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So when he just arrived they'd leave again. Well, that was alright with him. Whether he moved or not wasn't really that important. Not too Johnny at least. Now that he got what he wanted, definitely.

Penelope asked the both of them - Johnny and Raina - to catch up. Gave them the opportunity to do so, at least. Raina took her belongings and went on her way too, though. Johnny dared to flash a smile. It felt foul, to show his teeth like that.

[[Johnny McKay, continued elsewhere]]

[[Fiyori Senay, continued from I know exactly what I want and who I want to be.]]

Fiyori had slept surprisingly well. It might've been the developments of the day before - the dealings with Coleen and the final conclusion with Georgia Lee - that helped ease her mind. Or it might've been the alcohol.

In fact, given all facts present, it would be obvious for any and all to see that Fiyori had drank merrily, until her face dropped down and she slept through the night. Not the entire night, what deep and tight nonetheless. Not that Fiyori would blame the cider. She had a glass or two, though a more realistic description would be 'hearty chucks'. Not enough to make her go to sleep immediately, though granted, the happenings of the island might've changed her tolerance. Also, Fiyori suspected, the alcohol level stated on the bottles might not've been completely correct anymore.

Idle thoughts aside, Fiyori woke up fairly early. Had no idea why. The sun was barely rising, the announcements haven't come on yet. If Fiyori were to guess, she'd give it half an hour or so.

Fiyori had her arms slouched over the backseat of the chair she was sitting on. Her legs firmly on the ground, and her eyes firmly on the wall. There wasn't really anything to see.

There wasn't really anything to do.

I know exactly what I want and who I want to be.

It took Fiyori a few moments to realize.

"I cannot believe this. Here I am, pouring out my heart all over you and you just fucking die on me."

She loosened her grip on GLD and instead shoved her away. The body made a flat pounding sound as it hit the ground.


[[Fiyori Senay, continued in OK KID]]

I know exactly what I want and who I want to be.
Oh, the cafeteria? That was worrying, in it's own kind, but a kind to be pondered later one way or the other. More pressing issues existed, and they did so quite literally. GLD fell, or she would have fallen, and slumped against Fiyori.

Fiyori grasped her foe's hair, wrapped the other around the smaller girl's back.

"Good reasons, huh? Yea, you had your reasons. I guess that's a way of seeing it."


"The point I am trying to make here is, that I have none. All that hostility, back in Kingman and what we have here, none of that is grounded in logic.

I have no reason to hate you.

And yet I do."

Fiyori started combing through Georgia Lee's hair. She smelled terrible. Or so Fiyori would have guessed. She didn't know. But she did knew one thing, and that was that she was - for once and one time only - truly content. To speak out the truth was liberating. She would not have thought it.

"Huh... hahaha, pretty nice to talk about your feelings for once. Don't you agree?"

I know exactly what I want and who I want to be.
"Why? Good question, to be honest."

Fiyori met her former partner's eyes, or at least she tried the best she could do in the dark.

"My life is futile. I can change no thing, and I derive no pleasure. At least, that was my thinking. Being stuck with you in the library... and I guess, hearing the names on the announcements and the screams in the distance changed something.

All of a sudden, I felt a desire. I wanted to go out. I wanted to protect my friends and kill my enemies. I wanted to do something to change the world to my liking, but when I finally felt like taking action... Some cuntface held my goddamm glasses."

Fiyori stepped closer, felt her forehead colliding softly against GLD's scalp.

"So that's more or less why I stormed out of the library back then. I was pissed at you for robbing me of my agency. I started to craft an image of you. The image of a mighty demon I'd have to slay. And an image of me, a hero to save her friends.

I was proven foolish on both points."

I know exactly what I want and who I want to be.
She shook her head. It was the only thing that she could do. For a brief moment a vision of a different future appeared before Fiyori. A world in which Fiyori pulled out the gun she had, pressed Georgia Lee against the wall and execute her with one shot. It would end her suffering before it was due to end, and worse yet, such an action would not express the 'truth' of her feelings.

It got a further chuckle out of her anyway. She leaned in.

"Close but no cigar. You cannot act not, you know?"

