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What Could Have Been
What could have been - Aileen Edition

Extraordinary Delusions Aileen would devolve into a mess of a person that lived in a different world all together. One of the ideas was to have her believe to be in a video game, or that she was in Disneyland. My idea would be to transpose all the island actions to fit her delusions somehow.

Multiple Injuries She'd receive a lot of injuries during her stay on the island, turning a relatively decent looking woman into a messed bunch of dirt, bandages, blood and godknowswhat. She'd lose limp and eye only to get killed by a disease, as the frequent doses adrenaline surpressed her immune system too much.

Seattle Chainsaw Massacre At some point, I would have loved to have Aileen rampage with a chainsaw if it were possible. Just so I could.

Nude scene somewhere, someone enters the area Similar to the Scene between Mara and Zubin, but perhaps with a more intentional comedic value.

Aileen goes extremist survival-style player This was depending on whether Jessica got rolled or not when we were in Today I'm Dirty. Not a lot of pondering went into this one, just looking out for a possible direction.

Aileen spits in Travis' face Alternate last act, didn't fit with the flow, thus was scrapped.

V5 Thirteenth Rolls
The funeral will be hold in a private location. We, the Abdallah's, thank everyone who sent us their condolences. God bless you.

Aileen has lost quite a few things, but now she faced probably one of the greatest losses of them all. Control

Aggression, Tension, Violence. Results of those around her, not her own. She could see Owen approaching Travis, she could hear Joe's begging, she could feel Travis stepping closer to her. The situation came closing in on her, everything was about to seal her into a tiny place of powerlessnes, she stepped back.

...she stepped back?

Control quickly slid from her grasp and she stepped back. Defence, Evasion. When did she turn out to be like that? She used to attack all that may damage who she is, fueled by inane ire and inconsideration for her surroundings. Find the threat, eliminate the threat. Not the opposite - fear the threat, evade the threat.

Where did her power go? Did it leave with Hansel, with Naomi's death, with Survival of the Fittest?

A blade flashed.

Aileen resumed control.


It is said humans were the only animals aware of their mortality. Still, as Aileen knew, most couldn't grasp the demise of their own. The image of oneself dying was one to banish and to fear.

Now, a tiny edge severed Aileen's trachea and the image of her own death become clear. Yet, she didn't fear. Pain by the wound, and discomfort by the blood in both her mouth and lungs were present, but these sensations were drained out.

Her hand fixated Travis' wrist. The reason she didn't fear death was a simple one. She had a wish. A wish that was fulfilled by her very own actions. Aileen liked to believe that the one thing more important than one's life was one will. It didn't matter if you, one day, were sure to die, as long as you managed to shape your enviroment as you wish. She was glad she could hold into that belief to the bitter end.

If she could speak, Aileen's last words would be

I win.

G042, Aileen Aurora Abdallah - Suffocation

Schwarze Rosen
He listened. He listened as she told them of Meera and Paolo and Joey. Of Becca and Maximiliam. Of Alda. Of all the despair and sadness she went through.

Joachim looked at Rosemary. It infected him. A small knot formed in his throat, a strange sign of him feeling something that may have been pity, or perhaps even compassion.

He looked over to Paris, unsure what to do. Maybe this was the time to find soothing words, to lessen the scars, but Joachim wan't deluded enough to think he could do that. Nothing would help. There was just misery and death and that is all what would await them on the island.

Still, he allowed himself one exception. Just this one time.

"...I'm sorry."

"I don't need your stuff."

The cold way she replied to Travis' refusal to lend any of his stuff was a testament to how relatively good Aileen felt. She managed to resist saying that, yes, Travis would certainly need a med kit soon. Because as good as Aileen had it right at that moment, she still had to be very careful about which fights to pick.

"Now, please enter. I don't want to leave this door open for too long. ...you can stay and rest all you want as long as you don't make any mess."

She tried to be warm and friendly. She honestly tried to welcome Joe with as much warmth as she could muster, but seeing Travis shifted her attention to the difficult act of 'not strangling him here and now'. An ugly issue, which made her voice feel harsh.

