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Don't Call it a Comeback
She chuckled at L's proposals. Fiyori looked down to the girl (now that L was standing next to her, Fiyori got how incredibly tiny she was - kinda cute, in a way), smiled at her and took the hat from her head once again, to twirl it around her hands, the fake flowers occasionally brushing against her wrist.

"Yeah, I'd be naked and people'll just go 'wow, Fiyori, what a nice hat!' or something like that."

Nadia returned, with the denim dress on her body.

She presented it, asked Fiyori and L about whether it'd look good on a photo. With the correct shop, Fiyori was about to say. But nah, she actually liked the way it looked.

"Ah yeah, it's awesome. What's the price tag saying?"

Don't Call it a Comeback
"I figured." Fiyori smiled a bit as she took the hand from L's hands. Only to promptly put it on her own head. She was looking around for a mirror in the room, while trying to adjust the hat to be more or less sitting well-placed on her head.

Hm, no mirror? She could've sworn there was one placed somewhere nearby. Oh well, she could imagine how ridiculous she looked.

Nadia in the meanwhile walked over to the changing booths. Fiyori looked after her a bit but then focused her attention on L by turning to her.

"So, what're you searching for?"

Don't Call it a Comeback
L stared at Fiyori, then at the jumpsuit. She commented that the green of the dress was a good color. Fiyori stared back at L. Okay. Fine. Fiyori was no expert. L, however, was even less of one. Seriously, what was that thing on her head? A sun hat? A florist's diarrhea? Gaia reincarnating on L's head? The woman, at least, was conscious of that fact, and quickly removed the hat. Fiyori chuckled a bit.

Nadia fetched a new piece in the meanwhile. Something that screamed retro but could be modernized? Uh, that was too high for Fiyori. The dress shirt she pulled out though. Man, that was a nice one. Fiyori could imagine wearing it herself. No wait, she probably had a similar one in her closet. Maybe. Should probably sort stuff out eventually and clear some room.

She continued to chuckle a bit: "Yeah, that's true. Much better."

Then, in a swift motion she extended her arm towards L.

"Ah, your hat by the way. Looks terrible, mind giving it me for a moment?"

Don't Call it a Comeback
Another girl appeared - Lola... or Lily, Fiyori wasn't that good with names - and slid past Fiyori to pick up the jacket. Huh. Fiyori send a short baffled glance at... L. Didn't look like she worked here, but whatever. Fiyori gave her a small mockery of a salutation in thanks and listened to Nadia again.

It was for a blog or for a portfolio, Nadia elaborated. A result of this retro stuff being fashionable now in 2015. Fiyori pondered who the hell decided these things, given that she was sure all this retro-stuff has been around for, dunno, the decade at least. Mostly on fat chicks, if she recalled right, but not that she cared much. See, this was why she wasn't the expert.

Seeing the - what was the term again? Jeez, Nadia just said it - thing she grabbed from the racks, Fiyori could not help but furrow her eyebrows. Was that really 'in'? She eyed the example sceptically and eventually let out a small puff of air.

"I retract my statement. This looks horrible."

Don't Call it a Comeback
She laughed. Internally, that is. Her mouth just turned upside for a moment at Nadia's remark. Licking and naming them, huh? Fiyori could actually see people do just that. Probably only when nobody's around and looking. Licking clothes in a store surely meant you had to buy them. Hopefully.

Nadia mentioned that she only looked for stuff so that she could have a vintage photo shooting. Fiyori wasn't sure what exactly she had to imagine, but she got the base of it down. Nadia, one of these chicks who dreamed of being glamorous and chic and what have you. A model, in short. Honestly, Fiyori thought it was dumb as fuck - but again, nobody asked for her thoughts. Fortunately.

Then, she began commenting on Fiyori's current choice of clothing. The ribboned polka dot dress was cute, duh. She knew so. The jacket was not fitting, though... apparently.

"Well, you're the expert."

Fiyori looked to the side, identifying a clothing stand nearby. She aimed shortly, and threw the jacket.

It missed. Fell on the floor.

She shrugged and gave Nadia her attention again.

"So... vintage photo shoot, huh?"

Don't Call it a Comeback
[Fiyori Senay, continued from Rain, Rain, Go Away]

"You sound pretty creepy... you know that?"

Fiyori emerged from one of the changing cabins. A red jacket - an incredibly lively and intense red - held loosely in her hand, she approached Nadia. Fiyori went shopping for new shoes just a few moments ago. In fact, she already had what she wanted - a pair of new boots that would hopefully leave her feet warm until proper Arizonan weather kicks in. Then she saw one of these strange vintage shops and figured she'd pay a visit.

