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The Killing Moon
[Joachim Lovelace, continued from Rio Bravo]

Zoe couldn't be found. Paris told them that she'd eventually return to them, though Joachim had formed some doubts. It irritated him, as it made the spent time with Zoe feel wasted. He never found out what was behind the careful facade of that woman.

Instead he exchanged mystery with tension. Perhaps a good trade. At least something which would fulfill some of Joachim's more special needs.

After Paris bid him goodnight, Joachim rested both his mind and eye on Cho for a while. She was without doubt mentally damaged, unstable and as Joachim laid there, a faint glimmer within him wished she'd snap as soon as possible.

Then he closed his eyes.

Rio Bravo

That was his answer to Paris' question about Zoe's status as a travel companion. It was actually not what he intended to say. Silent, mysterious, difficult. These were words Joachim wanted to use at first, but 'bizarre' escaped his lips.

Speaking of Zoe, she seemed to be missing, leaving him alone with Paris and Cho. He guessed that this was predictable, in some way. Their alliance did end at the edge of the forest. However, he was a bit stunned by how quickly he suddenly gained a few new allies - trustworthiness doubtful, perhaps - and even more by the fact that he did not mind.

Almost as if it managed to replace something within him that was missing.

Nonetheless, while he had no trouble with Paris being there - honestly, the physical contact and the verbal exchanges and his aura were causing quite positive feelings to stir inside Joachim - Cho seemed to be a, well, burden. Keeping an eye on her, that is what Paris said. He hoped she'd just snap and mow down some idiots, though he knew that this would be a very bad turn of events for himself.

Let's see what happens.

[Joachim Lovelace, continued in The Killing Moon]

Today I'm Dirty

"Aw, c'mon."

Aileen could feel something within her stirring up. Raising to rage, telling her to unleash all her frustration in a cloud of violence. However, that something couldn't really grow to critical mass. It was, without doubt, present. Yet it did not take control of Aileen.

Certainly not because she managed to learn some self-control. It was more due to the fact that in the past five days her mind quickly learned that bouts of anger and violence rarely worked. Granted, these were painful lessons, perhaps even important ones, but they were built on the shattering of the delusional concept of Aileen. Something that Aileen could have done without.

"Why the fuck do you let us starve? Do you have some stupid grudge against me? If... then I'm sorry, yes?"

Aileen's eyes darkened, she pointed at her bad leg.

"Or are you one of these people?"

V5 Character Themes

Anyway... Since our characters all had some nice character development behind them at this point, I figure that their theme songs may have changed.

Mine did, at least, given that quite a bit has changed IC and OOC.

Aileen Aurora Abdallah
Muse - Micro Cuts (Hullabaloo Version)

Joachim Lovelace
Muse - Hysteria

Today I'm Dirty
[Aileen Aurora Abdallah & Owen Kay, continued from Snack Eater]

The rest of the day after Aileen and Owen explored the Haunted Mansion was actually relatively successfully. They moved to the east at first, seeking out the sea. However, the water was salty. Aileen had to force herself not to drink it. It felt as if the waves on the shore were laughing at her, teasing her. As if they enjoyed the cruelity of something as important as water being stained by salt.

Thus they returned to the amusement park. And there they found a little ray of light. Or to be more precise, a small barrel standing at the side of a former food stand. It was overgrown with moss, but within it was water. The rain from the day before, Aileen assumed. Not much, not enough to keep their bodies healthy. But enough to keep their thirst down for a while.

The night was peaceful, yet disheartening. There were dark clouds forming, but there was no rain, much to Aileen's disappointment. Worse yet, the hunger made it difficult to sleep. Even though the mere act of being awake was a burden akin to carrying a heavy boulder, the searing emptiness filling her kept her away from sleep's embrace.

When it was morning, she wasn't aware whether she slept at all. She felt more awake, but maybe that was just the natural madness following sleep deprivation setting in. Owen did sleep. At least he appeared to be. His breath was slow and steady, his eyes were closed and Aileen observed him for a while. Eventually, she poked him and as he opened his eyes Aileen told him to wait as she searched the area.

