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Silence is Golden
Wow, not sure whether to call that bold or dumb as fuck. Fiyori eyed the girl that interrupted them but her attention quickly went back to Bee and Ty, who - what an incredible surprise - was not particularly amused.

Fiyori raised an eyebrow as Ty jumped up. An innocent bystander might guess he planned to leave, but Fiyori did knew Ty a bit longer. Besides, she sat right next to him. The slightly increased pressure of his palms as they touched the material of the wood or even how quickly he rose up.

However, Ty was not that kinda person anymore. Not the guy who tears through his fellow students 'cause they got no manners. Bee took a gentle hold of Ty, grabbed her own belongings and made her way to the exit with him. Her tone was pretty friendly. Probably because she actually directed her good-bye at Fiyori. If she were to make an educated guess, though, Fiyori'd say that Bee was kinda pissed too.

Fiyori raised her hand and gave the pair a short wave. She wasn't sure but she could make out Ty cursing.

After her friends left, Fiyori turned her attention back to the girl that was currently being fuckhead of the hour. There were some good ways to identify those assholes who thought they were better than everyone else. Hearing them say such incredibly arrogant bullshit was a very good one.

"Yo, what's your name?"

Silence is Golden
Taoism, huh. Ty dropped his voice, and recited a certain passage. Apparently from a book called Laozi. He called it an idea of discarding the act of doing stuff for appearance, or in other words - an act that simply serves to impress others.

Fiyori began nibbling on her nails a bit, vacantly looking at the text Ty was just reading from. It was an interesting way to interpret this passage. She could see why Ty in particular was drawing the conclusion he did. Even reminded him of the stories he heard as a kid, he said. More or less.

She heard a similar saying before, though. A Zen saying, if she recalled correctly. 'If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.' Seemed a bit extreme, but she figured Zen monks weren't Japanese Vikings. The road was meant to be the path to enlightenment, and the Buddha was some kind of stand-in for a great teacher you'd follow. Or some other concept of the perfect, the goal of this path, yeah?

Yet whatever this symbolic Buddha was, it was wrong. Plain and simple, something that would have kept you from reaching the end of your path. So you had to, symbolically, kill him. Get rid of the false image. It was a difficult concept for Fiyori to grasp at first. Why destroy that which would serve as inspiration and as a role model to you? Yet, eventually, she understood. Understood the implications on the societal level, at least.

Fiyori stopped nibbling, and focused all her attention to Ty and Bee again.

"You know, I think it means that people kinda like to have easy answers. So they look for those people who got these easy answers, and that's always been preachers of any kind. But if people follow those preachers and these guys make a mistake, well, then everybody else follows that mistake. Repeats it, I guess. Just 'cause they were too comfortable with having some kinda teacher or so guide them.

"So yeah, I think that boils down to 'Think for yourself and you'll be better off."

She breathed out slowly. Forgot to do it while talking. Tricky thing.

Silence is Golden
Oh, hey! No one sensible? Fiyori would argue that she had plenty of that stuff, but that... actually, yeah. Maybe being sensible was not her greatest asset. She gave Bee a half-smile back. If she was another person Fiyori would've probably and already brought out the snark missiles because you just couldn't have this shit fly. But Bee was fine, so Fiyori could take the comment in good jest.

Ty in the meanwhile mentioned that calling Chaplin adorable would probably spoil his fragile ego. Fiyori let out a small chuckle at that. Yeah, she remembered the first time she met the cat. Ty was probably shocked at how high Fiyori's pitch could raise and what incredibly cutesy names she wanted to give Chaplin. She couldn't help it, man.

Anyway, Ty finally acknowledged that waving at a cat is totally worth one adult point.

"Ah, don't worry, won't happen," she said to Ty's remark of becoming such a model citizen such as him. "Anyway..."

Fiyori glanced at the book in front of Ty.

"I interrupted you during your reading time, no? What's that about?"

Silence is Golden
And for a moment, Fiyori felt strange. Bee smiled at Fiyori, and if one were to ask her on her feelings about this scene, she'd say that she felt gladness or joy or something along these lines. However, there was something off, but Fiyori could not place her finger on what exactly felt so.

Either way, Ty brought the most important question of the validity of her adult points up again, which was distraction enough. Fiyori decided that it had to be the burrito in her body which was mucking up - there was frankly more important stuff to concentrate on right that moment.

"Sure, you're the most adult adult I know, Ty - surely Chaplin's bound to agree with me."

Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Mafia Sing Ups

League Mafia Fallout Thread
A quick thought I wanted to throw in:

I tried to play a bit of a more aggressive game and maybe pull scummy stuff because I knew I had the Innocent Child claim as a back up.

