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The Place
She heard it. She turned her face around (Without moving the rest of the body, of course. These chairs were just too comfortable). She pondered. And pondered. And then she grabbed her glass and moved.

"I'm in."

Aileen Aurora Abdallah was getting bored. And quite honestly, she found this very odd at first. The first few hours she had to deal with her worldview shattering, then she had the joy to take solace in the finest pieces of chocolate she ever tastes before alternating between Travis being beaten by a chair, again and again, and seeing what Owen was up to while drinking excellent wines. But well, this was just how she felt. Couldn't do anything but to accept it.

She took a sip from the Rosé. A glance over to Alda, Rosemary.

Variety is... was, after all, the spice of li- life thingy. Damnit.