keith, but granted, Jennifer had the excuse of being dead.

"Actually no, not really."

God, she actually hated listening to the radio. Ya'd think you'd get some music, but all she ever received back in Arizona was either the voice of some fucked-up idiot thinking he was the hottest DJ, or some right-wing nutjob talking about McAllister taking everyone's guns away.

Still, it was fun. More fun than, say, eating some bullshit excuse of food. Or killing people. Okay, not as fun as killing Isabel but that was actually a very different kind of fun. Anyway, it was better than what she was doing either way, namely wandering around and feeling fucking cold.

And then all of a sudden, the door opened.

The Path to Eternal Happiness, I Found It
It took him likely only a few moments in reality, but it had been a felt everytime in his mind.

Johnny rose from his position, and it was soon enough that he saw Raina in the distance. Walking, walking into the dark sea.

At first he thought he got some tricks played on his mind, but it had been obvious that there was no play on his brain after all.

Unfortunately. He would have remarked, had he someone to remark it to.

Johnny walked to the shore.

Among the howling wind, and the sea crashing against itself, his words were heard by none.

"Raina, I love you."

There was no answer.


He sat down.



Johnny McKay
Left out in the cold for too long

The Path to Eternal Happiness, I Found It
[[Johnny McKay, continued from the same as above]]

Johnny had, at some point not quite ready to be identified by anyone, fallen asleep. It must've been a short one, or maybe it took some time for him to wake up. He didn't know for sure. All he got was that he closed his eyes, and then he opened them again and the scenery was different.

The sky was darker. The wind was stronger, howling here and there and finally keeping Johnny from sleeping.

It seemed to be way colder too. Not an illusion though, probably.

Also, Raina wasn't there.

Johnny laid down, motionless. For a few more moments, or maybe minutes, or maybe even fell asleep again for a while but regardless he remained on the ground.

Then, he rose up.

The Waste
That was incredibly unhelpful.

As far as Fiyori was concerned, she was now just as well informed as she was five minutes ago. Ah well, bread and butter by the fishes, or however that one saying went. She shouldn't the one to expect too much here. She'd meet again with Ty and Brendan, Fiyori knew, soon enough, and she wouldn't need to bugger Keith with that.

Fiyori jumped off the bench, dust whirling from the ground as it was hit by her feet. She stabilized herself a bit, shifted around her weight a bit until she found a comfortable position. A look around the chapel.

"You're not really good at this conversation thing."

She turned around, to the exit, and with small but steady steps she went away. But not before she would turn around once more and look at Keith.

"Well then, farewell. I hope your last days won't be too bad."

[[Fiyori Senay, continued elsewhere]]

Official V6 Away Thread
Handler: Riki
Dates Away: 5th of July '17 - 10th of July '17
Days Away: Five
Reason for Away: Flying to London
Characters: Fiyori Senay, Johnny McKay

"Yeah, me too. Let's leave."

So much for his grand little dreams. Spend a few days lunging around with a pretty girl, waiting for the end and 'though he got his chill and he got his girl all Johnny felt was terrible.

The bunch of bodies around - including Penny's - and the sight and smell of Raina's vomit wasn't exactly doing their best to make this place as appealing as it could be. And now? Well, it got something worse than any corpse or any bodily liquid.

It was a bad memory.

And like most people, he had wished he could just forget it.

Johnny raised from his position near the floor, looking at Raina. It was cold, and though he had noticed it duly, he had not yet experienced until that moment. Weird, his hand wasn't really hurting anymore. And yet it didn't seem like he could move it.

He held it out for Raina.

[[Johnny McKay, continued elsewhere]]

When little Johnny was an even smaller Johnny, he had learned of this thing called Sola Fide. It's a term the church people he spend his childhood around used, some fancy Latin basically meaning that someone could receive salvation just 'cause his faith was strong enough. Not a literal translation, to be fair. Didn't really know what it meant in English, though he could've sworn he knew it at some point.

Either way, Johnny thought it was pretty cool. The world was full of people so much better than him in all matters important. All these good people, all these powerful people. All these people who grew up to be fruitful and successful and diligent and helpful and then there was him - Johnny McKay, incompetent fool extraordinaire. To know that even he, he and his simple-minded soul would find happiness just by believing was chilling. But in a good kind of way.

For a moment, between soft sobs and the heaves of his friend he pondered. Was it faith that he had lacked so long?

No, no it wasn't. It wasn't faith he was lacking. He looked at Raina, and he knew that he believed in her. Believed in her more than in everything else he had believed in. Even when she left, even when all semblances of plans or hopes died, even in this most dire time did he believe in her.

An irrational kind of faith, one some people would call all religious belief, but one Johnny held regardless.

It wasn't faith he was lacking.

"Raina... I, I am so fucking sorry."

It was ability.

"I...I really am. Raina, please."

It was skill.

"Please, forgive me. This is, I just can't do it."

He had nothing. He was nothing. And now, over Penny's dead body he realized that was all he ever'd amount to be.


If only, it were not for her.

The Waste
She couldn't help it, but she did feel a bit of irritation. There she went out of her way to give this poor dude food and keep him some friendly company, and all she got in return was this rude and dry response.

Fiyori chuckled. For a moment there, she forgot she was a known murderer.

"Well, let's see. Blair got rid of a problem for me and I want to say thanks. Brendan is someone I gotta say sorry to."

She'd have, at some other time, added that he'd have to apologize for killing Bee in anger. But then Fiyori realized that she lost the moral high ground there. Lost it, in the meaning of taking a heartfelt leap of it into the abyss.

Oh well.

"As for Ty... well, simply put, I gotta find him and make sure he'll live."

The Waste
Fiyori put her palm to her chin, and looked contemplatively at her own legs, on which her arm was also resting.

"I disagree."

Not by a large margin, to be completely fair. Keith talked about the loss so many of the alive suffered, but that wasn't exactly what Fiyori was talking about. Regardless of that, it would not be unthinkable to think that they are truly monsters out there on the island. People, for whom every corpse is a further step in going home. Or people like Isabel, perhaps more or less subtle in what they are doing.

She noted that Keith has yet to eat the bar. She figured he'd wait until she was gone.

"You know, speaking of it, I was hoping you could help me."

Fiyori started looking around the chapel. The place at which she had planned to rendezvous with Brendan days ago. It had been troublesome to find it at first, but Fiyori had no idea why. It wasn't that difficult to find, though perhaps that was the perfect vision of hindsight speaking. And Fiyori wasn't really acquainted with perfect vision. Or listening to her feelings of hindsight.

That was just always so frustrating.

"Brendan Harte. Blair Moore. Tyler Yazzie.

"These are the three people I am looking for, can you point me to any of them?"

She waited a moment, unsure whether to add what she would ultimately add.

"If you've met them, and can tell me about the condition, that would be fine too."