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Frankly, the first thought Aileen should have when seeing Benjamin Ward standing there with a scythe should not be Oh look, maybe that'll do the job. Something more along the lines of Shit, someone dangerous is coming would have been more appropiate, but that is what desperate circumstances made necessary.

The point was, Owen's proposal to fetch some cans and get to the hospital was good, but that required some more walking and Aileen was really really tired of that. Now, there was some other guy with a weapon that looked like it might help here. Sure, seemed a bit difficult to open a can with, but there'd be a way.

"Alright. Our stuff was stolen, I was shot at, and now we are running for days around without any food and are fucking starving.

So, if you could please help and try to open the cans for us, we'd be-" Aileen's stomach loudly announced it's desire for food. "-we'd be more silent."

Schwarze Rosen
"This is... was someone who helped me a lot. She travelled with me for quite a while, and I guess the island was too much for her, too, but... I- I didn't think I'd be the one outliving the other."

Joachim inhaled, slowly, steadily. Then he exhaled.

Helping here meant to be a leader, in some, sick and twisted way. She was the cruel general who gave orders, Joachim was the soldier who merely followed them. But that was then, and Joachim didn't need to have the concept of guilt to be a burden to someone else. Guilt didn't exist for him anymore. However, a guiding hand, that was what he needed. He didn't care about survival, he didn't care about any visions, or agencies. The niche art of SotF. To live for it was all he needed.

And Jaquilyn helped him to do that. That was why Joachim was glad to have Paris. He was another being who would use him.

"Don't worry, I'll be good soon."

Schwarze Rosen
[Joachim Lovelace, continued from The Killing Moon]

Jaquilyn Locke.

Accomplice in the murder of Carmina Maliski.

Accomplice in the murder of Adonis Alba.

Murderer of Grace Faraday.

Unrepentant Killer.


Object lesson.

Learn from her mistakes.

~Garrett Wilde

Joachim Lovelace closed his eyes and for a brief moment allowed himself to spill some tears.

The relationship between him and Jaquilyn was a strange one. A lost dog not knowing where to go and a visionary with dirty plans. So much depended on their first meeting, didn it? Maybe, without her, Joachim would still be without reason, a being who would just lie down and realize that their grey, useless, boring life would be all they have.

And because Jaquilyn pulled him out of that hole, he was grateful. Grateful not for only that, but also for their time spent together. Time that enhanced senseless acts of death with beauty and meaning. Grateful enough to accept that he'd be the one dying in the end, and she the one who went home.

He'd call her a friend.

Friends who, eventually lost each other, which may have resulted in what Jaquilyn's death, but friends nonetheless. She was the one whom he spent the most precious days of his life with, so even if the island took it's inevitable toll - a reality Joachim could not surpress nor deny - Joachim was sad. Actually, not sad, he was in grief.

"Sorry for not being there, I'd avenge you, but Garrett got himself killed."

Joachim wasn't angry at Garrett, not anymore, at least. He was a fool in his eyes, someone naive enough to believe that his ideals could hold in an enviroment so vastly different from home. But that was natural selection - survival of the fittest - he figured. Some adapt and continue to live. Other do not and die.

He turned to Paris, a teardrop lingering on his face.

"Paris... you're not going to leave me now, are you?"

Summer was dead.

And Aileen didn't give a shit.

[Aileen Aurora Abdallah, continued from Today I'm Dirty]

What was far more important for her and Owen was to find food. Maybe it would have been useful to study the map and just see where places might be who still could contain any edible materials. Of course, you'd need a map for that. Not that the lack of it mattered much anymore, because Aileen and Owen stumbled upon the shopping center.

To be honest, Aileen hoped for food to be found there, but a part of her didn't believe in it. Whether it was the result of some rational thought process or just plain pessimism was, in the long run, irrelevant.

Because there was food. Unlabeled cans, sure, but Aileen did not feel like that was the right time to be picky. Alas, another problem appeared in front of her again.

"Um, Owen. I can't open this thing."

Aileen threw the can she was holding through the store, creating a loud metallic scream as it slid on the floor. Still not open.

Plush Wants To Read Your Dead Things!
Hi! Could you please take a look at the lovely Aileen Abdallah for me? Sansa can gladly come before me, though

The Killing Moon
The climax was reached. The point of the most intense tension, passed. All that would await him now was the fading. The deflation. The decay.