Coincidentally, just as Fiyori was busy with trying on that cute black dress with the white polka dots and the bow as well that one red jacket... actually, no it was probably not a coincidence to suddenly overhear Nadia saying such strange stuff as 'who will live a second life with her' or whatever. Was the kinda person really into fashion stuff. Too much, if somebody asked Fiyori, but people were wise enough not to do so.

"Yo. What's up?"

She raised her arm as a greeting.

Rain, Rain, Go Away
Fine, Fiyori thought. She watched Alice hurry below the now-light drizzle towards the building she called her home. As she entered the building, Fiyori turned back to where she came from, up the street.

The asphalt below her feet were cold, and at some points she was annoyed by the occasional stone or whatever object on the way. It was still better than it would have been to wear the boots, though. They hung from her fingers, and she could feel that the pressure of her fingers squeezed drops of water from the fake (?) fur. when she looked into the mouth, she could see a small light. The spot where the sole had a gap between itself and the heel.

The moment she came home, she thought about Alice once more.

"That'd be the good karma," Fiyori murmured to herself. "Gotta drown some puppies now to get even."

She decided not to laugh at her own joke.

[Fiyori Senay, continued in Don't Call it a Comeback]

Rain, Rain, Go Away
Fiyori returned the girl's - Alice's smile. She was about to accept Alice's offer of shaking hands with the right hand before noticing that she held the umbrella with that one. She pondered using the left hand, but then just shifted the umbrella to her left and stretched her right arm to shake hands with Alice. Three sloppy but forceful up-and-down movements. Then she retracted her hand once again and put the umbrella in it.

"Is your home around here?" Fiyori looked at the various houses in the street. "I'll walk you to the door."

Rain, Rain, Go Away
"A few blocks, huh?" Fiyori repeated. It took the girl a while to answer - Fiyori looked straight ahead, but from the few glances she shot her she figured that she was enchanted by the rain or something. Deeply enthralled, properly did not even hear her. Or maybe she did.

The girl added some comment. To be polite or something. A strange tone. Kinda meek, Fiyori would say. Annoyed her a bit - of course she wouldn't have to go out of her way if she didn't want to.

"I don't mind. Not as if I had anything planned."

Yeah, she met a guy once... at a party, they got along well, went to his home. He said it was just 'a few blocks' away too, but it turned out to be three miles of walking. Pretty irritating back then. But amusing whenever she recalled the memory. Dunno, it was a strange thing to find amusing, no?

Oh - wait, she drifted off mentally. She should have been careful, or the next moment she'd have lost the girl somewhere along the way. Didn't seem to be the kinda person to complain or anything.

"Eh, sorry by the way, I forgot your name."

Rain, Rain, Go Away
The girl took the umbrella of Fiyori's hands and she shot her a quick nod of thanks. Fiyori went on her knees, untied the first shoe, wasting another thought on how wet the laces were, quickly unzipped the side of her boot and crudely raised her foot from the shoe. The socks, horizontal yellow-brown stripes, were soaking wet of the rain water collecting on the ground at first and then in her shoes. Fiyori did not need long to decide and remove the sock as well. She then quickly undressed the other shoe as well, pushed the socks into the boots and held the pair with her left hands.

"Thanks," she said as she raised again and took the umbrella again. She could not help it but display a small and coy smile seeing the girl stretch the umbrella as much out as possible. Stupid, but cute.

And with that, she set into motion again.

"You have to tell me where you live, though."

Rain, Rain, Go Away
She chuckled. Just a bit, an earnest chuckle.

"Don't say sorry without reason, idiot."

Calling her an idiot was for not in a mean spirit. It was a jovial remark she threw in, just because she looked at the reddening girl next to her and could not but be entertained. Poor girl almost pretended as if Fiyori was about to turn into a hellish judge, intent on judging her height and judging it to be wrong and sinister.

But actually, a lot of girls and women were smaller than her. Not that she always noticed, but even if she did, she never cared. Sure, it would be an incredible hassle to have such short legs. But why be embarrassed about it? Stupid.

She stopped chuckling and then stopped moving.

"Hold this for a moment, yeah? I need to get out of these things."

Rain, Rain, Go Away
Interesting, now that she saw the face. A student of her school. At least she figured so. Small children usually did not attend the same school as she did. Well, not that it was a problem.

The girl said that her dad was at work. Presumably her usual ferryman, Fiyori guessed. Fiyori gave a friendly nod in return to the girl's thanks before continuing to walk once again. The shoes were still disgusting. She just noticed, but standing at one place meant her body weight would press the water from her sole and it was just so cold and so wet and so terribly disgusting. Then she moved again and the skin was caressed once again by the water in the other parts of the shoe and that was again so cold and so wet and so fucking moist.

