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The Visionary
The girl listed some names Joachim was not familiar with, and then she stated - implied - that she was alone in this house. Excellent. Made things much easier. Less people meant less stress. Jaq went on to asking why these people left, and what kind of weapons they had. She did not seem to care about the remote plan, for the moment, as she did not react when Joachim stood still. Maybe she realized by herself that it was unneccesary. That would be good, because then Joachim would not have to discuss it with Jaq while they were in the middle of an operation. He resolved to resume thinking before acting the next time and not to simply agree because Jaq proposed something.

He noticed that Jaq's tone was a bit harsh. Well, a bit was a bit of an understatement. Joachim believed that it'd be more efficient if they were friendly... Or at least Joachim were friendly. Yeah, time to play some 'good cop, bad cop'. He cleared his throath, and then used the gentlest voice he could muster.

"My apologies, but we forgot to do a proper introduction. My name is Joachim."

He offered the girl his hand.

First Page - Planning
Sometimes, Aileen wondered how she got her reputation back at Aurora High. At that moment, she actually felt pretty calm. A bit surprised, maybe. She'd expected to leave this place somewhat peacefully after Owen gave his consent, so Cammy's sudden outburst shocked her.

Aileen also was not enterly sure how that fitted into the schemings of Naomi. First, there was the fact that Cammy indeed complained loudly about the methods and priorities of Naomi. Maybe an indication that they both did only argue about methods and such. Or maybe it was just a farce to lure Aileen and Owen into a false sense of safety. However, there was one thing that alerted Aileen.

Cammy mentioned how Naomi saw everyone as tools that shall be discarded once useless. And then suddenly, a perfect image of what happened formed in Aileen's head.

She was convinced that Naomi was planning to use whoever crossed their parts from the beginning on. She told Cammy, her friend, what she planned, and the latter agreed at first. Travis was just a tiny blip that did not matter on the grand scale, because he was a bastard who only cared about himself. However, when Cammy saw Aileen and Owen, she must have gotten doubts, and protested. Naomi got upset because she was in danger to have her plans revealed. Yes, everything made sense in her head. But she would play along. Because nobody was allowed to even think of backstabbing Aileen Aurora Abdallah, the Magnificent.

And then Cammy left. That made Aileen angry, because all things considered, Cammy still was the one with the most potent weapon.

"Hey, stay here! You shall not survive without the aid of my person... and the aid of your fellow students!"


"Fuck you! At least leave the crossbow with us."

Aileen considered running after her, but she decided that she'd just get to the crossbow when Cammy was dead. Who knows, maybe Aileen would have another good weapon by then anyway. Also, she had to see the positive things. For one, she knew that Cammy could not be trusted. Second, she and Owen could easily overwhelm Naomi whenever they wanted. Of course, for now she was more useful as a leader who gathered resources.

"Naomi, you lead the way. Owen and I shall follow you... closely."

First Page - Planning
Aileen's feet were teetering the ground and she hummed the Fire Emblem theme when Owen asked what Aileen thought about that semi-clandestine conversation.

"I feel like they are plotting something that may not be in out favor."

She resumed teetering and humming as she watched, and partly listened to the pair of young women. She could not hear exactly what the topic was about, but Aileen understood that both parties were a bit worked up. In fact, it did not look like they were exactly plotting to use Owen and Aileen, and more as if they had some problems with each other. Which surprised Aileen, as she thought that they were friends, at least. Then again, if someone like Naomi, a person Aileen always perceived as more levelheaded, got upset, there was even more reason to be cautious.

...and a bit proud, as Aileen considered herself to be the only sane person at that moment. A cocky smile appeared on her face as she figured that under these circumstances, she would be the most fitting person to lead this tiny group. The disadvantage was that she would be the first one to die if things go south. Of course, she thought, due to the faults of the other students. Not her.

She noticed Naomi approaching and Aileen's smile turned into something more friendly. Naomi mentioned that they were merely discussing their methods and not any plots to betray Aileen and Owen...


This sounded suspicious. Such a denial did not set well with Aileen, and she decided that, yes, Naomi had to be considered dangerous and someone had to keep an eye on her. Not that this was any reason to turn away from that group. Aileen was convinced of her own abilities in the high art of being Revolver Ocelot.

"Very well, let us go."

The Visionary
When Joachim could hear the blinds open, he immediately tensed up. Held his breath. Tried not to move a single millimetre. His eyes were wide open, but they did not focus on anything. His ears did. He heard how the person inside moved to the door and... did something there. The door opened. Suddenly, a voice. It seemed friendly enough. It offered Jaq and Jo to come inside.