Ah, so they already got some visitors. Given they knocked, they didn't appear to be hostile. Actually, that voice was familar. Owen suggested that they better responded, or else whoever might be out there would just break in. Deciding that she would need a closer look, Aileen fetched her walking stick and went towards the main entrance, where she looked through a tiny hole in the barricade.

"It's Joe," she called back to Owen.

"Hey Joe, it's Aileen. Wait a moment and I'll open a spot for you."

Ben had moved the heavy kiosks in front of the main entrance, which meant that Aileen would not be able to move them. However, the gaps have been filled with more mobile chairs and other objects, which Aileen easily could pull aside.

Then, after she placed her stick next to the door and managed to remove some obstacles, she also managed to get a better view on Joe and... his companion. For a moment, Aileen hestitated. However, she eventually figured that Travis shouldn't be too much of a bother as long as Joe was there.

She opened the door for Joe. And Travis, she guessed.

"...come in."

Seeing Owen blush at the sight of a half-naked Aileen was definitely one of the best and most flattering compliments she has ever received, whether directly or indirectly. One week full of murder, despair and dirt. Still hot.

Okay okay, it was more about the person who was blushing, not the act itself, but that was just a bunch of semantics.

"Mhm... I saw strings somewhere around here. The empty food cans will probably help too. As for vantage point... well, I don't know. Something where we can flee from very easily."

Aileen noticed Owen glancing at her leg for a moment. He made another good point.

"Yeah... let's see whether we find anything."

Aileen's ensuing smile might even be called a light chuckle. No, a fashion icon he was definitely not. She dropped the pullover to the ground, before she quickly pulled off her dirty, sweat-stained top. Pretty sure that her mother would give Aileen a harsh gaze for revealing oneself like that in front of a man, but Aileen couldn't be bothered to seek a room for changing. Besides, Owen surely has seen more disturbing things than Aileen's questionable bra choices by now.

"Hm... a bit tight on the arms. Still, looks good."

She used her hands to get some of the dust away, then she lowered herself a bit to gently pet her left leg. Still hurt, but nothing terrible as long as Aileen moved carefully. Perhaps she could change the bandages, but she wasn't sure what she could use. Ben, in his most glorious hospitality, wasn't someone she considered to ask for medical supplies.

"I think we should develop some battle plans. In case somebody hostile enters the buildings, so that we can immediately react."

She gave the bags Owen had an analyzing look. They were judged to be sufficient and Aileen nodded in approval.

"Mhm, you're right. We should prepare everything beforehand. Food, water, maybe even some spare clothes.

...and about Ben. Well, he'll have his reasons. Probably some unfinished business somewhere. I think he'll return once he's done with that."

Or he'd die. That'd be the preferrable option, because that made sure he would not come back.

"Oh, while we're talking about clothing..."

Aileen moved towards a door to grab a pullover hanging on the knob. She found it somewhere in the shopping mall and it's dark purple color and fluffy texture reminded Aileen of her favorite pullover. The one Hansel had now. She'd have to remember to get it back eventually. But until then, the one she found in the mall would suffice more or less as a sweet gesture of nostalgia. Sure, it was not the same, but it wasn't like anybody else would mind if Aileen pilfered the place.

"Don't you think that this one feels really cool? Two size too small, but I lost weight. Might be worth a try."

She moved the pullover for Owen to touch.

V5 Thirteenth Rolls
Alright, I got it. Thanks to all who sent me death ideas!

"Calling dibs on this place?"

Thus, Ben went his own merry way. The reason was irrelevant for Aileen, because his departure meant that she and Owen had the bottom floor of the mall for themself. Oh, perhaps the entire mall, given that whoever was occupying the top floor left.

That was an amazing feeling. Almost as if she owned the whole place. Now, if they had real weapons and could stay here regardless of the danger zones, they'd have the ideal place to hold it out until endgame.

Of course, if she owned the place, she'd also have to clean it up. Oscar's body, for example, was moved to a nearby storage room, because she really could not stand to see Ben's work after a while. Then, she took some cleaning utilites and removed the blood. It was hard work. Really, really hard work. Seriously, of all the things Aileen did that pre-noon, that took the longest. Of course, part of it was simply a measure to distract herself, which it successfully did.

