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New General SOTF Discussion Thread
I ask with genuine curiosity;

how do you make a romance/love arc on the island be "right"?

Schwarze Rosen
Joachim let out a small sound in agreement. The fact that his lips were tightly pressed together may or may not have said something else. Jeez, killing people turned out to be a much more easier matter than having sex with them. This is where competent sex education would have been really convenient.

He watched down on her hand touching his shirt. Then he looked into Rosemary's face. He chuckled. Not exactly nervously, but there was a hint of uncertainity. Well, he has done much other, better things even if nobody showed him, so this whole deal may be just a matter of... warming-up?

At first, he closed in on her lips, but then decided to give Rosemary's nose brige a little kiss. It tasted weird. It felt weird, as his chin touched was gently poked by her nose. Hm... did he smell?

Schwarze Rosen
Oh, okay. This was even more unexpected. Fine, maybe not completely, but still.... huh.

Rosemary called it like being another game again. The conditions were simple, that they would not harm each other during and after doing it, with the gain for them both being that they at least didn't die as virgins.

This was a very, very, though decision, because there were surprisingly many factors weighting in. First, he wasn't really interested in doing 'it' with Rosemary, even though he respected her as a person. On the other hand, it might be this respect that should make him see this whole thing as some kind of... favor. After all, she brought him much fun back when they won the BKA, so maybe he should consider bringing her enjoyment this way?

Joachim pondered a few more factors in his head, filling the room with silence. Eventually, he thought he came to a decision.

"I... Fine, I'll do... it, because it's you."

Then he stiffened again. For some, to him not to be determined, reason his face reddened. He tilted his head down.

"Not that I have any idea how this works, so..."

Schwarze Rosen
To see that Rosemary could agree with him was nice to see. A gentle, warm glow filled his lower chest, the stiffness in his fingers decreased a bit and suddenly that question came.

Technically, it was very easy to answer. Yet he had to collect himself before giving an answer. He never had sex, and quite frankly never planned to have any. Not that he had much choice given his current situation, but nonetheless. Even if he due to some miracle entered society again, he'd not look out for sexual encounters. Not that he had any problems with sexual pleasure itself, but neither women nor men really appealed to him. In fact, the constant, sexualized images floating around him everywhere ranged from annoying over pitiful to grotesque.

"N... no. Why do you ask?"

He then noticed that Rosemary's face reddened, which caused him some concern. Perhaps she was suddenly very sick, even though Joachim had no idea how this would happen.

Schwarze Rosen
Paris gave Rosemary a hug, one that she did not return, before leaving her and Joachim alone, offering to watch for any potential enemies lurking.

He used the word 'unsavory characters'. Rosemary asked why she wasn't one.

Joachim's eyes wandered from Paris to Rosemary, his face expressing a genuine kind of surprise. One as if she just asked whether the sun is hot or whether water is wet. First, he wanted to say that Paris was good with people. That'd he would have said something if anything was amiss with Rosemary, given that it worked with Sunny as well.

Then he found an answer that wasn't dependent on Paris.

"You won the gun, as far as I can recall. Besides, you agreed to play a game with me. You could just as well have shot me as I turned my back. But you didn't, you played by the rules. Our rules, not dictated by anyone else."

He smiled again. If not for the dirt and the blood, it might have looked cute.

"See, that is where we are similar. And... I don't know, this is just the hunch I get."