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Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
...well, I took your comment to mean "We know another person and their role."

Whoops, sorry!

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread

Please elaborate, how does this give away another role? Also, just to clarify, Frogue claimed miller in advance, so this does flip is no surprise.


Why not? He's good. Town is weaker without him.

However, with Frogue's role now confirmed, the cop - if they did the sensible thing and check Frogue - now can be certain about their sanity.

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
Mar 26 2016, 06:07 PM
...Did you just quote your role PM there?
He also edited his post.

Danny, don't do that.

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
Also I'm kinda disappointed so few people took a stance on my provocative posts. See, I actually agree a bit with Grim. If I die, my alignment gets revealed. Thus, every opinion on me gets cast into a different light. Of course, I'd actually like there to be more of those opinions than what we have now (Grim and MW, as far as I can see?). Frankly, I was even hoping someone else would jump to defend Grim as I barked at his tree but es iss' ja wie's iss.

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
Four seems, given traditional SotF set ups, a little much and I am inclined to say "Three at best", but that is speculation and leads us nowhere for now.

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
Thanks a bunch for answering! Even if I put myself into a grim situation here, I would like to ask MW and all the other people here what their... current impression of me is.

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
Grim Wolf
Mar 25 2016, 02:23 AM
I'm usually okay with a no-lynch on Day One, but if the phase thus far is indicative of the phases too come, we're gonna need to play a lot more aggressively to get any good info. Bikriki's "not defensive" post was lackluster in the extreme. Therefore,

Oh, oh! I love this one.

Let me ask you a question - if your current modus operandi is "to play aggressively and gain good information", I have to wonder what kind of "good info" you hope to get by lynching me.

No, seriously. Tell me specifically what insight you would gain - or hope to gain - by me dying this dayphase.

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
In Mafia, there is no irrelevant posting.

Case in point:
See, the thing that's weird to me is that this doesn't come with a vote. It's the joke vote stage, this is the exact setup for a joke vote, and yet... no actual joke vote. What gives? It reads to me as a slight ducking of attention, and that aligns more with a scum mentality than a town one.

That nobody else had yet voted was a potential mitigating factor, but also adds to the idea of this being on some level intentional. Bik didn't want to cast the first stone. Interesting.

Acknowledged. But alas, I have to weasel my way out of here by saying that there was no particular thought process behind that decision. So I am not going to defend myself here.

Be Still
For the young maiden braved the turmoils of her battle and as such, the Lord rewarded her. Benjamin said yes. Benjamin said yes and she was happy. There was little interest she held in the bodies of men. Yet Benjamin was different. His flesh, too, not a thought on her mind, yet she loved his soul. She loved his soul, and she knew that he loved hers. He understood. He said yes.

She wished, in secret and without mention, that his choice of words would have been different. Yet Lucilly was not the judge, and as such judge she did not.

There was a 'thank you', a curtsies and a blush to end all blushes, for Lucilly was truly grateful. A task has been completed, and another ordeal shall soon be endured. Yet for the moment, there was another beast to wrangle, and that beast was the Fields household.

The children besieged the dust and rust of living, and as they finished the lower floor, a great craving came to Lucilly. For there was this great craving, she suggested they shall take on the kitchen next, and take it on they did.

New Official V5 Away Thread
Handler: Bikriki
Dates Away: March 30 - April 3
Days Away: Five
Reason for Away: In the organization team of a state-level meet. Internet might be possible, but I seriously doubt I will be able to visit the forum or chat for more than a few minutes.
Characters: Fiyori Senay, Lucilly Peterson, my poor Mafia!self

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
Since neither Paige nor Vyse will play, this will be fairly mellow.

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
I will try and not leap towards a certain conclusion, but Frogue strikes me as fairly trustworthy. Claiming the miller outright is a common strategy, I think, so this doesn't strike me as some sort of ploy.

Be Still
He heard. Of course he heard and he heard her say the words 'despite'. An ugly word, and yet sometimes a word of hope. For it all depended on context. It depended on context which Benjamin did not have.

Lucilly smiled. Lucilly fidgeted. Lucilly thought.

Soon, her time in Cochise shall end. A chapter draws to a close so that she may enter a new one. There was no hint of melancholy and no hint of premature nostalgia as Lucilly pondered. For she has been blessed with purpose. A purpose she shall pursuit. Yet there was a single stray thought, all alone wallowing in her head. It yearned for a moment, a memory to be made, as her current chapter began to end.

Sadie Hawkins, a festivity hosted by their school. A dance, unique and special, for it is the lady who shall ask the gentleman. For it was the lady, who asserted her presence and did the deed. A strange situation for little Lucilly and yet there was that stray thought. That stray thought that wished to partake in such rituals, for it would be the last opportunity Cochise would offer her.

Lucilly smiled. Lucilly fidgeted. Lucilly dared.

"If there is no further hindrance... would you mind to attend Sadie Hawkins with me..?"

Lucilly smiled. Lucilly fidgeted. Lucilly blushed.

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
Wow, this party is pretty dead right now.

Fear not, for I have arrived. ...and I shall say that Boogie is obviously scum.

V6 Final Applications are Open!
When does the Sadie Hawkins Dance actually take place, date-wise? April? March?