Fiyori waited for a few moments more. An opportunity for Georgia Lee to take in what she said. What would come next, Fiyori knew, would be a mouthful.

"As you might have guessed, my plans after graduation were more or less to just kill myself. And yet, despite having ample opportunity to get rid of my own life I am still here.

...because of you."

Fiyori cracked her knuckles. Thought a bit about what came next.

I know exactly what I want and who I want to be.
Blair? Alright then. Fiyori was positively flabbergasted, but she could accept the answer for the moment. To see GLD being injured like this wasn't easy, not because Fiyori cared about the girl, but because it was such a crass contradiction of Fiyori's world view. Still, once they start making Thank-you cards for killing people you didn't like, Blair ought to get one. A nice case of chocolate and maybe wine too.

Fiyori chuckled again. Georgia Lee's misery was enjoyable regardless of anything else, and that was what mattered.

Aside from that, Fiyori was still curious. It had already confounded her to see Georgia Lee leave the cafeteria, but Fiyori felt asking her about this would be futile. Georgia Lee wasn't exactly the person you'd trust to have a coherent grasp on her own memory.

"Well, I am glad I got to see you anyway. There's something I meant to tell you."

She scratched the corners of her mouth. Dirt, dried blood and saliva had been collected over the days. It didn't annoy her, but she wanted to make sure her lips could move as free as possible.

"Actually, try to guess first, if you still can:

Why, Georgia Lee, do I hate you so?"

I know exactly what I want and who I want to be.
It was surprising to see GLD in such a state. Somewhat of an unpleasant surprise, if Fiyori was honest with herself, but a welcomed situation regardless. Funny how these things worked.

[[Fiyori Senay, continued from Zum Glueck In Die Zukunft II]]

Fiyori leaned against the wall, one foot standing firmly on the ground while she had lifted the other to scratch her ankles. She heard the other girl right next to her mouth Fiyori's name, but she didn't react to that. Fiyori stared into the unclear and dark distance of the room, before finally mustering GLD's leg. It was then that she made noise. Fiyori chuckled softly.

Then, silence for even more seconds.

Georgia Lee continued to struggle, not particularly with standing up, or holding into the wall or something, but with keeping herself alive. Tough situation to start a conversation, but Fiyori had to talk about some shit one way or the other.

"Who? ...I mean, who wounded you?"

Why'd have to be it in moments like those. Those moments when Johnny felt some vague sort of happiness. Not a deal of peace or stability, but a bout of success - perhaps unwarranted or maybe not - that he'd had to be hit with questions like that.

He didn't know, of course, because it was a meaningless idea to ponder in the first place. All Johnny was left with was a sense of things being 'unfair' or 'annoying', but he knew he'd have no outlet to deal with them. Not in a place like he was in now.

"Well, gotta fill my big to-do-list now that I got ya, huh?"

Finding Raina turned out to be a hassle although Johnny guessed he couldn't claim ignorance. There was some greater sort of ideas playing around, and Raina wanted him to follow along. Speak now, stay silent then. Ah, way too much - way too much to think on and to act on and all Johnny wanted was to live the rest of his days in peace.

He shrugged. The world's final sign for hearty apathy.

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Zum Glueck in die Zukunft II
[[Fiyori Senay, continued from Love Runs Out]]

It might've been a bit of an impious thing to do, but Fiyori wasn't one for piety anyway. She had looted most of Jeremy's bag, after deciding that carrying hers and his was too much for her. The things he had collected were... at times quite wondrous, and it made Fiyori wonder. Jeremy couldn't be asked about it anymore, of course. He would be silent forever.

...seeing him die in her arms. She wanted to laugh about it. She couldn't though. Jeremy's demise still was too fresh in her memories. Still, she wasn't sure why this death hit her harder than so many others, of so many people she cared more about than Jeremy. Maybe it was because she was there. Jeremy died in her arms, while the majority of her friends deaths were relayed to her by the morning announcements.

But that couldn't be the whole thing either. After all, she liked Noah, too. She digged Alan as well, fucked him after all. And she didn't feel so heavy about their deaths either. Was Jeremy so much closer than those two? Or was it the circumstances?