Owen closed his eyes soon again and Aileen left the save food stand they spent the night in. She took the golf club and her walking stick. Maybe there were other people in the near area, silently hoping to find a peaceful night under the roller coaster looming over the park.

Maybe they had food and maybe Aileen could take some of it.

In fact, Aileen walked four steps before she detected a person standing nearby. She had trouble with properly recognizing them. Partly because of the distance, partly because her concentration was very low.

"...Hey! Do you have food for us?"

She walked towards the person.

Snack Eater
[GMing approved; Permission active for the duration of pippin's away]


Aileen took Owen's hand.

Descending was, just as Aileen expected, causing pain. Again, not too much, but still a stinging sensation in her leg. And something that turned every step into a small challenge. This time, however, she wasn't afraid of tripping and falling. In fact, it was almost positive. Perhaps not pleasant, which would be a most unfitting feeling, but as long as Owen was holding her hand, she felt comfortable. Or at least as if she was in safety.


There were standing before the entrance of the Haunted House. Aileen with her aiding stick, Owen with the table leg and the golf club. Her eyes lingered on the walls of the house, as if she would detect some usefull stuff if she just looked at the wooden planks long enough.

It wasn't a complete waste, she figured as they began to walk away. They might not have found something to heal their bodies, but certainly something that helped their minds to stay healthy.

[Aileen Aurora Abdallah & Owen Kay, continued in Today I'm Dirty]

What Could Have Been
There was this guy called David and there were some ditched plans, as it turns out.

David joins the Cult of Gavin
Prior to the start of the game, Ravenstar approached me and asked me whether I would like to join his little project with David. I actually agreed, and was given access to the GoogleDocument. Then the first rolls happened and dead people suck at actually getting stuff done.

To be fair, his addition would not have changed all too much, except that Lauren would have died sooner and that my name would forever be tainted.

David falls of somewhere high, survives
But breaks his legs and thus cannot move. Frankly though, I just cared about shoving him from somewhere high.

David gets seperated from his friends, through death in the best case scenario
Cue "Crazy Dave Mode". He'd be turned into a mental wreck, searching the island for anything that would substitute as a friend - even stones and other lifeless objects - while repeating the mantra "Lonely... lonely... lonely... Where is my [INSERT FRIEND'S NAME HERE]"

David meets Maximiliam Sawyer
There was some backstory regarding the prom that TBH, Psychedelic and I developed. Eventually, I would have liked Max and David to meet up so that the latter can get angry at the former for stealing his prom date. Priorities.

Snack Eater
Owen agreed with Aileen, and if she saw correctly, he also nodded in a very hurried manner. He was nervous, obviously, just as she was. The haunted mansion proved to be without any use, and even worse, it also was a dangerous place. There wasn't much light, only one exit and countless objects to trip over.

Probably the same thoughts Owen had. And he was not as good as hiding his feelings as Aileen was.

Fucking HELL!


Frankly, the fact that Aileen hasn't turned into a glowing ball of self-righteous fury was puzzling her, all things considered. Still, Owen's little scream and his apology put a smile on her lips. It was another sign that their fates were bound, another sign that in the few days they really knew each other a bond formed, stronger than anything Aileen had before.

The most odd thing, however, was the fact that Owen's scream had a cathartic effect. Usually, Aileen felt the need to express anger herself in order to release all the tension within her. But for some reason, Owen alone was enough to do that.

"No problem. This is a shit situation. Just try not to break your feet, yes?"

Aileen closed her eyes for a second before continuing.

"Anyway... let's return, we're not going to find anything here."

Rio Bravo
And suddenly Paris' hand was on Joachim's sleeve and they both went their own way. He showed no resistance. Sure, Zoe mentioned that searching the building for useful things was a futile effort, but Paris' attitude - perhaps it'd be better to say: his charm - excited Joachim in a strange way and he quickly found himself embracing the male-bonding exercise.