...did that work out as I intended? Actually, I would say no. Not very good at this being aggressive thing. Though my general level of competence seemed to have increased, so I'll look forward to future games with y'all.

Silence is Golden
Fiyori was about to argue that animals and plants totally counted as full points when - suddenly and surprisingly to boot - a pair of arms grasped around Ty. Her eyebrow rose at first, some flash of curiousity coming up in her mind. It turned outto be Ty's girlfriend, though. He probably wouldn't flip her over the table, Fiyori guessed.

Bernadette - or Bee sometimes - greeted Fiyori quickly, the latter shooting a short wave with her hands to Bee.

"You know, at least I have never assaulted anybody as a greeting."

Fiyori directed her deadpan comment at Ty, although she still looked at Bee. The two weren't particular close, no? It was a shame though, Fiyori kinda digged Bee. Could see why Ty and Bee were involved with each other. A bit strange of a relationship on paper but kinda cute too. But yes, Fiyori had to do more stuff with her at some point in the vague future.

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
Single Vote!

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
You know, when I left this noon I figured I wouldn't be able to post anything anymore. Well, phew.


Silence is Golden
Now, giving Ty a heart attack wasn't exactly what Fiyori wanted. More incentive to not act like those mysterious normal folks people talk about all the time, huh? She gave him a smile instead. One that Fiyori would call genuine even. That was one of the many things she liked about Ty. She knew; she was not the average high school student or something. Her parents told her. So did her teachers, and so did probably every second person she met. Ty, however, when faced with all the thousands of little oddity's of Fiyori, he handled them with an incredible ease. Few did as good as he did.

"Excuse me though, I just waved politely at a cat earlier this morning. Counts as an adult point."

She looked over to the book he was holding. Ah, religion. History. Something like that. Seemed to be something East Asian based on the cover? Well, she'd figure it out. Maybe. If she grew curious.

"Actually the same with me. Ate lunch, now gotta kill some time. Figured I bug you."

Silence is Golden

The guy cringed a bit, and hastily turned his head to meet Fiyori eye-to-eye. Now, she kinda expected a blood-curling scream as well as a small toy cat in her face, but she guessed the guy was a bit too old to be scared. Maybe?

Fiyori returned the gaze, just one inch separating the two people's pairs of eyes. She continued for a few seconds, studying the guy's brown eyes and trying to understand why the fuck he said sorry. It was such a dumb habit of some people around those parts. She did something polite society frowned upon, and all they do was saying sorry. Jeez, it was such a dumb thing and it irritated Fiyori.

"Don't say sorry if you don't have to."

She broke eye contact, tilted her head slightly to the side so that she could look at Ty. Her semi-frustrated expression changed into a small smile as she stood up and jumped on the table. There was a bit of burrito still left on her right hand - how bothersome - which she quickly tried to get rid off by smearing it on the edge of the table before eventually jumping off, but on the other side.

"Sup?" she said to Ty, sitting down next to him on a chair.

Silence is Golden
[Fiyori Senay, continued from Don't Call It a Comeback]

So they did not notice her, huh?

Fiyori was totally reading a book about history or something (it was actually a burrito) as she noticed Ty entering the library. She was sitting on one of the various chairs placed near the shelves, and her eyes followed Ty around the library's rows. It was a pretty easy thing to do, given how many of the shelves were under-equipped, allowing Fiyori to look through the spaces of air that seemingly made up the majority of the sections.

He picked up a book, moving towards the center tables. Fiyori stuffed another bite of her lunch into her mouth and with that the burrito was history. Well, now that food time was over she guessed she could try and find some entertainment. Maybe he wasn't in the mood for talking, but Fiyori figured she could sit next to him or something. Learn together like proper students and all.

Yeah, needless to say Fiyori wasn't really the library type. Nothing against books, but Fiyori didn't come for them. The large windows were nice, with all the light they brought in. It was a pretty nice atmosphere, so she enjoyed eating her lunch there. If she wanted to read a book, you know, she went to somewhere which actually could deliver something that didn't reek of decade's worth of student's tears.

It turned out that there was already another boy sitting near Ty. Some guy called... Guy for now. He was apparently deep in thoughts, or maybe concerned with something in his hands. Fiyori couldn't see from behind, but she did see Ty, whom she greeted with a finger on her lips - a sign to keep quiet.

Eventually, she was directly behind Guy's back. She lowered herself so that her head was directly behind his ears.


