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I agree with the sandwich. This giant pile of endless massive walls of texts is too confusing. Even for ME, the most brilliant mind in the academic world. It is.. just too much at once.

Alas, this happens when a genius (like me) gets pressured. How fortunate that I, brilliant mind that I am, can explain, or at least try to, my most complicated thought process.

You see, I, aswell, think that Slamexo's tactics are, as you put it, shady. However, I am a man of actions! Not words, and would therefore feel very uncomfortable voting without having more "evidence" than this little feud. And yes, I know a no-lynch is bad and so on... BUT, it does not guarantee that the town loses, so I see no reason to hurry towards a lynch. Especially in the first day phase.

Gya ha ha ha, I was busy doing science, and such a respected academic like me cannot listen to all the stuff these... these chavs say all day. I must admit though, that I believed the claim of that extraterrestical penguin from beginning on. You have heard all the points for and against that thesis, so I do not feel that I mus- AHAHA IT'S ALIVE! ...Pardon, my assistant is cooking dinner at the moment - as I said, there is no need to repeat all the points made.

Sooooo.... let's move on to this guy, Slamexo. My, magnificent, brilliant, wonderful mind agrees with targeting that guy. At first, he targets the penguin because he doubts that Elena would include a miller. This is shifty, and, absolutely not the correct way to make a thesis. Then, he backed off and claimed that he merely wanted to fire up a discussion. PAH! Pah, I say. Such a cheap excuse. Who would target someone, even if he believed that person to be innocent? That could have evolved into a hysteric bandwagon! And I DOUBT that Mr Slamexo would then say that he merely tried to get a discussion going.

So, in conclusion, Slamexo is the most shifty citizen at the moment, yet I feel that something lacks... maybe it is because we are still in the first day? Hahaha, anyway, I'll try to observe everything going on.. for now!

PS.: In case we lynch Slamexo, I demand his body for experiments. For science.

Characters sharing your name
There is Christian Rydell, but I found this in his summary:

in time to catch a naked and blood-covered Viktor cannibalizing the corpse of Karl Van Buren

So not going to read that.

Then there is Christian Cohen, who, according to his profile is emotionally dependent on a girl. Aaaaand, good bye Christian, I hate you already.

Well, I already have my role, and Elena's sending the roles out in order of the list... which OBVIOUSLY means that everybody who is before me in the list (Will, Skyler, Laurels and Skraal) is lurking.

So early in the game and already such a shameful behaviour. Yes, you are all a SHAME TO OUR LOVELY COMMUNITY!

Relationship Thread
Bump, now with more Aileen.

Friendship topic... eleventeen.
I'd assume that Joachim Lovelace would know, or possibly even have symphatic feelings towards, Maynard, given that both of them are book club members.

Post Restriction Mafia - sign ups
I'd like to participate

Mimi Draws V5
So, would you like to have my first-born be called Mimi or Miriam?

Joachim spent the rest of the day reading the book about Tarot. Of course, such superstitions were meaning nothing to him, but he still found it somewhat interesting. A little, at most.

[Joachim Lovelace, continued somewhere else]

The Alignment thread V5: Welcome to the Hive
I will not vote at all because I am not familiar with all the characters to make a unbiased statement.

Metal of Honor
Aileen was actually pleased. It seemed that she managed to shut Travis up. Well, it wasn't the case. Aileen rolled her eyes when he called her a nutjob again. His insults were repeating itself, a clear sign of him giving up slowly or whatever. Of course, Aileen thought he was losing his grip on sanity, since he began clapping like an monkey with magnets as hands. Then the unspeakable horror happened.

Besides still not getting what she meant by duels, Video Games, Karaoke Songs, Rap Battles, there are thousand of possibilities, you brick..., he also drew her father in. Mentioning something about a country club. Now, Aileen was feeling this very urgent desire to slap him. Repeatedly. With a fist. Into his balls. But Travis managed to scale it up even more. Not only was he talking like she ever tried to be his bitch, no, he also called her the dreaded C-word. Truly, how this man got to enjoy any pussy was beyond Aileen.

Amy responded before Aileen could muster up a somewhat coherent rant, and she found herself nodding with what she said. Also, a little smug smile managed to muster up on her face for a moment.

"Such a truthful statement, my dear Amy." She shoved a strand of hair aside. "Good, I wa-"

Another person came to the group. Sharon Elizabeth Austin, and she appeared to be rather annoyed by the loud sound. Aileen didn't hold any strong feelings for that girl either. She was Scottish or something, if Aileen recalled correctly. Aileen turned around to her and cleared her throath.

"Yes, verily. I am just as annoyed by this loud's person antics as you are. As you can see, I am trying to silence him. Now, as I was wanting to say..."

She turned to Travis, her face stern, and her voice surprisingly calm.

"Travis, I must say that you amuse me, even though I always thought people who smoked weed were... nicer. Stereotypes, they are tricky. Anyway... you can call me a cunt if you want. It is a rude word, but it escaped the ugly abomination in your face, so I rather doubt that it has any worth. What you may not do, is drawing my father in, nor are you allowed to... reference to the relation of my budget and my social contacts... Understood?"

Well, at least I am not a drug dealer for my friends.