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Die Anywhere Else
Fiyori opened the bag to make use of the medical supplies. She'd wished there was something or someone to tell her how to treat her wound. At some point, Fiyori looked up in the Internet how to deal with a cut on her face. Pure coincidence, but she remembered that the advice under the section of "deliberate injury" was to go to the hospital.

...that was unfortunately not an option. She'd have to piece the little half knowledge she had together and guess. She'd take the gauze, apply some alcohol and clean the slash with it. She'd let most of the wound alone. It hurt like a bitch and it bled like one, but even Fiyori knew it wasn't as bad as Scout's injury. In fact, there was just one spot right under her eye where the wound was gaping. She'd have to take the butterfly closure and apply it there.

Well, she'd also apply it above the brow. When Lily finished, Fiyori raised the eyebrow, breaking the wound open.

"I see."

Fiyori thought about it a bit. She felt that Lily had yet to say all there was. Sure, she could understand staying with a person you detest, but still...

"I'll be open with you." She briefly turned to Scout. "...and you too, I suppose.

"Danny Brooks was one of my best friends. I... wasn't quite sure back in Cochise, but I loved him. I hated living so much, I hated everything about our world so much, but he was one of the people that brought me genuine joy.

"What I am saying is, whether Danny would've been the only victim of Isabel, or one of ten, I'd have killed her all the same."

Fiyori's voice was rising as she spoke. She stopped herself, and returned to a quieter level.

"Perhaps you would feel the same about us, Lily."

Yet as it turned out, Isabel had no friends at all. Neither shocking, nor a surprise.

Die Anywhere Else
Lily could not wait. Well, ain't that great. The girl had the gall to sass Fiyori. Though, if it was true, and Isabel and Lily happened to be - she hardly dared to say the word, or think it - friends, that little bit of sass could be forgiven.

Barely, but...

Fiyori jaunted around the corner and picked up the bag. One thing after the other; the sickle had been placed on her belt, while her glasses clinged to the rim of her poncho. Stomach hurt a bit too, but that was easy to ignore given the cut in her face.

She let out a grunt, but returned to Lily uninterrupted. There was a brief moment, where Fiyori doubted her actions. Then she saw the bag Lily placed in the room, presumably for Scout and Fiyori to use. Fiyori placed her own next to it. Blood dripped on it.

"So? What was that thing between you and Isabel?" Fiyori paused, thought about something and then grinned. "Were you fucking?"

Die Anywhere Else
Fiyori was, to put it both blunt and brief, very overwhelmed.

At her feet, three corpses littered the ground. The new girl, some junior girl who came out of nowhere earlier, went town on Isabel's ass. Or like, went town on her head. Fiyori turned to watch it for a seconds, mouth agape. She chose, partly for the sake of her sanity, not to watch any further. Then, there was Noah. She liked him, and to see him dead was kinda sad - in an abstract way. There was also Alan, and she had fuck idea where he came from. Alan... she wasn't close to him. He stuck his dick in her once, but aside from that there was no shared ground. Still...

There was the sickle to take care off. There was the fact that she had to find her glasses - again - and there was still the need for medical treatment. Fiyori knew she'd better get her wound patched up quickly, short life expectancy be damned.

Then there was, of course, Lily.

It was all a bit much, all a bit much to reach to and a bit much to feel about.

Fiyori was done with feelings for that day.

"Ah, thanks." She said, when Scout approached and gave her the glasses. Got that one taken care off fairly easily after all. The glasses were smeared by someone's blood, but they seemed otherwise fine.

"Alright Lily. I got a fuck-ton of questions. Stay put while I get my bag and then... I'll take you up on that offer."

Another Disappointment of Many
The gunshot woke Johnny from his stupor.

He hadn't fallen asleep or any of that. Johnny had simply looked for a tree, sat down at it's roots and let time pass by. The few words the girls had to exchange weren't meant for him. None of their actions were meant for him. Whether Johnny were present or not, it would've made no difference.