Fiyori forced herself to think of something else, and her eyes fell on the girl next to her, just then remembering that she should take some shorter or at least slower steps. She was shorter, so also had shorter legs - how hard such a life must be - which meant she would be slower. As such, Fiyori took care to slow her walk a bit.

"Fiyori," she answered the girl's question while looking down at their shoes. They walked on for a few moments more. "Figured you were an elementary child that got lost."

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Why does the winter have to be so goddamn disgusting?

Fiyori stepped over another puddle that formed in one of the sidewalk's slight depressions. She figured it would rain, which is why she brought an umbrella with her, but what use is it to be protected from the above if her own shoes were not adequate to protect her from the water on the ground?

Well, she should have known better. The boots she had were nice and all, held her feet warm and looked good, but they were too old. The sole was not properly sitting on the rest of the shoe anymore, and a tiny gap opened between sole and heel.

The squelching sound it made was strange, but kinda fun to listen to... the cold and wet feet she had were just disgusting. It was disgusting to feel how with every step her skin pressed against the wet and freezing interior of her shoe, sending a small chill up her leg again and again. Disgusting. Terrible. Shit.

Fiyori looked up. There was a small child walking in front of her, but without any real protection against the rain. They put up their hood, but who knew how long that would keep her dry. They were... maybe a feet smaller than Fiyori. Hm...

She hurried up to the small child and held her umbrella over their head.

"Yo, don't you have parents who'd drive you?"

Fiyori Senay
I have tried my best to make the requested edits.

Fiyori Senay
My apologies - the mentioned mistake has been corrected.

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
Apr 26 2015, 06:09 AM
Apr 26 2015, 04:25 AM
And you threw that opportunity away so that scum might or might not waste their action on you?
And basically comfirm me as town as well, given fluff. Vyse was considered by a lot of people to be town, and I decided that potentially getting two comfirmed townies was better than getting one.

In hindsight, it wasn't a very well thought out plan, and I didn't really consider the repercussions if it didn't work.
...that is actually a point I should have noticed. Very well - UNVOTE

Bad town play, accepted explanation.



You may or may not have noticed that I have a certain target scheme. Weasel-y players, players who try to mingle through the day by throwing in a few mild opinions here and there without offering much of substance (I was about to pound on RC becuase I felt he was bandwagoning on dmboogie, but hey! Life's funny <3). What you just did, Espi, is throwing in two little opinions. Opinions that - this is the important part - are not explained or explored in any significant way. These do not help town in any way, they just are thrown in without anything the town could dissect or discuss. Just something which makes you look contributing and active when you are not.

Fiyori Senay
Name: Fiyori Senay
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Cooking, Piano, Partying, Recreational Drug Use, Socializing

Appearance: Standing at 6'1'' and weighing 138 lbs, Fiyori makes a very skinny and scrawny appearance. Additionally, she has quite the bad posture, as she has a slight forward hunch. Her skin is a dark brown with cold undertones, contrasting the gray-blue eyes resting in her oblong-shaped face. Her general features are those associated with caucasian heritage: strongly retreating cheek-bones and a narrow nose with a high nose bridge. Her lips are thin with the lower half pronounced more strongly, while her eyes are down-turned.

Her black hair is silky and straight which through mere genetic luck is very easy for Fiyori to care for; it has a length of 13 inches. Often, she just keeps it behind her ears by using hair clips, which often match in color with her glasses. Those have a rectangular shape and a light blue frame color.

Fiyori's wardrobe consists out of many colors, with hues of light blue dominating slightly. Primarily, she wears either ponchos in combination with denim pants or she wears shirt-dresses. Her favorite pair of shoes are ballerina flats, which match in color with her glasses' frame.

Biography: Antony Senay was a student in a Californian university when he met Birikti Tesfay, a waitress at a local diner. They both shared some peculiar similarities. Both had Eritrean immigration backgrounds with which they tried to reconnect, but they also shared a passion for the Route 66 and it's aesthetic, primarily because they saw it as a sign of freedom and the American Dream. It took them a few years, but eventually they married and on the first of September 1996, Fiyori was born as the first and only child.

Soon after her birth, the Senays moved to Kingman. The reasons for Kingman were rather simple. There was a bit of enthusiasm for living in one of the more iconic tows by the Mother Road, but the primary reason was that Antony found a job as an English teacher in a local elementary school. Birikti concerned herself with child-rearing for the first years, a work which she found to be stressful. Additionally, having to care for a young child without the aid of extended family meant that Birikti had to make great sacrifices regarding her social life. Although she never truly resented her daughter, Birikti's enthusiasm for motherhood decreased year after year.