Nonetheless, something came to his mind once he and Paris created some distance between them and the girls.

Paris, not unlike Zoe, emitted an aura of mystery. There was an uncertainity about what was the truth behind their motivations, behavior and most importantly, what Joachim meant in their schemes.

Truth, falsehood... he couldn't wait to find out.

"Say, what exactly do you see in me? I mean, I am a multiple killer, but that doesn't seem to bother you in the slightest..."

Snack Eater
Aileen snarled once they safely reached the upper areas. Definitely not at Owen, she was incredibly grateful for his presence. However, even though there was more light, Aileen failed to see any useful stuff for them to simply pick up.

Walking down again was a thought she'd rather postpone for a bit, if only a few minutes. A dark staircase. Days before just a few simple meters to cross, but now a great obstacle that required Aileen to ask others for help. She liked Owen, liked him very much, but the shameful thoughts that circled within her mind did not cease.

Then Owen asked her about the bandages, which did help a bit.

"Hm... it will do, I checked it myself earlier and frankly, it's not that we could change the bandages anyway."

Aileen mustered Owen's face, shrouded in darkness, for a while longer, appreciating the person it belonged to before she moved on and continued their search.

Snack Eater
Fortunately, Owen fulfilled her request and took her hand. Not that Aileen expected a different result, but nonetheless she felt glad and relieved. He held her hand firmly, careful to keep her connected to him. It gave Aileen a feeling of security, as tiny as it may be.

They carefully stepped on the stairs, descending them slowly, alert to every step, and every potential mistake, which might set them back even more. Aileen fixated her eyes on the steps below her, Owen's legs only registering in her periphery vision.

Walking on stairs hurt. Walking hurt already, but she got used to the pain in the few hours. However, now that she went upstairs, there was a rise in the amount of pain she felt. Not a big one, but still notable.

Owen asked whether she was holding out.

"Yeah... this isn't too much of a problem. Just - just don't let go."

Aileen tightened the grip a little, but in a way that wouldn't hurt Owen. It was just a way of stabilizing that little sense of security she had.

Rio Bravo
Joachim flinched just a little bit as Paris put his hand on Joachim. It was a gesture Joachim was not directly familar with, although he understood the meaning behind it. Just, body contact was something that already equaled to 'violence' in his head.

Paris then stated his motivation, and Zoe replied in a somewhat cold manner. Nonetheless she invited them to stay with Zoe and Joachim, which, frankly, surprised Joachim quite a bit. But in a way, the unexpected was what he had to expect with Zoe, no? A young woman full of mysteries.

Then there was also Paris' statement that caught Joachim's attention. They met someone hostile, but Paris did not specify what happened afterwards. Joachim knew what he would have to, or, could guess.

The person with Paris, Cho... Joachim heard that name before, though he could not place a finger on it. He'd know who she was sooner or later, though, if they were to stay with them.

"I guess I'm okay with them coming with us, Zoe."

He eyed Zoe, pondered shortly whether to ask her something, then decided to postpone it.

Snack Eater
One second of silence. Two seconds. A third and fourth, too. Then came number five.

"...yeah, it's worth a look."

Aileen doubted her own words. There was something about this whole affair that filled her mind with despair. They were assaulted by Hansel and still continued. Robbed of all possesions, robbed of a safe haven... still continued. Ventured into a dark, unfamiliar territory. Braving their feelings of dread, not knowing what dangers were ahead of them. Yet Fortuna emerged again to show her cruelest side.

All this spirit all for naught.

Aileen closed her eyes and audibly breathed in and out, slow and careful.

It was enough to remind her of one thing. She was Aileen Aurora Abdallah. Despair was only a weakness. A weakness that was just another hindrance on her path to the greatness she was destinied to be. A weakness, that like so many other things, had to be destroyed.

She pulled the sleeve back and reached out her left hand towards Owen.

"I don't want to fall down on any stairs, so... - please - give me your hand."