If it were not for Jaq and her 'remote'-plan, Joachim would have likely said yes. Night would be soon, he was tired, and the club house offered good shelter. From a purely rational perspective, it'd be wiser to get along with whoever the girl was, not for ethical, but pragmatic reasons. But there was more in his head than that. There was loyality. Loyality to Jaq. The loyal part that told him that he had to do it, because he agreed to it when Jaq proposed it. And then there was the part who enjoyed the thrill. Like when they stole Matt's gun. That frustrated Joachim. He wanted to go to Jaq and tell her to abort that plan, but something within him kept him from doing that.

Thus he froze. And petted the blade with his thumb.

SOTF Grand Map of Doom!
I cannot express my feelings in words, so I have found a gif for you:
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Really, I can only congratulate you and encourage you to keep this wonderful graphic up to date.

Death by natural or enviromental causes (such as, say, falling off a balcony)


The Visionary
[Joachim Lovelace, continued from Black Hearts]

Joachim followed Jaquilyn and imitated the way she ran. The differences were that he was a bit slower, a bit more careful about not making any sound, and he had a knife insteadt of a gun. Eventually, they reached a window. Joachim stood a few steps away from Jaq and watched as she tried to see into the window.

Unsuccesfully, as she it seems. Joachim did not comment on her vulgar status report. While Jaquilyn pressed her head against the window - Joachim assumed she wanted to hear now what was inside of the house - Joachim himself looked around for ideas.

There was the possibility that the club house was empty. In that case, they could stand there and wait for something to happen for hours. Yet, he hoped that this was not the case. It would be... sure, it would be more convenient if neither of them met any resistance in claiming the house, but sneaking around like that was strangely entertaining. It'd be a shame if it had no point.

Joachim crouched over to another window. He opened the shutter silently, and what he saw was blinds. But there was one blind that was broken. A bit tilted. He raised his head to see what was in that room. He saw something that looked like a person. Joachim quickly lowered himself again. A single ray of sunlight now reached into the room, it could be that the person who was in there noticed that.

Joachim stepped aside, looked into the direction of Jaquilyn and pointed at the window.

"Jaq, I think I found someone."

He pressed himself on the wall, as did the bag on his back. An uncomfortable sensation.

Project: Wiki
I am only here to clarify.


However, the railing could only take so much force of friendship and broke, and David fell.

bolded part refers to the 'hug' (ie the shove) given by Cassidy. In other words, my post states that without the shove by Cassidy that David would not have fallen.

June Midmonth Rolls
^Disregard, Damned David Died Due to... er, he's dead.

Allow Me To Begin
There was a lot David learnt that day he woke up on Survival of the Fittest. For example, he learned that desolated hotels are surprisingly good to find the friends you are supposed to kill. All thanks to seemingly unlimited optimism. Power of Friendship. Or something like that.

However, the railing could only take so much force of friendship and broke, and David fell. When that happened, he learned why exactly the OSHA exists. Well, maybe they were not responsible for whatever nation this island belonged to, but one thing was certain. If you wanted to get that hotel approved by the OSHA, you would need to find someone so corrupt that Berlusconi would shake his old wrinkled head in shame.

Another lesson was that gravity is, in fact, not a very forgiving force of nature. You could even say that she - it's a mistress, a harsh one - is spending each second actively plotting to kill. Ever jumped from a diving board where the impact hurt a lot? Yeah, that was gravity, seeing her chance to get rid of one of her many enemies.

Oddly enough, David did not die from the impact. He even spent some seconds conscious, thinking about stuff like gravity and her vengeance. His ribs pierced his lungs - I am only a narrator, so don't quote me on that - which could be considered to be quite unhealthy. Supporting that point would be the fact that blood flowed into his lungs, which likely was the thing that ended up killing him.

David Zimmer: Dead End

Black Hearts
Joachim touched his own collar as Jaq reached for her own. He had to commend the terrorists for these. Not because he liked wearing them, but because they made them feel almost natural. Well, he did not notice them when he was busy with something else, but the moment he thought about him, he got irritated. They restricted his freedom, they made him a pawn of the terrorists. That is a good reminder though. Death by having your head blown away might be not that painful, but it was still something Joachim wanted to avoid. Simply because he felt that he had something like pride.

Then again, it could be questioned whether it was much more prideful to be killed by their class ma- to hell with these questions.