I Know What My Fortune Is
Now, because she decided to ignore Darius. Or at least ignore him until he threw himself in front of her - no worries, Fiyori had a plan regarding that - she had time to focus on the really good stuff. The one thing that can make or break her entire mood.

She made a casual beeline towards the hot dogs. That means, she walked very fast and tried to look cool. Some guy was heating the hot dogs at the fire, and some other girl was beginning to help her. They probably knew her, but she wasn't completely sure what their names were again. She'd figure it out after a singe hint.

She reached out to pat Junko's shoulder softly.

"Heya Junko and..." Fiyori looked over to the other people and gave them a quick mock-salutation. "...company!"


Either way, a quick glance or two and she knew where the skewers were, where the hot dogs were, and where the beer was. Perfect.

Be Still
Benjamin showed great expertise and even greater finesse with handling the beast that was the cleaner. Grandiose words, of course, for the cleaner was ever so heavy in both weight and sound. Lucilly helped by picked these and those up, which was too large for the cleaner to consume, and some other of these and those, which Benjamin has accidentally knocked from a table as he turned.

She made no mention of it, as the frantic roar of the machine was too loud for usual conversation. Yet Benjamin pushed forth and tried nonetheless. Alas, there was much trouble in understanding, but Lucilly did her very best, and even fetched a scrap here and there. Enough, at least, for her to piece together the meaning he had tried to convey.

He mentioned the usefulness for Facebook. If not for the current moment, then for the moment for when they depart from each other. It was a thought that concerned Lucilly. She had left friends behind once in her life, and there was doubt in her mind. Was the way she held contact enough, or was it perhaps even too much? She did not know, for she was strange.

Either way, as Benjamin continued on, a thought of concern for Benjamin was planted in her soul. She was aware of where life would take her next, yet poor Benjamin had yet to find a path into his future. Such was the way of the fallen and the wicked, but as she would not leave Kingman, she too resolved she would help him in any way she could.

"Actually, I shall stay in Kingman, as I will attend the Mohave community college." She thought she spoke a little too softly, so she repeated herself, yet with more volume in her voice this time.

"Perhaps we will accompany each other for a longer time. Despite this, however..."

She trailed off, and she smiled at Benjamin. She knew why she came to him. She knew why she came aside from the fact that she was an aiding soul, for she had a question that she had to pose. She knew she had a segue and she knew she did not dare just yet.

It was the vacuum, without doubt.

Be Still
Of course! - she thought and she did and Lucilly took hold of the vacuum cleaner's dangerously swinging hose.

Benjamin elaborated on the meals his family feasted on. He admitted, the lack of time lead to the inevitable lack of flavor and variance. Yet such was secondary for Lucilly, for who was she to deny him the joy of hospitality?

Now curiosity got the better of Benjamin, for he inquired her about her status and the lack of status on Facebook. He spoke true, as Lucilly had little more to offer to the blue world than her name and her bare existence. She cared little, aside from times in which friends - foolishly perhaps - sought council via the messages of the Facebook, only for little Lucilly to neglect answering. Not out of any ill will or malice, but the simple fact that she did little to maintain the garden of modern communication.

"Ah, yes." They arrived in the living room, placing down the bulky tool. "I have failed to keep it in the now, and continue to do so. Perhaps that will change, yet I found little reason to do so."

She knew she had Lana and Benjamin registered as friends on the Facebook. Yet, she was unsure of how they worked on their social networks. After all, she saw so little of it.

"What fortune we still see one another in school, however."

Be Still
Benjamin took the vacuum cleaner, and Lucilly had to hold back an foolish urge. No matter how many times they underwent their ritual of housekeeping, she felt the necessity to offer him for her to carry the more heavier appliances. It was not foolish because she was too frail for the cleaner - truly, it would be nothing but self-inflicted doom for any manufacturer to produce household objects the average woman could not carry - but it was foolish because she knew it would help his mind.

Certainly, some people had hesitations when it came to asking for help. Especially as such aid must enter deeply into a place many consider sacred. Perhaps, Lucilly thought, Benjamin would feel worse off if she insisted on carrying the vacuum.

Benjamin asked her about plans she would have later. It would be a lie to say that she did not, though one could argue that she was using a different definition of a plan. Either way, she would gladly help him, even if such help consists of eating food. She offered him a smile.

"Of course, I settled on this. Whatever struggle you had to endure for today, you can endure together with me."

Be Still
He was alright he said and he was working he said. Lucilly nodded cheerfully and admired the clean surfaces which have already been worked on by the diligent Benjamin. He directed her gaze unto the staircase, and the staircase directed most vulgar words back at her. It was Lana, of course. Lana, who was present. Lana, who would be missing.

Benjamin praised her in words, and he inquired her about which of the grim challenges would be overcome at first. Lucilly looked and judged the habitation she stood in. She judged to be fair what was clean already, and yet she saw great darkness looming. Darkness in the form of dirt and scraps and slips of strange papers strewn with abundance across the rooms.

"Let us take care of the floor first," she said. "It might be tedious and loud, but we will see that the effect will be enormous."

And with that, Lucilly set out to find the vacuum cleaner.