The end.

"You were right. This... this was too much for her."

Joachim only regained complete control over his senses and his focus as Paris' sat down next to him. He threw a glance towards where his former companion and most recent kill laid. His whole body was trembling, his breath and heart only slowly returning to their calm state.

Then he closed his eyes and smiled.

"But that's how it works here, no?"

Paris said something about Cho being in a better place, but where she or her soul was now was of little concern to him. Worrying about what Paris would do wasn't something on Joachim's mind either. There was that high, the thrill of taking a life. And Joachim wouldn't let such concern cloud his bliss.

Eventually, sleep overcame him.

[Joachim Lovelace, continued in Schwarze Rosen]

The Alignment Thread V5 - Halfway Mark
Then Lawful, he shall be!

The Alignment Thread V5 - Halfway Mark
I see that the curse of the German boy has partially struck again.

The Place
"You can take mine, I didn't really touch it."

A blonde guy a few seats away from Sophie stood up and placed himself next to her, a cup of tea in hand. Carefully, he set the cup on the counter in front of Sophie.

"I wanted to try it out, but one spoonful was enough."

The boy rubbed his elbows. Obviously, they weren't damaged anymore. He realized that he was somehow healed completely. Nonetheless, some sort of phantom pain still cursed through his body from time to time, with varying places and intensities.

"So, I guess we have out happy end?"

V5 Halfway Plastic Hammers
.The Plastic Hammer Awards!

The Basics

Handler Name: Bikriki, Mephistopheles, Christian

Your Trademark Character: Joachim Lovelace, I suppose.

Current Status of Trademark Character: He chose to kill again.

Favorite Character: -

Favorite Weapon: Ballistic Knife, it was fun writing it.

Favorite Scene: -

Favorite Death: -

Favorite Quote: -

Favorite Post: -

Favorite Location: -


Best Character Development: There are characters who do feel like real people. There are characters, who when faced with the game, break. Then there are the characters who use humanity's greatest skill and adapt. Rosemary is one of those and I enjoy seeing where she goes through.

Best Game Impact: Different ideas are floating around here. For one, I enjoyed the failing of the escape plot, as it shows that one does not simply fuck with staff for the sake of it. Then there are scenes like Summer's murder of Naomi, though I think that other people have discussed this enough.

Best Innovation: As I do not wish to single out a single character, I'll expand on this below.

Best Realism: Quite a bunch, the mentioned Rosemary. Owen Kay, Lauren Rowe. Honestly, the majority feels real for me, these are just some very excellent examples.

Best Heroic Character: What is a Hero?

Best Villainous Character: J'aime Paris dans la nuit <3

Best Tragic Character: Summer, when we are going the Greek way.

Best Humorous Character: DMboogie can write hilarious characters and Michael is not an exception.

Best Tactics: KK played quite smart, though Paris' manipulative skills are not to be overseen either,

The Sympathy Award: Owen, though I am very biased.

The Empathy Award: Hm... difficult to answer, honestly.

The Gone-Too-Soon Award: Lauren, though her time was merely borrowed.

The He-Had-It-Coming Award: Maximiliam, Theo, Summer. Paris so earns his life.

Scenes and Deaths

Best Tragedy: I will expand on this once v5 is done.

The Stomach-Churner: Stomach is a good keyword.

Best Impact: Hansel vs Theo and Kati's death. They mark a change in the meta-arc I like to imagine.

Best Comedy: -

The Sunglasses-and-Explosions Award: -

Best Feeling-Inducer: Which scene or death provoked the best emotional reaction from you?

Best Drama: Edgar vs Travis

Best Surprise: -

Predictions, Preferences, and Positions

If you could change ANYTHING that has happened thus far, what would you change? The crash, obviously. It killed a lot of enthusiam. Ironically, said crash allowed me to change stuff I wanted to fix.

V5 Final Four: List them! This can either be an ideal list, or IC or OOC predictions. Owen Kay, Paris Ardennes, Rosemary Michaels, Wild Card.

Who of the surviving characters are you cheering on to win V5? Owen, perhaps Rosemary.

How do you predict the ending of V5 is going to turn out? Excellent, or I'll track you all down and break your legs.

