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Handler: Bikriki
Dates Away: April 29 to May 3
Days Away: 5
Reason for Away: Private - involves family, kinda
Characters: Joachim Lovelace, David Zimmer, Aileen Aurora Abdallah

Ninja'd massively. I will post my new thoughts once I have them.

I recall people briefly talking about scumhunting by flavour, but I understood that the general consensus is that Elena wouldn't do a mistake such as this and tweak the game in our favor. I'd like to point you to the post now, but given the total amount of posts thus far and my inability to remember the exact circumstances kinda ... prevent me from searching. Of course, he might have simply missed the posts dicussing that issue (which I do too), so after a few posts, I thought that this is a pretty invalid reason to base my suspicion on. It is, BUT

What puts me off right now is that he didn't write any more posts after accusing Doc. I mean, as of now, it is a wild accusation and he hasn't bothered yet to defend his accusation or retract it, so I want to hear his respone on Doc's defence.

Come to think of it, even that isn't really me being suspicious and more being curious. Then again, that also would make me hypocritical, since I even said that argueing about flavor is pointless waste of time. Hm... I should think my posts through before I finish them, gya HAHAHAHAHAHAHAark - my throat...

Either way, I think we have found another target, Lancer, and I think he is even better to focus on than Mara now. Honestly, I don't understand his logic. Toben is a suspicious person because Slam could be scum, and I assume Lancer means that Toben would in this case help Slam to avoid a lynch. However, Toben is they guy who pretty much started getting the focus on Slam and just recently retracted partly to consider the possibility that Slam is the doctor (Haven't we talked about this already?). I know Toben is a very cunning invidual who would take risks here at playing Mafia, but I doubt severly that he would play such a big WIFOM. So... I'll wait with my vote, simply because I want to see if I was right with my interpretation of Lancer's logic.

A...accusatory? They called me accusatory, but I show- no, that doesn't ring right.

Anyway, back to topic, I must say that I was conflicted by this whole Slam affair quite a bit, but Toben's reasoning is quite convincing, and thus, I shall not cast my vote upon him. Also, I am pretty sure that the chances of Ricky being lyncher are quasi-zero. I mean, I doubt he'll let Slam of his hook if he was his goal. But since that was not the favored thesis anyway I wasted funds again.

For now, I want have something to say about the bala-hahahahaHAHAHA! - ahem, dinner lives, you know... So, that flavour thing doesn't sit right with me. We will gain less by argueing about this. At least, compared to focusing on more "substance-loaded" aspects such as Mara suddenly casting suspicion on Toben and Laurels behaviour.

So... to cut it short, I, in my function as the head of the organization of perfectly sane and legal science, think that we should not waste energy on flavour argueing.

V5 Final Countdown and Character Application Deadlines
I am happy that my chronic procrastination problems are shared.

Hahaha, madness, this is MADNESS! Can I lit the corpse on fire? Ethanol burning looks pretty cool.

Three of this drunk's five posts were joke phase posts.

The fourth is his comment on the miller claim.

I don't know how the rest of you have been able to get through this whole thing sober but it's been possibly the longest day (Phase) I've ever fucking had to suffer through...

Well I'm sorta 50/50 on Penguin's claim (These are the kinda decisions I usually make after a couple of drinks, so shut up!) because on one hand, BRO did the exact same thing last game (And I was legitimately iffy on the tactic) and he was telling the truth, which was a benefit for the town. On the other hand, considering the nature of the Miller role, this may be one tactic that could backfire eventually and penguin actually seems like my top suspect to try and pull off such a move.

The fifth is him commenting on Dom.

Something about Dom's post comparing his fake haiku restriction to his Jericho.gif posting comes off as odd as both times he used the jericho.gif's in Mafia , he's turned out to be scum. (Although maybe it's just the prolonged sobriety fucking with my head...) Not necessarily saying it means the same thing this time, but I'm probably going to keep an eye on his posts in the future, just in case.

Doesn't look like someone eliminated him due to something that is not randomness, hahaha, randomness. Chaos. Beautyful.