Jaquilyn had a plan. Joachim listened to that plan. He shook his head and said that their class mates had to be either really idiotic or really panicked for it to work.

In other words

"We might try it."

The plan, in his eyes, was absolutely senseless, but it sounded like it would be amusing, so there would be that.

[Joachim Lovelace, continued in The Visionary]

June Midmonth Rolls
Due to time zone issues, I figure out that David's death may be delayed by a few hours. While this may not be the case, I'll take precautions and ask for a very small extension.

First Page - Planning
"That, my dear, is the spirit."

Owen's statement that staying alive was his top priority filled Aileen with delight. It'd be a shame to see him go because he disagreed with any of the girls. Then again, maybe she would have gone with him if he decided to leave. More trustworthy than Naomi or Cammy, after all.

Cammy asked to have some little private chat with Naomi, with the latter agreeing reluctantly. Aileen tilted her head and raised an eyebrow. She wondered why they would need time alone. Maybe they want to make a plan to use Owen and Aileen. Actually, was there possibility for anything else? Aileen heard from this one guy, Aaron Hughes, who used his sweet words to form a group that ended up as gullible pawns for him. But Aileen decided not to be a pawn. Actually, Naomi was some kind of politican, or? She surely was one of these scheming kind of people. Manipulative, ruthless and all that. Aileen was certain now that Naomi at least wanted to abuse Aileen. And Cammy was some kind of henchman or something. Henchwoman. Whatever.

Ha! Jokes on you, Naomi. I will use you faster than you can use me!

Aileen walked a couple steps away. Backwards, focusing her gaze on the girls. Her eyes flickered between Cammy and Naomi. She got to the exit and stopped her, eyes still concentrated on the pair.

Black Hearts
...hunt? Interesting.

Slowly, Joachim understood Jaquilyn's intent. Insisting on him not playing so that he can escape. But she wanted to be the 'hunter'. Somehow, Joachim knew that Jaq cared about him. She did not want him to die, she wanted him to escape. These feelings were mutual. Joachim has grown attached to her in this short time frame. Seeing her die would be something he would not like to see . The question was whether Joachim would disobey her wishes if she was in danger. Could he kill for her?

His face was stern as he read the map.

Could he kill for her? Or would he stay 'clean'? Wasn't this whole inner debate a waste? They did not know each other for too long, but did time really matter here? They worked together. They formed a bond already. Was this bond strong enough? Or maybe he's interpreting the whole thing wrongly?

Joachim sighed. He tried to focus on the map, banishing such thoughts. They confused him.

"We could go to the club house now... or we could use the day to explore the island. Maybe we'll find something... or someone useful."

Black Hearts
Joachim did not responded when Jaq told him that they both would get out, or when she told him not to do anything stupid. He wondered what Jaq defined as stupid. Was it something like that little slip-up back in the forest, when he crushed into her? Or was it something more serious, like killing? Likely both, he figured.

Joachim watched Jaq as she went back to her bag. She asked where to set up. Joachim walked towards his own bag to get out his map. They could go to the club house now, just as they planned. It would provide shelter for the night, which definetely would be a good thing. Then again, a lot of classmates could think that. And then he'd be in a closed place with potentially dangerous, or at least annoying people. At that point, Joachim considered everyone who was not Jaq to be superflous company.

He noticed one thing as he searched for the map in his bag.

"It'd be useful to get a water bottle, as I left one of mine with these people at the forest, it seems."

A smirk appeared on his face.

"Well, so much for not being stupid. Good that we have experience in robbing people now."

Allow Me To Begin
"Sorry, didn't see him."

Not that David was upset about that. With the amount of reunions that already happened, he was certain that they could find Cassidy's boyfriend. Just a matter of time. Maybe they'll be even luckier and nobody kills this time around. Although, was that really lucky? These terrorists said that every student would die if 24 hours would pass without a kill. But would they really waste an entire class? It must have been a massive effort to get them, so why throw it away to prove a point? David was not sure how to answer these questions.

"...I wonder if they really would blow us all up if we go 24 hours without a kill. I mean, none in Aurora High is really killer material, or?"

So much for the good mood, now that there is that dark question on his mind.

Black Hearts
Joachim shook his head as Jaq mentioned 'escape'. He did not believe that some force magically would appear and safe them. It happened once, in four seasons. And in the end, only around 30 students were saved. He remembered that some people celebrated that as a great success. But 30 of... 250? A neglible amount. Then there is the fact that the terrorists surely had to learn from their mistakes. They took writing material away, so that the students could not communicate silently. Maybe they even stopped broadcasting it life and everything the people in the world saw were the images of dead people.

