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Bikriki's Charming & Alluring v6 Character Workshop

Pregame is closing in, if you want to do special school stuff with Fiyori, I suggest you do so now ; D

Mass Destruction
Fiyori beamed. Strange, unusual, but still happening. She beamed, and for a moment, you might have thought of Fiyori as cute. Not in the way bunnies are cute. Something more baby-predator level of cute. Then again, bunnies probably tasted pretty good.

Either way, she shot him a continous smile that easily betrayed her pride.

"Glad you liked it!"

She watched Jeremy clean out his mouth, and...

Fiyori leaned in. She could smell the strong spices escaping Jeremy.

"You'll find that, once we all leave high school... that you really enjoyed your time with me."

Take This, All Of You...
I find Lucilly (blessed be that terrible name) quite interesting. Given that I've been thinking about playing with a more... 'lawful' (you know) character in contrast to Fiyori - I'd like to throw in a bid and take over dear Lucilly (truly blessed).

Mass Destruction
"What? Are you afraid or something?"

Fiyori smiled at Jeremy which masked the bit of offense she felt. Offense. That sounded wrong. Somehow. He seemed to hesitate, though. And something about it rubbed her the wrong way.

Well, she guessed that technically Fiyori could give the Kitfo ball to him, so that he might eat it at some later point. Still at that very same day, of course. Would go bad otherwise. And that'd be a shame.

It'd also be a shame if she didn't get to see his squee of delight!

Fiyori considered taking one of the balls. But she decided not to. The dusty bread giving way to the cold and moist meat, distributing an exciting sense of heat all over her palate. Tempting, but she wanted Jeremy to taste it all.

"Listen dude, my arm's getting heavy. How 'bout you close your eyes and go through with it?"

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
Please do so, and share all other information you have.

Plush Wants To Read Your Living/Pregame Things!
You are a person whose opinion I appreciate highly. Hearing your opinion of
Fiyori Senay
would be lovely!

RemoteCrimson presents totally original critque thread
I want you to critique Fiyori Senay, but not her pregame.

...just kidding, there is only pregame.

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
By all means, you suspicions are fairly valid.

But since there is little information either one of us could argue productively about, I am afraid I will have to ask town to have faith in me.

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
Feb 16 2016, 05:58 PM
Why'd you switch with Empress Plush?
My Webpage

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
I switched with Paige - which makes me the MASON.
Who the other one is? No idea. Obviously.

I suspect they remained the same, though - so Paige's knowledge regarding that should still be correct.

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
See, earlier today someone complimented me on my excellent reading comprehension. Man, look where that went.

Mass Destruction
"Technically both?"

She chuckled, then forced her to stop.

"That was a joke, by the way."

Just in case.

"Nah, but seriously. It's minced meat. Raw even, so I suggest you eat it in the next 24 hours or so."

She guessed they'd go bad a bit before that, but she already ate like, ten of the twelve she made. Little worries about any possible health risks. Oh yeah, aside from that one thing.

"Still, gotta warn you. It's kinda spicy. Not much, but still a bit."

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
Yep! Mostly because I chose to change my own role with someone else, which did not happen.

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
Actually, at this point I have to step forward and claim. I wanted to wait a few days first, see whether RC made an error or something else turned up, but oh well...

It appears that I was given the role of troublemaker, but for some reason - my night action seems to have failed.

Mass Destruction
Not in the mood to argue about the lexical meaning of the word "thief".

Definitely in the mood to share food though. Fiyori did a playful curtsie, and reached after her bag. It didn't take long, and soon enough, Jeremy was presented with two light brown balls of bread sitting atop Fiyori's palm.


More or less. Minced meat, raw to boot, mixed with a seasoning powder including chili pepper, cinnamon, gloves and cardamon seeds, as well as clarified butter seasoned with diverse herbs.

Usually eaten in bowls with bread, Fiyori thought about making them more portable. So she simply wrapped the bread around the meat, creating small balls. Roughly with a diameter of an inch. But ah, Fiyori got a bit careless while preparing them and some were bigger, and some were smaller.

That dish was already on of the more spicier ones, but the seasonings she used for the clarified butters were...

well, she was sure Jeremy would survive.

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
Took a night action :D

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
Good morning o.o

Mass Destruction
Hm. She couldn't put a finger on it. Mostly because that would be kinda inappropiate with Jeremy. But mainly because he was somewhat of a mystery. Fiyori thought she had a good grasp on people's feelings. Jeremy however, confounded her. He wasn't mad at her, he wasn't happy to see her, but that wasn't to say he was feeling neutral either.

Alright. She could work with that?

"I am not a thief... at least not with stuff like video games. Too bad for Darius he just can't catch me."

They actually shared some classes. Fiyori got reprimanded once for stretching her tongue out at Darius. She thought she was sublte! But anyway, she wanted to see when he'd snap and just throw a chair at her.

"Ah right, I remember, I wanted to give you something! Got extra lunch with me, if you want."

Fiyori smirked at Jeremy. She hoped he liked it hot.

Mass Destruction
"Be honest."

Fiyori tilted her head at Jeremy. He didn't seem to like that prank that much. And maybe Fiyori should say that she wasn't exactly surprised. Hoped it was different, but alas, to no avail. A shame, she was all about spreading love and happiness.

"Did you actually know I stole the DS, or did you just threw another... random accusation at me?"

She winked at him, but actually wasn't interested in an answer. There'd be little point in dwelling on that occassion. And she didn't have to clear up the situation in any way. Jeremy seemed to be fine with Fiyori around one way or the other.

Besides, she had other ways of making him happy.


"But yeah, you're right. I got the game. Was wondering when Darius realized." She snickered. "I'll give it back once he asks me.

Whenever that would be."

Mass Destruction
Why, she wouldn't say she took pride in being an asshole. It was more of a running joke, really. She had particular tastes in humor, and at least she tried to target people who could take it. Or deserved it, but that was getting into uncomfortable terrain. And sure, sometimes it was a miss and she pissed someone off, or made someone sad and then, and only then, Fiyori would feel just a little bit guilty.

Being compared to Bradley though. Fiyori rocked back and forth on her feet, trying to conceal with a overdrawn smile that she'd rather not be compared with him. Bradley was a jerkass for the whole purpose of being a jerkass. He was rude, and he was disruptive. Hell, Fiyori admitted there were similarities but at least she had a kind side.

"Huh? Well, why not?"

Jeremy inquired about why'd she accuse him back when Darius played ace detective. The question shouldn't surprise her, but the tone he used... strange.

"We had fun, no?"