Furthermore, she also reorganized the various cans to have a steady supply of food at hand, but that was more of an afterthought.

"Now, if we could wash ourselves, this would be heaven."

Sub-Area Description: Bottom Floor
Most of the doors and windows have been blocked with movable kiosks, shopping carts and movable shelves. There are still completely free openings here and there, but the main entrance has been as good as blocked.

V5 Thirteenth Rolls
Alright, I changed my mind.

Swapping Aileen Aurora Abdallah for Joachim Lovelace

Death ideas still welcome.

V5 Thirteenth Rolls
Do me a favor and send me some death ideas.

Schwarze Rosen
"Yeah, I thought so."

Joachim looked to the ground before Rosemary's feet and smiled. It wasn't malicious, or an expression of schadenfreude. Rosemary admitting her feelings to him was just inducing some oddly warm feeling in Joachim.

"My companion..." He pointed his arm in the general direction of Jaquilyn's body. "left me while I was playing with you."

Back to her eyes, Joachim's smile vanished.

"...have you, too, lost someone?"


Now, the demands of Ben were... reasonable. Aileen would have to eat something first, but she thought it would not be much of a problem to turn this mall into a little fortress. Also, the whole thing about not killing Ben also shouldn't be something difficult.

Aileen opened the can and immediately smashed her face into it's contents. She knew how strong the temptation was just to tell how naive Ben's idea of rescue is, but that would not be the smartest thing to do. Thus the food (?) had to distract her.

"I think I tasted tomato. And something fishy."

The can clattered on the floor and Aileen reached for a second one. She licked the rest around her lips.

"Okay, how about we finish eating, and then we try to block all exits with massive objects. Then I'd say that... um, we should try and close off most of the windows? Yeah, but we have to careful to have an emergency exit."

Schwarze Rosen
Fine? She's been fine?

There was no way that was anything but a lie. Joachim's smile faded and he slowly went closer towards Rosemary.

"I got no problems with you staying here."

He glanced at Paris. He called her 'sis'. There was a something playful about how he said it, so Joachim was confused about this. Were they siblings, or was this some kind of insider he couldn't completely comprehend? Either way, it made him doubt that Paris would send Rosemary away.

V6 Concepts Thread
Fiyori Senay - The Nihilist

Sole daughter of Eritian immigrants. Very tall. Formal speech pattern. Got huge sight problems. Loves listening and making music. Existential nihilst. Distaste for people with visions and ambitions. Quite intelligent, but lazy. Thread title theme will be something about philosophical concepts.

Theophylaktos "Theo" Dewir - The Asshole

Greek/Turkish background. Very small, frail physique. Selfish, charming, manipulative and occasionally delusional. Also sucks at long-term planning, impulse control and emotional intelligence. Has a vested interest in psychology, hence his theme will be something about psychology.

Aleksander Virtanen - The ?

My soapbox.

Schwarze Rosen
"Yeah, you're right."

Joachim didn't specify which statement of Paris got that reply. Not that it mattered much, because that he was there to give him some solace was enough for now.

He heard Paris fishing around in their supplies, and he pondered whether this was some kind of mirror. Earlier, he and Jaquilyn set up their base in the clubhouse, even when Adonis' corpse decorated the floor. Now, she herself was there, on the ground, while Joachim and Paris set up a resting place here.

Just as he was about to turn around he saw someone. A very special someone.


A slight smile appeared on his lips again. He didn't knew why, but just seeing a... somewhat familar face made him feel better.

Aileen stared into Ben's eyes as she took the box cutter from him. There was just a little bit of reluctance in her motions, but she knew that neither she nor Owen were in a position to be picky. Besides, a little trade didn't seem to be that much of a bother.

Owen talked to Ben as Aileen used the cutter to open one of the cans. A crack later, and the can was open, revealing something that Aileen couldn't properly identify. It didn't smell all to bad, so she figured it was edible. She inspected the content of the can from multiple angles before she handed the can to Owen and looked at Ben again.

"What do you need? Protection? Someone to carry or move stuff? The promise that we won't kill you when we have the chance?"