So he become like the garden. Part of the background. Part of the scenery. It allowed him to watch. If he wanted. He didn't, though. His eyes rested on what the girls were doing - on Rene slowly dying - but even calling that process 'watching' implied a sort of agency which Johnny did not possess.

When Blaire left, Johnny moved again.

The pain in his hand had not subsided, though it had not gotten worse. He considered that a plus for the moment. As for Rene, Johnny gave her on last look. Then he decided that the place really sucked, and moved on.

[[Johnny McKay, continued elsewhere]]

V6 Halfway Plastic Hammers
The Plastic Hammer Awards!

The Basics

Handler Name: Riki, formerly known as Bikriki

Your Trademark Character:Fiyori Senay

Current Status of Trademark Character: 59,5 %

Favorite Character: Georgia Lee Day, Ty Yazzie, Kimiko Kao and let's be honest – a shit-ton more.

Favorite Weapon: The porno magazine, if only because I have no clear favori- okay it's the taser.

Favorite Scene: Stuff that makes me tear up, man

Favorite Death: I am going to say Nancy's, and add Isabel's, despite being involved.

Favorite Quote: "Maybe Death would stick with her since she's giving it a job, but I think it has higher standards that that." [sic]

Favorite Post: Nearly everything Frogue writes is a joy to read. How can I single something out?

Favorite Location: After time, I have grown fondness for the whole island. However, I have grown especially fond of the cafeteria.


Best Character Development: So far? Tricky question, I am going to throw Alba's name out there.

Best Game Impact: Isabel Ramirez - at some point I had already touched upon this in chat or something, but Isabel is notable in how her actions influence the entire island, directly or indirectly.

Best Innovation: Tara Bezhad - as it expected, Grim's kids do tend to carry that touch of crazy quite well. Takes me by surprise every time.

Best Realism: Raina Rose - honestly never quite sure about this category

Best Heroic Character: Hm...

Best Villainous Character: HMM...

Best Tragic Character: Oh Caleb...

Best Humorous Character: Bradley Floyd

Best Tactics:
Georgia Lee Day

The Sympathy Award: Enzo Gatti

The Empathy Award: Georgia Lee Day - yes, this might come as a shock to some

The Gone-Too-Soon Award: Bee : (

The He-Had-It-Coming Award: "He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it."

Scenes and Deaths

Best Tragedy: Jennifer Su and her death. I enjoyed how she changed her mind, and yet her fate was sealed anyway. Perhaps a sign for how v6 unfolds?

The Stomach-Churner: Okay let's be honest, literally all of Isabel's deaths.

Best Impact: Isabel killing Conrad. Probably the point where she notices how much fun torturing people actually makes. The rest, as they say, is history.

Best Comedy: Bradley's unfortunate choice of words to his would be killer.

The Sunglasses-and-Explosions Award: Let's all die anywhere else. Yea I know I was involved but it was so fun!

Best Feeling-Inducer: As mentioned above in my favorite scene.

Best Drama: Alba and Kaitlyn, playing as girls do in the water.

Best Surprise:

Predictions, Preferences, and Positions

If you could change ANYTHING that has happened thus far, what would you change? Nothing.

V6 Final Four: List them! This can either be an ideal list, or IC or OOC predictions. No thank you.

Who of the surviving characters are you cheering on to win V6? More than one ;~:

How do you predict the ending of V6 is going to turn out? Good question, but I have honestly no idea.

How much did you enjoy/not enjoy V6? Very much so, thank you.

What do you like the most about V6? It's relatively small size. I went on and on about how intimate this version would be. And I was R I G H T.

What do you think could have been better about the version? I still kinda think the island is a little bit too little? But I have no spatial sense, so what do I know.

How do you feel about V6 compared to prior versions? I enjoy it even more. Not only because of the stories, though.

What do you think of the overall 'SOTF' story? I don't care.

How do you think V7 will differ from/compare to V6 and prior versions? Ask me in six months.