She didn't know the answer, and it annoyed her.

Fiyori pulled out the Raging Bull. The gun was lighter in her hands than she had assumed. She eyed the parts of the weapon, felt the shapes of the gun as her fingers slid all over the metal.

Her actual destination was the cafeteria. There was no real purpose behind that decision, aside from some sort of nostalgic value. It surprised her to see it occupied. It shocked her even to see it wasn't seized by Georgia Lee and whatever bitch she had for today. Shouldn't have been a shock, of course, because Fiyori knew better. Such was the nature of feelings. They didn't make sense at all...

Such was the nature of feelings..?

Fiyori looked around the library. She held the gun even tighter now.

[[Fiyori Senay, continued in I know exactly what I want and who I want to be.]]

Love Runs Out
Jeremy's hand stopped moving. As his number's of breathes ran out, his hands clung to hers tighter and tighter. But now, it wasn't moving anymore. The natural contractions and jittering, the active pressure of a living being had ceased to be. Fiyori didn't let go of his hand.

He had tried to say something. He managed to utter out a single syllable, but the rest of his will died with him. It could've been a question, or maybe it was meant to be a plea. Perhaps he knew who killed him, and desired a vow of revenge. Or maybe it was just a declaration to the world, or one to Fiyori all alone. She wouldn't know, and she could never ever know because Jeremy was no more. He could say nothing more. All of his was gone, with a shot to the lung and all Fiyori could do was some pathetic attempt at comfort.

She looked down on his lifeless body. It was still warm, but that warmth was an illusion. It made Fiyori upset. More so that she would've expected. There weren't any sobs she had to spare, or tears to spill, but Fiyori noticed the irritation in her own breath. She noticed the heaviness of her own body, still in contact with Jeremy's. Her mind felt empty, yet bursting with too much. Out of all the people on this island, Jeremy would not have been one of her 'favorites' or anything. And yet in that moment, his death appeared to be the greatest wrong she had ever witnessed.

     . . .

     Fiyori held on to his body a little while longer.


She looked up. The window had been shattered, and pale light fell into the room. It illuminated the floor, the desk, the bag and even Jeremy seemed to have a gray serenity to him.

It never quite got to her, but the island was much more beautiful than she thought.

[[Fiyori Senay, continued in Zum Glueck in die Zukunft II]]

Raina mouthed to him that they'd talk later. Or well at least that was what Johnny had guessed with what he could see. It was fine, though. They could talk later. 'Later' was a good word. Saying 'later' meant you'd try and do something in the future. It was, so to say, a plan which you were having.

She was good at that whole planning thing, wasn't she? Better than Johnny either way.

Penelope acknowledged his existence as well. Which was great, to be honest, because she also stopped crying, though Johnny feared that was just a pause. Couldn't stand to see her crying. Blair's wailing was unbearable enough on it's own, he could do a day without hearing someone spill their tears.

Johnny jaunted over to where Raina and Penelope was. He got what Penelope asked. Quite the dark change of topic there, huh?

He shut up. His eyes wandered over to Raina, curiosity in them, as Johnny waited for her answer.

Love Runs Out
Fiyori felt Jeremy's hair, drenched in sweat and the dust of days. She could feel his head bobbing and moving so slightly, and then with a violent might as Jeremy coughed.

She tossed the water bottle to the side. It rolled on the floor until it hit the leg of the desk.

There they were. Fiyori and her dying friend. It might have been odd to use that word to describe Jeremy. They weren't close, they didn't do much together, but something has bound them together. Something strong. Something that made Fiyori call him her friend.

Fiyori moved closer. She was careful in her motions, and shifted her own body so that she could rest Jeremy's head on her chest. Her hand met his. He tried to say something.

"Don't talk now. None of it matters anymore. Just..." She grasped his hand more firmly. She didn't know what to say.

Love Runs Out
he would not die alone.

Fiyori stepped to his side, and kneeled besides him. She gave his body a look-over, and she could see clearly. Blood seeped through his clothing, it's flow originating from a hole in his chest. Fiyori wasn't a doctor, or had any experience with medical expertise, but even she knew. There was no way for her to fix a torn lung.

