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New Official V5 Away Thread
Handler: Bikriki
Dates Away: 12th May '16 to 17th May '16
Days Away: 5
Reason for Away: I embark on a path of being permanently intoxicated - follow me, children (Seriously though, I'm going camping)
Characters: Fiyori Senay, Lucilly Peterson, some fabulous bitch in the Mafia game

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
I have retheived my role.


Because Murder is always up to murder. We all should know better at this point.

Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean
Aiden was deeply entrenched. Bound. Sealed. Locked. Jailed. Fiyori could list a few more of those if she tried. She pressed against him, and he pressed back. Oh, he fought and he fought bravely, meeting Fiyori's might with an equal force. Ah, that little dude. He got quite the strength indeed. And Fiyori pressed on. Pressed her tongue against his, pressed her body against his and she relished in every push he made against her.

Slowly, after a bout that seemed to last for minutes she slowly let her tongue rest, carefully removing it from within Aiden. Fiyori opened her eyes, gazed deeply into his, gave his nose a surprisingly affectionate nozzle. Her eyes went up, up his arms to...

Her eyes caught something. Something her hands had not. She let go of Aiden's hands, only a little, and only to take a firm hold of the scar - or rather the arm that spouted it.

"Oh? What happened here?"

Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean
"Alright, alright."

What a shame. She would've liked to show him the world that was her cooking. Few people resisted once they were grasped by her skillful handling of flavors and textures. Still, it was fine. She'd insist on some water though. If not for Aiden, then for herself. He'd get some, too, of course. Couldn't have him die of thirst in the middle of the night.

Fiyori smiled as she saw Aiden striking that pose. She closed in on him, as if reading for another embrace. Yet their bodies touched only lightly. Fiyori wanted to close the door behind Aiden.

The door fell into the frame. A loud bang, sure to annoy the fuck out of her neighbors and she would make sure to given them an even bigger bang. Fiyori grinned, and went in for it.

Her hands reached for his, clasping them behind his head, Aiden's hair entangling in their fingers. He held them tight and steady, as she lowered her head. Gazing into his eyes, she gave his nose a quirky kiss again before going in even deeper. His lips tasted salty. She loved it. She bit it. She parted his lips and went in for the kill.

Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean
Was that supposed to be a whistle? Well, he tried. Poor guy probably couldn't do it (neither did Fiyori except once in a blue moon) but she appreciated the gesture. She'd whistle at her own butt as well. At least she thought so. Would be weird, but she had a good butt. Maybe. She wouldn't really know how it looked from his angle.

For his attempts though she did reward him, as she stopped to a halt abruptly and felt his beak poke her in the behind for a brief moment. She chuckled, and moved a few steps further, eventually reaching a door to the side.

The door was placed in the third floor, was made from a simple yet dark wood. A floral wreath and a glued-on wood carving with their family name decorated it. Fiyori went for her keys, again finding the right one without much problem and unlocked the door. She reached for the knob, turned it, and hesitated for a single moment until finally deciding to gently push the door open.

Fiyori took one step forward, then looked back to Aiden.

"Hungry? Thirsty? I can feed you if you want."

Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean
She walked slowly towards the door, reaching it in due time as she rested a hand on it's frame. Aiden was close behind her. She could feel him, and she could feel him to the side of her. He seemed taller? Ah, of course, he was standing on the tip of his toes, trying to reach her ear. He asked her for a favor. To eat him after they were done doing the deed, heh? She chuckled, considered to give him a humorous answer - such as a blank 'no' - but instead just licked her lips.

Fiyori reached for the keys in her pocked, and inserted it into the lock quickly without looking at it at all. Of course, she got the right one, and with a loud click the heavy door in front of them opened. They were greeted by a staircase. To the left, there was the basement, to the right, it went up. She didn't really like the stairs. They were pretty thin and at best only one person could use them at the same time. Seriously, it wasn't even possible for two people to go up as the other one went down. One of them had to wait, always.

Of course, she knew as she began climbing the stairs, it would just give Aiden an excellent view as he followed her from behind.

Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean
Aiden was limb. All limb. His every muscle was relaxed, and he was all hers and her alone. Not an ounce of resistance, not a bit of hesitation. No, Aiden embraced his fate without ifs or buts.

And then he asked for room. Not with words, but with a gentle nudge. And Fiyori let him go, gazed into his eyes again and kept one hand on his back. Aiden spoke and she could hear him and she could feel the wind of his breath. He said she was tall. He said she could eat in one go and Fiyori had to chuckle. Of course he wouldn't mind. If he did, he would not be where he was right then.

They continued to look on another, as a new gust traveled between them. Fiyori's hair dancing madly in the wind, and now that the sun was going down, even she could not help but feel a little cold. Not freezing, and perhaps not even cold (not with her body so close to Aiden's), but she realized that soon night would be upon them. And as such, it would be too cold for the both of them.

"Let's head inside, yeah?"