Then there was this whole 'not being players' issue. Joachim understood where Jaq came from. When these big rescues happened, no players were allowed to enter the escape boats. Ethical issues aside, that would mean that the moment Jaq and Joachim decided to kill someone, they would be doomed to slaughter their way to the top. Then there is the fact that these people around here were his class mates. Could he harm them? Actually, yes. Joachim decided that these most of his peers were doomed anyway, it did not matter whether due to his hand or someone elses. Also, if somebody attacked Joachim, he would defend himself. Even if Joachim had no real will to survive, his body would speak differently in dangerous situations.

"I will not hunt, but if somebody attacks us, I am likely going to defend myself, even if it kills them."

He could not say that he would never hurt someone. That would be a lie. So he said something that was essentially a compromise. He wondered if it would not be inevitable to break this oath. Thinking that such a situation such as someone attacking them won't happen was foolish in his eyes.

Black Hearts
Say it... Joachim opened his mouth to reply, but then she shouted at him.

He froze. A wave of sensations travelled through his body. They were similar to what he felt back in the forest, but this was different. It was debilitating, nauseous. She talked about fighting her. She talked about killing her. Joachim held his breath as she spoke. No, he could not kill her. They were partners. Even if one of them had to die. They were partners, and Joachim is not one of these people who discarded everyone that was not useful anymore.

He gulped. His body was tense. His eyes became wet too. He had to in- and exhale a bit before speaking up.

"I would say that you are the one more likely to win."

He raised his knife, but pointed it to the side and petted its blade.

"Do you really think I am without any honor? Do you really think I would kill you? Here? Right now? Why the fuck would I do this?

You were the reason I left the living site! And I helped you stealing that gun..."

He inhaled and exhaled again.

"My apologies, got a bit worked up here.

What I am saying is that, yes, we are in a terrible situation. But that does not mean that we can't be a wonderful team."

Allow Me To Begin
"Yeah, we're here."

He was sure to know the voice. Cassidy. Cheerleader. Comely. David thought that she would not be dangerous. If she wanted to do harm, she would not announce her position this loudly. Or? At least, it seemed absolutely absurd for David to encounter someone hostile right now. The successes in the hotel he had made him a bit careless.

He turned around from the railing to face Jack and the rest.

"I think that's Cassidy. Doubt she has anything against us."

He then leaned on the railing again to enjoy the view and the sun.

Black Hearts
"Jaq? You seem a bit... erratic?"

Erratic may not have been the correct word. But something was off about her. Joachim noticed that she stared at his feet. Maybe she was thinking about something... bothersome? What could be bothersome? They made a good team, had good equipment, it was almost certain for Joachim that they would manage to get far in the compe...

"One of us will die..."

Joachim did not intend to say what he thought. But it was obvious. The premise of that sick program was that only one out of 150 students would survive. Which meant that either Joachim or Jaquilyn died. Although, even more likely would be if both died. Heck, even if they managed to get to the final two they had to kill each other.

Yes, it would be correct to say that this thought killed the euphoria Joachim felt. But it would be wrong to assume that this truth devastated him in any way. When he woke up, he already knew that he was a dead man walking. If it were not for Jaq, he would have stayed in that living site untill his collar exploded due to danger zones, or untill a player found him. But then, Jaq showed him an alternative path. The goal was still the same, but the way to that goal was much more thrilling.

He faced Jaq.

"I would say that you are the... no, nevermind."

Black Hearts
Joachim watched as the black girl fled the scene. She was irrelevant now, not worth a single thought. Then he turned his head to see Jaquilyn loading the gun. The ensuing click was satisfying. A smirk appeared on his face. They had a gun. And it was loaded. They definetely were powerful now.

She asked him if he knew how to handle the knife. Joachim nodded. He has informed himself when he awakened in that room. He understood how the knife worked. It consisted out of two parts. The blade, and the handle. At the handle, one could find a little switch. When activated, the blade would be propelled with a velocity of 60 km/h. That, converted, means 'hurts a lot'. According to the manual the range in which it'd be effective would be 5 meters, or around 15 feet.

He walked to his belonging and picked up the knife that was next to his bag. It was time to test it.

He located one of the remaining poles. He walked towards it and once he had a distance of around 10 feet, he aimed at it. He fired.

Miss. By a few inches. It was fast though.

"Well... most of our class mates are a bit bigger."

Then he walked towards the spot where the blade landed, and after some searching in the grass, he found the blade and reattached it.