Talk About Yourself

What has been your favorite thing to write in V6? The Fiyori/GLD scenes, Die Anywhere Else, and Lucilly and Dorothy - in that order.

Which of your V6 characters was your favorite to write? Fiyori in general, Lucilly at some peak points.

What are you proudest of in V6? See the question two steps above this one, please.

What do you wish you could improve? A lot, honestly. In particular, I am striving to improve my environmental writing. The One-Shot Love Is A Fridge was more or less an exercise for that.

What is your favorite V6 memory? : )

What else would you like to share? Anything goes! ~ Thank you for reading !!!

Die Anywhere Else
It might've been the gunshot. It might've been something wholly in her head. But all of a sudden Fiyori heard a crack, saw a blinding white, and thought she was not Fiyori anymore. It must have happened when Isabel kicked her. From that point forward, Fiyori was just there. She saw the blood on her skin trickling down on the floor. She saw herself fighting back and stabbing Isabel once more.

She saw Isabel dying. Laying down on the floor, pleading, and trying her best to provoke the party's pity.

None of that seemed real. It was as if someone picked Fiyori up, and threw her on the center stage of a hyper-realistic theater production. All of it, all the pain and hatred, seemed very convincing. And yet, it was also obvious that it was not real?

Fiyori found herself stalking towards Isabel, squatting down above her and placing her hands on Isabel's temples. For three seconds and a tiny bit, Fiyori tried to squash her head in. Tried to increase pressure, push it together hard enough that Isabel's head would just collapse into herself.

Then she stopped trying. Then she touched Isabel's forehead with her own. Then her own fingers began to comb through Isabel's hair instead. She breathed shallow and high-cadenced, Isabel did not breath at all.

The pain in her face returned - or really, just become apparent - with a burning sensation across the slash. Fiyori rose from her position, and while looking at Scout and whatshername, she adjusted her gla-

"Oh fuck. Not again. Alright, do me the favor guys and try not to step on my glasses."

Fiyori turned around, taking a step forward. She had intended to get to her own bag, and patch herself up. When she noticed Lily, she stopped immediately.

Die Anywhere Else
Oh fuck. Fiyori had piss-all idea of what was the hell was going on. All she'd knew was that there was a shitton of blood - her own - flowing all over the place. The place being her face, that is. The floor was probably being stained as well, but Fiyori wouldn't know - all she heard was the blood dropping, but she couldn't see very good.

Something else fell to the floor, but for the moment Fiyori's didn't pay it any attention. Her hand patted the ground for anything useful. Once, her palm went straight for the little blood puddle, wetting her hand. Felt odd, the warmth and liquidness of her own blood sticking to her hand. It felt better when she got hold of the sickle.

She was distracted for a moment, however. A sharp crack filled the room. Fiyori felt burning and stinging in her ears, as if they were to scatter away from the force of the gunshot. Light pieces of the ceiling fell on her head. That wasn't her concern at that moment.

Fiyori raised her hand, and she swung as hard as she could. The pain in her chest flared up as she felt the sickle connecting with something. It was stuck, then it ripped something opened.

Isabel's cry sent another shudder all across Fiyori's body, but she couldn't enjoy that one for too long. The other girl's knee found her way to Fiyori's belly. Fiyori stumbled back, spitting out a mixture of saliva and blood as she was pushed back by that raw pain in her stomach. By the way her organs seemed to move, Fiyori felt like shitting them all out at once.

Die Anywhere Else
It didn't make sense, yet Fiyori rushed towards Isabel. Her steps accentuated by the staccato of her laughter. Isabel pulled out a sickle. It hurt. Her sides hurt so much. Her breathing was erratic and uneven, punctured by cries of laughter. And it hurt so much. The dust of the hallway came, and with every sharp breath in a bit more entered Fiyori. Her nose and her tongue could taste the foul stench of that rotten building, and her lung burnt more with each step as the dust settled in her lungs.

It was irrational. Simple as that. Isabel swung her sickle. And for all intents and purposes, Fiyori had to dodge.

