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Ye Not
"Oh no."

The horror in Fiyori's face was genuine.

To think she had just shot someone. Not because she wanted Olivia dead. Not because Olivia attacked her. Only because Fiyori was annoyed. Just annoyed, and plagued by the mere ability to harm someone. All color drained from her face. Fiyori could only look on with terror as Olivia was writhing on the floor.

In that immediate moment, Fiyori knew that she had fucked up beyond all repair. There was nothing she could do, nothing she could even say, that would somehow magically make this whole mess right again. Fiyori had crossed a line, a point of no return, and Fiyori knew that she could never afford to look back anymore.

Fiyori turned around, her eyes fixated on the door. Any sound in the room was drowned out by the rampant pounding of her own heart. A lump formed in her throat, and the fear in Fiyori manifested as a piercing headache. It felt as if a dagger was cleaving her head apart, and for the moment Fiyori wished there was a dagger.

No, she fucked up. But god knows she wouldn't allow herself to get fucked by Coleen's spear now. She will hate Fiyori. Enzo will. All of them will forever hate Fiyori as they always did and yet even worse so than before. Because all of them were right. Fiyori was a monster. She was unstable. She was a danger. She should've been put down, for the sake of the common good.

And yet, she would not die here. Not in that moment, not in that manner.

Fiyori shot twice again. One to break a nearby window's glass. The other to shatter the wooden frame. With the gun in the right hand, and the bag in the left, Fiyori bolted. Fiyori leaped. And without looking back - but still to her great shock - she dropped down a floor.

Nevertheless, she lived.

[[Fiyori Senay, continued in The Waste]]

Ye Not
There were no words Fiyori could use. There was no collection of sentences that would accurately express what she wanted to express. She averted her eyes from Olivia. No, she looked down. Down at her feet. In shame? Maybe, but no. She looked at herself, crouching like that on the ground, a bottle in the hand and her body being the only thing that prohibited Olivia to escape.

Regardless, her face contorted. It was a grimace like none other. For a moment, it felt like the muscles of her face would snap and all her skin would melt unto the floor. It did not.

Instead, Fiyori took the empty water bottle and began to store it in her bag again. In that motion, her eye caught one of the guns she took from Jeremy. The Raging Bull. A strange-looking weapon for sure, and Fiyori wondered whether she would hit Olivia on that distance.

No, that was...

Her hand in the bag, it let go of the bottle, and reached for the Bull. Slowly, Fiyori looked up to Olivia, and realized that the girl could not see what Fiyori was reaching for. There was a click.

L'Apell du Vide – the call of the void. There was an evil imp, sitting on and in Fiyori's head, and yet dancing and prancing around. It beckoned, it called, and it asked for the worst. Fiyori was familiar with the sensation. It the urge to jump if one was to stand at a high ledge. It is the desire to take one's knife and plunge it into one's neighbor's neck. It was the want that arose from the possibility of the worst. A wish to drag hell unto earth, for no reason, and no reason at all.

There was nothing logical about it. There was no point in shooting Olivia. Even if Fiyori was not to hit her, she would have forever lost the trust of so many people – so many people that Fiyori still cared about. And if she hit, she would have become the monster so many people thought her to be once.

There was no reason to shoot Olivia.

So she did.

Ye Not
"Good reasons for everything she had done, Liv."

There was a hint of irritation building up in Fiyori's words.

"In the end she thought that what she did was done for the right reasons. Fucking bullshit I say."

Fiyori chipped away the cap of her water bottle. She took a quick and intense jug, then another, then another, and then the bottle was empty already. A bit of water got into the wrong tract, and Fiyori had a short moment to cough it out again. Fiyori firmly grasped the bottle, staring at it as if her will alone would melt it in her hand.

"You know what's even more bullshit?"

Her eyes rose, and met Olivia's. Fiyori fixated on the other girl's eyes, and with each passing moment more contempt formed in her gaze.

"Do you really think it was just some fucking cards? You really think that tight-cunted fuck named Georgia Lee cared about your fucking cards? No, she had some superior motive! Some plan, some scheme or whatever. But guess what, this time she miscalculated. This cold uncaring bitch made on fatal move and what are you fools doing? You are fucking mourning for her? Do you for once believe that this woman cared for you? Genuinely, at all?"

"Fucking bullshit," she muttered under her breath, again.

Ye Not
Oh, that one caught her off-guard. Fiyori let out a drawn-out 'hmmmm' and shifted her view all around the room. What were her last words again? Kinda incredible, to think how much she complained about Georgia Lee not listening, when Fiyori was unable to reconstruct her foe's words either.

...then she remembered.

"She corrected me on one of my mistakes, because of course she would. Then she said... that she had good reasons."


"Yea, good reasons."

Fiyori looked at Olivia directly as she spoke those words, but then broke off eye contact. She slid down her bag, placed it in front of her. Talking, and/or doing stuff in general made her thirsty as fuck. Without making note of it, she realized that she stood between Olivia and the room's exit.

"I got a question too, though. Several, maybe."

She crouched down, her eyes focused on the bag in front of her as she opened and pulled out a water bottle.

"Why did you two leave the cafeteria?"

