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Survivor: Cambodia Mafia SIgn Ups

Also, I think we should just lynch Murderweasel right now. The law of statistics are on my side or something

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
oh look, my lithp is thuddenly goooo... and there it is again.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
This feels oddly familiar.


Just so that people now I stand behind this.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
May 22 2016, 10:47 PM
Also, it's only now that I realise that we didn't have any protection roles at all?
The world of drag queens is a fierce one, I guesthhhh~

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
You got me open like theven eleven here now, guys.

I am Trinity K. Bonet, The Lip Thynch queen. My ability it, or rather was, to thend two people home. Bathically, a X2-nightkill.

I thay was because Laurels (because shifty and not dead - thorry Laurels but I don't think this conthtitutes as a win for the jethter?) and Toben (because Toben) were both the targets of my power. No interference from anyone else, as far as I can thay.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
*not a lesbian?

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Obviouthly, I was right the whole time, ladies

Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean
Well, wasn't this almost heartwarming? Aiden seemed happy with the results. So was Fiyori, kinda. Actually, now looking at Aiden, who put back his cup of coffee and focused all of himself to smile at Fiyori, she could not see anything of that impish gleam she saw so much the day before. It took her by surprise? Yeah, it did. Just a short moment of surprise, but still. A raise of the eyebrow, a widening of the eye. Just for a moment until she began to genuinely return his smile.

Fiyori wanted to take another sip, but she too decided to place it back. She leaned over Aiden, placed the cup on the nightstand and then in a swift motion put her arms around Aiden, pressing her face against his scalp.

She hugged him.

She saw him.

She heard him.

She felt him.

She smelled him.

"By the way," Fiyori began, muffled slightly by speaking in his hair "...you're free to use our shower."

[[Fiyori Senay, continued in The Library Is The Power House Of The Student]]

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
May 11 2016, 11:46 AM
May 11 2016, 11:43 AM
What makes we think that there is a SK in this one? Did we just assume that we have one? Should we be looking at the people who voted for Laurels? Like if any of them is scum or maybe they are town.

I think someone definitely wanted to get rid of Deamon for some reason. The person who shot him possibly found out that they were bulletproof and decided to finish the job.
I would bet all my mermaid wigs that whoever shot Laurels was non-scum aligned. I'd guess a vig (or maybe an SK) because he was being so suspicious. Mafia would have left him alone to draw heat off themselves.
I agree. Which is why I athked for elaboration. Two vigs theemed unreathonable, one vig and a jack of all trades does not.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread

My Kosher Burrito, can you pleathe elaborate on your power? That is, how it works?

Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean
He really talked too much, didn't he. How can a person just be so active, so few minutes after waking up? Aiden certainly wasn't one to enjoy a brief moment of silence.

She smiled at his 'doing you again' remark, but then averted her eyes from him. She focused on her coffee again as he finished speaking, and for a moment, Fiyori forced a few seconds of silence. A few second of silence, in which she raised the cup, drank a bit out of it, and lowered it into her lap once again.

Ah, the coffee didn't work that fast. Neither did the sugar. She would have liked to say something suave. Something witty. Something frightening, but she just couldn't come up with anything but half-finished sentences, that even sounded awkward in her mind.

"I had the opposite thing once, you know?"

A drop of coffee rested on her lips. She licked it off.

"Wanted a relationship, but not the sex."

More or less. It was truly an onion, but rhetoric sometimes necessitated simplifications.

"Anyway... I like fucking, I like cuddling, and you'll find that I'll like coddling too. But you won't be the last guy."

Fiyori looked through her room. Saw a clock. Saw a calendar. Her gaze rested for a moment. Then she turned to Aiden again, right into his eyes.

"Got it?"

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Firtht thought:

Deamon got targeted firtht night, rethulting in thuch a drama-void no-kill night. Thpeculative though.

Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean
Fiyori raised the cup. Careful not to spill anything, as the cup was filled to the brim. She lowered her head, just slightly. Just a little bit, and her lips locked on to the edge of the cup. Her eyes were focused on nothing in particular, and her nose took in the scent. She took a sip. She took another. A bit of coffee fell to the side, on to her and on to her sheets. Her eyes mustered the light brown spot for a moment. Then she put the cup of coffee down on her lap. It was still warm. Warm enough for her hands. Warm enough for her legs.

Aiden was looking at her. He wasn't looking at her eyes, at first, but when he did, she watched him back.

"Then, what now?"

She wondered if she appeared tired. Probably. But her mind was... tired too! But that was why they invented coffee.

Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean
Oh dear. Fiyori looked up from her coffee, focusing on Aiden. She was sure to portray her disappointment realistically.

"Just like your woman, right?"

Ah, she couldn't help it. A single smile appeared on her lips. As if the joke became funny just because she said it. Or, well, finished it.