Fiyori lowered her head, gave Aiden's nose a quick kiss and let her hand slid down, resting briefly on his butt before letting him go completely, and moving towards the door.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Sign-Up Thread
Sure - hope everyone get in character

Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean
There he was. She knew he would come. He wanted to. She wanted him. He found her, and he came to her - grinning like a kid awaiting a few good words for answering a tricky question the right way. Truly, so very truly adorable.

She giggled for seconds. Laughed as Aiden slowly halted in front of her. She thought he seemed sweaty. He smelled good, though. Not in the classic sense, but perhaps it was indeed the sweat that worked it's charm on her. She wasn't much different. Meaning, there was quite the strong scent on her too. Strong enough for Aiden to track her, no?

Fiyori jumped from the fence, landing just before Aiden's feet.

"Welcome to the lion's den."

She smirked, got herself closer and embraced Aiden. So small, so cute. His head rested on her chest, and Fiyori's right hand fondled his hair and her left one took a firm hold of Aiden's back. She lowered her head. Burrowed her nose in his hear and took a deep sniff - taking in that oh so penetrating yet irresistible smell of his.

Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean
[[Fiyori Senay, continued from Aloha Heja He]]

The sun was setting. Slowly, but surely. Because that was what the sun did. She wouldn't say it was the sun's job to set because the sun was merely a big ball of gas that was fusing together, and the very notion of the setting sun is born of an illusion that puts the observer into the center of their world.

...anyway. It was setting, so some time passed. Fiyori came home. Or well, came short before her home. She removed her hair clips once again, her black mane flowing free as a gentle breeze ran through it. The Senay's lived in an apartment. Three rooms to live, a kitchen, a bathroom, a corridor to connect them all and a small balcony (praised by their landlord as 'miniature garden'). There was a fence though. A proper fence made from stone that marked the line between that lot and the streets. The fence was brown and dusty, and for that one evening, decorated with Fiyori.

She sat on the fence, legs dangling in front of her. And before Fiyori was a woman, smoking a cigarette and judging Fiyori with stern eyes.

Fiyori paid the woman no attention, staring to the left, awaiting a certain young man to appear from beyond the horizon. The woman in front of her finished her cigarette, flicked the stub that remained to the side and shook her head.

"You really are a slut."

The woman chuckled, patted Fiyori on her cheek and went on her own way. She wouldn't return until way after midnight. And so, Fiyori suspected, would her husband.

"Seeya, mother."

She didn't look after her, as she went into the opposite direction of where she hoped her prey would come running. She hoped he'd came. She figured him to be tough. To be full of energy, to hang onto her, to follow her to the end of the world. Or only to her home, which was the same.

A minute passed. A second passed. And there he came.

Aloha Heja He
Fiyori laughed. She laughed, as her earnest performance of a pouty face broke. Defense mechanism, alright. What an incredible protective strategy. He was laying still, practically begging for her to take him in one piece. And she would do so. Yet at a later point of time.

Her hair was still dangling in front of her. With a quick and skilled motion, her pins were back in place, and so was most of her black strands. And yet some of her hair, small strings descending on her face, still tickled. Tickled her lips, tickled her nose and so she blew them away, only so that they may return a second later.

Fiyori laughed. Once more, but more silent this time.

Aiden played it well. He stalked, sneaked up on her. He attacked, and yet it was the beast he woke up that pinned him down. He played it well. Really well. And yet, in his eyes - she could see longing. Yes. She drew blood. Soon, she'd go in for the kill.

"You're pretty good. Who knows, if you hold up, you might even get the whole package."

She winked. She told him she'd fuck someone's day up. That was a lie, more or less. But she was going to fuck someone at least. She giggled. She thought it was funny. The situation.

And then she stretched out her tongue and ran away.

[Fiyori Senay, continued in Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean]

Aloha Heja He
He heated up but he played it cool. He tensed up - the muscles of his arm - but he played it easy.

Adorable! He was such a short guy, such a lanky guy (these arms nonwithstanding) and there he was. Being preyed on by Fiyori, and yet his confidence - well earned she would say - made him endure. Made him unflinching, blasé about it. Treating it like he was a show and Fiyori the audience. So fucking adorable. Fiyori had been calm. Relatively calm since she bounced on him. Yet all of a sudden that hot flash came over her, and for a moment she was ready to just take a lunge and devour the guy.

Figuratively. Still figuratively.

However. There were some other things, of course. Some stuff she'd keep an eye on. For now, at least.

"Thrilled, heh?"

Fiyori chuckled. She nibbled on his neck once more, and then with a swift jump backwards, she removed herself from Aiden.

There were people around. People who were watching with scornful eyes. Which they usually did but now they were even more offended. Funny, Fiyori thought and swiped a tear of sweat away from her forehead. She smirked for a moment more, let Aiden recover some air or something. Then, she put on the best of her pouty faces.

"Still, you taste pretty horrible."

Aloha Heja He
He was good, very good. Aiden didn't flinch. He kept the eye contact. They stared into each others eyes - two hunters. Two tough people who knew what they wanted. Two predators tensing up, ready to consume one another. It was really fun. So exhilarating. So surprising, true, but without doubt the best surprise Fiyori had that week.