Ye Not
Fiyori closed the door behind herself. Tenderly, with great care, she made sure that the wood falling into frame would not utter even the most silent of all sounds. She had, for that, not looked back at Olivia. It was then that Fiyori felt the might of a myriad daggers piercing all she was, but it was just for a moment only.

She turned around. The inklings of a polite smile crossed Fiyori's lips, but she bit it instead and forced a neutral expression.

"Well, I know you meant 'what happened last night', but for fairness' sake..."

There was an itch on her neck and Fiyori satisfied it by scratching first.

"I am going to start from the beginning.

"On day one, when I woke up I did without my glasses. As I now knew and then suspected, Georgia Lee took my glasses. And trust me Liv, I see shit without them. I was pretty much left with no choice but to follow lovely GLD. You know, because without a guide I was as good as useless. Made me mad at Georgia Lee 'cause I felt like I could've helped my friends if only I wasn't fucking blind."

Fiyori had hoped that she wouldn't have to say why she told what she told to Olivia. That should be a simple understanding.

"Then you came along and presumably started talking shit about me for like, what, three or four days?"

In their common story, this would've been the spot at which Fiyori would have had to ask her question. For the sake of politeness, she chose to do so later.

"Anyway, last night I was taking a stroll around here. Georgia Lee was doing that too. We met, but by then she was pretty delirious. Couldn't stand straight, couldn't talk straight. Doubt she even listened to me.

"Honestly I don't see what I could've done, 'cept shooting her in the head for a quick mercy kill. Didn't do that. Obviously."

Fiyori waited for a moment.

"Is that answer satisfying?"

Ye Not
Fiyori had not expected Enzo to balk at her like that. Not in the least. Might've been an obvious matter in hindsight. After all, Enzo was grieving someone – god knows why Georgia Lee of all people – and Fiyori just waltzed in as if she was the fucking milkman.

Fiyori actually did not know if milkmen 'waltzed in' or something. It seemed like something they would do.

Either way, it took Fiyori some damned-hard work to bite her own tongue. She, of course, knew what Enzo meant by her accusations. Fiyori should've 'done' something, and that something was probably to deliver medical aid. What Fiyori wanted to reply, however, was more along the lines of 'oh I could've done something but I couldn't find my gun in the dark.'

She was already pondering those exact words in her head but decided against them. If Enzo could prove to be the better person then Fiyori could do so just as well.

Enzo addressed Olivia instead, but Fiyori already knew that their words would do nothing. Curiosity was a powerful force, and Olivia would come with Fiyori. All warnings and words of advise to be disregarded.

It took only a few steps and Fiyori was at a door. She could've led Olivia somewhere else, she guessed, but the doc's offices were already located as good as they could be. And to boot, Fiyori wasn't in the mood to look at Isabel's decapitated head once again.

Her hand rested on the handle for a moment. She looked over to Olivia, and with a motion of her head urged her to come over.

Fiyori decided to be the gentleman here, and held the door open.

Ye Not

Fiyori should've stopped herself. And for the most part of it, she succeeded. She felt that while she didn't deserve a trophy for it, she should've gotten some kind of participatory certificate. Nevertheless, she persisted.

"Last night, I met Georgia Lee stumbling around these parts. Had a bit of a heart-to-heart chat and by that I mean that I chatted and she bled all over the floor."

Now came the part where she should've stopped.

"Honestly, I thought I'd be feeling great now that's she dead... and don't get me wrong, I ain't feeling sad about it but, well, here we are."

She avoided looking at either Enzo or Coleen. Her intent was on Olivia alone.

"Liv, can we talk in private?"

Minus Something
And so Lili was gone. With Al together - more or less in some sense of the word - and it was just so simple. He'd have enjoyed to form some sort of opinion on that, but man, was he bad doing that.

It became worse when Penny broke down. Seeing the girl so low and cry... again, of course, but intensively anyway, was more and more unnerving. She'd started talking, rambling almost about high and lofty concepts which Johnny had trouble understanding. 'Cause he was tired, 'cause he was hurting, and 'cause he had trouble actually listening to Penny. He had wished, though, that she would just stop. Somehow stop, but he didn't know how to.

Penny then asked them a final favor of sorts - asked them to not kill if it came down to it, in the sense that they would be the last one standing. Not making him laugh, but still laughable, Johnny thought. He got lucky so far but it was a snowball's chance in hell for him to make it even close to that spot.

Raina agreed to it. Not a hint of conviction in her voice, which was telling. At least Johnny thought he could tell. Seemed a bit obvious given the tone she picked, a bit too much and Johnny already was unsure how to read her. He, however briefly, considered that Raina was simply annoyed to shits. Probably by Penny's antics, but he still hoped it wasn't him.

"I guess."

V6 Reduced Activity Notices
I shall be moving soon. Up to the 30st of May, my activity will be unaffected per se, but if I owe you a post for longer than 24 hours, ping me please. I am very loaded with tasks and might simply forget to reply.

My activity from the 30st of May on however will drop considerably.

