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This is a message from Lord Nergal. "I await you on the Dread Isle."
Aileen realized that she may have held Owen's hand for a bit too long, but social conventions such as the correct duration of body contact did not matter much in that situation. She nodded when Owen proposed searching for a sink and other useful stuff.

"Good, you look for a sink, and I try to get as much useful stuff as I can get."

She walked to the direction where she came from, and reentered the office she woke up. It was better to check what she actually had already before looking for new things. She sorted through theduffle bag and opened the first aid kit to check what was contained. Looking through these things, she wondered whether it was really that necessary to get extra stuff. It seemed that everything she needed was contained within the duffle bag already. It couldn't hurt to look around though. She took the duffle bag and then searched the room for anything special, but to no avail. Her search continued for a while in another office, but there she aswell only found white papers everywhere.

She was lucky at the receptionist's desk though. It took some force to open some of the drawers, but she found a package of one-use syringes and even a bottle of cough syrup plus three blister packages full of blue-ish pills. She grabbed the items and shoved them into her duffle bag. Of course, taking unknown pills - a plan without flaw or possiblity of error -is an action most people advise against, but you never know.

"I have some stuff, but it is not much. This entire place is empty!"

Sink And/Or Swim
"Yeah, let's go."

Chase Rodriguez. David had a face in mind, but he didn't knew much about that person. Yet that was irrelevant. He was a close friend of Yukiko, therefore he was a friend of David. Then, when they found him, they... well, that was open.

He quickly followed her.

[David Zimmer, continued in One Big Joke]

Sink And/Or Swim
Dom, this is for you~Recommended listening

The problem with finding friends was the orientation part. Nether David or Yukiko knew where their friends were, so they had no choice but to wander around and find them by chance and hearsay. But that was not that bad. In fact, didn't people say the journey was the goal? Something along those lines. One could say that they were like balloons that a little child let go, and now these balloons were floating around aimlessy... Expect that David and Yukiko had an aim, so this allegory did not really work.

"Right. Anyone specific you want to see?"

MurderWeasel's Brutally Hardcore Realism Litmus Test
Gentlemen and Gentleladies, here are my characters, although I may not have done everything correctly. But one or two points are fairly irrelevant.

Joachim Lovelace

Total Points: 12

Aileen Aurora Abdallah

Total Points: 35

David Zimmer

Total Points: 28

And since everybody else does it too:

Me: 25

This is a message from Lord Nergal. "I await you on the Dread Isle."
Aileen raised an eyebrow when Owen's face was decorated with some of his finger's blood. So he already was hurt, but his finger did not look very seriously injured. He joked about the cut, calling it a war wound. Aileen smiled with him, it was amusing to see that he was calm enough to joke about that.

She reached out to his shaky hand and fixed it in order to get a better view. It really did not look serious. Something that she regularly got when she was in the kitched and cut herself with a knife. However, this was a dirty area, and it was possible that Owen's wound needed to be disinfected, especially if he cut himself with something rusty that was scattered around here.

"Hm... first we have to wash that. Then we might have to clean the wound, depending on with what you cut yourself. I know, it usually is not necessary to do that with light wounds like this, but in this situation, we have to be careful. Oh, and add a band-aid. Again, better be cautious here."

This made Aileen feel a lot better. She did something that she was good at. She felt in control, and now her head was much clearer. It was time to set priorities now. Unlike Owen, she was less afraid of death. She was actually rather, and foolishly, certain that she had a fair shot at surviving. I am fit, I can fix injuries, I am smart, I am persuasive, and I am beautiful... The more Aileen thought about it, the more certain she got that winning was more likely than being killed. Of course, there was the thing about having at least one kill. But such concerns were shoved aside for the moment, for they had no place when it's actually time to enjoy the illusions of grandeur. A smile formed on Aileen's face.

It was only now that she let go of Owen's hand.

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
Joachim assumed that Jaquilyn was joking when she offered to trade their weapons. He did not bother to laugh though. When she asked whether the flush worked, he shaked his head. Pity the fool who had to go next.