How much did you enjoy/not enjoy V5? While there were periods of me wanting to throw it away, I enjoyed it by and large. Maybe it has to do something with the fading depression, or maybe because now I feel more confident in my writing ability.

What do you like the most about V5? Remember my answer on "Best Innovation"? See, the thing I like the most about v5 is how bold we are. There are a lot of character concepts that seem odd or out of place (We have a cowboy, a pirate, a cannibal etc.) or any other form of "this will go horribly wrong". The thing is, it works. I believe that this massive success in that regard is a huge testament to us as a culture of writers.

What do you think could have been better about the version? Look above.

How do you feel about V5 compared to prior versions? Better in general quality, given that there is no fodder.

What do you think of the overall 'SOTF' story? I care little because while it is a useful framing narrative, it doesn't really hold together well when observed on it's own, I feel.

How do you think V6 will differ from/compare to V5 and prior versions? I will discuss this in the next hammers.

Talk About Yourself

What has been your favorite thing to write in V5? Path of Pins, Carmina's and Adonis' and Cho's death, the Love arc (Ailoween <3)

Which of your V5 characters was your favorite to write? Aileen and Joachim both alternate frequently.

What are you proudest of in V5? Managing to incorporate love without making the story rot. Also, having someone as campy as Joachim work.

What do you wish you could improve? A lot, I won't list it here.

What is your favorite V5 memory? -

What else would you like to share? Anything goes! I am a cake.

V3 Read-A-Thon
I feel somewhat ignored...

nah, you seem to have missed me.

V3 Read-A-Thon
Abel Williams, by rimfire

Abel is a character that is, by v3 standards, actually quite good. His profile is a bit too informal for my taste, though I suppose that I should appreciate the fact that he had a relatively normal childhood. I say relatively, because while I can understand the basics (divorced parents, poor budget, long road trips with his father), a few more details and other information could've been included with.

Oh, and I really dislike how his advantages and disadvantages come out of nowhere. However, a bit of work and we'd have a solid profile here.

Our young Texan enters the game after announcement number five. This is not unusual for v3 and I feel that rimfire explained it well enough. Namely, he has not registered that the game really took place, as he was not really familar with the names announced and did not find any corpses either. However, due to SADD and a certain Mr. Sinclair, Danya has decided to pop some collars. Alas, the one who died where also people Abel actually knew a bit, which caused him to feel quite angry about SADD and Neil. I feel this is a very understandable and realistic reaction, so I give rimfire probs for that.

He then meets Evan Angler, who asks him whether he plays. Abel says no, but before more happens, Dawn Beckworth (a deaf and mute girl) appears behind Evan and they both converse by paper and pen. Abel does not know what really goes on, but even despite the suspicion, he is confident enough to offer these two his partnership. It is implied that he does this because he felt very lonely after a week of pure solitude, which again is an understandable motivation. Then, Michael Anders appears and goes to the group.

Suddenly, Melinda Frost appears.

A lot of shit happens, but I skimmed much because every unnecessary OOC-Note increases my bloodlust and I am too busy for that. Then I saw this.

Anyway, Evan and Dawn go their own way and flee before Abel, but the latter waits for Michael to reach safety.

PSA: OOC-Notes disturb the flow of the thread. Also, god kills a puppy everytime you do that.

Next thread, we have a very nice describtion of panic, if you allow me to say that. Then, we got some bonding time. Abel asks Michael for a plan, but instead they begin to sing "Sweet Home Alabama". I enjoyed this scene, because it created a nice mental picture. Two guys, alone on an island full of Blood Boy's, Melina Frost's and Adam Dodd sing and for a moment forget their quite horrible situation.

Unfortunately, Michael steps on Abel's heels, who then trips, falls on his head and dies.

All things considered, I believe that Abel is a good character, though maybe not somebody I would recommend. What I enjoyed about him the most is that he had this "tough guy" image going on, but even Abel realized that he would not be able to hold it up on the island. In fact, it slips multiple times, such as when he was attacked by Melina. Additionally, he had two decent to good scenes, and while his death was a bit rocky, it was decent enough to finish his story.

What I disliked were the OOC-Notes and some nitpicky details, such as refering to his weapons as "police-sticks", but then using the word "Tonfa" in consequent posts. What really bothered me was just the wasted potential, because I think that rimfire could have done some more interesting things with him if they bothered to expand his profile and his ingame-time.