Minus Something

Well, Al went his way and that was good. Good for something, hopefully. Someday, in the near future, if not now 'cause now was beginning to look more and more terrible by the second. Johnny contemplated, for a brief moment, why it'd to be him that suffered like this. Why he'd be caught in this room with Penny and Raina and Lili and why he had nothing to offer.

He had stopped soon enough. In it's own and weirdest way, hearing Raina's word was encouraging.

Encouraging as it could be, in it's own messed up way in this messed up situation.





Ye Not
[[Fiyori Senay, continued from OK KID]]

What had driven her to come to this place? What had driven her so fast that her breath just caught up from behind? It was a good question, but one with a simple and banal answer.

She felt like it. There was nothing more to it. And that was fine.

Everything was fine with Fiyori. Well, most of it. Disregarding the terrible nausea and the headache she had. Those sensations were receding, however, and that is as good as if they weren't there to begin with.

Now, she still had questions. Only Georgia Lee could have answered them, but alas, she showed no interest in doing so. As such Fiyori had to take the second best, Olivia. To see her, and Coleen and Enzo mourn so close by was convenient. Vexing, too.

"Knock knock" Fiyori said as she walked along the wall, actually knocking on the paneling. She eyed Coleen. The poor thing had a bit of a breakdown. Annoying, just because of Georgia Lee?

"I see you have discovered her as well."

Minus Something
That was getting trickier. Johnny - just acting on a hunch and on gut alone - would have stood by Raina. He was, granted, already standing by her in a physical sense. But he meant the matters of principles. Yes, quite hard to believe for some people. Some people back home, who'd be seein' nothing but a shaggy old rat bred from trailer trash. Some people still watching, judging him for the monstrous act of not taking action.

No, but Johnny had to take the moral high ground here. And it was Raina who was standing far in the sky right now.

"Al and I already had a bit of a run-in. And by that, I'm meaning he sat a trap for me." He raised his hand, the one to make the point. "It's why my hand's been a bitch the last days. Al had been holing up in the gym, put up a weight above the door frame and when I entered... well, you know."

He shook his head. Purposefully, he avoided looking at Al, or even the general direction of the boy. Instead he scurried even closer to Raina.

"Gonna be honest. Not trusting the guy who sets goddamn traps. That's ... an advanced form of fucked-up-in-the-head."

Minus Something
He had not dared to say anything. Anything of substance, really, which he could say. Penelope asked for what happened, during her little fainting spell, but Johnny didn't need to utter a single word 'cause the announcements came blaring on. Didn't make a lot of shit clear, to be fair. Kizi's name wasn't dropped, for whatever reason, but Johnny knew the truth of it anyway. He wouldn't need to say anything to Penelope at all.

As for Al. Well, Johnny could exactly add to that. Raina - in three words - said all that had to be said. He stepped closer to her. His eyes fell on her hands, and seeing them twitch ever so slightly with that barely-restraint anger crept Johnny out. He thought about a gesture, something to support Raina, something to show solidarity, but he couldn't think of any.

His hand reached out for her's, but he retracted in the fraction of a second.

"I'm not the brightest cookie around here... but seriously, man. Come on, do you really believe Al to turn out all goodie-shoes now?"

Minus Something
[[Johnny McKay, continued from where the two girls above this post come from - yea, that link]]

Johnny knew it was naive. That moment yesterday - the night following - it was all just meant to be brief. Yeah, great to get back to Raina. Great to see Penelope. Great to have them safe and sound for just one more night.

Great as it could be, at least. Still, all came to an end. It hit Johnny like a truck, seeing all that blood and worse, seeing Al laying down there, menacingly.

Johnny would have clenched his fist, had it not hurt so much.

He shuffled close to Raina, hiding himself behind her.

Official V6 Away Thread
Handler: Riki
Dates Away: June 2 - June 6
Days Away: 4
Reason for Away: Camping trip!
Characters: Fiyori Senay, Johnny McKay

Well, such a treacherous feeling.

It had been often that Fiyori woke up after a wild night of doing something (that something usually obscured by foggy and broken memories), but feeling fairly fine. That was, alas, a trick. She'd open her eyes and she'd wonder how much she drank and she would be joyful and grateful for how good she was feeling.

Then she'd step out of the bed, and suddenly everything hit her at once.

Granted, she wasn't stepping out of any bed. It was the sound of Danya's voice that startled Fiyori and threw her off the stool. Her head hurt, not because she fell, and her body fluctuated between being dominated by nausea and being haunted by shivers. Had she a bit more of a clear mind, Fiyori would have probably cursed her habit at first. But then - again, had she a clear mind - Fiyori would realize that there was more to it than being hungover.

Drinking decades-old booze wasn't very bright of an idea.

Either way, the contents of the announcements interested her little. Surprisingly little, except the dropping of four names. Jeremy and Caedyn. Georgia Lee and Blair.

Not that she was surprised, or did not knew respectively, but she was still sure to repeat the names for herself, as if trying to memorize an important fact. Still, even after the announcements had ended, Fiyori was lacking motivation. She had a plan, vaguely, sure - something about finding Brendan first, but for the moment... uh, for the moment she would need fresh air and a bucket.

[[Fiyori Senay, continued in Ye Not]]