He then watched as she examined the map. He didn't say anything expect a short "mhm" when she explained that she would loot the place for food and weapons. Joachim doubted that she would have luck, but he guessed that it was worth a try. Then she said that she would like to be with someone armed. In other words, she wanted Joachim to stick around.

As he was looking at the map with her, Joachim thought about that potential partnership. Definetely, it would be something both parties could benefit from. Jaquilyn had someone armed with her, and Joachim had someone with a tiny bit extra food. Come to think of it, that was not that much of a gain. Additionally, Joachim felt unsure about walking through the woods - he estimated them to have a diameter of four kilometers - since such terrain could be tricky and somebody might ambush them if Joachim and Jaquilyn didn't pay enough attention.

However, he also knew that taking a walk would make him feel a bit better than just sitting around in that room.

"...sure, let's try our luck."

Sink And/Or Swim
"No, it's okay."

Yukiko apologized for crying, but David didn't see anything bad about that. Really, in such a situation, tears are more than appropriate. David kept an eye on Yukiko as she drank some of her water. He was not too sure what to answer to her question. His first impulse was to propose the classical "finding friends" approach. However, he was not all to sure if Yukiko was ready to face other people yet. People that may already have changed.

In the end, he decided for the former. David just had to be careful about Yukiko's mental state.

"Maybe we could find some of our friends?"

Sink And/Or Swim
He tried to comfort the sobbing girl in his arms. He petted the back of her head as his t-shirt got wet. He didn't say anything.

David himself was a bit troubled now. The entire situation was confusing from the beginning on, and it just got even worse. He wondered what he was supposed to do. As brutal as it was, there were only three options he could choose from. Die, kill or escape. Yet he remembered how the terrorists said that an escape would be pointless, how they upgraded their security. Then again, they probably thought that before the heroic rescue four years ago.

He switched his focus back to the sobbing Yukiko. She was first priority, seeing in which mental state she was. If David was honest, he would say that he was scared aswell, but he could manage it. And Yukiko needed someone strong.

"Don't worry, I'm here. I'll keep you safe."

He wanted to add that things will turn out good again, but he wasn't sure if that was a lie.

This is a message from Lord Nergal. "I await you on the Dread Isle."
Surprisingly, Aileen's attempt to reassure Owen worked a bit. As Owen forced a smile, Aileen did so too. As he made a joke about the dead fished, Aileen even chuckled a bit. It was not as forced though. Black humor seemed like a good idea to get her act together. However, she abruptly stopped a second after Owen stopped.

He asked whether Aileen looked around already. She shook her head.

"I just woke up. Neither did I find anything useful. And my head still hurts a tiny bit."

Aileen massaged her forehead with her left hand, and rubbed the back of her head with the other one. It did not hurt much, but her head still felt a bit weird. Partly due to the gas, and partly due to bumping against the desk.

What was "useful" though? An easy question actually. Painkillers, for example, would be useful. Aileen thought that these would be in the first aid kit she found in her duffle bag, however. Sure, it may be useful to have spares, but even if she found something in this building, Aileen doubted that it would be a great idea to consume it. There was another thing Aileen wondered about, a question she found to be more important.

"What are we going to do?"

Aileen doubted that she would get a good answer from the labile boy, but it was a way of continuing the conversation. Who knows, maybe it would help her in getting a completely clear head.

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
"Somewhat useful. Let me get it."

Joachim exited the bathroom and closed the door behind him. He figured that it there would be no harm done by getting the knife. Actually, it should be a good idea to carry it with him. After a minute and a half, he returned with his duffle bag. He put it on the bed, next to Jaquilyn's things, and opened it.

He was cautios when taking the knife out. It would be more than inconvinient to accidently fire it and possibly hit someone. At that moment Joachim thought if he would even intentionally use it. He told himself that he would not use it as anything more than a deterrent, but something in his mind told him that things would turn out violent. Also, they would turn out very bad for him. Joachim gulped and then showed it to Jaquilyn.