But she didn't.

She rushed head-on. Her laughter stopped. Instinctively, she opened her jaw.

Fiyori's teeth pressed against the skin of Isabel's finger. Fiyori pressed harder. Harder still. The girl's skin was pierced, and Fiyori tasted copper on the tip on her tongue. Her teeth burrowed in deeper yet. She could feel the little flesh give way, and she could feel her teeth meet Isabel's bone. Harder, harder yet she bit, and soon enough it cracked.

She closed her eyes, and pulled. The tiniest resistance, but Fiyori jerked and ripped the finger off.

Isabel screamed, dropping her sickle. Fiyori loved it. Hearing her scream, tasting her blood, spiting Isabel by spitting the pinky to the side. A heat built up in Fiyori. Her head was bursting in thousand pieces, her skin was searing, her eyes were blinded and all Fiyori could do was love it.

Blood trickled down her chin, and Fiyori quickly licked it off. Her triumphant grin was – quite literally – cut short by Isabel, however, as she pulled a knife.

The blade left her face as quickly as it entered. It was for the better that she did not notice it. Not the pain, and not the bleeding wound crossing from brow to lip.

Die Anywhere Else
Fiyori had become so enchanted, she hadn't even noticed at first. Scout's appearance, that is. Still, she tried her best not to get startled when she noticed, and it was a success for once. Fiyori glanced over to Scout. She had noticed the gun in her hands, and noticed Scout mouthing something at her. It wasn't quite clear what the other girl meant, but it felt good to see, so Fiyori flashed a smile back.

Who Scout was, or what she had done did not matter in the least to Fiyori. In that current moment, all she cared for was that Isabel would die.

A drop of saliva escaped the corner of her lips. Fiyori licked it away.

At the same time, however, she noticed that shit was going down around the corner. Couldn't see quite what was up, but from the sound of it Noah was getting stabbed to hell and back. Fiyori suppressed a hateful grunt, and with care took off the bag of hers. It made the most silent thump as it slid to the floor, but Fiyori was sure Isabel wouldn't hear it.

Fiyori turned around the corner.

What gives you the right?

Well, what did give Fiyori the right to kill another human being? What entitled her to do take a life? Something Fiyori pondered a lot the last few days. Complicated matter, and now matter how many answers she tried to create, all of them lacked something inherently important.

Regardless, as Fiyori took step after step, inching closer and closer, her resolution to kill only grew.

Then Isabel turned around, and Fiyori stopped. They locked eyes, and Isabel screamed something at her. In return, Fiyori began to laugh.

"Alright, fuck the navelgazing."

Fiyori laughed. Fiyori laughed. Fiyori charged.

Die Anywhere Else
So it was back to the Staff Area. Fiyori couldn't exactly point out what pulled her to the doctors office. Her path didn't follow any particular path. In fact, she could've at best called it a hunch, the thing that drove her to the place. They - Alba, Brendan and her - started their little voyage together at this location. Made sense if Fiyori began tracking Alba with the staff area as a start.

Had she been just a bit more superstitious, Fiyori would have proclaimed the place was beckoning her.

Either way, her search had become a huge success.

[[Fiyori Senay, continued from The Wicked Die Alone ]]

Fiyori clung to the wall. Just around the corner, just a bit farther ahead, was where she heard the unmistakable voice of Isabel. Again, threatening someone else.

It was a wonderful feeling. Her heart beat quickly. Her breathing gave away her excitement. Every muscle in her body was bursting with anticipation. Fiyori held her own arms tight, the sensation was so much more. So much more intense, so much more sensitive. She pet her own skin, and shuddered with delight.

She closed her eyes. She could see Danny, she could see him dying by Isabel's hand. Fiyori could see her own hands stretching out, grasping the fuckers neck and strangling her so long until even Isabel's neck broke under the pressure.

Someone, then, moved into the hallway. Fiyori peeked around the corner. Noah, huh?