As Fiyori was in the third year of middle school, Birikti tried to rejoin the work force. In time, she found work as a cook in a local low-end restaurant. Initially, the unspoken agreement between the parents was that Antony was at work forenoons and at home afternoons, while Birikti worked afternoons while being at home forenoons. However, Antony still had hobbies and often left the home on his own leisure, leaving Fiyori without supervision. It was a small source of conflict at first, but the Senays soon noticed that Fiyori did quite well on her own: she cooked for herself, kept care to leave their flat not too untidy and was very careful about not loosing the key.

Antony and Birikti had a general laissez-faire attitude concerning the raising of their child. Birikti specifically was relieved by Fiyori's teenager years, as she finally managed to reconnect with her old friends both in Kingman and elsewhere, as well as having time to pay attention to her own needs in general. Antony is overtly proud of his laissez-faire disposition, believing it to be the best way for a child to blossom and more importantly, he felt confirmed by Fiyori's self-reliance. In his case, however, the truth was that he had trouble understanding teenagers. He did like children, but the notion of having to raise a maturing woman scared him.

Antony's subconcious worries and Birikti's disinterest in her child led to a relationship that seemed harmonic and content, but was quickly becoming cold and disengaged. Nonetheless, this allowed Fiyori to have a lot of privileges even at her own age. They set little curfews on their own, or bothered to stop Fiyori from leaving home whenever she wanted. Additionally, she could easily ask for small sums of money without her parents objecting. However, as they managed to revitalize their social lives, they did not notice Fiyori's lack of enthusiasm.

While it was true that Fiyori was a responsible young girl, which earned the admiration and respect of her parents, it was also true that Fiyori was having trouble with being motivated. She had friends with whom she hung out with, but she had no passionate hobbies or extracurricular activities. Furthermore, her academic progress was stagnating, not because Fiyori was unable or untalented, but simply because she saw no point in being better than what was necessary to pass all classes. There seemed to be no clear reason for such an attitude, as it was actually the symptoms of a developing case of dysthymia of unclear causes.

It got slightly better starting with high school, at first with the acquisition of an electric piano. Originally, it was a skill Birikti wanted to have, as part of a new year's resolution, but after she bought the keyboard, she quickly abandoned that project. Nonetheless, Fiyori was curious about the instrument, and began to play it herself. Although she has received no professional schooling aside from music class, Fiyori gained some decent skill in self-study. It was not anything spectacular, but other people were ready to listen to her either on her own or part of some bigger ensemble. However, often Fiyori just plays the instrument after a stressful day in order to relax.

Furthermore, after many years of cooking her own meals regularly, Fiyori developed a certain affinity and even passion for it. Despite this, Birikti and Fiyori did not manage to bond over this passion, as the former was often too exhausted by work and preferred to not be hassled with matters of food preparation in her free time. Which is why Fiyori tends to try out new recipes with her friends or on her own. Also, Fiyori likes to state that she prefers eating dishes to preparing them.

Fiyori is a somewhat social person. She likes to frequent parties and other public functions, although she prefers her own circle of friends over the making of new acquaintances. However, due to the high rate of drug users among her peer group of Cochise High School students, Fiyori herself started to smoke cannabis at age of 16. She does not smoke regularly, though, and often only whenever her friends are doing so. Yet when she does so, her intake is high and she often wakes up with side effects of overuse the next day, such as head aches or difficulty concentrating. Despite this, she is aware of Cochise's strict drug policies and is careful not to get herself in trouble by being obviously high. Her parents do not know of her habit, but they have a dim suspicion. Given the various issues mentioned, they do not dare to investigate this further or confront Fiyori.

As mentioned, Fiyori's academic progress is just enough to get through classes. Her parents do not mind much, although they encourage her verbally to improve every few weeks. They do not pursue any plans however, which means that nothing changes. Fiyori herself has few ambitions concerning academic success. She is theoretically aware that she could have the chance if she wanted, and that it would improve her future living conditions, but Fiyori has massive problems developing any motivation and is in the firm belief that exercising herself would not make her happy.