Conclusion: 9/15 pt [v3, Non-Player]


Roll me another!

V3 Read-A-Thon
Step back, I am a certified insane person, so I am legally required to ask for a character here.

Today I'm Dirty
Grey. That was the color Aileen saw when she looked back into his eyes. She recalled them having a bit of blue in them, but now - the light? the mood? - they somehow seemed to be far more grey then usual. And her own eyes? Have they lost their radiance?

...yeah, sticking together. As long as we continue being together, we'll... well, maybe we won't be fine, but at least we won't lose ourself, right?"

Great, Aileen started to explore her poetic side once again. Anyway, they at least had a plan and they had each other. And to be honest, Aileen felt optimistic enough to think that the next person they would meet was friendly.

Or enough of a jackass that Owen didn't object.

[Aileen Aurora Abdallah, continued elsewhere]

Today I'm Dirty
He wanted to believe her?

These words hurt. He wanted, but could not. Did that mean that he didn't trust Aileen anymore? Panic began to surge within Aileen but then Owen explained himself further. The relief was visible on her face. However, he compared her to Hansel and Summer.

Owen said that they were not like them, but the comparsion stood in the room now. Aileen averted her eyes from Owen, staring at the ground.

No. Whatever people said. Whatever that once seemed stable was cast into doubt. She knew that she was nothing like those murderous bastards. Hansel attacked people weaker than him. Claire, Kyle, her and Owen. In her eyes, that made him a coward. And Summer, well, Summer was insane. Even thinking about the image from Naomi's death was making Aileen feel uneasy. She'd do much to survive, but never reach the depths of these people.

"What now... well, our options are 'accepting death' and 'continue'. I guess we can wait for the announcements and then move onward if you think that is good idea."

Today I'm Dirty
"Huh, that didn't work out as good as I thought it would."

She looked after the running girl, a glimmer of surprise in Aileen's eyes. Then she scratched her head and turned around to Owen.

He was playing the 'good cop' to Aileen's 'bad cop', so to say. That he would seek a non-confrontational solution to this conflict was obvious, but nonetheless Aileen had some worries about his view on her now.

"I wasn't going to really kill her. Just thought that some threats could do a fucking thing. But apparently not."

To be fair, she did seriously play with the thought of killing Jessica, but she knew that she better saved her energy for someone like Travis or Hansel or Summer.

The Killing Moon
Joachim opened his eyes and all he saw was a figure looming over him.

The next part of a second seemed to be unbound by time. It felt as if eternity passed and as if everything was over in less than an instant.

Truth to be told, Joachim had been imagining this scenario for quite some time. First, because he figured that somebody would disturb him in his sleep eventually. Second, because he actually hoped that this situation would arise.

A foolish soul, thinking that they had an advantage over Joachim being suddenly slaughtered by an awakened beast. Yes, that thought pleased him. It was new, it was exciting, it was art.

His art.

The grip around the ballistic knight tightened. And just one little moment later, all the tension that was built up in the past hours was unleashed in the form of a stained piece of metal.

The Alignment Thread V5 - Halfway Mark
Okay, David is Neutral Good.

But Joachim? I feel Neutral doesn't cut it but I just have trouble deciding whether he should be Lawful or Chaotic

The Alignment Thread V5 - Halfway Mark
Aileen Aurora Abdallah is Neutral Evil. Granted, she doesn't really seem to be that way, given how much she cares about Owen plus the fact that there are other people killing their way through the game.

However, even Evil has loved ones, and more importantly, Aileen would so very much be ready to kill one of her classmates. She just lacks the ability to do so, more or less. The shift from Chaotic to Neutral is due to her becoming a bit more sensible and realizing that yelling and attacking everybody is not a good idea, thus she tries to be more diplomatic when necessary.

Key word: Try.

David Zimmer is... Dead, I Guess?

Joachim Lovelace is difficult. Very definitely Evil, though I have real trouble deciding whether he fits with Chaotic (Beast motif), or Lawful (Gentleman murderer/Paris' gay loverpet).

I'll think about this more the next few days and edit accordingly.

V5's Halfway Point
Oh, really pippin? I already feel old as hell by now xD

Man, I am glad I made the decision to join SotF, one of the best parts of my life for sure.