The Wicked Die Alone
Her answer had been sparse with details. Details were important. They signalized the movement from the abstract to the concrete. A thing that has details ceases to be a vague idea, and instead becomes a true reality. Fiyori had sword to see people dead. And yet she still preferred to keep her oath one step removed from her sense of reality. If she thought about Isabel, Fiyori began to hate. And when she began to feel, all she could see was Danny's lifeless body hanging somewhere out there.

Fiyori didn't want that. The death of her friends, as inescapable as it was, shouldn't be thought about any longer than what was absolutely necessary.

Brendan didn't knew of the details either, but he was attentive. Or perhaps it was too obvious. When he looked at her and mentioned Isabel, she gave him an affirmative smile. He didn't know about Georgia Lee. And that was better, to be honest. GLD was a bit more of a complicated matter than Isabel. Hell, Fiyori herself couldn't understand all of it. No way she'd be able to explain it to Brendan.

"Alba? Oh, I thought you had noticed as well. She went off on her own, couldn't quite get where though."

Fiyori shrugged. But she could feel a bit of anxiety rising in her. "Hehehe, but y'know. Alba got the gun, she'll be fine."

She looked out to the sea once again. The sun was barely shining, and a breeze crossed her face. The was a dark cloud forming on the horizon. Before Fiyori could take note, it had expanded and engulfed all. The wind was howling, louder and louder until her ears were drowning with the cacophonous hymn. The gales carried a thousand shards of glass, and as thunder struck, so did the storm. Fiyori felt her skin being shredded into pieces,

and she stumbled back.

"...I'll go look for her. I'll be at the crematorium at sunset, got that?"

[[Fiyori Senay, continued in Die Anywhere Else]]

The Wicked Die Alone
Maxim thought his story was boring. Fiyori thought it was quite the ride. She raised her fingers, and chewed a bit on her knuckles. It wasn't a tale of 'boring', it was a tale of 'futile'. Maxim tried. He met people. He searched for allies. And all of that was for nothing. Well, he survived. Thus far. But even that was pointless. Maxim's people died. He'd die. That was all.

...no. No that wasn't her truth anymore. She had once thought like that, but the few days of SotF had changed Fiyori. Things weren't just 'futile' anymore. Things were just 'different', in an unknown but exciting way. Fiyori couldn't put all her fingers on it, but there was something bigger. Something beautiful, that destroyed the notions of 'boring' or 'useless'.

She tasted a bit of blood, so she stopped chewing on her knuckles.

"The name's Fiyori Senay, but I guess you already know."

Fiyori Senay, she knew she cut an interesting figure. Black, tall as shit, and blessed with piercing blue eyes. People did see her alright, and what they saw was in the end all the same. A thug, a mantis, a predator, a monster, a devil... something that did not belong into the world, to put it briefly.

"I am not a player, but I'll make sure I'll see two people dead. One for the sake of my dead friend. And the other one for the sake of my friend who'll... live."

Another Disappointment of Many
A step forward, and three backwards. That's how it was. Johnny thought this place sucked. When he was with Raina they decided they'd find something better. Something better than the thorns and the wet bushes scattering the gardens. And now Johnny came back to it. He thought he'd be the hero for once, set out and find Raina, and all he got was the same stinking place as before. Worse, all he found was two girls already occupying the place, treating Johnny like a bug or leach or whatever.

There was no point in it. No point in remaining here, no point in talking to Blair or Rene. He should've just went on and searched further. Instead he sat on the floor, butt first.

"Good. No, actually bad."

Johnny looked at this hand. Same condition as before.

Another Disappointment of Many
Johnny took a few more steady steps, and there they were. Rene Wolfe and Blair Moore. He looked at Rene. He switched over to Blair. His eyes didn't rest long. Something made noise in the background. A small bush twitching and rattling. Johnny looked at it, and saw two small birds hopping and dancing on the ground.

He continued to stare at them for a while longer.


Aperture Science Mafia.
hi, I have nothing to add except that I corroborate Decoy's statement about us being in a room together.