Anyway, as the sixth and seventh spoon of sugar drowned in her cup, the sheer mass of the sweetener threatening to overflow the container, she carefully took hold of both cups, one in her left and one in her right. It was still so hot. Hers, not that much, but that was a given.

Fiyori sat down on the edge of the bed, leaning to the side and giving Aiden his cup.

Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean
Fiyori gazed, if not lovingly, into his eyes for a few moments more, hand resting on his lips. She was expecting him to bite them, or at least lick them, but that wasn't the case. She smiled, removed herself off him, turned her body to the other side and with much grace and elegance fell out of the bed.

Obviously just as planned. Fiyori lifted herself up, drenched with dried-up sweat and all other kinds of liquids but bare naked otherwise. The room felt stuffy. Which was a given, she supposed. It smelled of sweat, and sex, too much carbon dioxide and a hint of coffee. Fiyori took a few steps, reaching for her window. The curtains pulled aside, she opened it just a tiny bit.

Then, she decided that wasn't enough, closed the window, and opened it again, this time completely. A fresh air of Arizona's morning breeze greeted her, but her mind was set on more important matters.

She turned around again, walking slowly, careful not to step into any of their clothes (some of which seriously needed washing before they could be presented to the public again).

"How do you like it? Your coffee, I mean?"

Fiyori asked, while she added a shot of milk to her own and seven spoons of sugar.

Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean

That was her answer. A long-drawn heartfelt 'm'. She did so, because she wasn't sure what she should answer. The truth would've been "not really", because even if Fiyori was the kind of lady to gladly share a bed to fuck someone, she still felt bothered by all the people occupying all of that precious bed space. Aiden was no exception. So, as she wasn't intending to... signal anything that could be understood falsely, she settled on a long-drawn 'm' and hoped that was suffice.

"Still... you're talking too much."

She slid down her hand again, covering his mouth. Which, she guessed, was also a great way to steer the conversation.


Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean
Fiyori opened her eyes. She saw nothing, except a few rays of early sunshine entering her room through a small window to the side of her. She saw her room, all the contours and colors, even if the light itself was dim. She saw all those, not because of the lighting, but because she has been there before. And before. And before, of course, as that was her room. Her habitation. Her place to sleep, and all the items and papers and trinkets that built mountains were her mountains after all. She would recognize them in total darkness, devoid of sound and mind.

Something was different, of course. A new trinket, she thought for a moment then decided it was inappropriate. A mass of flesh. Well, a tiny mess of flesh, laying peacefully beside her. Fiyori stared at it. Felt it. Felt her arm resting on it's chest and it's arms resting on her head. She could feel the heartbeat. She wondered, for a moment only, and came to remember.

Fiyori saw red marks and scratches, and she saw a hint of a smile on Aiden's face. Fiyori could not but smile as well, reaching out to touch his face. Her hand was stuck in places. She was careful not to wake him, as she gently traced her hand from his pelvis, up to his chest and to his cheeks. She watched him, wondered something once again and heard a noise. Not Aiden, but the door of her room, a tall woman - her mother, entering. Fiyori moved not, stroking her guest's face, only following Birikti with her trailing eyes.

Her mother brought a tablet. Two cups, the smell of black coffee emitting from it, and to the side two spoons, as well as a small fashionable cup of sugar and an equally fashionable cup of milk. Birikti placed the drink on the nightstand. She gave the boy to her side a quick look, noticed the stare of her daughter and locked onto it for a few moments. Eventually, she turned around and left, shaking her head.

A minute passed.

Fiyori reached for his nose, and pinched it.

Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean
That was wild man. He liked it, she did. He tightened his... everything on her and so did she. He grasped for air, Fiyori chuckled but by that point Aiden already got a completely new plan. He pressed her against the wall, and then with elan he pressed her up and the feel of the wall against her butt was exchanged with... obviously, a well-placed hand. Heh, nice.

She let it happen. He tried to hoist her over his shoulder, and she didn't mind it. Of course she didn't mind, unless she'd end up hitting her head on the floor. Guess that was an occupational hazard though. Fiyori giggled, and as Aiden lifted her, she tried to help him as well as she could do.

Fiyori liked the view though. She could feel him straining a bit. Trying to shift his own weight so as to not fall over. Amusing. She wasn't that heavy, but she guessed he was out of air anyway. He started to move, very carefully, very very carefully, towards the door. She could hear him gently opening the rest with a kick of the foot and she leaned in to pull his pants down and gently bite his ass.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
I mean, you could

You know


Athk Ricky

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
I feel like you should go ahead and exthplain your findings of night one anyway, unletth you genuinely believe this would thet us on a fruitless witchhunt.

Becauthe theuriouthly, if you die next night we got (atthuming you thpeak the truth) a confirmed townie down without any thpethial information and I'd rather not gamble on a protective role here.