With horror, she realized, that there was nothing for her to do.

...no, that wasn't the truth either. She looked around the room, and spotted a bag sitting on the desk nearby. Fiyori presumed it to be Jeremy's bag and without hesitations did she pull out a bottle of water.

Fiyori opened the bottle. Then, with one hand she took her the edge of the poncho and wiped away the spit and blood from Jeremy's lips. Then she took his head, lifted it from the ground and guided the bottle to his lips.

Love Runs Out
[[Fiyori Senay, continued from Cast in the Name of God]]

There was a gunshot ringing out nearby.

Fiyori froze and pressed herself hard against the wall. She focused on what her ears perceived, and she thought to hear footsteps slowly fading into the distance. Her mind, having acknowledged this aural input, warned Fiyori of the obvious danger she just ran into. However, what her senses were telling was a different matter.

There was no tension in the air. No, it was more like witnessing the strike of a lightning bolt on a clear spring day. A violent oddity and yet not a source of danger to Fiyori. So she ventured further.

She entered the room where she assumed the gunshot have occurred. Fiyori realized it wasn't the brightest idea, a poor choice of action from a tactical point of view. But curiosity, again, got the better of her.

Fiyori considered a good sign she didn't die the moment she passed the threshold. She gave the room a quick look-over. The body barely hiding behind the deck was the first thing she noted. It took her two seconds further and two steps farther to realize the body was still breathing. Barely breathing, but still breathing.

With the next step, she knew whose body it was.


Cast in the Name of God
Fiyori understood.

Coleen hadn't said nothing of the sort, but Fiyori understood what she truly wanted. It had been a similar place Fiyori had been in, and still was. Well, either way Coleen played it off, and Fiyori chose not to pursue her on it. There was no further need to say anything on the matter.

A silence filled the room again. Fiyori jumped back and forth between trying to look into Coleen's eyes, and studying the markings on her face. She wondered if she could ask Coleen about them. Or if she should. Probably not, given all the rules of polite society but still...

She noticed someone coming. Fiyori had hoped that this little sanctuary would last a while longer, but unfortunately it could not. Ah, perhaps it was better that way. She still had things to do, people to find. But not yet to her. Granted, her appearance surprised Fiyori. The implications of them were huge, but for the meanwhile Fiyori enjoyed the dumb expression on the arrival's face. Probably didn't like what she saw.

Well, guess what? Fiyori wasn't liking it either.

"Well Coleen, looks like you got someone here."

Fiyori lifted herself from the chair, stretching her limbs and yawning intensively. She lurched over to the door, passing the guest. She would have said something to her. Fiyori even knew a few things that could be said. But unfortunately, Fiyori had quite terrible images in her head. Vicious, brutal images. In the end, Fiyori would rather not have them.

And for that she had to leave.

[[Fiyori Senay, continued in Love Runs Out]]

Cast in the Name of God
"No, afraid I haven't."

The conversation returned to a more somber and serious tone. Fiyori bit her lip. She knew that Alessio had killed. She had no idea about his current mental state, however, and Coleen's tone made it difficult to read into her relationship with him.

Though Fiyori allowed herself to hazard a guess. Whatever Coleen felt, whatever she wanted from Alessio, it wasn't positive.

"If I find him, should I tell him something?"

Cast in the Name of God
Fiyori gave Coleen a smile - a forced one, maybe; she wasn't much sure about that one herself - and trailed the girl's movement with her eyes. Fiyori would've said that she really meant it, and even though she did not, it felt like it was the truth. Funny enough, had she actually said it, she'd have considered it a lie.

For the moment, a nod had to do it. A nod, and the smile.

When Coleen mentioned the issue of body odor, Fiyori couldn't help but instinctively reach for her armpits and take a deep breath. She regretted doing so very much immediately. Tears swelled up again as she took in the stench of her own old sweat. It was utterly revolting. Fiyori bolted back, and with such a force that she nearly tripped backwards over the chair. Fortunately, her backpack served as an anchor, somehow.

She cracked up, knowing the absurd scene she just delivered.

"Well, guess they figured we'd just take a bath. Would almost do it myself if it wasn't so cold."