She knew Aiden, of course. They went to the same school and Cochise wasn't big. She could see his ear, and remembered. Got in trouble with Bradley, they say. Got a chunk of his ear bitten off, they say. Got her sympathy pretty much immediately. Punching Bradley, yeah, that was something she could get behind. Strange kink. But it was like it was.

He shifted his head to the side. As good as he could, with Fiyori's grasp on him. She chuckled. He dared her, and she tightened her grip on him. Aiden was excited. She could feel a faint thumbing of the heart. It was beating fast. Nice, very nice.

Fiyori's head leaned forward even more. She opened her jaw, and as her hand let go of Aiden's neck, she sunk her teeth into it. Just a bit of pressure, just a bit of pain - then she after two and a half seconds, she let go, her lips briefly remaining on his reddening skin.

Her hand, in the meanwhile, slid down - down to the left and down his arms. She grasped firmly. Another surprise. Another pleasant surprise.

"Heh, nice arms."

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Opinion for the day:

I like to disable my signature in posts I am writing that are neither the enter or exit posts. I feel this contributes to upholding the "reading flow" of a thread.

Aloha Heja He
She laughed and she shook her head so that her hair swept lightly on Aiden's face. To the left, to the right, and to the left again.

Would she dare it, now? Well, would she? Dare to just lunge forward and take a bite? Figuratively. Obviously figuratively. Cannibalism was not for polite society, and neither was it something she wanted to try anyway. Either way, Fiyori had a hunch. Just a little hunch that if she really tried, Aiden would be the last to complain. How exciting, and how very surprising.

Fiyori lowered her head a bit. Just to meet Aiden on an eye-to-eye level. She smirked a bit more, and licked her lips.

"I have a feeling you..." she said, and slowly raised her hand.

"...won't mind if I bite."

She chuckled some more, and her right hand grasped around his neck. Carefully. But firmly.

Aloha Heja He
Aiden cracked his fingers, which amused Fiyori. So she mirrored him. She raised her hand into a fist and pressed against her forehead. Crack... Crack... and there another crack. Just a little, alas. She liked cracking her fingers. She liked doing it during exams, after hours of writing with a pen. Best way to limber up. Best way to send a collective groan through the class.

He began to take a few steps backwards. She looked on with curiosity and quickly got it. Fiyori readied herself, just in case she had to evade some failed attempt at le parkour but Aiden managed fine.

Then he called her Fi again. Obviously. She practically dared him to do so, no? Well, alright! That was fine. Maybe great, even. Fiyori chuckled on, removed her hair pins with swift hands and placed her right foot on the bank.

On the bank, directly between Aiden's legs. She smirked, and she leaned forward. He was still smaller than her. Of course he was still smaller, what a dumb observation. But now he was even lower, thanks to being seated. Fiyori could use that, so she leaned forward and let all of her silky black hair fall on Aiden.

"You disturbed my plotting, who's to say it's not you whom I'll bite?"

No, it was good he did so. Her thoughts went places when she was alone, and when they went places, Fiyori could use a good... way to call them back.

Aloha Heja He
"No, you cannot. You're free to try though."

As with many things in life, there were people who could use that name and there were people who could not, and Aiden belonged to the latter category. It was childish, she guessed. Just let them call her whatever they wanted. Especially something as harmless as Fi. Yet for some reason it felt inappropriate. Inappropriate enough to warrant a 'no'.

He WAS free to try, however. Who knew. Maybe she would warm up to that. Maybe she'd try and launch him into the stratosphere.

Aiden was amusing himself, that was for sure. He had fun, and that was contagious. Or something like that. Because Fiyori startled smirking, too. Giggling. Chuckling. Laughing. Laughing because there was this guy in front of her. This guy who sneaked up on her. This guy who was so goddamn audacious.

He reminded Fiyori of herself. Just a little bit. He was shorter than her, though. Much shorter, but just as lanky. Thinking of it, she would have loved to just wrap herself around him and devour the guy.

"Well, not much! Aside from planning to fuck someone's day up."

Aloha Heja He
She wanted to have fun. She wanted to be with her friends. Enjoy the last days of her youth, and the last days of everything. Yet there she was, sitting alone. All alone, and only occupied by-

Suddenly! A weight on her shoulders!

Fiyori jolted. She jumped forward, releasing herself. She turned around, and with a snarl she picked up her phone. She took a hearty swing and...

realized that maybe that was a dumb idea. Yeah, it was a dumb idea. Really, fucking stupid. Neither her phone, nor Aiden's face would appreciate it. So she growled, thought for a moment and stored her phone away.

Fiyori mustered Aiden for a moment and she realized that he managed to sneak up on her. Great. Fucking great. She was so engrossed in some dumb introspection she didn't notice him, and oh well! There she got a taste of her own medicine. Guess she deserved it?

Did he call her Fi though? Seriously?

She stared at him. She scratched her back, she scratched her neck and then she finally managed to relax a bit.

"...what's up?"

Rooster Teeth Mafia Fallout
Murder is, in general, always up to murder.

Rooster Teeth Mafia Fallout
I was useful :~;