Another Disappointment of Many
[[Johnny McKay, continued from Wait, dont' be hasty]]

Things had been, uh, continued to turn out bad. Saying it came as a surprise would be lying, but Johnny did feel like lamenting his bad fate here and there. To no one particular, of course, because Johnny was alone. That didn't help, obviously.

The damage on his hand didn't seem to be serious at first. It hurt a lot. When Johnny passed the ocean, he held it in the water for minutes in an attempt to cool it. Seemingly that helped. The hand didn't swell or anything, and though it was sensitive to the touch, and sensitive in general, it didn't appear as if he got anything bad out of it.

He'd hope that, once he woke up again, the hand would be fine and dandy.

Of course, it wasn't. In fact, it had swollen quite a bit. Took on a reddish color. Ugly sight, but for some reason it didn't hurt a lot.

Suddenly, a random 'Gah'. He looked up from his hand.


What drove him to the place was unclear, but Johnny found himself at the gardens. Place sucked. But it sucked when he was together with Raina. Maybe it was that that drove him after all.

V6 Alignment Thread - Slightly Before The Halfway Point Is Still Basically The Halfway Point Edition
To expand a bit on my previous thoughts - here's something I wrote in the Discord regarding Order/Chaos alignments:

Alright, so SotF
Or the point of SotF is
that people are taken out of their daily lives and thrown into a situation where the pattern with which they lived are no longer supported by society
In other words
People change on the island
and that is how I see "Order/Chaos"
A character whose behavioral patterns are not unlike those exposed in their normal lives is "Order"
While a character which diverges dramatically [...] from how they were before the island is "Chaos"

That said, I chose Chaotic Good for Fiyori because she has changed a lot since Pregame. Pregame!Fiyori is very empty all the time, latent suicidal and is of the deep belief that nothing matters. In the game, however, Fiyori becomes more affectional, her emotions grow stronger and she starts developing a moral code by which she also tries to stand. In short, Fiyori is rebelling against her old self. She is aligned 'good' because her intended actions are meant to benefit someone who isn't her.

Lucilly is Lawful Evil, because she doesn't change much as a person. She is very much the same in her death thread (baring her ultimate action) as she was back home. Friendly, helpful, amiable and a bit dizzy here and there. Things definitely have changed, but not so much as that she is a different person. She is aligned as 'evil' because in the end, she cared only for herself and her happiness.

The Wicked Die Alone
Brendan commented first. He wondered what a person would try to achieve by setting the library ablaze. Fiyori thought her part, and replied with a mere murmur.

Fiyori gave Brendan a brief glance. She then returned her focus to the library for a few more moments. Then she turned to Maxim. There was a body nearby, but Fiyori did her best to ignore it. She would have liked to say that it smelt, but she actually didn't sense anything of the sort. Maybe the sea was trumping the stench, maybe she was just used to it. So it was all too easy for Fiyori to not acknowledge the corpse.

Maxim took his time. He stared at the pair, and at some point Fiyori wondered if he was broken. Like a talking doll whose electronic circuits were lost.

"...So-" Then he spoke. Maxim said that he would have made sure the library wouldn't burn. If he had any say in it. The next thing piqued Fiyori's interest.

"Aye, burning books is terrible."

It was a curious statement. Caged on an island, surrounded by endless sea and dark clouds, where over one hundred people were dying piece by piece, day after day. And yet Maxim believed that the burning of a book was the greater sin. Whether he meant it in jest or not, it was a judgment call. He placed value, and Fiyori - odd enough - felt something like admiration.

"I'd hope it was just books burning though." Fiyori clicked her tongue, and threw her hair to the side. "Exceptions notwithstanding."

V6 Alignment Thread - Slightly Before The Halfway Point Is Still Basically The Halfway Point Edition
Fiyori is Chaotic Good as of this point in the story, while I think Lucilly was Lawful Evil at the point of her death. As for Johnny, I would still have to think a bit

V6 Fifth Announcement
Ahead of Schedule