"A ballistic knife. More useful than Skittles, that is certain."

Sink And/Or Swim
David was taken aback at Yukiko's reaction and quickly took his hand back. Diverse scenarions were flying around in his mind, each detailing how the girl in front of him could have been traumatized already. Most prominent was the one that really happened, the brutal death of one of his teachers. David shuddered when the scene played before his inner eye again. He pushed the memory aside, and positioned himself next to Yukiko, lowered himself, and tried to look into her eyes.

"It's me, David! A friend! I won't kill you."

Sink And/Or Swim
[David Zimmer: Start]

When David woke up, the sun blended him. He was quite confused. The entire situation was confusing. Danya...Survival of the Fittest... all of this. It was surreal. He carried his duffle bag with him, but he did look into it shortly, finding a sabre. However, he closed it again. It was an ugly thought. Thinking that he is supposed to murder with that sword.

He went inside, exploring the hotel and eventually, he found a person he recognized. Yukiko Sakurai. He knew that she was a serious japanophile, but also an avid swimmer. Just like David. Probably the reason he liked her, so it make him sad to see her.


He put his reached out to put his hand on her shoulder.

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
Joachim sighed in relief. Jaquilyn was calm, which was very reassuring. He shrugged when she apologized and went with her in her room and went straight to the bathroom. He could hear how she was inspecting her bag content. Which included candies. Joachim did not have any candy, so he assumed that this was supposed to be her weapon.

He pondered wether he should tell her of his ballistic knife. One on hand, she did seem trustworthy, one the other hand, she could deceive him and take his weapon. One the third hand however: She did not directly ask.

"Welp, at least you have some extra food."

This is a message from Lord Nergal. "I await you on the Dread Isle."
Owen Kay... That name seemed familiar to Aileen. She was not enterly sure though. Certainly, they have talked with each other at some point in the past, they go to the same school after all, but who exactly he was? No idea. Nontheless, he seemed harmless, so Aileen walked out of the office.

Aileen slowly realized where was. This had to be a hospital. It was a weird experience for Aileen. The people who would work here were objects of Aileen's admiration. More than once did she refer to the abilities of doctors, surgeons, nurses and the like as "death-defying". She was so amazed, that she wanted to have these abilites herself. It had a hint of irony now, a place where people would fight against death turned into the arena for a blood spectacle.

Aileen reached the receptionist's desk. There, she saw Owen.

"Heya... It's me, Aileen."

Owen looked like a mess. The big man, weeping. He stated that he was terrified. Aileen did not know how to reply. She shivered. She did not feel fear... but a certain form of uneasiness. She realized that the next days will be hell. She knew, that only one of around 150 people would live at the end. Everyone else died... It was a depressing thought. More depressing, Aileen did not know wether she would be the winner. She bit on her lip and averted her gaze from Owen.

"You... I... We should not give up. I mean, not now... because... well, I am here for you."

A rare moment. Aileen, being at a loss for words.

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
"...a toilet would be nice."

Joachim was startled. Sure, there were other people around, but Joachim did not anticipate someone shouting at him like this. Now that he thought of it, it actually was a rather uncomfortable situation. The island was a bad place to have people being angry at you. Now, that someone else was present, Joachim realized that he did not think much about his fellow students. He briefly wondered how his friends were, but there was no time for that, so he turned around to the person yelling at him.

Jaquilyn Locke. Joachim did know her. There were some nasty rumours about her, regarding her sexual activity, but Joachim did not believe that. Then again, he did not care. Jaquilyn was a person who was someone who hang out with all the jocks. Either way, it did not matter. After all, she stood there before him, knew how to fight and was angry. Not a good combination. Thus he raised his hands in order to signale non-hostility.

"And... I can promise you that I have no aggressions towards you. Or anyone else."