While she herself thinks that this is simply part of who she is, a psychiatrist might speculate that she suffers from dysthymia, meaning that the chronic depression of her mood results in classical symptoms such as a bleak outlook on life and a decreased motivation. Such a diagnosis however would be questionable, depending on whether her wasted academic potential would be considered a significant problem or not. Additionally, Fiyori has a low affect and is more concerned about simple emotions and feelings, such as the satisfaction of a meal or sexual pleasure, and feels stumped regarding emotional or significant events. Additionally, she has a certain degree of dislike towards committing herself to certain things, such as a college course. Other ways in which this dislike is exhibited can be found whenever she makes plans with her friends, as she prefers spontaneous meetings to planned trips.

Despite this, Fiyori has a genuine fondness of her friends, and displays a working sense of empathy. However, she does not care a lot about politeness or social conventions, which does endear her to some, but very often people are put off by her snide remarks or other rude if generally inoffensive gestures.

On the physical side, she suffers from rather bad eyesight, with a vision of 20/100, a drastic drop which she experienced during her teenage years. As she has her glasses with her all the time, it is usually not much of a problem.

Advantages: Fiyori's limited affect allows her to make less rash decisions in the wake of being faced with Survival of the Fittest. She has strong ties with her friends, giving her opportunity for strong partnerships. Due to her cooking knowledge, Fiyori would be slightly aware about proper nutrition and might hence be better at rationing.
Disadvantages: On the physical side, she would have great trouble without her glasses, potentially meaning that she would not be able to discern fine details anymore. On the emotional side, Fiyori might have trouble developing a strong-enough will to survive and fight, or perhaps develop it too late. Third, the stress of the island might pose enough of an irritation for her to anger and provoke a potentially lethal student.

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
@Yugi, I see - I am unsure why I included Bowser. They felt important to that night's decision making, so it felt... more complete? Dunno...



you have declared your intent to target Vyse with your power [x], an action that could have (given it was an even night) verified or falsified Vyse's claim. In fact, I would argue that that night was the only perfect opportunity for you to do so, as it was the only night in which you could be certain that the PGO-ability was taking effect. Now any PR's would have to guess whether Vyse switched to odd-night or not.

And you threw that opportunity away so that scum might or might not waste their action on you?

Sorry man, but this feels way too fishy for me.

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
Apr 26 2015, 02:35 AM
Apr 26 2015, 02:15 AM
VOTE: Yugi

How could you possibly think that hitting a PGO would bait Mafia into killing you?
Because I was hoping that doing so, soft-claiming, and making a suspicion public would be enough for mafia to target me. Turns out that that's not the case, apparently. I suck at getting myself killed.

Also, jsyk, my actual role is that of a bulletproof. While I do have the taunt ability, I also can sacrifice using that power to make me immune to NKs for a night phase. It's pretty cool.
It is morning where I live and I am not at the highest point of my mental capabilities, so allow me to summarize your plan/gambit - just to make sure I understand this correctly:

> Bowser is presumed protected sufficiently by both you and the mafia
> THEREFORE, Mafia tries to target another critical player
> Yugikun had a way to confirm or falsify Vyse's claim by fluff, creating a growing town-block
> THEREFORE, they will target Yugikun as a kill to prevent that confirmation
> Yugikun uses his secondary ability (Bulletproof) - essentially voiding the factional scum kill

Is this correct, or did I interpret your thoughts wrongly at some point?

V6 Questions Game
What do you think of SOTF as a whole? Do you find it entertaining, an affront to all humanity, or do you fall somewhere in between?

"One of my faves. Right next to 'Holocaust Reloaded' and the classic movie 'Eleven Angry Terrorists'."

"Indeed, Survival of the Fittest - an act of terror that some say rivaled all that happened before. A true tragedy, and an act of depravity. Yet more importantly, an excellent warning for us, calling attention to the monster within ourselves."

"Huh, that's... I mean, wow. Kinda a no-brainer, right? Like, how can you ask this so sincerely?"


If you had to pick out a weapon for yourself, any weapon, what would it be?

"...I- this is a bit weird, now..."

"A weapon, huh? Perhaps the hunting rifle, the American man's only friend in times of need. Perhaps also a neat lance. They portray valor and loyalty to one's people, admirable qualities I think."

*pauses* "A ninja."


What's your favorite food?

"Well... good topic change. Tho', I'd say that all food is my favorite. You gotta be open to all, you know? Or you'll miss out on some good stuff." *pauses* "Haha, if you want you can give me Baklava. You know what that is?"

"True, Baklava is quite tasty. My mother only prepares them for special occasions, however. If it comes to day-to-day food... I would say I really like chicken... stuff with chicken, yes."

"Is it because of the protein? You're pretty small, huh. Uh, I like pizza with pasta, myself... I guess?"

*incoherent grumbling*

What is your favorite alcoholic drink?