Don't Call it a Comeback
Nadia acknowledged Fiyori's ramblings as a reply (phew). The girl seemed to have made her decision though, thanked Fiyori and went for the booth to change back. Well, Fiyori guessed she could ask, or like, look for this photo of Nadia later. Probably looked cool.

Fiyori went back to look at the polka dress, contemplating whether to buy it or not. It was pretty, but it also was kinda expensive and Fiyori would feel guilty later on. Surely.

Ah, well. She went to one of the nearby racks - if she recalled correctly the one where she initially got the dress from - and put it back again. There was a lot more fun stuff to blow money on. Food. Stuff to smoke. Maybe a gift, like a birthday present for someone. The dress itself would've been broken pretty soon anyway.

Come to think of it? Did anybody of her friends have a birthday soon? Jeez, she should start memorizing them. It was embarrassing to not even know the dates of her parents. Or rather, it was annoying because they became pretty sulky every year, but whatever.

Nadia still was in the changing booth, but Fiyori decided against waiting.

[Fiyori Senay, continued in Silence is Golden]

Don't Call it a Comeback
Who the fuck was Lena Dunham? Some... sort of fashion icon? That fell out of grace, maybe? Maybe not? Fiyori had, despite her earnest desire to speak enough and satisfying bullshit, reached the end of her fashion knowledge.

Fortunately, Nadia directed another question at her. One Fiyori could work with.

"Well, I..." she stumbled at first. She looked at the polka dress in her hands and the easter parade hat in the other. She quickly threw the hat - like a deformed Frisbee - away. Technically, it was supposed to land in a stylish manner on some rack or so but it fell on the floor too.

"Was actually buying shoes, but then I saw this store and I figured I'd give it a visit. You know, my mother tends to dress like... dunno, this retro style. I think. Guess. Looked good on her, so maybe it'll suit me too.

"But it kinda shoots past my budget, so I'll... well, not buy this. Maybe another time."

Don't Call it a Comeback
And so it turned out L needed to leave ASAP as well. She was gone quickly, and so Fiyori and Nadia were alone again. Well, alone meant them being the only Cochise students around the shop. Unless there was another student hiding in some rack waiting for their chance to - dunno - jump on her shoulders or something.

Nadia went and grabbed one of the hats - a classic bowler hat - and tried it on while studying it's look in the mirror. She turned to Fiyori for advise.

"You actually don't?" she remarked about Nadia's fake square glasses comment. Amusing and snide reply aside, the hat did look well on Nadia. Perhaps Fiyori was not a fashion expert, but she could see the bowler hat complimenting this... uh, retro chic or something that Nadia went for.

"On a serious note..." Fiyori took the easter parade off her head. "As long as you have something... uh, classic or so. You know, something simple and elegant, it should be great for photo shoots or, dunno, formal wear. I mean, you can go full hipster on special occasions, right?

"I'd laugh at you if you was to wear that to school, though."

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
Yea, my flavor role is Sona. My first power:

Q - Hymn of Valor
As noted, limited-use double voting based on activation the night before.

Now, I am aware that technically the only thing asked for was a flavor claim, but after some thinking, I have come to the conclusion that growing the town's...uh, town block would be the best I can do with my abilities.

MOD - I'd like to use

E - Song of Celerity

In other words, I am the innocent child.

Don't Call it a Comeback
She retained her bemused smile for a bit, but soon the boy - she knew him, went to school with him... must be Ash or something - excused himself with all the charm he could muster. Which frankly was not a lot, but it got another chuckle out of Fiyori.

Ash tossed the shorts to the side and fled the store, as if running from a crazed serial killer who was offended by Ash's fashion choices. Fiyori glanced to Nadia, pondered it for a while and decided not to make the joke.

"Well..." she addressed the two people with her. "On to the hats?"

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
A small correction - my power is not activated for today, since it is limited use and I decided to save it for later.

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
First thought:
Goddamnit Vyse.

Second thought:
@MW, I actually don't think we are getting a claim out of Espi. He did not contribute much over the whole game, and after I accused him pretty aggressively he did not bother to respond and was content just throwing a Naft vote in when it was convenient (after the majority vote was achieved, by the way ;) ).

Since you wanted a quick flavour claim, I suggest we move on to Fenris and keep Espi as the primary lynch target this phase.

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread

It''s kinda a buff thing. Activation of my ability meant basically that every vote I cast is worth twice as much.

Meaning, I cannot have one vote on two persons each.



I want to make clear my personal reasoning here - namely, that I have none. Momentarily, I am unable to process the game properly, which is why I have to aid town by making sure that a lynch actually happens instead of, y'know, getting turned into nothing but dust by the fact that not enough people are active.