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
[Joachim Lovelace: Start]

It had been a while since Joachim woke up in that room. In fact, it must have been at least a hour already. He checked his things and belongings fairly early and got over his initial grogginess. However, Joachim did not feel like he wanted to move away. It was not the time to go outside, where former class mates may have already turned into killers.

Now, it was time to stare at the wall. Plus, the bed was more comfortable.

To say that the kidnapping was a surprise was an understatement. Everyone, Joachim included, thought that the terrorists lost. That no child would have to suffer again in their sick game. That was not the case. Of course it wasn't. No way that these messed up guys would give up so easily. Fanatics don't do that. Once again, they could prove what everyone already knew. That the most normal of people can be turned into a murderer.

Joachim spent a few minutes more on the bed, before realizing that he still had worldly needs to attend. Namely, a place to relieve himself. Unfortunately, the bathroom that was connected to his room was a bit... destroyed, so to say, so Joachim got up and opened the door of his room. There surely had to be a usable bathroom here. Somewhere. He headed to the next door he saw, and tried to open it. It didn't. To be precise, it did open a bit, but a chain blocked it. Joachim sighed and continued looking in the corridor.

This is a message from Lord Nergal. "I await you on the Dread Isle."
[Aileen Aurora Abdallah: Start]

Apparently, some terrorist found it funny to place Aileen under a desk, so that when she woke up, she would hit her head. Aileen was not particulary amused. It took her a while to leave the small place between desk and floor, mostly due to her still being very groggy. Once Aileen finally managed to stand, she looked at the desk she was under. Littered with paper sheets, it had a duffle bag at its top, "G042" written on it. Aileen knew where she was in. However, at that moment, Aileen really wanted a coffee. Despite her acute need for caffeine, she inspected her collar and the duffle bag. She played around with the black MMA gloves she found there for a while, and eventually put them on.

A loud noise. Aileen was awake, somewhat, or at least alerted. Alas, it still was not the time to think about her situation, because whatever the loud noise was, it had priority. Aileen froze and made as little sound as possible. Someone was... weeping?

Aileen headed to the door, and opened it slowly. She positioned herself in a way that made her hidden in case someone was standing directly before the other side of the door. She wasn't certain what to do next, so she stood there for a few seconds, door handle in her hand, and listened to the weeping. Eventually, she decided to stay there and only use her voice for contact.

"...hello? Who is there?"

Her voice was surprisingly weak. It seemed like Aileen's mind was not fully active yet.

Metal of Honor
[It was your turn anyway, so you weren't skipping]

Travis understood Aileen, much to her surprisement. Not that it mattered. Sure, that smirk still made her very angry, but all of a sudden, she had an idea. In fact, Travis inspired her. There was definetely more to her, despite Travis' opinion, than fancy words, and Aileen was more than ready to shove this fact into his snarky little ass. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Then Amy went, but not before calling Aileen out on her language and all the other mess that was happening that moment. Nontheless, she went away. Aileen's reply would not be that much fun if there was no audience. She was about to tell her to come back when Sharon also decided to leave.

"Hey! Come back here... I was just about to... aww"

Aileen sulked a bit before turning around to Travis again. She was certain, she cannot say what she wanted to without people listening to her. The solution was, alas, to postpone the clash of words. Then again, she needed a pause. Speaking fancy while being angry can be so very exhausting.

"Alright... I think we do a pause for now. Consider yourself lucky."

She trotted back to her bag, took it and began walking away, As she passed Travis, she turned back her head to show him her tongue.

[Aileen Aurora Abdallah, continued elsewhere]

Mitadake High/Pryce High
I can play today, tomorrow and sunday. Yay for mostly free weekend.

Guurrrrll, Hold my Earrings
Aileen is an avid member of the Video Game Club, and additionally, a fan of RPGs too. Not enterly sure how this relationship would work. (I can see a wide range of possibilities here. Depending on how... fast Megan crumbles under pressure in the form of very self-righteous girls) Yet there is something that they share in common, so we may look into that.